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What is "Gay Marriage"? ... A FORM of marriage ... PT.2 (A NATIONAL BRIEFING)

This PT.2 of "What is Gay Marriage" is simply an update inspired after my July 2008 posting on this (Part One is a briefing of marriage over the centuries), because of the recent significant move's of the legalization of such. I was so dumb to this for year's, that until maybe less than a decade ago, I alwayz thought gay marriage was legal! Why? ... because for year's we seen wedding ceremonies at Dallas Gay Churches, going on ... and many year's ago for instance, my wife and I were invited by our gay couple neighbor's to go to a "Red River Shoot Out" (Texas/ Oklahoma State College Football rivalry) watching the game at a private gay venue ... a big party of course locally, and when we met gay couple's ... well ... they introduced themselves and spouses as such ... so we thought they were ... well ... married. Here we are starting to legalize it in 2011, and I thought it was legal for decade's .... Geeezzz!

Below I wanted to post some responses of a few blog's that I frequent regularly, from folk's who are heterosexual, married, relationship's, different career's, father/ mother's, grandparent's, career military, etc ... from the East Coast, West Coast, Mid- America/ South. I cant think of anyone straight (and I known alot of people) ... that was ever effected by gay couple's in any negative way, or their marriage damaged, etc. Let's get this shit on the road and out of the way ... because in my opinion ... gay folk's should have only had to pay half the taxes as the rest of us, since they only had half the right's of the rest of us.

INFIDEL753: ... Victory in New York

AN AVERAGE AMERICAN PATRIOT: ... Gay marriage victory: New York joins Massachusetts, Conneticut, Iowa, Vermont, and New Hampshire

PARSLEY'S PICS: ... Four Brave Men

SCARED STIFF: ... The Vote


Raw Video: NY Legislature Legalizes Gay Marriage ... Thanx to ASSOCIATEDPRESS

This video below is a "Post- Update" of a YouTube link/ video that was sent to me from another blogger I visit in New York City named PRASH (who also had a posting here on this as well) , in his comment he left. I wanted to post it because it make's clear common sense, and is something of course I wondered about on many avenue's ... I mean ... like I mentioned above ... if you dont have the right's of every other citizen, why should you be as obligated as every other citizen? (I was referring to taxes above) ...

Jonathan D. Lovitz of Step- Up Squad Talks About Gay Equality and Jury Duty Blocking ... Thanx to JUSTINRETURNS2


Wednesday, June 29, 2011

KABUL HOTEL ATTACK: "The PUSSIVE" & "Fighting your way out of a Paper Bag" (Funding & Stupidity are NOT Compatible PT.3)

This Part 3 of "Funding & Stupidity are Not Compatible" will be formally titled "The PUSSIVE" ... which is a term I came up with (it was brought to my atencion dayz after this posting that there was already a word "pussive") for the "passive pussy" mindset that seem's to plague America, because of either partisan political reason's, the unlimited pay- out's to our representative's from special interest's foreign and domestic, and the simple herd mentality that has plagued many American's over the year's like a virus. A few link's from past posting's, news, and video below on the Kabul, Afghanistan Hotel attack, then a few word's I will add.

***** VOICE OF AMERICA: Afghan Officials: Hotel Attack Will Not Affect Security Transition


AFGHAN DRAWDOWN: ... MY ASS!! ... A posting from recent of this cycle we are in, in Afghanistan

"The "simplicity" of Terrorism, Energy, and Economic Independence" (19 July 2008) ... this posting is about the simplicity solution of what we make a complexity, about how energy and economic's are the key factor's in what we do, the importance of domestic interest's more over international, what Obama may become if he make's President and is not careful, and why terrorism will increase, reason's, and future target's.

Taliban attack hotel in Kabul ... Thanx to CBS NEWS

I knew not a damn thing about any of this political or foreign problematic issue's until after looking at them over the last 5 year's, and 3 year's now online, and the more I learn, the more it suck's. I of course assumed for year's that we were going to have some very serious issue's, looking at all the math and so forth, the personal economic issue's I have been working on for over a decade that I shared with familia and friend's for survival reason's, and to lessen the impact on the storm's that will come as well as awareness of what to avoid. Oddly when it come's to my point of view on these relation's in land's like Afghanistan, Pakistan, and some other Arab nation's ... many American's I communicate with, kind of look down on me as being a neanderthal, bigot, or similar, and those I found that agree with me the most are folk's that are immigrant's that I know and talk to from these land's, which was a suprise to me at first, but now I see why. It's because of the two culturally different wayz of thinking that is vast, and I understand this. This is also why I am very selective about what I read and how much I read as well, it's importante to read, but a problem when you just do too much, because it can distract, and mix up your own thought on importante issue's too, like anything else, it need's discretion and moderation to a degree.

I could have chose a schlew of video's to post here with a whole buffet of complicated explanation's, analysis's, etc ... and frankly as you can see above, most are making it more complex than it is as far as the solution is concerned, and too pre- programmed by institutional thought, political correctness, pussiveness, and media. But these passionately pussive and complex negotiation's, bargaining, and questioning what should we do, and where are the answer's, how much more ass kissing and pandering we should do, etc, is a waste to put it simply. You may think the approach and solution is too complex and cant be simple ... and that's because we chose for it to be that way, if you never look at the basic's, how can you understand what is all involved?

First of all, the longer we avoid this crap, the deeper we get and the harder it is to get out, and our representation politically is an absolute failure for the most part, who couldnt fight their way out of a paper bag, let alone organize it, because the system is too contaminated with created/ designed distraction's, partisanship, lack of regard, patriotism, integrity, and everything else, many individually with good idea's and solution's, but caught in a system controlled by few that have twisted it inside out and held our political representation hostage in this endless game. We are far too deep as it is, and now can only hope to at least save what we can of ourselves economically and/ or what little we have left, and any other thing we can, because at the rate we are going, we are not in a position to just save the world, we'll be lucky if we can halfway save ourselves from the miseries to come. You may think that this war and occupational endeavor's is all about saving lives, giving freedom, saving homosexual's and women from persecution etc. But none of this is about that and ONLY about money and control. I mean we have gotten totally to a point in America of mass stupidity, because of what we believe, follow, think, and support ... and like I have alwayz pointed out for year's ... "stupidity breed's in masses".

We will continue to see terrorism evolve more and more with no doubt also at the rate we are going, so someone need's to stop and at least try to change direction to some extent. We create terrorist's daily, from our incarceration of innocent's to occupation and political infiltration of many nation's, our support of dictator's, our bombing and killing of innocent people, trying to convert and change everyone to think like us, because we dont like their way of thinking, etc, etc ... we are constant sniveling nosey busy bodies, asking question's and telling folk's what to do where we may be better off letting them handle thing's their own way and let nature take's it's course. I mean ... did we get as far as we are in this country because we depended on other government's to tell us what to do and how to think? And we cry and weep when we hear our own get killed in these foreign attack's ... I ask ... What are they doing there in time of war and widespread terror and western resentment?

This group who claimed responsibility directly after the attack here in Kabul, is the same group (Taliban) that we are currently trying to get to be our friend's, kissing their asses relentlessly, and even willing to pay them billion's, build a schlew of project's for them and palace's they will govern in once we get them to "like" us, and be friend's, then .... 10 year's from now after we gave them all this (and this is an old familiar tune) they will again turn on us, or when our paycheck's to them run out, or they get hit with recession/ bubble- burst effect's our new capitalism will result in periodically, or any other thing, then blame us for everything, get more poor people who have nothing, to be willing to be walking time bomb's again, and repeat this over and over and over. If we left these nation's alone and stayed out physically and politically, we wouldnt even have to worry about terrorism, period.

Enough said ....

POST NOTE: For anyone who may read this that doesnt know me personally ... I am an independent thinker for the most part that look's at fact's and practical solution's to issue's of concern. I dont "hate" any nation, or would not help folk's in need that showed respect in return. Some of these nation's have internal issue's as well that are not even part of our cultural way of thinking, just like we have internal/ domestic issue's of our own ... I dont have the answer's for them though. I will stay out of ANY nation's business as far as their interest's, and if asked to not be there, I will walk, especially when there is no reason for me to be there and keep budding into someone else's business. If there are word's of war and criticism toward's me/ us I will shoot word's back, but most likely walk away instead, and not waste my time with word's of conflict, in this case with the Taliban ... what in Hell would there be to negotiate? (and Hell No! I wouldnt give them a dime ... Why?) However ... if my tribe, nation, people, and interest's are attacked and especially casualities on my own ... I will retaliate with extreme prejudice and relentlessly, until one of us are dead, I will keep coming back and back at my own discretion and term's of engagement. But I would attack back so hard, that there would be no question if we won, who won, and in a time frame that is unthinkable in these time's, being fast, not month's and year's of talk, debate's, negotiation, or the like's ... my only objective would be termination of the target/ enemy. Other than that ... you leave us alone, I will leave ya'll alone, plain and simple.


Monday, June 27, 2011

VIOLENT VIDEO GAME'S: U.S. Supreme Court "Art Ruling" ... Our CHILDREN ... Societies PRODUCT ...

This posting will be to look at the Supreme Court ruling that that say's violent video game's are art. First below a couple link's for newsread and news video's ... then a few word's I will add on this.

CNN/ TECH: Supreme Court sees video games as art ... Newsread and video's

WASHINGTON POST: The High Court's misguided decision on violent video game's ... newsread

This is another case to look at the reality instead of the popular right/ wrong, good/ evil, left/ right arguement's ... an independent perspective from being a father and grandfather, to look at action/ reaction and cause/ effect, over good/ evil and right/ wrong. To make it simple here, I have to look at thing's this way in life I learned, because if I just think the popular way and follow all the societal guideline's on right/ wrong, I found that I get confused looking at the hypocrisy of everything, so it's easier for me to make decision's and as far as making progress, by taking an alternative look at issue's. I am not against how one think's or view's in their own reality/ mind, or what group of thought they choose to follow, I dont twist anyone's arm ... only point out that nothing is one sided, and you cant alway's have your cake and eat it.

I have to agree with the Supreme Court on this though ... and I dont see the art of anything as what make's and mold's our children, but instead the society we create and foster on them. My children and grandchildren for instance have lived in an enviroment where they frankly didnt have to experience physical violence or abuse ... my childhood was much different and I experienced much more let's just say, almost like we came from 2 totally different culture's, and I tell my children the reality without the lies, so they understand and dont have to question what I mean, it save's time and bring's awareness, which is essential to survival and progress. When we rant about these violent game's ... is it the art that promote's violence, or what we teach our children that does, and the enviroment's that they are forced to live in because of us? I mean ... the Holy Bible for instance which is one of the most "loved" book's, and a piece of ancient literature that I even love, has probably promoted more violence, war, murder, rape, and oppression, than any piece of art in human history to be frank ... talk about banning that or making it only available to mature audience's over 17/ 18, would bring mass outrage if proposed.

You can clearly see the hypocrisy of our society which is basically a product of our culture/ religion's ... because religion to me, doesnt have a thing to do with belief in a higher power, or spirituality of any kind ... but a primitive way to govern societies in a modern setting, this is where our morality come's from, instead of our natural morality that we are born with and instinctually embrace. Although you may say none of this has a thing to do with religion/ culture/ morality ... it actually does ... because our whole societal mindset is based on that. I mean whether we want to believe it or not ... we create more violence and rebellion in our children simply because of the way we make them, not because of any art.

Our children at the start of adulthood are asked to fight for our freedom, volunteer of course, and many like my niece in Afghanistan, only do so they can get a college education, cause her single mom cant afford to help her, and loan's in this country for higher education can drive young folk's into bankruptcy before the age of 30 or close to it ... go off to a boot camp, are programmed to "kill", then sent off to not defend or free anyone in many cases, but to kill because of corporate dictation and power for those at the top, and have one dictating party take over another. We have a society that is against slavery, but have an abundance of slavery and slave master's worldwide that we support, finance, and even arm. While we tell an 18 year old their old enough to go to a foreign land and do this killing, even having them practice their combat and airstrike's training on ... well ... violent video game's, then after they killed in the name of "good", we tell them ... they are not adult enough to drink ... only adult enough to kill for us. They are not adult enough to look at sex entertainment, yet forcefed video's/ tele of girl's in video's scantily clad telling you, you can get girl's like them if you buy their product(s) ... with this daily taunting of look but dont touch, and other form's of deprivation and taunting. We forcefeed our children the hazzard's of drug use ... but on the other hand stuff them with manufactured pharma mind/ mood controlling drug's, cloaking these mind altering drug's in the name of "goodness".

With the exception of the smaller percentage of children that are actually born mentally challenged and may resort to violence because of this, we are the one's who promote violence more than anything, we thrive off it, along with hypocrisy in everything we do, as well as those who lead us, represent us, and buy our mind's and vote's of approval. Our children our only our product, and we are a hypocritical, unbalanced, and violent species, for a large part.

Enough said ....


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LADY GAGA (PT.2): ... "JUDAS" ... "BORN THIS WAY" ... and a "POKER FACE" solo @ BBC/ Radio 1 Live Lounge

Related image

Another posting to honour her Highness Lady GaGa on her recent release of her 3rd album "Born this Way", and to add a touch of it in this journal's Honour Roll Society. This album has sold like about 4 million if I recall correctly in a month's time ... which is damn good, of course the popular commercialism is a large part as well, and being it was top spot on pop chart's in several countries. I also added a bonus video, because it is a solo piece that I really admire done a couple year's back in the BBC/ Radio 1 Live Lounge ... a solo version of "Poker Face" and really sweet!

But my interest in this artist hasnt a thing to do with the pop culture or number one ranking, or that I am a Top 40 dance fan. I have looked into this artist's background quite a bit after the Hell raising controversial talk about her work, such as the "Telephone" piece linked below, and the so called "Meat Dress" of her's, which had animal right's knee jerking activist's trembling, and some of her work that had icon's such as the Catholic Diocese's panties in a bind. This is not just another Top 40 corporate maneuvered homogenized lip- syncing artist. This woman is the cornerstone of everything from the choreography, composition on down ... her aesthetic's, creativity, and composition's are in a class of their own, of course the money and backing crew's are a big help ... but she has more input on her creation's than folk's realize ... this is actually "her" in other word's. You can say that this woman was "Born this Way", I reckon. And she is a very determined and hard working person at that ... a lil headstrong for some? ... Perhap's ... but this is a dog eat dog industry she is in too, she's sharp and been in the trenches, and a really balanced perspective on life and the condition.

Being at the prime age of around 25 or so by now ... it is one of them artist's that would get my adrenaline really pumped up in the industry if working around her ... in other word's, I would love to throw some idea's her way, see what she think's, and what her creativity could add to it, if so. I see her as so fresh also in this industry (somewhat of an overnight success, even though for her it was a life of hard work too, as a teen writing for artist's before she was reckonized as an artist) that she has alot of idea's and influence's as it is to explore various avenue's and even genre's, also a vocal style and range that can blend well in other area's of music as well. Personally I wouldnt even mind seeing her team up with some veteran's such as Marilyn Manson in particular and perhap's Trent Reznor (founder of Nine Inch Nails), or even J.G. Thirlwell (Thirlwell, due to his jazz influence would be a curious mix) to name a few(?) But of course, GaGa is GaGa too :)

I chose the two below off her latest album to look at the art value and storyline's as much as the music end ... which are top of the food chain in my opinion. The 2nd one "Born this Way", really a spectacular piece of visual art as well I may add. Then the 3rd video a "Poker Face" solo bit. And best of luck to ya girl! ...


LADY GAGA (PT.1)/ BEYONCE: "TELEPHONE" VIDEO ... and WiKi page/ background briefing



"POKER FACE" [BBC Live Lounge] Lady GaGa live perform Poker Face (April 20th 2009) ... This is a nice touch of Ms. GaGa solo, just having some fun, a couple year's back. An excellent little solo piece with her keyboard's and great vocal style, actually a favourite of mine! :) ...Thanx to LADY GAGA LIVE


Image result for vintage lady gaga born this way tour poster


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AFGHAN DRAWDOWN? ... MY ASS! ... Not a Pop- Culture WILLIE FOO- FOO Perspective (Jumping for Joy in AMERICA PT.3)

This posting will be of course a response to the President's speech last night of the "Afghan Drawdown" ... it was either this battle news or the battle to let same sex couple's marry ... since same sex marriage is actually a plus for this nation economically and employment wise, yet bucked by the fundamoralist's ... I decided to post on what is not going to make us a dime and cost us out the ass instead. :)

Yes ... I listened to the President's speech in it's entirety this morning ... and it was an excellent sales pitch, he really seemed sincere, etc, etc ... but after ... not thinking like Willie Foo- Foo, and jumping for joy with patriotic tear's falling from my eye's ... I didnt know whether to laugh, cry, wind my watch, or take a dump! Yes ... most of the media's are jumping for joy over this, while just a week or two ago they were bitching about the cost's, and this of course is enough bullshit to make the weary American masses hold hand's and think once again how were saving mankind from the clenches of evil, etc. Some of the spotlighted hypocrisy on this is coming in truck load's from the Republican Party, who are also using this as a campaign strategy to blame the President for this expensive endeavor, many lining up (some in support) this morning like a herd pack of patriot's, saying that they condemn this war/ cost's and the President ... the hypocrisy being that they are/ were the major instigator's or all these war's, economic problem's, and hardship's, and if the President didnt support the war ... they would be the one's promoting a war instead and massive spending on such, for all their contractor special interest's supporter's who shower both side's with money to bullshit us basically. Geeeezz ... the depth of political bullshit in this nation is worse than Global Warming and the rising sea's. And of course the President did throw in how we need to focus on building here, infrastructure, job's, etc ... and that's nice ... are we still "Shovel Ready" Mr. President? ... and where is exactly THAT money going to come from? And get this ... our final outcome on this will be to negotiate with the Taliban, let them incorporate in the new government and start giving them once again, paycheck's too. :) ... YES ... the exact same Taliban that we say now, rape's, torture's, murder's, and terrorize's :)

***** MINING.COM: $1 Trillion Motherlode of Lithium and Gold Discovered in Afghanistan

If we pull out of Afghanistan, we lose everything we put into it, if we stay ... I would bet my paycheck that it wont even be over in 2014, 2015, or 2016 for that matter. The already infrastructure cost's for utilities and everything else were building over there is enormous, and if we pull out, that is also wasted, because they dont have the money or workforce, engineer's, or anything to even keep up what we built already, and that's increasing by the day ... just look at some of it below in the link's. beside's ... China and it's corporate and mining interest's won contract's to mine the Hell out of the country, and they cant make the new market complete without India and China as one, and you cant complete that trade corridor without Afghanistan geographically speaking, and frankly they need Pakistan as well, I mean, without them two countries having some kind of stability, what is the threat to corporate, investment, and mining interest's?, screw the small talk about terrorism on folk's ... that will be imposed on the corporate icon's ... in a way I love it, these corporate occupier's deserve every goddamn struggle that they get! ... and they know damn well that "sabotage" on their investment's is going to be staring them down, heh, heh, heh, heh, heh ... which will make the world market's/ exchange's go up and down like yo- yo's daily (which serve's all you "too big to fail" SOB's right, for ripping us off too!), especially with this new speed trading shit! :) ... We owe China enormously, and they hold a large portion of our debt, bottom line. My support for China was because of the new direction and government their trying to embrace, (and also being a technocracy, which make's far more sense than this bullshit we embrace here, which is outdated) and because I realize that our nation is failing, and I hope to see them as partner's to also help this country some way economically and in trade.

But the cost's of these war's has been my major concern ... I am not anti defense at all ... but this is not all defense as much as it's endless occupational obligation's as well .... we hear about the U.S. military cost's ... but the cost's of private military/ security, utilities/ infrastructure, were not even hearing a thing about which is enormous .... Hell ... were not even out of Iraq totally ... and not one American has benefited one bit from any of this except those who get paycheck's contracting in these countries and our troop's getting a paycheck out of it. I could write so much more about this garbage, but it's basically pointless ... and by continueing to embrace these two parties only, we are never going to clear up any of this mess, or the health care mess, or a damn thing frankly. Not even one goddamn thing has benefited any American on this healthcare thing, not one. Not a goddamn thing is getting done basically except in these other nation's no matter how much tax we pay and/ or are willing to pay ... and frankly the American people have not got a good enough ass whipping yet to realize that their pissing in the wind and abandoning these parties couldnt come soon enough, I know we will ... I just dont know when. Just wait till 2014 and see where we stand economically and on these occupation's and how them nation's we occupy will repay us for our generosity in year's to come.

On the other hand, those trying to "Privatize America" are also working on this big time behind the scene's, by not just driving this nation bankrupt to buy everything out and convert it to private sector corporate communism, but milking the economy so bad to where we dont need to start a draft, because it will cause many young American's to enlist just to get a paycheck or to further their education in college, and this way ... instead of paying enlistee's to just join and serve, you can utilize them in war's ... and hit two bird's with one stone.

COST OF WAR TO THE UNITED STATES ... This is a second by second cost chart, similar to those showing the US debt/ deficit chart's, that stay's moving 24/ 7/ 365 to show our cost's, to U.S., state, county, city, and Congressional District's ... this is a must see too! (Yet I cant swear to the accuracy of it, but it was a sight and food to inspire question) But I recommend a visit to their website which is linked in this link, called "National Priorities Project".



HELMETS TO HARDHATS: U.S. Military to spend billion's on new construction in the coming years. (expired)

AN AVERAGE AMERICAN PATRIOT: ...... "U.S. Afghan presence may last for decades: WTF is wrong with us?" ... and ... "Iraq 'to request' US troops stay after 2011: Custer's last stand redux is setting up in Iraq despite all the warnings"

A FEW RCJ RELATED POSTING'S ... "PAKISTAN: Funding & Stupidity are not Compatible PT.2" ... "AFGHANISTAN: Funding & Stupidity are not Compatible Pt.1" ... "War and Capitalism" ... "LIBYA: Part's 4, 3, 2, 1 ... this of course is the war that doesnt exist, but you can bet your paycheck this is costing us out the ass too

TALIBAN (BOY'S) ARE BACK IN TOWN ... This is a new branch of Taliban Government that are claiming a region our force's withdrawn from. At first glance I wouldnt be aware that these gentlemen were a governing structure, and would think they are just another Seattle rock band ... :)

***** CNN: Taliban back in town? ... (newsvideo)

FUNERAL FOR A FRIEND: "The Boys are back in Town" (Thin Lizzy Cover) This band does an excellent remake of the Thin Lizzy mid 1970's classic here, so I had to post it, as a music video to dedicate to those Taliban above, since this new Taliban Government branch are back in town, and I mistaken them at first glance for a rock band! ... Thanx to SEPHOX18


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This PT.2 of "U.S. Supreme Court Fisting" will be to take a look at the Supreme Court ruling to knock down a class action lawsuit filed on behalf of female employee's charging Wal- Mart with discrimination. Alot of media is talking today of the sense and logic and necessity of doing this, how busy the court's are, etc. Ya'll are too busy for justice and truth? This is another because of so many concern's that will be swept to the side by many major media's in no time, and these corporate icon's know this, they planned it like that, but they are missing what the long term of their game's are going to produce. Of course ... I have a different view on this, and after some newsread and video below, my opinion on this.





Walmart vs class action lawsuit by women ... Thanx to THEYOUNGTURKS

Of course you can look at what Justice Scalia said as far as this company not having a general policy of discrimination, and write it off easily, cause it doesnt. I mean ... what the Hell kind of mindless statement is that? ... is there such a company in existence in America, that has a "general policy of discrimination"? It's too big to handle like this? ... then do ya'll's job and make other suggestion's on how to handle this ... Hell, ya'll are some of the cream of the crop as far as judge's/ lawyer's ... and you just throw this downstair's in a few minute's? This is the "only" move to make?, no other suggestion's or effort's? Discrimination in America's workplace is as American as Apple Pie and Baseball, as so common and plentiful in the private sector, it is 2nd nature ... and anyone with a half a brain know's this, whether or not you want to admit it or talk about it. It's called "business" today ... and getting by with the least amount of spending or output, and excessive greed. You dont have to be like that to run a successful business in this country or any country ... you can be straight up, pay decent wage's, not even have to lie and bullshit, and still have a profitable business, and be very comfortable ... you may only have 2 or 3 houses doing so, instead of 5, or just one yacht, instead of 2 ... but still, very successful.

I have brought this up in other posting's as well, because ... it's so widespread. Such as a company I was a foreman at (worked there for almost 8 year's), we hired specifically the new graduate student's from local graphic art's college's/ trade institute's, to bring them in on entry level/ trainee type status, but most importantly to get them for half the price of one with experience ... and the truth is ... many women are more willing to go that extra mile and much more humble when being hired and interviewed in such ... worrying more if the employer like's them and if they are satisfactory, underestimating themselves in many cases, and this is has been sort of psychologically rooted in women after year's of their 2nd place in society. After all ... in the last half century, we have more women trying to enter a male dominated and created system, that they had not much part in creating, but you have so many more women today ... that are coming to realize ... that they are just as productive, and even willing to take on more burden's and task's than some male's. Also ... do you realize how "difficult" it is by today's law's to "prove" general discrimination?

One case that I have wrote about before briefly that come's to mind, is a gal we hired out of a school named Carolyn (Carol is also African American), year's back ... anywayz to make it short, it was a small company of about 25/ 30 employee's, we pulled in about $6 million a year, and our profit sharing was good as well as benefit's (before the popularity rise of this 401K and HMO bullsit, which are both worthless by early to mid 80's standard's). But like other gal's we hired out of the school's ... when it came time for the first raise out of the 6 month probationary period or so, those raises took forever to get approved. Carolyn busted ass, she had two early teen and preteen son's, who she supported without no money from the deadbeat dad that abandoned her and them. She was alway's to work on time, took on assignment's I gave her that some of the guy's bitched about or shrugged off (felt "too good" for), because of one reason or another, she done what she was asked, and put in the extra mile, no matter what. But after about 9 month's or so, when we were at lunch one day ... I just brought up to her, that I hoped that her 6 month raise was sufficient, cause I didnt want to lose her. She paused and said that the owner and co- owner never got back with her, after the review, a review I also had input on ... I looked at her and said "What?" She said she was still waiting, Carolyn didnt know, but my adrenaline started pumping, and not in a pleasant manner, so I just kind of told her calmly ... "I'll look into that right away Carol", having thought that she already received her raise a couple month's back. Anywayz, I got back to the shop, wasted no time, went directly to the owner ... and asked where her raise was? ... he just calmy looked in question at me, as if it slipped his mind ... I laid out how importante it was to get this gal a raise asap (the job market was good too, back then) ... this gal is a major asset and an ass buster Don (Don was the owner's name) ... and if we dont come up off a decent wage we will lose her in a heartbeat, like we have a few other's, I cant afford to lose her, bottom line. I got a decent raise for her in less than 10 minute's, what was taking him, his partner and the company manager, month's to ponder and decide on, it was shameful. But this was an old familiar replay over and over, and the gal's got the shit end of the stick over the guy's every time.

I have worked in the private sector all my life, been independent, never union, etc ... and I cant recall one company I have worked for, with the exception of a man from Tanzania named Jamal, who was also a devout muslim at that, who was the most fair paying, non discriminatory company owner I have ever worked for, he was satisfied with success, and not into excessive greed at all. But all the American's I have worked for looked for pay and benefit advantage's over women and also minorities of color, as far as their offer's and pay raises, etc. So dont tell me that this isnt 2nd nature and the way that business is done on a large scale.

This talk out of Justice Scalia and those who are in agreement with him, is not in the best interest's of the court, or America, and only for corporate interest's of shafting us with a couple more inches ... his talk is simply the same ole same bureaucratic whining and rubbish that has recently been being crammed down our throat's more than ever. The small court's will handle it? ... your goddamn right they will, and hopefully be crammed to the gill's with these inde multiple suit's. Now I know that Wal- Mart has the upper edge, and they and other major corporate player's are drooling because they have enough legal defenses to work on their behalf, stall cases, and most importantly, reach all kind's of out of court settlement's, etc, etc ... the whole thing is to run us down, make us more humble and submissive, and wear us out with year's of litigation ... and that's fine ya'll, but mark my word ... the American people you underestimate, and the stupidity factor that they have played to, for too long. American's, not only women ... are getting sick and tired of ya'll's bullshit, period ... we have the tool's needed to give ya'll one Hell of a fight, as well as the spirit and attitude when our back's are against the wall and push come's to shove. Go ahead and play your game's ... million's are ready to challenge you, rest assured. Ya'll think they wont find attorney's, simply because now the claim's will be so small? No way ... there will be attorney's as well, that will love the challenge! Heh, heh, heh, heh, heh .... ya'll are going to get a run for ya'll's money ... bank on it!

POST NOTE: I know that you have basically a two sided way of thinking in this country, and this may look like first that I dont have an understanding of how complex a million plus class action suit is, etc. Another can look at this and just think I am a whining feminist supporter of some kind, and/ or would support incompetence even, or non productive employee's. But my posting was for two point's, first to show how quickly a power like the Supreme Court can block anything as far as the people in this country being able to act, and two, to point out how common discrimination is, because of how difficult it is to prove, it's alwayz been that way, if it wasnt ... year's ago during the civil right's era, when making law's, they wouldnt have made the legislation the way they have if it was too easy to walk away with it. Every piece of law in this country is designed for a purpose, and mostly to benefit those in power and with the most, NOT for the "good" of everyone. I'm NOT left or right ... I do vote straight Democrat, but I dont like having too either, that is all I have to choose from if I want my vote to count, and the Republican's are currently the worst of the bunch. I am beyond left or right, you can say.

HOW TO PRIVATIZE AMERICA ... this series can also show more the connection with even this ruling, and the objectives, of those who influence indirectly our court's and government. Remember ... it's not our court's or government structure's that are the issue, it's who we elect to run them, those institution's are the representatives and body of the people, and should be taken back by the people.

I dont support slacker's and/ or incompetence, and DO realize that if a person isnt satisfied with their pay ... go somewhere's else. But todayz job market has been getting tighter and tighter, and that too is designed for a purpose, to make you struggle more, and by the time you do win on anything, you would have spent half your life or more fighting to do so. I am one that support's the idea of rewarding one on their merit and productivity, and that was a common mindset for some at a time, not now though, and this has been deteriorating our society. I am also a big supporter of employee owned companies ... I mean, considering the option's for retirement, investment's, etc ... I would much rather be a part of that than giving my money to some financial investor's (through some special interest's designed and legislated plan such as a 401K), who are also dealing a rigged hand by having legislation made to support them only and this big game that they have going of gambling off other folk's money, and in return give you some measley return that get's fined/ fee'd, and penalized on time and again for one reason or another.

A person that perform's their duties and contribute's to any business/ enterprise should be fairly rewarded, regardless of gender, ethnicity, or anything else, that's healthy for business and free market and really how it work's. These corporate icon's as I wrote before are doing this all for one reason, because they no longer care about this nation that made them great off our labour, idea's, and our dedication, they know that their new market's are about to come through in place's like China and India, and that is also why we are spending $10 billion dollar's a month (close average, but that too, probably under- stated as far as figure's) in Afghanistan and fixin to even get lied to more tonight when the President will explain why we need to stay in Afghanistan, and of course, it like every other war we pay too much for (the military contracting of basically mercenaries is milking us also for billion's on contract's, and their not even telling you that, not to even mention all the new developing utilities infrastructure that were indirectly paying to keep maintaining there, even if we all pulled out at that), it (war/ occupation) of course will all end right after whatever election is next coming up, we will be most likely told by the President tonight too (I of course am a supporter of the President, but realize he's been sucked in and his ball's are nailed to the wall). The right and the left play the same game with us basically, they are the pocket puppet's who owe to who supported their campaign as much as we are in debt to China, for holding so much of our debt, being the taxpayer's are enslaved by politic's but owned by the other world government's of power, basically ... America isnt jack shit anymore but a bought and paid for battle machine, and looked at by anyone with a brain as idiot's.

As far as competence and getting fair pay and rewarded for your job or anything else you contribute ... it dont exist anymore, we are muscled, manipulated, lied to constantly by a group of entities who are capable of nothing themselves except telling us what to do next, that's what folk's are missing. In other word's ... it is/ was our working classes and middle income that spend's and borrow's what they earn to make this machine work and grow, and maintain it ... only us ... these other's that control us dont do anything, and they are far more incompetent than the average middle class person, who manages budget's, cost's, spending far better, more competent as far as decision making, productivity, creativity, innovative thought, etc. While we are passive and worried what we would do without these parasite's, we dont even see how capable we are over them (and even more elite in many cases), we dont even utilize all the tool's we have, but are quickly learning as we get screwed deeper and deeper ... the point is ... dont ask what we would do without them? ... but ask yourself ... what would they do without us?


Friday, June 17, 2011

OSCAR GRANT TRIAL & JUSTICE PT.3: ... Mehserle RELEASED from LA County Jail, in under a year for "GOOD BEHAVIOUR" (Police Brutality PT.5)

Oscar Grant

Another case from the Bay Area (San Francisco) that is news to post ... is the release the other day of the BART officer who executed/ killed Mr. Oscar Grant, also I updated the video in PT.1 to the 2010 LA County Court released multi video set of the execution, as recorded by witnesses. First for this PT.3 of this series, some newsread below and video, then I will add to it after.

***** NBC News: Killer transit cop released after 11 months in prison ...



"The Truth why Johannes Mehserle served only 1- year in LA County jail" ... this gentleman sum's up perfectly what happened in this ordeal of what I consider as injustice in justice ... but Thanx to STREETGANGS here

It's no doubt that the injustice's to American's across the board are getting bolder and more careless even ... from Wall St, to Main St ... American's are getting shafted now right in the open. And this case is about as bold as they come. This whole case has been a runaround, and one side show after another since the start of it. First the attempt to cover it, or shroud it in "officer's feeling outnumbered and threatened", to Mehserle himself saying it was what he thought his taser weapon, to the officer trying to flee the state (if he thought it was accidental and his taser, he wouldnt have fled state), to holding the actual trial for the officer way the Hell down in Los Angeles County, hundred's of mile's away from the crime, where he was tried by anyone but peer's from the actual community where the offense was committed ... and all done right in plain sight of so many in support, as far as legal team's/ individual's for the victim, Mr. Grant. I have pointed out much as it is about the fluke case this is in my last posting's.

But this new news of the release of Mehserle after less than a year ... and in County protective custody at that ... is an injustice and crime in itself actually. Of course they gave him 2 for 1 dayz as good behaviour (in Texas they actually give 3 dayz for one served, which I believe is the highest "good time" in the nation), and of course, anyone who done time whether it's county, state, or otherwise know's what that's about, but for Mehserle for instance I would assume ... "seg" (segregation) ... meaning his whole time was done in protective custody where he got more privilege's I'm sure, whether it's cable tele time, personal rec court time (recreation/ basketball court) all for himself, commissary, mail/ phone access, no work detail, etc, etc ... I'd have his ass down on the "hoe squad" in the Texas heat mid July if it were up to me, "hoe- in" the same goddamn few acres day after day too! Because frankly the time he done is "gravy train- time" by my standard's, you havent done any real time! And beside's ... this was outright murder, period ... not no goddamn County jail offense ... this is an insult to the familia of the victim, the community, and the great State of California for that matter!

I would HOPE that Oscar Grant's familia and supporter's never give up on this case either. As far as the personal lawsuit's against Mehserle ... do Ya'll think you will ever collect on that? ... your milking a dead cow ... go after the goddamn BART police! And no matter what you get monetary- wise ... it doesnt matter, because Oscar is gone, period. But that's up to the familia and those who support the victim. My opinion is clear as day in this posting ....


DESHON MARMAN: San Francisco man arrested for wearing "Baggy Pant's" ... (Incarcerated American PT.2)

This posting of "Incarcerated American" PT.2 will be to take a look at the recent case of Mr. Deshon Marman, in the City of San Francisco (CA). And as I promised to so many folk's here in my neighborhood and around Dallas, especially young people, I will hammer on this series, which is long past due for this journal, ya'll can bank on that! Some video and newsread below, then I will add my own comment's on this.

***** Daily Mail Online: Deshon Marman pulled off flight and arrested for wearing baggy pants ...


Baggy Pants Arrest ... Thanx to THEBILLIAM39

This stuff really hit's home with me in particular, being a father and a grandfather, just seeing all the injustice's on our children in this country first hand daily, really get's me going. And this rubbish is endless it seem's. I see how much our children are pushed, pressured, ripped off, overcharged, etc, etc ... just to please us and our sorry ego's ... we are such an abusive society toward's our young in so many wayz, and are so blind to how we are as adult's especially, cloaking every damn thing we do in ... "it's the right thing" ... "it's for the good of all" ... "we do this because we love you", etc, etc. I look at the education system of America, and the lack of regard for it by our government/ society ... the heavier than ever homework assignment's, lack of student teacher communication, teacher lay- off's ... while so many of our interest's go to foreign land's who milk us dry and dont give two shit's about us, only for what they can get out of us, and this endless ass kissing to investment banker's and affiliate's, and the one's in this nation who get shit on the most is our young people. Many of who also enlist to go to combat (such as my niece in Afghanistan) because they cant afford a college education otherwise, without going damn near bankrupt before the age of 30.

Now one may also say that Deshon had outstanding warrant's in Santa Clara County for possession of under an ounce of marijuana ... this is more crap when you arrest these young people for a bloody joint or two so you can milk them in other fine's and fee's. And to allow these injustice's in a town like San Francisco or even a state like California? who on the other hand does everything they can to promote medical marijuana use and make a mega business out of it? The talk about the officer injured after Deshon left the plane as they asked him to do? Let me tell you something as I have posted in other posting's ... if you so much as to twist your wrist in pain when being handcuffed in this country coast to coast, it is considered as "resisting" ... and therefore can legally call for the officer to use more physical force in restraining the subject ... if at any time during that restraining, the subject twist's, turn's, or even verbally cries out from the pain, the subject is resisting, you are basically in a no win situation. If the officer skin's their knee while down on one knee restraining a subject ... it will be charged on the subject/ offender as a form of assault ... this is the truth.

As far as this "saggy pant's" witch- hunt that has plagued the last several year's, this is just old mindset's with new target's, and it seem's every generation has something they come up with that justifies some kind of morality or decency outrage, it's endless. When I was a child, Elvis Presley was indecent to be shown from the waste down while shaking his leg to many, or Tom Jones even ... these insane attack's go on and on and on. This saggy pant's thing is nothing but a fashion statement basically ... and it hurt's no one, especially to call for the evacuation of a major airline flight?, in what's called one of the most liberated cities in this nation? At the same time according to new TSA regulation's ... you cant wear saggy pant's ... but if they want they can strip search you and make you get butt naked? This man is in jail having to have his familia spend all this money to get him out and to contest such nonsensical injustice's? This is downright wrong and an injustice and attack on America's young people. As far as morality and decency ... I'm up to my neck in morality and decency so deep as it is, it's suffocating, not to mention nauseating. Especially just listening to all these self righteous folk's drooling this trash out of their parasite mouth's like vomit.

Enough said ....


Thursday, June 16, 2011

PRESIDENT OBAMA'S ... Congressional Picnic and Military Bluegrass Jamboree ... Could our President be on Drug's or losing his Sanity? : )

First of all, this posting and header/ title was done in humor, and I have been a supporter of the President since he was a Senator and still am ... So Please Mr. President ... dont send "U.S. NAVY SEAL's Team 6" to take me out! :)

But what inspired this posting while eating my oatmeal and orange juice watching this morning's news ... was almost choking watching this while busting out in laughter. I mean .... Geeeez Mr. President ... a picnic for Congress?, the same Congress who's been dealing you a lousy hand?, some of those who strike at every proposal you make? ... all their hard work? ... what? ... petty bitch fight's? I mean, I look at evil character's like Adolf Hitler who turned a country from a piss pot with unemployment sky high, low morale, and many issue's in less than a decade, to a serious force and contender, and soon enemy that had the whole world up in arm's. Some of these folk's have been in office a decade or more, and cant or havent done a goddamn thing, or have supported any change, tries to change, or even done a damn thing good or evil, or nothing at all ... except have endless bitch fight's decade after decade over the same ole shit, and collecting a nice salary and benefit's while doing so. With all due respect Mr. President, what many of those do deserve frankly is a pink slip and your foot knee deep in their asses, and shown the door, which unfortunately you cant do. But giving them a picnic after they just got off a week long vacation?

Eat till they cant eat no more? ... havent they ate enough of our once surplus and every extra tax dollar this country had for year's? You call in the military to play Banjo's? Is this a covert style of punishment Sir? ... by having them listen to our troop's have a Bluegrass style Jamboree, complete with singing sailor's? (that would certainly be enough for me to put the noose around my own neck). Just listening to you Sir ... I thought you were on drug's, or perhap's already after less than a few year's losing your sanity even ... after all Sir, I understand the effect's of coming from a reality like South Chicago, and getting tossed into an enviroment of a bunch of inbred ingrate's, with too much money, that havent worked an honest dayz work in some of their lives.

Anywayz ... it is what it is ... and for my contribution to all this, I would like to give ya'll a PSA that should be able to reach your mentality of the age's ya'll act, concerning the hazzard's of drug abuse (include's pharma's like ya'll use) HERE.

***** DAILY MAIL: Boehner smoking, Durbin dancing, pies being thrown and Michelle letting people eat fried chicken? It could only be the annual White House Congressional picnic ... (newsread)

And considering all the trash that has been thrown on your desk and all you inherited taking on this mess the last administration created Mr. President, and those you have had to put up with on this job ... I want to dedicate this song to you Sir, as what I feel your attitude may be after 4 year's, from a band called the "Dead Kennedys" ...


JOHN CRAIG VENTER (CBS 60 MINUTES) ... A look into the Future of Possibilities, and Hope ...

This posting will be to honour Dr. J. Craig Venter , and take a look at his work, his idea's. I try to find those who have talent, think out of the box, and are to me the true elite and achiever's, to post in this journal as well ... and Dr. Venter is one of those.

Many of us have our idea's and vision's of what the future may hold, I certainly have my vision's as well ... and thing's that I vision that I have a difficult time explaining, because of my limited vocabulary and education in science's ... such as structure's that stand in mid air that are the size of lowrise building's, folk's being transported somehow to these structure's in some form, and/ or to other location's on the globe without a vehicle physically transporting them or such, strange tree's, plant's, and such, something like telepathy type communication's, and the ability to make/ produce in a matter of minute's anything you need ... I cant find word's though to touch on this, because I only understand what's called "science" in these time's to do so, thing's like gravity and such. But just take a few to listen to this man and take a look at what he is doing, and you can use your own imagination to vision the benefit's and idea's that you can come up with. There is also plenty on YouTube to view of this man as well. Enjoy ... and Thank You Sir for your studies and contribution's.


J.Craig Venter: Designing Life ... Thanx to CBS NEWS


Tuesday, June 14, 2011


This posting into the RCJ Music/ Art's Honour Roll Society will be another for Stevie Ray Vaughan , who is well known and a master at his particular style of blues rock guitar and vocal's with that Texas touch, born and raised in South Dallas' Oak Cliff section. I was fortunate enough to have caught one of the last show's he done before his tragic death, just week's before it, and this is a man who is certainly missed by those who love blues especially ... leaving us at a prime age. Below I chose to post his version and remake of the Jimi Hendrix classic "Voodoo Child", and one of his classic's "Pride and Joy" ... and this crew is really tight "live" too! Enjoy!



1) "VOODOO CHILD" (HENDRIX COMPOSITION) (Live Volunteer Jam 13 Nashville, 1987) ... Thanx to KIALEN055

2) "PRIDE AND JOY" (Live Montreaux 1985) ... Thanx to DARRENTOWNLEY2004 (check out this killer piano solo too, he kick's ass, his name is Reese Wynans, and well known in the industry)


Monday, June 13, 2011


CONGRATULATION'S to the Dallas Mavericks first of all ... the expert's called Miami on this one, so this suprised them ... and congrat's to Dirk Nowitzki who received the MVP Award too.

But this bloody series has had my adrenaline pumping all this last week, with their string of win's throughout these NBA Finals ... I knew the Mavs were on a roll, but actually thought this would go the full 7 round's/ game's, instead of 6, and didnt expect Dallas to walk out of Miami last night with a 10 point victory in Game 6 either. I was at the edge just when they went into halftime, actually ahead of Miami, and Dirk was something like 1 of 12 in the field, missing 11 shot's that usually would be a drop in the bucket, and they were still ahead of the Heat. And what a tight series this was with the exception of last night's 10 point Mavs victory, I mean ... were these two match up's tight or what? A couple of the NBA sportcaster's saying this had to be the best series they covered in nearly 15 year's!

***** USA TODAY: How Dallas Mavericks won NBA title ... (newsread)



Saturday, June 11, 2011

CASEY ANTHONY MURDER TRIAL PT.1: ... Concerning this journal's Coverage of it ... (For Suzy)

What inspire's this posting is a lady/ neighborhood merchant named Suzy ... and Thanx Suzy for pointing this out to me the other day. But Suzy asked why I havent posted a thing on this trial, especially in this journal's "Killer Parent's" series , because this trial is not only interesting to her, but many across the nation. As I explained and told Suzy ... I actually have kept up with this trial (and especially this horrible murder of this little girl, being a father of daughter's this really trouble's me) with a fine tooth comb and been all over it like a cheap suit, so this has nothing to do with my lack of interest in it, I am as interested in this case as Suzy and many other's.

This case has been so delicate for me to voice my view's/ opinion's on, and the public opinion on this case has been detrimental to the defendant as well, no matter how much they try to pretend it hasnt. Yes, I do have alot of opinion on this, but am unable to post it right now ... the investigation's, forensic's, witnesses, testimonies/ deposition's, and everything has really been deep on this. But since this trial is active, and so complex in a way, yet so pre- judged in another, I must refrain from talking about it in this journal/ public forum ... of course Suzy and other's who know me personally know my opinion's here, that I have discussed it with in person. I will do a posting on this trial after the conclusion/ verdict of the jury, you can bank on that. For myself, this trial has been as complex as the famous OJ Simpson murder trial year's back, one of the more complex one's that is. Below some read and vid's.





Friday, June 10, 2011


This posting will be for the "Sexploitation Nation" series as PT.6 for a reason, which I will explain after the 3 short video's I posted below to view before I say anything concerning the New York Congressman. I chose these video's first of all to give folk's an idea and glimpse of what actual work is like, since it has became sort of rare for the American taxpayer's from alot of this bunch we employ on the Hill, to even get our money's worth out of some of these goddamn slacker's up there.



***** PD/ RCJ: "ANTHONY WEINER" PART 2 (24 July 2013)





And this journal will refuse to post any of the pop culture trash video's, that I have seen all over the media's/ blog's and such over the last week ... period! All this week all I have heard has been the left and right pitching a bitch over this man because of his personal sex life. And I know all the arguement's, many on the left are whining because of election's and to save their pretty asses and face's, and being politically fashionable ... then the righteous stonefaced hard- fisted right side bitching about lie's, moral's, and other hypocritical bullshit, then all the comedian's from pro to amateur putting together funnies to talk about the Congressman and his photo's, the girl's who are outraged that he would be such a sexist and dirty, and a schlew of other rubbish. There has been SO MUCH ... that if I didnt live in such a sexually repressive country such as the United States, I couldnt believe this is happening.

I been hearing also alot of talk about those who are demanding that the Congressman step down ... of course for the good of the party on his side, and for the other side, just something to get to bitch about out of their worthless deadbeat asses. And frankly I hope that the Congressman DOES NOT RESIGN ... Why? ... because sooner or later this country will have to "break the chain's" and grow up and start to act like grown adult's for a change. I mean ... everytime someone does anything like this out of the politically fashionable mainstream ... they are smashed, trashed, humiliated in public and told that they have to resign or indirectly forced to, by a mainly majority of both the left and right, who use folk's like him as a target for their sexual problem's/ issue's that they cant get out of their system's. Many say that it's not about the sex thing and about him lying at first, at least that's what they say, but you know that there is something subconsciously their not admitting, cause if every politician who lied were supposed to resign ... we would never ever have a government at all because they are all liar's, period!

I would only guess that the Congressman first lied because he love's his wife so much and didnt want to lose her, such a remarkably beautiful wife I may add. Then I hear all the problem's from professional's about having too high of a testosterone level, because of being a man of power, or sex addiction, or other crap ... I'm not in power and get an erection daily at 55 year's old ... perhap's I have a problemo too, eh? Then if we didnt, you would be trying to sell us goddamn erectile dysfunction drug's to make us erect ... ya'll are so sexually screwed up in your head's that you dont know what ya'll want! As far as Congressman Weiner's wife is concerned, who has also been gawked at all over the media's ... that's their business and their relationship. As far as these gal's who are coming out of the woodwork to talk about the Congressman's sexual taste's, photo's, or how bad they may feel ... why do these gal's even continue to correspond with a guy if they dont approve of him or what he does? Why do they continue to communicate and feed the fire? Just tell him, you dont want to chat or engage ... is that too difficult?

The 3 video's above are short and to the point and show what we need more of as far as I'm concerned out of our so called representative's, who are reluctant in many cases to step up to the plate, get off their soft lazy asses and speak of in representation of the people instead of only special interest's. In my opinion ... Congressman Weiner time and again proven that he earn's his paycheck and actually work's ... so as far as I'm concerned since he act's/ work's like two representative's for the price of one ... I frankly dont give a rat's ass what he does in his free time!

Enough said ....



This posting is inspired by several folk's here in the neighborhood, that didnt seem to have any idea what was going on here on LBJ Frwy, and of course are frustrated with the back- up's between Stemmons Frwy, Dallas North Tollway, and the North Central Expwy/ High Five Interchange along this stretch of LBJ Frwy. Also that stretch of SH 121 (far north) that is really backed up bad due to what seem's like endless construction. But these are two of the largest project's going on in the northern half of the Dallas Area that need to be paid atencion to, unless you just enjoy sitting in back- up's for the next few year's, I myself dont, so unlike many ... I actually find alternate route's.

What is happening on this stretch of LBJ Frwy is simply double decking it, and anyone who drive's this daily know's how bad that needed to be done, it's fact that nearly 3/4 of a million vehicle's also go through the High Five area daily, so this is past do after 40 bloody year's. The DFW Connector project is also way past due because of all the growth of this area from Grapevine to Frisco. The finished project's will be absolutely great when finished, which I posted below. Find alternate route's and stay updated and you wont have to sit and crawl.


1) DFW CONNECTOR- EASTBOUND ... Thanx to TXDOTPIO (computer visual of completion)

LBJ EXPRESS PROJECT: UPCOMING LANE CLOSURE'S & INFO (our neighborhood is on the right end of the Joe Ratcliff Walkway at 2:03/ 2:04 in this video, and yes, the walkway now is also going to be demolished and replaced)

2) LBJ EXPRESS- EASTBOUND ... Thanx to LBJEXPRESS (computer visual of completion)


Wednesday, June 8, 2011

ELECTRIC HELLFIRE CLUB: "Sunday Bloody Sunday", "Mr. 44", "Incubus" (In Memory of Dr. Luv)


This posting and induction into the "RCJ Music/ Art's Honour Roll Society" will be first of all in memory of Shane Lassen aka "Dr. Luv", who was in a dream I had last night, and to honour his group "The Electric Hellfire Club" . Shane was the co- founder of the group with founder Thomas Thorn, back in the early 1990's. I met Thomas first when he was with "My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult" (commonly called the "Thrill Kill Kult"), when he was on the "Confessions of a Knife" tour with them, and what a tour/ show they done, one of the best I've ever seen as far as "live" performance's, theatric's, sound engineering, etc! But shortly after that, Thomas went off to start another project called "Electric Hellfire Club", and those who are TKK fan's ... you seen a big change in sound and direction when Thomas departed the Kult ... which seemed to carry on Thomas' unique inspiration's and sound he gave to the old TKK sound, in the debut EHC album/ CD called "Burn Baby Burn".

But the sound of EHC cover's a wide range of influence's and creation's, as far as genre's in the industry, just really mixing and creating alot of interesting piece's, and especially remake's of classic's of other music icon's too, a very well rounded sound. I had the opportunity also to spend a little time with them, and also done a segment with them for an underground documentary video as well in the early 1990's, and frankly ... when you discuss the music with Shane, he sound's like a Doctor, and was really intensely into his work. But this group also had an element that contributed I think greatly, was also being focused in a similar direction and having a philosophy behind their music ... and Thomas is just frankly one hard working gent ... the kind of Guy that will do whatever it take's to get that sound and show to perfection. BTW Thomas, if you happen to run across this online ... do you remember how many of us it took to screw in a lightbulb? (you busted a gut laughing while on that stage ladder), that afternoon we had to go all up into North Dallas to find a store that carried that specific kind of light bulb  {: )

So this salute is to the EHC ... and particularly Shane/ Dr. Luv, whose flame's burn within us still to this day! The 3 vid's below are of course a few of my favourite's, but also selected to show the versatility of their work. Enjoy!


1) "SUNDAY BLOODY SUNDAY" ... Thanx to MANDALUYONGBOY (an early 1980's U2 classic)

2) "MR. 44" ... Thanx to AMY5CENTS ... Dr. Luv in this video wearing the priest collar and horned cap

3) "INCUBUS" ... Thanx to AMY5CENTS


Monday, June 6, 2011

WALL ST/ SPEED TRADING PT.1 (CBS 60 Minutes): How free is "Free Market" ... and where is "Capitalism's" Capital? PT.2 (THE AMERICAN REAM)

This is another posting/ video that require's less than 15 minute's to view, and is importante to know, as far as being prepared to ride this storm we have entered. So this will be PT.2 of the "How free is "Free Market" ... and where is "Capitalism's" Capital?". Many working class folk's like to invest in something or another, to make a nest egg for retirement dayz ... it is more importante than ever to understand how the current market's work, and where to put what little you may have. The arguement of support for this "new" trading, is that it is a future trading method that will broaden the field of player's, for smaller companies etc ... which is fine and dandy and there is alway's room for change's/ modification's in the market's, however, this is another sales pitch smoke screen ... it is perfectly clear, that even the small investor's could not afford the equipment this take's to compete at all. Put it this way ... if tech's were advanced more, and we had something like a hand held device available to the average person to where we could all use these device's anywhere's, mark my word, these huge financial investment's firm's would be pushing legislation to stop it and make it punishable by federal prison time at that. These folk's are so full of shit whenever they say they do thing's for the better of society/ system's, etc. The small middle class worker/ professional say's that they dont play in these market's, but they dont even know that they do, those who handle their portfolio's have all their money tied into this, the manager/ investor of your portfolio, like the computer, does not care if you take gain's or losses, their only concern is that you are putting your money into the market, and they get their money off managing your's, whether you take a gain or loss, they get paid, bottom line. The vid below, then a few word's.

POST NOTE: This posting is not to say that any of these investor's are doing anything illegal, or that investment's in them are a negative. I am NOT a financial advisor, and this IS ONLY "my opinion". There are many thing's to invest in for any small investor as well. But "yes", there are million's who are also currently as I write this, that are losing confidence in certain investment's, and you dont need a "degree" to understand why.


HIGH- SPEED TRADING GLITCH COST'S INVESTOR'S BILLION'S (N.Y.TIMES 07 MAY 2010) , this has been going on for a few year's now, yet not a thing as of today 2011 has been done about it, yet ... we will have to bail out future problem's and offset's until someone get's this cleared up.

Wall Street: The Speed Traders ... Thanx to CBS

Also in the video in PT.1 Michael Moore sum's up real capitalism well. Because the traditional investment's that American's look at as tool's and strategies to obtaining some of our American Dream's, had in recent year's became nothing but an American Ream, even thing's such as home ownership has went to the trash can as we once knew it. Watching the video above (and Thanx to CBS 60 Minutes for airing this especially) ... it may look like the computer operator's are crook's, but they are only doing a job they are getting paid to do, believe me, their not the one's raking in the big money, they are slave's too. It is those high scale international banking investment firm's that are the "front's" for those behind the scene's of those who will probably never get on a camera. I'm just a working class American myself that realizes how importante your money is when you actually have to work in some way for it.

Even though you may say your not an investor ... any time through any channel that you take your money whether it's small or large, and hand it over to another hand to put in some account or market, you are an "investor" ... the system is manipulated for that reason, and is why I point out so much about the importance of supporting local businesses and financial institution's, and why I point out so much about these strategies and entities who are trying to privatize America , and everything in it, and why. You see ... once all capital is "out" of our hand's ... it didnt disappear, but went elsewhere's into other hand's, and to continue to feed that hand, is where all the capitalism's capital goes, meaning not in your pocket, community, or even our country's interest's, but into a new international pool that is so unregulated and unwatched, that billion's at a time end up missing, just as quick as $20 billion or so of shrink wrapped American cash ended up missing under heavy US Troop/ Military oversight in Iraq (something else you wont hear much about in the media these dayz) ... these thing's happen daily.

The talk from those who run these computerized market scam's, that it's to broaden the prospect's for small investor's and make a larger playing field is bunk ... those who invest behind the scene's to manipulate the market's by using computer's to prey on slow human action's and their capital, dont give a rat's ass about broadening a thing except their international geographic's/ location's and where they can play to avoid everything from government's to Interpol, and those countries they have little/ no control over with their political puppetry, to start trouble there, whether it's through war/ uprising, civil unrest/ conflict of any kind, or just plain propaganda. Again ... like the "privatization" thing I talk so much about, it's all connected to have "all" resource's/ commodities, and wealth in one controlling entity circle, and that way ... the world is controlled by them only on every level. Basically all you see above is simply "insider trading", at it's best and most advanced stage (done legally as far as I know, by taking advantage of legislation and lack of regulation, and you know how that worx and who "write's" the proposed legislation, and are thinking 5 year's in advance, if the average investor were to do some of these act's, or you took a computer to the table's in Vegas to place bet's, you would be questioned in a New York second, okay? ... just look at what happened to Martha Stewart for simple "birdie chat") or more frankly cornering the market's, and this is going on in all major financial district's of the globe and been for several year's now ... this is all part of a cesspool to takeover capitalism and create a monopoly only. This is why I state the importance also of holding your metal's such as gold, silver, platinum , etc, and when you do trade, trade alot with those in your communities, small individual investor's, etc. The point is to keep you struggling and desperate enough to give up everything of any value that you possess, including your properties through mortgage's/ loan's, 401K's , and the schlew of other nonsense that they will have you think we cant do without, etc.

To know these thing's is essential, and beside's, as I wrote time and again, this entire system is going to collapse anywayz over time, so may as well change your wayz and how you do thing's now, and stay a step ahead of a game that is alwayz two step's and 5 year's ahead of you.

Word Out ....


Friday, June 3, 2011

GENESIS P- ORRIDGE/ THROBBING GRISTLE: ... "DISCIPLINE" & "PERSUASION" (Live) ( an Industrial Tribute and Love Story )

Image result for genesis p orridge throbbing gristle art

Genesis P Orridge

This "RCJ Music/ Art's Honour Roll Society" posting and induction, will go to Genesis P- Orridge , to look at 2 piece's of his work below which are over a quarter century apart, total masterpiece's of work I may add here, called "Discipline" & "Persuasion", which are from the early 1980's & 2009 "live", performing with his group "Throbbing Gristle". Genesis is just involved with so much, including the classic industrial sound/ genre of "Psychic TV" ... a real workaholic sort of person, and industrial/ experimental music genre pioneer. He even worked with an old friend Joe Christ and his wife Nancy Collins (Joe's wife Nancy, is a horror fiction writer and one of the most interesting women I have ever met) starring in a segment of Joe's "Sex, Blood and Mutilation" documentary, where Genesis give's an inside study of the art of body modification and genital piercing.

There has been alot of controversial talk over the year's about Genesis, and some just look at him as some sort of extreme freak, pervert, nutcase, etc, etc. But I want to point out here, that Genesis is total genius, and a true trendsetter as far as his art's are concerned ... and a really deep person to sit down and talk to and get into his mind ... if you can. There was also as much controversy in recent year's after he decided to transform physically and even mentally and spiritually into his late wife, Jacqueline Breyer aka "Lady Jaye", a love affair that went much deeper than just being in love, Lady Jaye was a bundle of creative talent as well ... and together in their art and lives became one, you can say ... a foundation, for even this iconic music sect and creative journey (even though Genesis's creative journey and music experimentation started many year's before).

But the contribution's and mark this man made in this genre of music/ art's with all the work that he has done over the year's cannot be matched, nor could this journal be complete without his work ... and Thank You so much! Enjoy!


"I AM MY OWN WIFE" a piece done by New York magazine on the transformation Genesis made to become Jacqueline Breyer, his wife who passed away ... kind of an unusual "love story" you can say.

GENESIS star's in Joe Christ's film "Sex, Blood and Mutilation"

1) GENESIS P- ORRIDGE/ THROBBING GRISTLE ... doing the classic "Discipline" (early 1980's, the song was released 1981) ... and Special Thanx to LELLIESANDREMAINS

2) This one is called "Persuasion", and is "live" at Coachella 2009 in HD ... Special Thanx to LIZSTLESS


Related image

Image result for genesis p orridge throbbing gristle poster


Thursday, June 2, 2011

INCARCERATED AMERICAN (PT.1): The "INJUSTICE" in Justice ... Modern Slavery, Racism, Drug War's & Prison Privatization ...

First of all ... this is a "new" series for this journal that is way past due. Much of this was inspired by so many, especially locally, of folk's that suggested and asked that I would do something on this. Also I never knew how many folk's view this journal until just over the last couple month's, even though I had this site up over 3 year's now. I only knew if one been by this site basically when they commented, or the various folk's in my community I know that bring up some of my posting's to me on the street or elsewhere. But a fellow blogger that I frequent, as well as them frequenting my site brought up to me back a couple month's ago, that I should check my comment's page, and also my stat's page (back when I decided to make comment moderation's) ... I know how dumb this sound's, but I never even thought of looking at them before and never did ... I havent gave much atencion to it, or keep up with much of that end basically, and "no" ... for the first 3 year's of this journal I never even looked at my comment's file's page, beside's responding on the posting to comment's, or ever the "stat's" page. But also found out checking this, that more people view this than what I thought, once I started looking at these thing's a couple month's ago. Basically I write in here as a personal journal only and available for anyone to view.

Anywayz ... this series is past due because I owe this to so many folk's that I personally know and have talked to on this, who have either been incarcerated themselves, or have friend's/ familia that are, and so much of the injustice's I hear about first hand from folk's that dont even know what is happening to them, or why the court's operate a certain way, or their defense, even in many cases, overpriced defense fee's for private lawyer's that dont do a goddamn thing but sell "plea bargain's" to their client's and rarely ever try any case of their's, telling many of the offender's that even may be innocent, that they dont have a chance in Hell to go to trial and try get proven innocent, because of if they have any prior's, or just because a jury wont believe them or other lame reason's. A young person not knowing much about the law, out of fear alone, will plea bargain to thing's that their not even guilty of in many cases because they feel they have no chance of proving their innocence, and the attorney's, especially court appointed attorney's who act more like prosecutor's in these plea bargain's than trial defense attorney's. It is downright unbelievable of how some of the system worx ... that I could do an entire journal dedicated to this one subject. Basically poor to low middle income folk's of all race's are victim to this also, but the number's of folk's victim to this, of colour in this nation is incredible. I mean ... if you work and get a paycheck, they will milk the shit out of that, through various programme's, fee's, and agencies (many private) ... and if your unemployed and dont have money to milk, they will just incarcerate you, and of course they get approximately in the upper "$30's" of thousand's range, per prisoner/ offender, per year, that are being housed/ incarcerated. But the stories on this racket is almost unbelievable, if you didnt know anything about how this worx.

Basically finding wayz to incarcerate people more in this nation is about the largest industry of today ... it's simply became a business venture and investment, plus twisted to get public support and tax revenue's, because we believe for the most part that these prisoner's are a "threat" to society, and we feel scared as it is and insecure about everything from local crime, to the drug cartel conflict's to terrorism ... but there are more folk's in prison in this nation for simple petty drug use and/ or red tape community supervision violation's such as probation/ parole in this country than for actual crime's. Many violation's are technicalities, such as not submitting your change of address in writing, certified mail or such to your supervisor within 24 hour's of the move and many other's, that can wind you up with a quick year or two, without a formal court hearing, but a board hearing instead. Even the sex business of prostitution, female prisoner's are pulled into, and even some male's ... all kind's of bid's on contract's from who will supply commissary product's to inmate's such as hair care product's and personal hygiene product's of all, to junkfood product's and meal's, etc ... the revenue intake is billion's across the nation. Example: A few year's ago in the Dallas County Jail, one of the nation's largest, 2 companies got into a heated court battle over which one was going to get the new hair care and hygiene product's bid to supply to the jail, because the hair care product's alone was bringing in million's per year, because of the high population of African American inmate's and how much they spend on these product's ... this is fact.

It has been fact for the last 20 year's or so, that originally what was called Wackenhut Corporation, had the contract for year's in Texas for the RPV (returned parole violator) facilities, and small time institution's, where the inmate's done alot of construction and maintenance, remodeling, (prisoner's basically work for free, and go along with it only for simple payment of maybe being able to access contraband, getting out of lockdown just to see outside, or a number of reason's) such as old closed down building's/ structure's, county/ local jail's in small town's and such, while the one's who ran the facilities raked in million's in tax revenue's from it, and also were involved with much of the illegal contraband sales to inmate's at inflated price's from the staff, as well as telecommunication's provider's that had contract's to supply all the phone service's to facilities, where a 3 minute phone call (even the one's in some facilities, where you are supposed to have a right to at no cost) can cost the receiving party $20 or more. The racket's of this I will explain and point out more through this series, but it's absolutely incredible.

This is NOT a bleeding heart journal whining about a person doing time for a crime, but instead to point out, some of the crime of those imposing time and the system we have let this become, at least in my opinion and anyone with a clear view on this. We have so much stuff going on that most folk's dont have any idea of these thing's and are too busy with so many other distraction's. And were constantly forcefed issue's of other nation's abroad and injustice's, which are many of course around the globe ... but I am also one that is concerned with our issue's as well in America. I realize and am grateful that I live in America instead of some of these other nation's with so much injustice, but I also hope to not let our issue's slide on a slippery slope by ignoring them, that may lead to a decline of our liberties and justice in this nation ... beside's ... we cant help those in other nation's, if we dont even help ourselves here first, which we have been in serious neglect of ... not just these issue's such as wrongful incarceration, but across the board ... we are neglecting everything from our education system, to our infrastructure need's, to even who we elect as representation, and spending more concern, time and money on, building more and more prison's to incarcerate more and more non criminal people, and criminalizing more and more thing's, while spending billion's upon billion's dropping bomb's on other nation's, then rebuilding the stuff that we blow up after, and the US taxpayer's are paying for all of it, yet only international investment firm's are raking in all the money, getting free labour with these incarcerated folk's and/ or dirt cheap labour for their estate's to the facilities, sex service's, and cheap labour for manufacturing corporation's, with record profit's.

Our representative's are alwayz saying that there is a budget crisis and we need to sacrifice more, blaming it on everything from social service's of SSI to medicare or whatever, to our public school's, and cut more from our own budget's, because we are "overspending" ... think about where most of the overspending is being done and going. And it is alwayz the taxpayer's that get the cut's and burden's to bear from the action's of our representation on both side's and of these folk's they support, that basically rob us, and are the actual criminal's. And the more we continue across the board to let international corporation's and investment's privatize everything in the name of "freedom from big government" , the worse it can only get ... because it will give these power's from all the powering nation's in these interest's circle's the power to do whatever they choose with our country and it's people.

These two video's below ... which are "accurate" I may add, will be to debut this series.


(2) Private Prisons- Commerce in Souls- Grassroots Leadership ... Thanx to Rippley Ripples **** this video was updated and changed, because the original posted video was removed from YouTube ...