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OCCUPY OAKLAND & DC: The Private "DECLARATION OF WAR" on the American People & Globe ... (THE AWAKENING PT.12)

First of all here for Part 12 of "The Awakening" will be some recent news and video, and interview's with Sara Flounders and independent journalist Luke Rudkowski . I didnt know a thing about either of these two people before these interview's, and found out that Sara Flounders get's quite a bit of criticism it appear's ... however ... their view's of this are diversified as well, so it's importante, and they also play their role's in defending America, regardless of the talk of Sara being anti American especially. Diversity and multi strategies are needed here. This is a needed update/ follow- up on the Occupy Movement, but mainly inspired by major media coverage over the weekend, trying to place blame on these Oakland occupier's and questioning their action's as criminal act's and inciting violence, which is simply mainstream pre- paid propaganda.

But at the same time, this isnt to criticize mainstream media's ... they only do what they can, so much of them is controlled by the same dollar's that control our representation in Washington, and like so, has corrupted much of media and free speech. I mean, mostly all this last couple week's been saturated with is these debate's over these GOP candidate's, which has gotten extremely nonsensical ... having primarily two millionaire's Mit Romney and Newt Gingrich (both who have done nothing or anything for America basically, whether it's job's, economy, and both saying our problem is the President) argueing and insulting each other over their money basically, claiming one or the other has too much, who believe's in ghost's, plastic value's, etc, etc. Even to the point where Romney was claiming to be a Mexican (Dad born in Mexico or similar shit) ... and Gingrich calling for a Cuban Spring Revolution of some sort, both of course in South Florida ... I'm serious too, this is no joke, check it out yourself. All these folk's are so phoney, they would claim to eat raw shit straight from the butthole, if they figured the majority of voter's had a "scat" fetish : )

CNN/ U.S.: Occupy DC Camps remain as Deadline passes ... this just in this morning from CNN.

OWS Camp's Banned- Where do we convene? ... Thanx to RUSSIATODAY

Police Targeting Occupy Protestors One by One? ... Thanx to RTAMERICA


This is importante to take seriously ... this isnt someone just selling woof ticket's and running their mouth's talking shit ... these action's and strategies being used are actual physical violence and attack's, critical injuries and even death/ murder ... and not only in America, but around the globe, which is simply an unofficial and private "declaration of war" on the people. It is clear as day by now who is inciting all the violence, and it sure as Hell isnt some protestor's tossing a few bottle's or rock's. As far as the talk about criminal activity breaking into Oakland's abandoned and closed civic center structure ... this is something that happen's daily across America by homeless folk's in particular to have a roof over their head's, and why not? Is that criminal? who is it harming? The thing is here, is they want folk's to have no place for refuge, or to congregate, to speak, or anything else ... bottom line. Again, none of this is about hygiene, safety, crime, etc.

Oakland and DC dictated law enorcement are taking different approaches and strategies, simply to see what worx and dont work. Mr. Rudkowski above also sum's up the method's used to attack ground media's ... look at the stat's on where America stand's even on freedom of press ... 47th(?) ... behind Taiwan even ... our so called bundle of free speech country. And what he sayz as far as undercover cop's working covertly within, you have to expect ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh : ) ... that's why their called "undercover" ... so dont think this doesnt exist. There are alot of cop's quietly even questioning this, that dont like their detail/ assignment, believe me ... they took oath's to protect and serve, and now many are wondering who they are really protecting and serving? They know in their heart, that many of these protestor's action's are justified ... they just have our law enforcement by the ball's as well, because they need to earn a paycheck, just like they do with our military ... which is abusing them both as well.

I have read/ heard, case after case, from senior citizen's being beaten to pregnant teen's, one had a miscarriage, another a damaged kidney ... broken rib's, etc, etc ... even our veteran's have been beaten/ assaulted and shown no respect, this is also where our military veteran's who support the movement will come in with their experience. You see ... what also is needed is various different splinter's, yet having a solidarity "commitment", different strategies, approaches, etc ... diversity in this area is importante. We have many veteran's as well that support the movement and can help by organizing and training in self- defense, weapon's, and combat tactic's to other occupier's who are more of the soldier type's that will participate in the physical fighting, defense, and combat ... basically to build more well organized militia's. This is not to promote violence, but to protect America and it's people from tyrant's ... it is clear as day in few word's in the 2nd Amendment as well, why this and these militia's of the people are needed. Again ... you cant alwayz have just peaceful demonstration's when your under physical attack ... and you already have peaceful type's as well to deal on that avenue and other non- violent avenue's, such as work in the political process, social media's, etc ... but you also need "muscle" and "defense".

As far as Oakland and it's so called history of protest's and being more violent ... this is because the City of Oakland has had such a bad recent history of violence, police brutality, even law enforcement murdering citizen's, and continued violence on it's people, the entire Bay Area at that ... and the worst I seen since the dayz of the Civil Rights movement in place's like 1960's Alabama. Dr. M.L. King had no alternative but to act in peace only ... he was a black man in the south trying to protect a minority population that was targeted ... otherwise he probably would have been assassinated at his start, if he advocated violence. The population under attack these dayz is much larger and multi class and cultural, but still attacked with similar tyrannical method's of "violence", and goal's ... to "enslave"

When I say this should be taken serious ... I mean it. Understand that everyone is under attack, this is not an attack on poor people, or minority people, and it cover's many classes up and down the ladder of our society ... our veteran's ... your children that pay substantial tuition fee's in the college's/ universities and drowning in debt by 25/ 30 year's old, who are even being brutalized by these force's on their school campuses now. These especially are your children and your future ... the physician's, teacher's, rescue worker's, scientist's, entrepreneur's, etc of our future that are under attack. So this cover's everyone across the board that even are the greatest of contributor's to our society now and to come, to all those production/ manufacturing and service industry worker's on down the line, and the strong middle class who make's this engine work with their purchase power and spending.

Word Out ....

Monday, January 30, 2012


This is another posting that will serve both the "Killer Parent's" and the "Human Morality" series for this journal, a case that was big news in Canada as well. These 3 convicted still claim to be innocent of murdering these kid's and even a live in wife/ servant, who lived as well with the family, and married to Mr. Mohammad Shafia as well, along with his wife Tooba Yahya.

The evidence used in this case that stuck hard with juror's, was the post statement's after the 4 died in a drowning accident ... some from wired phone statement's from Mr. Shafia that his daughter's dishonoured the family, which included thing's like acting like western kid's, wearing jean's, admiring western style boys, failing grade's, etc, ... the usual talk you hear from these type's based on religion/ morality and familia value's. Recorded statement's from Mr. Shafia, that his daughter's should have to go through this death 100X time's and that the "Devil" should shit on their corpses, because they are worthless whore's ... yes ... this include's his 13 year old child. According to the personal diary of his victim first wife turned servant, had wrote that he also enjoy's beating and degrading his women/ wives as well ... the poor 13 year old girl was trying to get out of the family and be put up for adoption to escape her violent familia clearly orchestrated by her father too.

Some call this type "life" sentence too harsh, I dont know what 25 year's before parole mean's in Canada ... here in Texas for instance it mean's you do 8/9 year's (Texas give's 3 dayz for everyday served for instance) ... and I hardly call the Canadian sentence even a "life sentence" ... but that's just my opinion ... if this would have happened in Texas for instance, the sentence for this type of crime would have been more solid let's say, and Mr. Shafia would almost certainly be given the dealth penalty, or at least a sentence that guarantee's that he would actually spend "life", and under harsher, rougher incarceration condition's. I myself buy the evidence until I see other ... and I dont think this type sentence is harsh enough. And Yes, I blame this mostly on the father here, because he dominate's and dictate's the household.

***** NOTE: The sentencing hearing/ phase hasnt been done yet, this was only the juror's guilty verdict, I'm basing my statement's here of the sentencing phase, on what has been discussed and proposed by both defense and prosecution in this case.

THE GLOBE AND MAIL: Shafia Family found guilty, judge condemns sick notion of 'honor'

HUFFPOST/ WORLD: Mohammad Shafia ... (various articles from HuffPost)

Canadian Honour Killers Guilty ... Thanx to JOGBIRD




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JERRY REED: "Guitar Medley", "Guitar Man", & "Wabash Cannonball"

Image result for jerry reed

Mr. Jerry Reed

This induction into the "RCJ MUSIC/ ART'S HONOUR ROLL SOCIETY" is another past due, to honour the legend and unique self styled guitarist "Mr. Jerry Reed" . I used his song "She Got The Goldmine (I Got The Shaft)" the other day for a posting , which reminded me right there of how this man is way past due for this journal. But not for his acting or casual humour in his music, but to take a look at this man's unique guitar work. He is a fella who has created his own unconventional picking and tuning, etc ... for me in this category of his style, rhythm, and picking, he and Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin have alot in common, and I absolutely love them both ... it was a fantasy of mine to mix the 2 artist's for a picking duet composition.

But below I wanted to post a mix that showcases some of his outstanding guitar worx, and his distinctive trademark of vocal work as well. He has been as well such an inspiration to so many guitarist's over the year's ... and Thank You Jerry for it all ... Love ya Guy! Enjoy!

Jerry Reed- Guitar Medley ... Thanx to JEDXZOR

Jerry Reed- Guitar Man ... Thanx to GATOR ROCK788

Jerry Reed- Wabash Cannonball 1967 IN COLOR ... Thanx to muzikman74


Image result for jerry reed concert poster


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TAX THE RICH!! ... & Live HAPPILY Ever After ... Collapsing, Reforming, & Re- Creating an outdated 20th Century System

I have touched on this in various past posting's, but I want to just compile some thought and fact here in this one post, since the new meaningless buzz phrase is "Tax the Rich!" ... it has gotten so popular that even rich folk's are saying to please tax them more, every politician on the left and right out of political desperation and political correctness is chanting it, most in the Occupy Movement, Teabag folk's, etc. But what really caught my atencion to inspire this posting, was listening to the President's recent "State of the Union" address the other day, where our President was almost forced to hammer the Hell out of this, while both Democrat's and Republican's in the House, cheered, smiled, applauded, and stood up and sat down more than at a Catholic Church Mass, many of those same people who dont want to actually see some of those same proposal's by this truely bipartisan President materialize, and pretending to support President Obama. And just hour's later, the media's were sopping this all up like gravy with bread as usual, and dissecting everything word for word of what the President said, which was mainly accurate ... I mean ... I couldnt help to laugh at all this! : )

I chose this video of many that I seen, that just came in, where Mr. Adam Davidson make's some simple math point's that are clear and right on, and a couple article's linked below that I wanted to use to take a balanced look at this as well. Again, we have turned this as usual into a left/ right, have's/ have not's issue, so you must try to set that to the side for a moment and look at thing's just for what they are and rational ... we have worked again, ourselves into a frenzy over nonsense basically.

***** CNN: 'Taxing rich not enough for deficit' ... (newsvideo)

HUFFPOST/ BUSINESS: Taxing the Rich Will Not Solve the Problem

THE NEW YORK TIMES/ MAGAZINE: It's Not Just About the Millionaires

No doubt that the wealthy and those more well off can pay a more fair amount in tax, even they themselves in most cases admit it. But this isnt the big issue here, or a one size fit's all solution, and all of those at the President's address the other night know this. This is why I have constantly hammered the idea of collapsing the system throughout this journal, and the sooner the better ... and someone is going to have to sooner or later anywayz ... period. You know you cant just let everything go unregulated as is forever with Wall St, or even the half dozen or so international bank's that control/ move/ house the majority of wealth and asset's, they even know this themselves, that's why all these sudden get- together's amongst them ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh ... they fear themselves more than us! : ) Basically, they know without reform, they will destroy themselves, just like a junky or crack cocaine addict would, if you leave them in a room with a pound of crack or heroin and tell them to "please use responsibly" ... you will come back a week later and find corpses, and that uniquely sweet, yet foul stench ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh : )

As far as how hard we are having it in America, with this gap between the have and have- not's ... believe me ... we aint seen nothing yet, and this is why I been hammering this also throughout this journal. For example here ... look at a Democracy such as India (since it is so huge in population, about 4X times that of our's), and look at the gap between the wealth and poverty in that country ... it make's our nation look like kiddie play, from poverty to healthcare to corruption, and everything in between. Again ... these hard time's are a blessing in disguise, it has awoken us to look at thing's that we have ignored for far too long, and even gave birth to the new movement's such as the "Occupy" movement and those affiliate's who will expand and grow ... in time, which are 'watchdog' and 'protector' group's, which in turn over time will help change the face and system of politic's through pressure. This was all needed and has arrived a lil sooner than I expected actually ... and thank goodness! : ) Cause we have been slacking and sleeping, and been all expecting to have our cake and eat it, thinking we will have this miraculously quick turn around of the growing condition ... we have fell to temptation and this is the cost when you dont maintain balance and let one or another extreme take you over, without thinking straight ... and we American's are guilty as Hitler ourselves. We have bought into this, we failed to excercise our right's and will, and to utilize all the tool's that we have available, most of us dont even bloody vote for that matter. The rich didnt twist our arm ... they just went with what we gave them and let them do.

The thought of penalizing wealth is nice, but everything also has a flip- side to it as well. The system we are working with is a late 20th century system that worked well for the time's, but has outplayed itself simply ... it's over, period. Technologies bringing thing's like speed trading, and transfer of fund's all over the globe in the blink of an eye, with hardly any oversight, still playing by the old rule's cannot work. This is why I focus so much on not only the collapse, but especially reforming and re- creating a system that is for the 21st century, and you cannot achieve this without hard move's and misery of some sort, we just stood still at the red light and didnt pay atencion to the green light change is all, like so many of us do in traffic with our lil handheld device's waiting for each other's "Tweet's" and playing game's, not paying a damn bit of atencion of what is happening around us. I alwayz had a saying that I never met a dumb "Indian" (from India) ... Why? ... because all those I met here, were sharp, utilized everything they can, and sharp hustler's who dont miss a beat ... their condition's back home is what made them that way. The same way that all the street's and reformatories and similar experience's as a kid molded my tolerance and discipline, if that make's any sense.

I am one that actually like's rewarding those who invest, and giving tax incentive's to do so, and love open world trade even, but balanced in a way that work's instead. I sure as Hell dont want to stop folk's from being able to obtain wealth or burn wealthy folk's at the stake, nor do I want them to take their money and rathole it all offshore ... I want to give them a reason to play and stay if I can ... that's just good business. Understand that our political representation here now and across the democracy nation's of the globe, lack integrity and leadership qualities, are weak, morally deficient, which in turn make capitalism no longer true capitalism, and an economic enviroment that is not only unbalanced, but unstable. And just saying that we can tax the shit out of rich folk's and all live happily ever after, is about as extreme and nonsensical as enviromentally thinking we can just shut down the world, move everyone in mud hut's, all ride bicycle's and we will reverse the change and damage we already done ... both are taking thing's to the extreme in last minute desperation.

Our biggest obstacle and problemo is not the President or even the wealthy ... it is all the in- between's ... being the Senate and Congress and all the speculator and hedge investor's and how they all are allowed to operate with these old school rule's. And NOT changing THIS will be the issue of concern, because as long as we stay in this mindset thinking that just taxing the rich or ousting the President will bring us success, we will stay in more misery. For one, we need alot of new representation, we need alot of regulatory reform, and most importantly with cooperation from the global banking and major market's, we need to stop letting icon's get too big to fail, which is even in the best interest's of the corporate and international investment banking sector's ... because when they do, they bring down the whole house of card's, we need even more importantly to stop all this lobby pay- off's in Washington too, letting corporation's solely dictate ... because until we change some of these thing's ... they will continue to act in a reckless manner ... it's their nature, same as a person who repeatedly score's (hold- up/ armed robbery) on the same liquor store or business over and over, because they got away with it and now feel comfortable, or the serial killer who uses the same MO over and over ... we are animal's of habit, and that contribute's to weakness and failure.

Thing's like Social Security and Medicare are not even any problemo, and this constant attack on such is just a cover to try to privatize everything so these same gambler's/ hustler's can play that at the table's as well (and NO ... making money like this does NOT make you 'elite', anymore than winning several million in a lottery can make anyone 'elite') these needed social programme's shouldnt be touched and have stable money in it for year's as Senator Sanders of Vermont constantly hammer's. A huge chunk can be saved in defense and diverted to other investment's of interest and fortune domestically, far more beneficial economically than the constant overpaid contract's that we currently dish out, WITHOUT having to sacrifice ANY expenses for our veteran's for instance ... and they ALL in Washington know this, they want to just cut anything that doesnt affect their revenue's and personal lobbied interest's, earmark's, pet project's, etc, etc.


Enough said .... Goodnight


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RT AMERICA ... Thank You! ... A Look at NON- Mainstream, Mainstream Journalism/ Media and Democracy at it's Best!

This posting will be a Thank You posting and look at a non- mainstream, mainstream news media that is a treat in these time's. I enjoy all the mainsteam media's as well, they put together some great programming/ show's, and I like to get all the news, so I listen to news whether it's left, right, or independent (I myself am not left/ right). Most of the mainstream media's whether large or small, are kind of predictable, and you have to understand why ... being because of money, rating's, following's, and the pressure's of political correctness. You have folk's on both of the polarizing side's for example, that are not even what they preach to be, whether it's liberal or conservative, both claiming to be good of course, and their opposition to be evil. And of course anyone like RT America is quickly labeled as a joke by many on the pop- culture left, and commie's or anti- American by those on the pop- culture right ... yet both side's also look at everyone out of the mainstream box/ circle's as "extremist's" ... I mean ... these dayz, a church going grandmother can be considered extreme, just because she may carry a gun in her purse for protection/ self defense ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh ... or more popularly a "Nazi" or "bigot", etc : )

I only call it "mainstream" because for me anything in public, and a network as large as YouTube or any other widely accessible media is "mainstream", to me only ... although I understand what folk's mean as "mainstream", so that's just how I define it. I myself am mainstream in my opinion, for having a journal on the internet where anyone can access it, and I cover many mainstream issue's as well ... so you get my drift on how I define/ view such term's.

But despite all the opposition talk about what "RTAMERICA" is, or how anti American it is ... it is truely a slice of what American Democracy and free thought/ speech is all about ... and for me as truely American as apple pie and baseball as far as journalism. I only hope to see it continue and expand and hold solid to it's value's, principle's, and continue it's discipline and dedication, because there is no doubt that some entity will try to buy it out or contaminate or destroy it in these time's and how thing's are done. Thank You RTAMERICA (and affiliate's) for all the exceptional and minimal biased coverage of the issue's!

War on RT Rages On ... Thanx to RTAMERICA

RT vs Mainstream Media ... Thanx to RTAMERICA

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GAY/ LESBIAN/ HETEROSEXUAL PARENTING: "Family Values & Children" vs. "Valuing Family & Children" (HUMAN MORALITY PT.2)

For Part 2 of this journal's "Human Morality" series ... I wanted to post this recent research below in the HuffPost link on the issue of gay/ lesbian parenting ... which has everything to do with human morality actually, because of the sharp divide especially in our nation over this issue. And part of what inspire's this, is a recent statement from GOP Presidential candidate Rick Santorum and his statement where he said something like having a parent in prison is better than having a gay parent. In time's like now, being a parent especially, is a Hell of a thing to say, and running for the office of President in 21st century America is even worse, and we even have media's and representation that support and showcase these people, passing them off as people of value to our nation?

What really get's me about these arguement's on this, is all the talk in our nation of how we are thinking of the kid's, so bold and proud of our family values, yet seem to neglect our children more than ever, and dont even value the family. We have unwanted children in foster and state care across the nation, we pump them full of drug's in many cases, saying that they have emotional and social problem's ... it's no wonder they have emotional and social problem's with what we put many through. Then the kid's that do have decent families and place's to live and are wanted ... we rip them off on education and drive them into debt ... and basically using them as sort of a commodity.

I'm a parent and grandparent, so I know a tad about parenting ... I have touched before in previous posting's how even thing's like same sex marriage, expand, enhance, and support the institution of marriage ... and like so .... same sex parenting is just as much of a value to our children, instead of our petty cult hang- up's, political trash support, and pop- culture hypocrisy. We have a habit of denying those who want to be contributing parent's and citizen's the right's to do what is needed, to nurture and protect our children and maintain our love of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

***** HUFFPOST/ SCIENCE: Gay Parents Better Than Straight Parents? What Research Says *****


***** RCJ: "WHAT IS GAY MARRIAGE? ... A FORM OF MARRIAGE" PART'S 2 & 1 **** related posting's


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Claudia Benson

For Part 5 here of the "Self Defense" series for this journal, I chose this recent Detroit murder trial arraignment violence outbreak toward's the familia of the murder victim. Some newsread and video below, then I will add some to this.

***** MLive.com: Detroit man charged with murdering college student outside of Blackberry Bar and Grill ... (newsread of the man charged in robbery and murder of Claudia Benson)

Grief, anger and violence collide outside a Detroit courtroom ... Thanx to AskTherapistFran


First of all, my heart goes out to the mother and familia of the victim here, Ms. Claudia Benson. The suspect who was arraigned, 35 year old Mr. Jacob Wells is innocent until "proven" guilty ... but my opinion here hasnt a thing to do with Mr. Wells arraignment or pre- trial hearing's ... but what the murder victim's familia had to face at the hearing, and the protection they received (NONE). This is clearly a case of justified self defense, is the point I want to make here. Also, whatever town/ jurisdiction you live in, it's good to be at least somewhat on the up and up on law's and right's. I speaking here as I know my right's by law in Texas. I am fortunate to live in a state where I know that I can legally protect myself and familia. But even if I were in a state that didnt allow it, I would anyway, that's just me.

In the video, the opinions as far as sympathy, empathy, or whatever for the victim's familia is a nice thought ... but not reality ... as well as the talk about letting the justice system/ law enforcement and God handle it ... again ... "nice" ... but the fact is, that God nor the Justice system or law enforcement showed any sympathy or even tried to protect the victim's familia here, if it wasnt for the citizen's intervening and holding back the woman with the tripod turned deadly weapon, Mrs. Benson (victim's mother) could have been killed or seriously injured herself. Not even the security who was most likely county deputies, if it's a county court, came to assist, saying it wasnt their job outside the building ... or some related rulebook, union, or I dont give a shit attitude response.

Now for some straight facts real quick ... First, the minute that the woman (suspect familia) took and destroyed the tripod, that was a criminal offense, misdemeanor category at that point, but still "criminal" ... even if the media who owned the tripod refused to press charges ... the state/ county has the law to pick up the charges since it was in public and/ or on the county/ city/ state property. Secondly ... when the woman tore off parts of the tripod, it was clearly and evidently used to make a weapon, this type of weapon being metallic and sharp, also falls into a weapon of a deadly category with clear evidence of "intent". 3rd here ... when attempting to approach Mrs. Benson (victim's mother) she said that her intention's was to "kill" her with many witnesses and video, only again being held back by bystanders who intervened ... the 2nd and 3rd point here, also being low degree "felony" charges. Mrs. Benson in this case has every right to defend herself from this deadly threat with a deadly weapon, by whatever means necessary.

The CNN journalist above who talks about the protection given at the Michael Jackson trial for instance, is the reality we have ... being that high profile folks with alot of money are clearly the only ones as a majority who get protection in this nation today. Their neighborhood's are the most protected, their entertainment and work/ occupational areas, are more protected than the average citizen ... therefore in these times, self defense is needed more now than before, and especially due to the forced austerity, oppression by those who govern and dictate, way above average unemployment in especially a town like Detroit, etc.

The most disturbing part to this for me, wasnt the suspect's supporters/ familia violence and lack of sympathy as CNN guests put it ... but the fact that the courthouse security didnt intervene ... and on top of that ... Detroit Police didnt even come into it. For instance ... if this was a case of some "Occupy" protestor's in Detroit's financial district ... Detroit Police would have been all over it like a cheap suit ... just because of who gets favoured in this country for protection, and even if Occupy protestors didnt have any weapons and no intent of violence, they would be met with police brutality in many cases. As a result of this lack of protection ... now the victims mother and familia will have to live with the fact that she was threatened to be killed, and no one on the side of law enforcement was there to protect her, or at least to deal with the woman threatening the violence and death against her and her familia members.

Mrs. Benson and her familia should take this as a death threat and serious and not just some heated moment of anger ranting, and do everything they can by whatever means to protect their lives, not worrying about a justice system of laws that wont even respect them until they are dead, before they address it.

Word Out ....


Monday, January 23, 2012

TEXAS WIND FARMS: ... A look at "21st Century Texas Wildcatting" (GLOBAL WARMING PT.12)

This Part 12 of this journal's "Global Warming" series, will be a look at the new 21st century wildcatting, wind power and storage, and renewable energies business boom in the Lone Star State, which as I've pointed out before will be the big money maker's of the future, for those who plan on investing too (such as my grandkid's ... hint- hint : )

The sight alone of just what has popped up over the last several year's here in Texas is remarkable ... I mean ... you can drive for a couple hundred mile's in West and South Central Texas and as far as the eye can see, these are all over the place ... it look's like a work of art to me : ) I stood by one of these turbine's for instance not long back just to savor the view from the base, with a guy that told me that it was 300'ft (equivalent to a 30 story building roughly), and it was huge ... and there are thousand's of these going up at that, and the largest farm's of it's kind in the world.

***** GRIST.ORG: Texas to install world's largest wind energy storage system

***** E&E NEWS/ RENEWABLE ENERGY: New power lines will make Texas the world's 5th- largest wind power producer


E.ON: The Texas Wind Farms ... Thanx to CASTLEVIEWPROD

ORN#6 World's Largest Wind Farm ... Thanx to CARRICKGARETH


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ETTA JAMES: "I Just Wanna Make Love To You", "Tell Mama" & "At Last"

This induction into the "RCJ MUSIC/ ART'S HONOUR ROLL SOCIETY" will be to honour the vocalist icon "Etta James", who recently passed away, which inspire's this sudden posting ... because she was bound to be in this journal's honour roll society anywayz. As far as her background ... I'll let the Wikipedia and news handle most of that.

I cant even categorize or put in a certain genre of music when it come's to her vocal's, but she is well known in the area of jazz/ R&B ... what isnt heard much though, is how much she was also a cornerstone of todayz rock music as well, she played on alot of bill's, with alot of legend's themselves, she really been around the block. But her voice has a wide range to it, and for me had a sensual touch to it as well, that could make me melt, with a style that is in it's own category ... she was as smooth as silk, or she could belt out the most upbeat edged tune's, she can cover alot, and really knew how to "throw" her range. Her personality is for real too, she know's life from every angle, she is sharp and street smart as well ... having lived the life to it's fullest ... which is heard in her vocal's clearly. Then of course making the Grammy's, "Rock & Roll Hall of Fame", etc. Thank You Much Etta!

CNN/ ENTERTAINMENT: Singing Legend Etta James Dies At 73

Etta James- I Just Wanna Make Love To You ... Thanx to MUSICAL TASTE

Tell Mama ... Thanx to JAHBUZZZ

Etta James- At Last ... Thanx to CANAL DE JUNOFF2


Etta James/ Hollywood Walk of Fame

Image result for Etta James/ Hollywood Walk of Fame


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U.S. SUPREME COURT Give's Texas GOP the Goldmine & Texans the Shaft ... (U.S. SUPREME COURT FISTING PT.4)

Back in 2009/ 2010 when I was writing about the crap we would see bumrushed on us if we let the GOP even get anymore power, such as in the "2010 Show" series, concerning their desperation and how fast they would start to move ... I even feel now over the last year that I underestimated even that ... imagine that! Cause they been hammering everything between the U.S. Supreme Court and every legislative avenue they can ... recently trying to screw the vote in America and even making it harder for folk's to vote, and the rest of the current mess. The GOP of all folk's complaining about America being divided, are more and more trying to even divide the state's more, in everything that they propose. In my opinion, the national vote need's a complete overall and have equal right's, accessibility, and conformity across the nation, period! Not this crap where a few state's decided recently to try to start make folk's register for special ID's just to vote, etc. (at the last minute at that!) Of course the official technical blame to this goes to Texas Democrat's for not using proper proceedure, making the unanimous U.S. Supeme Court ruling "fair".

When this crap happened below ... I couldnt help to think of country legend Jerry Reed and his song "She Got The Goldmine (I got The Shaft)" : ) ... Now I dont know as much about this as more informed political writer's/ blogger's ... but any avenue I look at it from so far, it look's like a snowjob. It is almost impossible to redraw a map by February 1st at that!, but worth the try at least, although I feel it wont be what many Texas voter's, especially Latino voter's expected to be fair. With the 4+ million population jump, the new seat's we are to get look like the fairness the GOP want's to give out would be 75% for them, and 25% for the Democrat's. I could be wrong ... maybe the U.S. Supreme Court here is all just about fairness ... but this is a Hell of a time (early 2012) to have to get dealt this hand.

LOS ANGELES TIMES/ NATION: U.S. Supreme Court rejects Texas electoral map that favored Latinos

Supreme Court Ruling on Texas Electoral Maps 'Huge Setback' for Democrats ... Thanx to PBSNEWSHOUR


Jerry Reed- Glen Campbell Music Show (18 Dec 1982)- She Got the Goldmine ... Thanx to Glen Campbell- A Tribute


Friday, January 20, 2012

REFORM & CHANGE IN WASHINGTON ... Some Morning Breakfast for THOUGHT (PT.1) ... : )

***** I have touched on this here and there in other posting's, but let me make it simple here in one post by itself and short below *****

Not ALL, but a significant portion of our Representation in Washington "truly" dont want much "Change" or "Reform" ... Why? Because it IS NOT human nature. I mean ... There is no incentive ... they have to be "forced" by the people ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh ... just call it something like "laying down the law ..." :-) Think about it a moment ... If you had a paycheck of say a couple hundred thousand dollar's a year, the best health insurance money can buy (tax money at that :-), great retirement benefit's, free luncheon's/ dinner's at fine eateries (tax write- off expense :-), a month or two off for major Holidayz such as Christmas/ New Years, luxury car rental reimbursement's, recreation and health workout facilities, and additional financial support in the 100's of thousand's to a million+ dollar's or so annually, no term limit, you write and pass all the law's, locked and cocked for life, etc, etc ... Why would you possibly want much of anything to "change"? Why would you even want "reform"? Why would you want to get out of gridlock, or a 2- party system, especially when it stall's everything and guarantee's you an opponent next election that you can blame everything on?


Thursday, January 19, 2012

PHARMAGEDDON: "The Pharmaceutical CARTEL & The Greed SPEED Creed" ... "Say GO to Drug's" Edition (PHARMACEUTICAL CASH COW'S PT.2)

"Pharmaceutical Cash Cow's" Part 2, will be to look at what should be a major concern with even our pre- paid politician's, as well as every American, instead of going with the flow and just accepting every up and down in life as a disorder, because frankly the only thing in disorder is our goddamn laziness, self pity and way of thinking. Most of us in urban America probably know someone or have kin/ relative's who is diagnosed and medicated because they dont fit into some pop culture way of acting and conforming to the welcomed hypocrisy of pop society. Parent's too busy and stressed out to "parent", and many not paying atencion because of all the distraction of what their doing or why?

I want to be as fair as possible here because of the arguement's of both side's, but you also have to point out fact's regardless of what arguement say's what. The idea that all this is about saving the children and helping them strictly, I cant even buy any of that ... especially knowing of the billion's that is in this industry, the lobby for it, marketing, law's legislated by those icon's to enable them to be favoured for this, etc. This reckless quick cash grab and extreme greed that has taken over this nation will eventually destroy itself, there is no reason for us to "tag along" with them.

When it come's to some of the pitfall's of drug abuse, I know it too well, with illegal drug addiction being a part of my past ... my addiction's of choice were in the area of cocaine and opiate's ... however, the only time I actually overdosed and almost died was from actually a legal pharma presciption drug I got through the black market called "Quaalude/ Rohrer714" ... up in Atlanta one night playing music at a club in the "Underground Atlanta" district, after a short set, walked off and overdosed in front of a crowd who were there, paramedic's from what I gathered were there quick and rushed me to Grady Memorial Hospital in Central Atlanta. The folk's that were there to enjoy the music are responsible along with those paramedic's, were who saved my life. I cant remember anything else about it, after my head started to swirl and I went out ... waking up with a sore stomach later in the hospital.

A friend DeeAnn, after a lengthy nasty divorce was told by a doctor she seen of her depression, she had a busy life to keep up with having also a small business (beauty/ tanning salon) and the rest of what her former husband put her through. She was prescribed Prozac, which also led her to using too much alcohol and constant pot smoking, which was a bad combination, but all in all done her more harm than good to make it short. 2 other friend's Mike and Randy (both musician's) who became addicted hardcore to Oxycodone, Mike died from an overdose. Another friend Minerva, started on Oxycodone, and soon became addicted to black tar heroin as an upgrade, and started dealing in the drug business after, which led to a 10 year prison term, etc ... I could even tell quite a bit more.

These pharma drug's of popularity such as Adderall are an experimental mixture of amphethamine's ... basically speed/ meth. You cant tell someone like myself that there is not any issue or problem or addiction with these, it's impossible to not have any ill outcome year's down the line, prescribing these to kid's especially for just simply acting like kid's in many cases. Even as far as back in the 1970's early where Preluden- BI62 addiction ran rampant as a result, even to the point of addict's cooking off the coating on the tab's, to cook the pure speed inside to run up the drug intrevenously. My daughter not long back was telling me of even the pressure and prescribing that ran heavy in the Dallas area University she attended of Adderall amongst the student's, the need's/ addiction as well as the high demand, and the shortage's, which I also feel some of these so called "shortage's" are influenced by those who run the market's, which basically is no different than "price fixing" and manipulation.

One of the saddest part's to this, even sadder than the pushing of these drug's on adult's is also these ridiculous diagnosis's galore that we have today, then getting to the point of pushing this on million's of American children, while out of the other side of their mouth's from the same tongue, ranting about the pitfall's of meth use and how it's such a big problemo in our nation. Say NO to drug's? ... why are ya'll saying "GO" to this?

Pharmaceutical companies creating a society of Hypochondriacs ... Thanx to RTAMERICA ... Dr. Smith here sum's up this mess accurately.


HUFFPOST/ HEALTHY LIVING: Does America really have a problem with Adderall Abuse?

AOL HEALTHY LIVING.MIND: The Ritalin Wars: Understanding America's Adderall Obsession

PHILLY.COM/ HEALTH: ADHD drug shortage pushes parents to seek substitutes

CCHR: Psychiatry- Labeling Kids with Bogus Mental Disorders ... Thanx to CCHRINT ... this video was so fitting for this posting, because by today's standard's, damn near any kid can suddenly be diagnosed as having either a "Oppositional Defiant Disorder", "Bipolar Disorder", "Personality Disorder", or "Social Anxiety Disorder" ... it's no damn wonder that our kid's have so many disorder's as it is, because of the shit we put them through these day's. Especially with the hypocrisy rubbish (which is 2nd nature) to "Say NO" to drug's.

SCIENTIFIC AMERICA MIND: Do ADHD drugs take a toll on the brain?

DRUG ENQUIRER: Latest News and Facts about medicines you take



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BRODY DALLE (PT.1)/ THE DISTILLERS: ... "Drain The Blood", "Young Crazed Peeling", & "Warriors"

This induction into the "RCJ MUSIC/ ART'S HONOUR ROLL SOCIETY" will be to honour and look at some of the work of a music Goddess ... Brody Dalle. Brody is currently more known for her work with "Spinnerette" , but I want to focus this particular posting for her, on her work with "The Distillers" ... this woman is just an all around bundle of raw talent at it's best ... it doesnt matter if it's in the area of her pounding powerful vocal ability and stage persona, her outstanding guitar work in this genre, or her songwriting/ composition work (also a keyboardist) ... she is at the top, and one ass busting artist! On top of that, a mother of two and just had a birthday on New Years Day!

She is also very versatile on her art as well ... but understandable, with the range of influence's as a kid from the Beatles to Hole, to Cyndi Lauper, to Black Flag, to name a few. The punk sound work done with The Distillers bring's an added touch and expansion to contemporary Punk as well, and a fresh dimension nightcrawling into the 21st century genre, and what a blend with a touch of nostaglia and class this crew is! She is of course one of my favourite's and even with her more recent work with "Spinnerette" ... which expand's her talent's in other direction's. Also (according to an interview with Brody I read), Brody wanted to move in other direction's musically, and got a lil burned on the strickly punk, but was having vocal issue's after her mid 20's because of the vocal strain/ demand, and a few other factor's in that, that come from alot of work, lifestyle habit's, change's, hour's, etc. But this posting will focus on 3 cut's in particular that came from Brody and The Distillers, that are really some great work, and a few of my favourite's ... she is also one of my favourite vocalist's too! Love ya Brody ... and Thanx for all you've contributed! ... Enjoy!

"Drain The Blood" ... Thanx to SINHAWKDERELLA

"Young Crazed Peeling" ... Thanx to THEDISTILLERSVIDEOS

"Warriors" ... Thanx to SI1NO2


Tuesday, January 17, 2012

REPUBLICAN/ DEMOCRAT NATIONAL CONVENTION'S 2012: "The Oppressor" ... The $100 million Military- Cop, Prop- Op ... (Mo of Yo Money PT.2)

First here ... video and newsread below, then my input ....

***** ALTERENET: "Tanks, SWAT Teams, Surveillance Helicopters" ... Cities already turning into Mini- Police States for the Political Conventions

RNC/ DNC Cities Will Be Police States ... Thanx to THEALYONASHOW


Part 2 here of "Mo of Yo Money", is another looksy at the expense in these trying tight budgeted time's that will be paid to have these 2 convention's secure. I mean, is there no better price of what to spend on 2 convention's in two medium size American cities, both with reasonably moderate cost's of living? ... and both fairly laid back cities at that as far as protest's and politic's. I mean, their not as expensive either, and/ or regulated as say ... town's like Boston, New York, or San Francisco. This is the cost's for 4- dayz? what a burn (rip- off) of tax money to say the least, and also another urban experiment to play/ excercise "control of the huddled masses" with this clearly neo police state show of force. Right now we been getting media drilled and drowned with this sappy GOP/ Republican debate/ caucus rubbish ... the only positive part of it, is that it create's job's and revenue for the smaller cities their held in ... many of the mainstream politician's/ candidate's havent got a damn thing to say/ contribute that hasnt already been said by other previous self serving mouth piece's ... and spending this kind of more money on them and their bullshit show's is another waste of our bloody tax dollar's!

***** GOP/ REPUBLICAN NOTE: (related to my above statement on GOP candidate's) I need to say here that there was 2 candidate's in the only debate I viewed (NBC Meet The Press) that DID stand out and make some really decent point's ... one being Jon Huntsman, the other Ron Paul. I agree much with what Paul has to say, he tell's it like it is, and proposes what need's to be done in some way/ fashion. My only problemo with Paul ... stemmed from over a decade ago when I attended a speech and interview he gave in Dallas (only because a friend attended and invited me), and I noticed that he wanted to dump damn near everything at the time as far as social and public service's it seemed (as if they werent needed) and eliminate most taxes if not all. Now I know this sound's great in a way ... however ... I was also thinking at the time, in a nation with 300 million people and so much borderline poverty as it is, and the need's ... this could be disastrous ... socially, but yeah sure, it's a great idea to think we can just eliminate these problem's/ issue's, service's, and all of the sudden live in some kind of Utopian self efficient enviroment. I also have some question's on his foreign policy plan's, but that's it. Other than that, I dont know where he stand's today on them domestic public service's/ social issue's/ need's, nor have I read his book, so I cant tell you where this man stand's today on these issue's ... but yes ... I do agree with much of what the man sayz ... also understand that saying what you will do and actually doing it, is two different thing's *****

Back to the convention's expenses ... Believe me ... we could get adequate security for only a "fraction" of that cost, we have a government that just squander's and waste's money without no regard of where those dollar's come from, and much of which need's to be voted out of office, with new regulatory oversight and legislation made to control and expell these spending addict's! Of course they wouldnt use the "drone's" ... can you imagine the daily rental cost's of those? that would spend too much ... much that they will use to buy other military styled police equipment for future use (in cities at that, that wont even need it locally). The contracting out of law enforcement from other cities will also be inflated (anyone who know's how the contracting/ moonlighting officer's gig work's, know's what that will be), there are alternative's to secure these event's, that are even more people/ community friendly, and could get them dollar's in the communities paid to people/ veteran's/ organization's that will in turn spend them dollar's there and boost the local economies. Even the security cam's/ surveillance dont need to be permanent, and can be rented/ leased as for any large scaled temporary event. Then the money/ grant they get is almost locked in to be used with certain corporation's/ companies that are all Washington affiliated/ lobbied ... total burn (rip off)! You could easily find a more efficient and friendly way to cover and secure this locally with only $10 million top's, per city (80% less) ... I'd bet my paycheck on it.

Basically what you have here is the same shit that stream's from their mouth's in Washington combined with their reckless spending, and a slap in the face to all voter's in our nation!

Word Out ....


Monday, January 16, 2012

JIM SCHWILLE: From Battlefield Squad to Lumber Yard to NFL Cheerleader Squad : ) ... (VETERAN'S SPOTLIGHT PT.21)

This "Veteran's Spotight" PT. 21 piece is to highlight Jim Schwille, now I cant tell you what branch of service Jim was in, because I wasnt able to find much info on Jim, but he served in Afghanistan, and is a Veteran! This really paint's a picture related to the U.S.Army slogan "be all you can be" though : )

***** BALTIMORESUN: "JIM SCHWILLE" ... Thanx to tip from an Anonymous comment left, I was able to find this *****

I mean, I dont think Jim knew in the battlefield that he would end up being a lumber yard salesman, and also working as a cheerleader on the NFL's only co- ed cheerleading squad, and fixin to get the best seat in the house, with some of the best lookin gal's in the house as well, for the upcoming Baltimore Ravens vs New England Patriots AFC Championship game! Jim ... it dont get much damn better than that Guy ... You Go Jim!! : )

This below was just a great "Veteran's Spotlight" story I couldnt resist : )

CBS BALTIMORE: "Brawn Behind The Beauty" ... Male Ravens Cheerleaders on NFL'S only Co- Ed Squad (newsread and video)


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This will be the opening posting for another series for this journal called the "Human Morality" series. This is not to point out good and evil, right and wrong, but to take a look at the other side of "morality" ... something that you can even find in other ape species or animal's, but human's take it to a whole other level with everything from their phobia's to creativity, culture's to their man made religion's, war's to revenge.

Part One of course to look at the Holocaust , which I felt is a fitting one, since you hear so much today of folk's calling other's they may dislike or disagree with ... "Nazi's". I mean ... it is such a popular term politically even ... member's of both major political polarizing parties (both of course claiming to be "good" and their opponent "evil") in our country as well as the President himself have been called Nazi's ... so ... this will take a real look at Nazi's, instead of the pop culture definition of what a Nazi is, created by these folk's who look for a Nazi or racist, etc under every rock.

There are still people that deny that the Holocaust actually happened ... I have no doubt that it happened, and have (through familia) heard the stories first hand, seen and touched the scar's, and ran my finger tip's across the tattoo/ branding on the forearm's.

"Judgement At Nuremberg" Holocaust evidence scene ... Thanx to BIGTUNA82

The Holocaust in color Nazi rising terror and concentration camps ... Thanx to ANOUDEL

Friday, January 13, 2012

JOSE GUADALUPE POSADA: The Art & Satire ... A Lighter Look at the Darker Side of Humanity (In Memory of Isabella)

This induction into the "RCJ MUSIC/ ART'S HONOUR ROLL SOCIETY" will be to take a look at the magnificent work of Mr. Jose Guadalupe Posada. His art, satire, illustration's, had a large impact of influence as well on several latino artist's till this day, and even hit some controversy ... politically, socially, and religiously in his day, and took a lighter satirical look as well of the dark side of human nature. Although he may have not passed away in the best financial shape, he lived a full life and loved his work! And Thank You Sir ... His fire still inspire's!

I first ran into his work year's ago through an old friend Isabella Rivera(RIP), who was a fan of his work, and the related art's of "Dia de la Muertos" ... so I wanted to dedicate this posting in her memory as well.

Jose G. Posada, grabador ... Thanx to FRANCISCO MUNDO


Wednesday, January 11, 2012

SYDNEY SPIES: ... "Provocative"? or "Censorship" of Beauty & Art? ... (Beautiful Girlz PT.3) & (Sexploitation Nation PT.14)

Image result for sydney spies

Sydney Spies

This posting will also serve as a dual posting to cover the "Sexploitation Nation" and "Beautiful Girlz" series of this journal. In this simple local case of a Colorado High School student Ms. Sydney Spies. Some newsread and video below (I had to replace the video that was originally an interview with Sydney), then my input on this after, to show also the hypocrisy of this society as well.

HUFFPOSTDENVER: Sydney Spies' secong picture is denied by Yearbook, teen appear's on the 'Today' Show

Student picture too sexy for yearbook? ... Thanx to ABC15 ARIZONA



The only worthwhile advantage for Ms. Spies here, is at least she is getting some publicity and can hopefully utilize that even to further her dream's and or career. I have also viewed some of her other photo's/ portfolio, which are shot's that would be standard for any model to have in her/ his portfolio, in fact without photo shoot's, you cant expect to get a start ... and have not seen one thing that could even be questionably inappropriate or indecent, which her photo's have been called both ... and by women at that. Nor do I believe that these student's were making their decision based on that and were highly influenced by the school staff and pressured.

This is also another example of the bold hypocrisy of our society, on one hand this school will try to censor this woman/ student ... yet later if she became successful as a model or in a related industry, you can bet they would have her picture probably on a monument in front of their school and even sell tour's if she became really popular in some career ... so ya'll are liar's as well. Yet at the same time ... although it is forbidden, indecent, inappropriate, or whatever other evil label they put on it ... they are willing to put her photo in the year book for $300 dollar's ... make up ya'll's mind ... where do you really stand?

Anyone who has daughter's such as myself, know's how some like to look at their beauty as a sort of art, just like a little girl who dresses up doll's or tries on a pretty dress, heel's or whatever. Some young ladies start at a young age and work so hard to get into modeling, performing art's etc ... as a career, I have known girlz personally that have went into modeling and the art's, dancing, performing, etc and have worked damn hard trying to keep up in it ... it is a career mindset and job, and these school's that advocate for their student's to excell and pursue their dream's and career's, should be supporting this 110%, if they really lived up to what they claim to be about.

Alot of the criticism of this also just come's from folk's deeply rooted phobia's and sex hang- up's within themselves and havent a bloody thing to do with what is appropriate, decent or not ... I even seen feminist's of all people like this before, that will try to go out of their way to suppress their own beauty and try to look as bland and boring as possible, but most of it is really a psychological issue with those. Then you have the religious type's who will naturally go after anything, just to run their mouth's and make a name for themselves, look like heroes or saving young girls from exploitation or something else.

Nothing should stand in your way Ms. Spies as a young woman of pursuing your goal's and/ or career choice ... and those who try to get you to conform to their personal hang- up's or cult mentalities, you should ignore and never let get in your way, and if they discriminate you ... take legal action immediately. I agree with the art aspect of it, and you are a very beautiful young lady, and at least do have dream's and goal's which are importante for any young person ... and great to have such a supportive mom. Best of Luck to you on pursuing your dream's and goal's!

MADONNA- VOGUE (Blonde Ambition Tour) ... Thanx to THEMADONNATOURS ... I wanted to dedicate this video to Sydney here, because the artist and title is "appropriate" for this posting : ) Madonna was also labeled as indecent, inappropriate, etc as a young woman ... today one of the most respected icon's in the entertainment industry with multi talent across the board!


Tuesday, January 10, 2012

PROGRESSIVE PEOPLE VS. PASSIVE PUSSIVE'S ... Intro w/ Michael Moore (TRUTH OR TREASON 2012 PT.6) ... Inspired in part by Tim Waters/ Scared Stiff

Part 6 of "Truth or Treason 2012" is partly inspired by Mr. Tim Waters of "Scared Stiff", because this is something that we discussed here online concerning politic's, and Tim has stood his ground solidly on what he support's and dont as a democrat supporter/ voter himself. We discussed our difference's on the President for instance, but I understand Tim like so many other's ... because where do we draw the line? I supported President Obama before he was President or candidate, because of what he stood for, and he had truely great idea's for this nation as far as moving forward, the President hasnt been able though to do what he had proposed either on many avenue's. I know what he is up against and that is also why I know that the people of this country need to put a line in the sand somewhere's ... Hell, I have wrote about this cesspool since the start of this journal, and this system continue's to fail.

Again ... it must fail and we must suffer to wake up, as I have pointed out time and again as well, and history show's you with common sense combined that change is inevitable ... and this system WILL collapse and those who dictate will destroy themselves in time. Forget all this doom and gloom woe is me submissive shit, the nature of civilisation and the species DOES NOT work like that, when an animal is cornered and tormented. Again, their action's and such as thing's like this sudden debt crisis, austerity, cut's, market's change, etc, was all manipulatively "created" as I posted time and again, out of desperation, where in the past I used football game strategies and such to explain what was happening and how fast they will start to move and why ... they (those who dictate our representation) are simply running the clock down and we are in the last 2 minute's of the final quarter, this is why it was so importante to not let what happened in the 2010 election's advance any further ... because we once again failed to do our part. We would have seen this anywayz, even under a total democrat majority, but just a much milder ride as I pointed out. Our representation are being terrorized as much as all of us on this war we face now.

First of all, this recent video clip of Michael Moore (who I call "My Man from Flint") ... which is right on the money in the clip I chose below, of this nauseating passive pussy attitude that smother's so many American voter's to this day. Then I will add to this after.

Michael Moore: America is a Liberal Nation ... Thanx to FORATV ... For the full video and more CLICK HERE I dont agree with Michael or anyone else on everything, but he make's such solid point's and should be heard out. I only got to watch the first 43 minute's of the full video, but will watch it all ... you can click on the link and watch in whole or by segment's you can click on. The clip I added below, was to highlight this posting and what it is about as far as voting and submitting to this constant anal rape we get.

RCJ: "TRUTH OR TREASON 2012" PART'S 5 THRU 1 ... and this posting will also be added to the "DEBT CRISIS PT.1/ PAPER DOLL SHOW" posting.

The worst time this can happen is right now as these 2012 election's come up, and again ... this is all due to collapse in time, and is happening sooner than I expected, which thrill's me as well. Knowing that American's are finally waking up to this cesspool of politic's that has spread over this nation like a cancer ... and "No Thanx" to these various media's and blog's that keep feeding this cancer. Yes, I vote Democrat as a choice of the lesser or two evil's so to speak, and have voted before 6/7 year's ago ... almost exclusively republican my entire voting life. But the GOP/ Republican party has actually turned into a party of no bloody integrity of any kind, and act more like treasonist's in these time's ... selling out and betraying the very democracy, individualism, and true free market and all else they claim for year's they supported.

I watched one debate the other day on a "NBC Meet The Press", special debate edition of the GOP, sunday morning ... it was absolutely nauseating, I only watched it to be fair in my assessment's that I make here, having mocked them recently for having nothing to offer, without hearing them out in the actual debate's. All (or at least "much") in Hell they talked about was petty stupid shit ... issue's on sexuality/ homosexuality, religion, morality, contraceptive's, and other shit that doesnt do a goddamn thing for what over 3 quarter's of American's are concerned with currently, while supporting secretly a bunch of special interest's, then flip- flopping and denying what they initially said, what a fucked up mindset you would have to have to swallow any of this bullshit ... supporting entities and proposal's, that are taking all our goddamn money, job's, and everything else and shipping it offshore basically, because as I wrote in previous posting's ... all the money milking of us, is because they are fixin to abandon America and even Euro nation's, and other democracy type nation's across the globe, and we better wake up to this. I mean, why do you think all of this sudden manufactured austerity rubbish is being presented as a major issue in damn near every free country on the globe? ... to milk everything we have, change our law's and governing, and to rathole all the wealth in the new major market's they want, which alot of that is in Asia.

The Democrat party has been just as nauseating to me, to where I even hate being identified as what is considered as "liberal" in 21st century America, almost as much as I hate being identified as a conservative by todayz standard's. The passive pussive attitude's on this coming election out of so many democrat's has been even more nauseating, supporting crooked democrat's that are equally paid off and bribed by special interest's, and all out of fear of the chance of the republican's winning more than they have now ... which of course would be worse, but who in Hell are they afraid of? Look at these GOP candidate's ... do you think any of them would have a snowball's chance in Hell of being trusted up against President Obama and his Administration in these trying time's? Sure the GOP had alot of great thing's as far as talk to say ... but again ... none of this can work in the new global market or the 21st century arena ... it could work, say in 1960 America maybe.

These new job/ unemployment figure's being bragged about this month is even more idiotic bullshit, most were created simply because of the holiday season last month, were service end petty job's, and the figure's are so highly politically manipulated ... and you cant depend on the government especially in these troubled time's to do ALL the job creation. Job's have increased and are on an upward trend, but as I posted time and again on these job's issue's, you cant mathematically even come close to replacing what we lost, especially when hardly anyone on either side are even addressing how to help create job creation incentive's and idea's, much need's to be done domestically and those investor's that invest here, need to be given the tax break's they deserve to get it going as well, but "locked in" as I have pointed out before legally/ legislatively and contractually, so bipartisanship is essential in this avenue, green tech's, alternative energies, manufacturing, technologies across the board, etc ... not bloody job's serving burger's to each other! Employment in this country is the worst that I have seen in my 55 year's of living, and when you lose so much, any little bone tossed to you will look significant, especially while you play these political game's. The President hasnt a thing to do with it, and he can only do what they let him do, even now being dictated to by those in his own party and the financial support he now owe's for, the money influence has just been so much of a factor in corrupting our representation across the board.

And this other constant goddamn whining about how it's doom and gloom and will only get worse ... get the fuck over it! ... of course it's gonna get worse before it can get any better, I wrote so much about this myself even, over the last few year's. They say it's a "satan sandwich" ... and it's not pleasant? eat it and learn to digest it, period ... and most importantely, like anything else you digest ... shit it out in the toilet bowl later, then flush it down, dont sit there smelling your own goddamn waste! Life aint pleasant all the time, period!

This constant whining (which Michael in the above video does so well in the start : ) out of folk's, especially on the left ... "Ohhh ... boo- hoo ... what do we do?, please dont make me say something I shouldnt ... etc" These type's need to step to the side and let the strong take position and action to lead ... your nothing but whining pussies who only lack any goddamn backbone in their pacifist lives. The biggest mistake we made had already taken place in the 2010 vote, which is why I focused so much on that in the "2010 Show" series of this journal, talking about "what" will happen if we let the GOP even control in only a Congress or a Senate ... we already fucked ourselves on that, then these democrat's turn around with these petty dog biscuit's and say ... "At least it's better than nothing" ... when in actuality we GOT NOTHING! I mean, these type's remind me of the same type's who loan and invest their money in a financial entity, that entity goes south and fail's, you lose maybe 40% of your money, then support bailing out the entity to make it stronger and just accept your loss ... YOU ADVOCATE WEAKNESS!

We all need to occupy this nation and put ourselves first, and these politician's who dont get their shit together, shape up, and do what the Hell we hired them to do ... need to ship out, by whatever force needed. As far as these major corporate CEO's and their allies who pay- off everyone in our government, we need to stop that too, they can stand in line if they want and vote like the rest of us, and the politician's who dont think their salaries and benefit's are not enough by itself ... find another goddamn job! And all our politician's should have to take oath's like the GOP did to never raise taxes in their career, but an oath to actually serve this nation and represent all the people ... no more pay- off's or special interest's salaries. Just like we have the Presidential campaign fund to contribute to on our income tax form's at the end of the year for $3 buck's ... have it publicly funded through such, to clean out this legalized corruption, and it will be a true saving's compared to what we pay now in supporting these financially that run our government!

Frankly, the only thing I look forward to as far as a voting democrat this year, is either current democrat's getting their act together (which is not likely as a whole) or having a strong enough more progressive choice to vote for at the end of this year as far as candidate's ... which will happen in time, but I like to see it sooner than later, especially the way we been constantly going south in this political Bermuda Triangle of sort, even now trying to more and more suppress folk's from being able to vote. Each and every progressive American need's to start demanding of our representative's what they need to do, which is happening more and more. Like a bad relationship or marriage ... you dont sit there and feed it ... you dump it. Many of us ... if ya'll in Washington keep fucking around and playing these game's, we WONT VOTE for you, and NEVER fear the repercussion's of it either!

Word Out!


Monday, January 9, 2012

GOLDIE/ OWS: Global Revolution Headquarter's Raided & Shutdown ... The END of the BEGINNING (The AWAKENING PT.11)

For this "The AWAKENING" PT. 11 will be an update on the newest tactic's from Bloomberg and his NYPD posse to now shut down OWS Global Revolution TV, thinking they will kill the spirit? Anywayz, that and some other link's/ news from elsewhere on the globe ... and an intro of another OWS revolutionary American hero ... Goldie. Then a few cent's I will add after. And Special Thanx to RTAMERICA and all the millions of other's for feeding this fire and staying on top of it ... there can never be enough coverage of this type movement ... it is what democracy is all about, eh?

GLOBAL REVOLUTION: GR Headquarter's raided in Bushwick; 6 Arrested #Globalreveviction ... video's, update's & link's

NYPD Pull's Plug on OWS Global Revolution TV ... Thanx to RTAMERICA

OCCUPY WALL STREET: January Nigerian general strike and call for Solidarity ... some other recent OWS news of action.


Goldie hits the nail on the head here, talking about the "excuses" that are found and sudden grouping of miscellaneous charge's to shut down, and incarcerate folk's for excercising their right to assemble and speak freely in our great democracy ... they got more goddamn petty law's as I explained in previous posting's to bumrush your ass with, than ya'll can shake a stick at. Alot of this recent action in the City and elsewhere's like even in Dallas, Los Angeles, and Oakland ... has been this safety talk, quality of life condition's and other slithering bullshit.

Since Bloomberg and his posse are so concerned with folk's "quality of life" and "condition's" ... why dont ya'll take ya'll's asses up over 110th St and up into West Harlem ... how bout Hunts Point and the South Bronx ... Jamaica/ Queens ... BedStuy or even Flatbush in Brooklyn ... place's I hung and stayed as a kid myself ... talk all that shit there about your concern's. Alot of folk's will be joining more from these area's of the City, and many are already there ... do ya'll think their scared of you, with what many of them lived in? Do you think throwing them over and over in Rikers (jail) or some other holdover around town will make them scared? Do you think many of those fear your ass whipping's? All ya'll are doing is making them hate you more than they already do, keep up and see what it evolve's into ... need I say more. Not everyone live's in the fine qualities of life area's as ya'll and those crook's in $3000 suit's you protect ... on the Upper East Side, out on North Shore/ Long Island, or up in White Plains. Do ya'll think that shuting down computer's will stop the spirit?

As far as all the so called progress and suppressing these citizen's with your elaborate and violent scheme's and strategies, thinking ya'll have cleaned this out ... the only thing ya'll are trying to clean out is American's Right's ... nothing else.

Word Out ....

Sunday, January 8, 2012

WORLD PERCEPTION OF AMERICANS: Stereotype ... Atencion Deficit Disorder ... or Laziness? (AMERICA'S STUPIDITY PT.2)

This Part 2 of "America's Stupidity" will be to look at what I find incredibly interesting as far as folk's being informed, educated, etc. I will say that I consider it a stereotype as well of American's, because most cannot be this challenged ... and human's are not born stupid, our species would have never evolved this far if we were. I also want to say that I have found this in various place's, such as England, Scotland, Canada, and across the nation here. Even thing's like racism and segregation for instance, I found all over ... one of the most racist, segregated, and backward place's I ever lived in had to be Brooklyn, New York ... even Los Angeles, believe it or not ... when most people would actually think you would find more of that in Texas ... another stereotype herd mentality mindset. Not to offend anyone here, but I am speaking the truth only ... I met folk's even in England that were dumber than a doorknob ... I shit you not. I havent been to many countries, but I would guess this is elsewhere's too around the globe. I can understand in some countries that are far more oppressed and impoverished where it may flourish ... but this is America! Even if you dont attend school, or even have a computer, you have public libraries all over the place, documentary tele show's, PBS, etc ... so you may wonder ... how is this possible? It redefine's the term "Atencion Deficit Disorder" for sure, but it's actually laziness and lack of atencion as well, that your not born with, but chose.

You may view this video below and get a laugh out of it ... but it is a serious issue in our nation ... and hardly something to laugh about in reality. Because of our lack of knowledge, it make's us more vulnerable to the way we are manipulated by everything from pop culture to politic's to religion ... all of which need drastic reform. And it mainly is our laziness to think ... really, combined with other self imposed weaknesses ... I say "self" ... because we are in a fairly free society, and there is no reason for anyone to be this uniformed of what is going on either ... no bloody excuse. Especially with the education level's of folk's in this country and the incredible amount's they spend on such and get in debt over. We cant blame this on the government/ politic's, the church, or anyone else as long as we keep feeding that which destroy's us ... lack of any decent education is more destructive to our society than just about anything else. I myself only have formally an 8th grade education, and dont even read that many book's, I known plenty of folk's in the same status, yet got at least halfway educated. Just the saturation of public libraries, online info, PBS, news media's, tele documentaries galore, and all kind's of access to info, that many countries dont even have nearly what we do, or the opportunities and/ or liberties ... is shocking. Even further education these dayz has become nothing but a market for mega profit, who could give a shit less about turning out educated citizen's, the more dumb and uniformed they keep you, the more those who dictate our society prosper.

The video below was made across America ... place's I recognized for instance were Santa Monica, Venice Beach, Hollywood Blvd/ LA, Manhattan/ NYC, Washington D.C. and Texas (Dallas & San Antonio) as well, and the Texas response was especially nauseating to me ... absolutely unbelievable though! Look at the map's closely after 4 minute's where he asked people to put little flag's on countries like North Korea, Iran, France, etc ... all relocated on a phoney map to where Australia would be on the map ... um, um, um ... imagine that! The video is from 2007.

**** UPDATE (13 November 2012) Unfortunately I had to "replace" the video below with a shorter version, cause the YouTube account of the first video was deleted from YouTube ... but ... still hilarious, just a tad shortened : )


Americans are NOT stupid- WITH SUBTITLES ... Thanx to ERONCOELHO


Saturday, January 7, 2012

ROB HALFORD/ FIGHT: "Nailed To The Gun", "Into The Pit", & "A Little Crazy"

This will be the official induction posting in "RCJ MUSIC/ ART'S HONOUR ROLL SOCIETY" for Mr. Rob Halford. Mr. Halford is of course well known for his high octive opera type vocal range ... but I want to focus here on him as a songwriter/ composer more. I have an additional link below posted of one of his show's doing an old classic "Electric Eye" that was wrote with Judas Priest, and the history of the Priest in this genre of Metal music is unmatched, and the outstanding guitar work of folk's like KK Downing and Glenn Tipton was a treat as well. This is a man I could also write about till my finger's dropped off as far as his work as a songwriter/ composer, inspiration/ contribution's, inpeccable vocal work, the grand showmanship back in the dayz of the Priest and the releases impact on the entire metal genre scene.

I never seen "Fight" live, but I did see Judas Priest back in the early 1980's on the "Screaming For Vengeance" tour ... and what a piece of audio perfection that show was (large arena show with full stage) ... absolutely outstanding performance! Enough from my mouth ... and onto this genius of a composer and legend. Of course I chose 3 favourite's of mine, but wanted to include the HBB Unplugged version of "A Little Crazy" for a different flavour using the acoustic touch ... Enjoy!

RCJ: "ROB HALFORD- ELECTRIC EYE" (live in Albania)

Nailed To The Gun ... Thanx to HALFORDVEVO

Into The Pit (Live) ... Thanx to ANUBISCTBA

Fight- "A Little Crazy" Unplugged (Head Bangers Ball) "live" Rob Halford.flv ... Thanx to TBMANDROID


Wednesday, January 4, 2012

SARAH McKINLEY: Oklahoma's 2012 Heroine of Home Defense, Terminate's Intruder & Save's her Baby and Self (SELF DEFENSE PT.4)

Image result for SARAH McKINLEY

Sarah McKinley and 3 month old son

Part 4 of "Self Defense" series will be to honour Sarah McKinley, as a recent champion heroine who saved her child and self. Some video and newsread below, then some thought's of my own.

***** ABC NEWS: Okla. Woman Shoots, Kills Intruder: 911 Operator Say It's OK to Shoot (newsread/ video)


First of all my heart goes out to this woman for losing her husband Christmas Day, I cant imagine what she feel's only a week later, then having to go through this ... but if she were my daughter, I would be so proud of this young lady!

And what a chance she took ... actually spending time on the phone with a 911 operator and armed with two weapon's, knowing she was about to be attacked by two men, one armed with a 12" inch hunting knife, who had been stalking this woman since her husband died, which is about as low and cowardly as a man can go. There are justifiable homicide law's in many states, like the "Castle Doctrine" that allow's you to protect yourself, in other state's you have to wait to be assaulted or killed basically. Sarah done everything by the book as far as Oklahoma Law and saved herself and infant son doing so ... I'm sure her husband would have been proud of her courage under attack.

There is suspicion that this intruder even killed a dog of her's. Anyhow, this is one of them cases that end up too many time's as another statistic of a woman, child, or even familia, that end up meeting a tragic end ... so Mrs. McKinley has also served her community by terminating this one, forcing the other to flee and turn himself in later.

Congratulation's to Mrs. McKinley for a JOB WELL DONE!

Word Out ....


Tuesday, January 3, 2012

NDAA & Bill of Rights 2012- Soaring Gun Sales & Failing Left/ Right Politic's (The AWAKENING PT.10) & (TRUTH OR TREASON 2012 PT.5)

This will be another dual posting to cover both the "Truth or Treason 2012" and "The Awakening" series of this journal. I wanted to wait to do any posting's on this till after the start of the new year, to focus on this year, so it's a tad past due ... but still VERY importante and something that been discussed throughout this journal as far as the eventual decline of confidence of American's on every level in politic's. This will show now how this has touched all ... left/ right/ independent, upper middle class to the poor across the board, and how this will eventually lead to the change in the mindset of all in time and the next generation, regardless of which of the two polarizing side's we lean more toward's. Again ... this is such a healthy time for America and other Democracy type nation's. The mainsteam media's are basically saturated of course for the last few week's over these Caucus show's in Iowa, or else the fear card's over getting our dog biscuit's tossed to us as far as a tax break extension, unemployment extension, or other petty social issue's, so not too much out of them, but this is heavy throughout the internet.

***** CNN OPINION/ ELECTION CENTER 2012: LZ Granderson- "I Want This Election Over- Now" ... Mr.Granderson here sum's up perfectly, what many American's are also going to feel after the next 10 month's or so of constant political mudslinging, and multi- million's in ad's to discredit everyone from the special interest mega buck's (our own surplus revenue, that we handed to them through our current and past representation : ), while they are continuously cut, cut, and cut on everything ... Heh, heh, heh, heh, heh : ) ... Just wait and see how this will also eventually get on people's nerve's, especially listening to a bunch of politically bloated self serving mouthpiece's who would sell this nation in a heart beat, just over their political rating's and gain.

First a couple video's below concerning the rapid increase in gun sales, which is great for business, but also reason why you see these measure's and fine print in the NDAA being loose. Those who control our political representation are very concerned and even why they have to tighten up on cyber security, which I wrote about in the last piece on "End to Privacy?". On one hand, you need more security, on the other hand, you cant do this without trampling on some right's in the process. Much is going to be blamed on the President, especially his signing of the NDAA, which he said month's back he wouldnt do and had heavy reservation's of such, being a Constitutional expert of sort ... however, on the other hand ... it had to be passed to an extent, it's just part of the annual fiscal plan and spending of such, so he was in a no way out position. The most importante part of a defense bill like such is who actually wrote it (to see what political representative's stand on what), which is both side's working jointly, and just how loose it is and what type of affect it can/ will have toward's a slippery slope.

Much of the talk is over "martial law" ... but I pointed out also time and again that there is no actual reason why anyone would declare such, when you have law's in place and new law's being ran through legislatively all the time to cover such. Nothing in this nation is ever called by it's "true name" in other word's, basically for political reason's and snowballing ... but it is all dictated by the money too. The same as the war being over in Iraq, yet the constant financial feed to overpriced security after, and protection of the new corporate interest's who now occupy it's nation and government ... which of course is why you alwayz have backfire's of these new type war's and occupation's ... or the various title change's and buzz phrases we are fed, is all as much marketing as simple as everything is alwayz $14.99 instead of $15, or how you need to spend money to save money, etc ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh : ) But no ... the President was never on a campaign either to take folk's gun's away, for the record. I was in the waiting room of a large nationwide tire center about 3 month's ago, waiting on my car ... and a gent next to me also waiting, started up some small chat with me, after seeing the magazine I was reading was "Guns & Ammo" (those magazine's like "People" or "Field & Stream", etc, they have in them waiting room's), he was telling me about a couple gun's he like's and we exchanged preference's, etc. But he also said to me about "stocking up" because Obama and this Administration are going to try to take all our gun's away. Basically I told him that I disagree that Obama even "want's" to take gun's or had any "plan's" to ... and frankly, as I posted before ... to try to do this will be difficult in this nation.

***** CNN: 2012 Election Fueling Soaring Gun Sales? ... (video)

Possible Obama 2nd Term spyrs record gun sales: Infowars Nightly News ... Thanx to THEALEXJONESCHANNEL **** this part dont start in this video till after 6:25

Alex Jones: Senate Wants Martial Law in America ... Thanx to RTAMERICA ... This is another I wanted to make sure is embedded/ linked here, to listen to this opinion from Mr.Jones. A year ago I couldnt have even told you who Alex Jones was, even though he's a Texan, but Thanx to RTAMERICA I have ran into his opinion's and point's that he make's here on YouTube. And this is strictly for an opinion from the man, whether or not I agree in any part or whole to what he sayz or not, but it is worth the listen.

These below video's and newsread link's will look at the concern over this NDAA deal that the President signed, and most importantely how it will affect to a degree all voter's, whatever side you are on, it is view's from the left, right, independent, with also video's and related video's left linked to show the extent of this across the board. Even though this may not be getting the mainstream coverage it deserve's, it is spreading like a plague all over this internet and inde media's in high gear. Again, because people are getting more keen/ aware to just how they are manipulated more than ever, which is a plus.

Many are or have been controlled strictly on fear, and the petty issue's they keep us at each other's throat's over ... religion, sexuality, petty amount's of cash back, or other heavily marketed political stuff related. But all this left/ right clashing will burn out in time, after people start to realize that their just going in circle's, like a dog trying to catch it's tail, rehashing the same thing over and over and trying to get back to a time that caused all the intitial mess to begin with ... so Yes ... these do have political repercussion's, and will change the face of politic's, as well as inspire what other free nation's have more of, which is multiple political parties that have and are gaining momentum ... it's just a matter of time. One of two thing's can result, either the people will change, or these parties will change ... so take your pick which will come first ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh ... you dont need a degree in politic's to figure that one out : ) People on all level's will come to realize that they all have something in common as American's and what that mean's to them. This will also be added to the "DEBT CRISIS PT.1/ PAPER DOLL SHOW" series/ link's for reference.


CBSNEWS/ POLITICALHOTSHEET: Obama Signs Defense Bill, with "Reservations" (31 December 2011)

FORBES: President Obama Signed the National Defense Authorization Act- Now What? (02 January 2012) ... this is a good piece/ read, that cover's all the base's pretty much.

Death of Bill of Rights .mov ... Thanx to PEOPLESVIDEO




Word Out ....