Monday, July 7, 2008

"Sen. Barack Hussein Obama, Jr" ... An All American Guy...

They love him ... and they hate him! He's a "sexist" ... he's a "flip-flopper" a "phoney" and I could go on and on ... after all ... there's as many titles probably for this man, he could have his own dictionary to define them. Even the famous Italian designer in Milan ... "Donatella Versace" (and WOW! ... what a Hell of a woman she is!) has just released her new collection of men's fashion's inspired ... by ... yes ... you got it ... Senator Obama. Of course ... some believe this will do him harm ... because most American men and politician's dont dress like Versace's design's ... and he has been trying to desperately reach out to the average American across the country. But again ... is this Obama's fault he inspired this great designer for her newest collection? She wasnt inspired by his politic's after all ... she was inspired by the man ... and his connection to the contemporary American man ... with a message of ... "Change, Challenge, and Hope" is all. As an American ... I feel honored!

It seem's like the more he open's his mouth ... the more I like what he has to say. Recently his critic's called him a "flip-flopper" because mainly first ... him deciding to pay his own campaign without public funding, how disturbing and horrible he wont accept the hand-outs ... as an American ... I never wanted hand- out's neither. And most recently because he has flip- flopped on his decision of how and when to withdraw our military family out of Iraq ... yet those critic's on the other hand confuse me ... why? Because they initially condemned him because he asked for an immediate withdrawal. I would figure this would be "good new's" to them ... but ... they act well ... "disturbed". For me ... it had a reverse effect ... why? Because this show's me that this man admit's that he doesnt have all the answer's ... and is "willing" to be "flexible" ... in a time of American history where "flexibility" can be an important asset. It show's me his wanting to look at all side's first, and to take needed advice if it is a possible benefit to our country. He dont have ALL the answer's ... and neither do any of these others. He ... like all of us ... is learning ... in this fast moving cycle of today. Again ... he never claimed to be anything ... other then a grassroots community organizer ... it is others that label him. He look's down on the average people? Nonsense I say ... this man ... went to help average people when he had so many other prospects and offers he could have grabbed. His resume is "proof" of this clearly.

One of his newest criticism's is because he dont belong to a church? Give the man time ... he need's to find one that wont damage his image by giving a sermon he dont agree with. I certainly would never question a man's faith based on whether or not he belonged to some popular church ... because faith doesnt come from a building ... it comes from inside one's self. Nor would I question the man's patriotism based on whether he wears a flag pin on his lapel or not ... his patriotism speaks through his actions ... and character. Thomas Jefferson was a man of "faith" but didnt look so fondly on the church. Obama left his church ... can you blame the man?

On the other side of the spectrum ... you have supporters for Obama that view him as some kind of God ... or Super- Human or such. And simply follow him ... like "blind sheep" and dont really know why they do ... and simply say because he represents ... change. Well give him time ... because he hasnt done anything ... yet ... but inspire with words. Leave the man be ... and do his job ... he is not "great" and never said anything that should make anyone think that he is. The most fitting title I could come up with for this man is ... "An All American Guy..".

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