Thursday, July 17, 2008

What is "Gay Marriage"? ... a FORM of marriage .... (PT.1)

This has unfortunately been a hot controversy all over our country, and appears to be on high heat for awhile down the road. It's never worried me a damn bit ... but since in this point of American history it has gotten to be such an IMPORTANT issue,I guess I'll throw in a couple cents on it.

It is commonly acceptable ... that marriage as far as we know ... has pretty much been between men and women for as long as recorded human history. But ... what is marriage to Americans in 2008 ... is not necessarily what marriage has been in the past throughout history ... it varies from era to era ... and culture to culture (religions included with cultures). I mean ... you even have biblical polygamists of notoriety such as Jacob, Abraham, Moses, to name a few, in some Muslim countries, you have not only multiple wives even today ... but even bride's of men as young as 8 year's old. Yet we look at even these practices as unacceptable in our American era. Even there has been societies who reckonized such marriages as "Polyandry" in which the woman may have multiple men. Societies where brothers shared wives ... societies who practiced incest ... you had circle/ group marriages ... you had "Trigamy" (17th- 19th century England) where a fellow had 3 wives etc. I could go on and on. In its earliest roots ... it most likely was started ... by ... well "men" to assure a source of offspring ... and which the woman would have the protection of him and support ... he well being the "owner" and in many cases these marriages of early day were also arranged according to the tribes they belonged to which were the earliest forms of "family". Humans have ritualized everything ... including the proper way to eat at the dinner table ... and mating is no exception.

In 21st century America ... gay's are no longer in the "closet" ... since we dont hang them or dismember them ... or other atrocities that past less civilized societies might have taken part in, with exception to some countries who still kill gay's. Today ... we have gay city council members, law enforcement, military ... Lord knows we have enough gay hair stylists! But anyway you slice it,these folks play a major part/ role in our society ... and even though they are not currently allowed to join in marriage ... they still pay equal taxes just like the rest of us. And most folks in 2008 America would say that they should have rights ... yet some of these same folks think that marriage should not be a right. Well ... if it shouldnt be a right ... shouldnt we cut them some slack on having to pay full taxes like the rest of us ... since they dont get a full benefits/ rights package? Should they not have the equal benefit of the miseries of marriage that some of us have to endure and pay a hefty sum in legal expenses to get out of?

Some say that if they marry ... it would devalue the institution of marriage. But look closely at that for instance ... I mean ... do we actually think that gay's could outdo us on degrading marriage any more than we have? That would be a challenge indeed. I mean ... look at some of the marriages in our society ... the divorce rate ... kids calling folks mom and dad who arent even really their mom and dad ... the cheating/ affairs etc. I could go on and on ... we cant blame gays for our behaviour ... the records show clearly who has done a great job at degrading marriage. I am not saying all marriages are like this ... I am just saying ... take a look at the track record is all if you want to look at what "degrades" marriage ... in other words ... we can only look at ourselves for that. Marriage and its meaning has certainly took many turns throughout our history ... and always to fit with the society in which it is currently in.

Either way you slice it ... it wont have any affect on your marriage with your spouse and family ... if gay folks down the street were allowed to marry ... instead of just shacking up. Actually it may be of benefit ... since they are so hungry for the forbidden fruits ... they will probably spend as much as straight folks like us do ... just to marry ... meaning ... you got it ... more revenue's! Everyone from the florist's to the tuxedo places will make money off of it ... and even some of those who initially opposed it stand to make a few bucks off it too if given the opportunity to. Hell ... even the Sheriff of Dallas County, Texas is a lesbian ... and very open about it ... Sheriff Lupe Valdez ... and it was Texans who voted her into office to do a job ... not because she's a lesbian. We care about her job performance not who she sleeps with.

What is "Gay Marriage"? ... well ... Hell ... a FORM of marriage, in the 21st century is all.

Post Statement: I would also like to add ... that I am totally for a persons right to their beliefs as far as religions are concerned ... so much ... I am against even trying to stop childrens prayer groups from being able to pray in school ... it is THEIR time, and it should be their right to do so. But also I have had many tell me over the years that homo acts are against the bible ... and of course time and time again about what it says in Leviticus for instance ... and thats fine too. However, whether a group of kids want to pray at school ... or whether a couple gay guys or gals down the street want to get married, it's not doing a damn thing for me. What Paul or Saul done back then is fine centuries ago on their turf. I am an American and a Texan, I am not from the Middle East or ancient Persia ... I am from America ... what those folks done back then ... is their business ... they dont have to live with the whining and moaning that I have to about sex discrimination ... we do. They dont put food on my table ... or pay to fill up my gas guzzling 2 ton SUV with overdrive at $4.00 a gallon petro prices. They say God will punish gay's? Fine ... then let God do it ... cause it's not my damn job!



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