Saturday, July 19, 2008

The"simplicity" of Terrorism, Energy, and Economic Independence

First of all ... most of those "top brass" in our society and experts will say everything is so complicated. But ask yourself ... Why? And why is everything on our shoulder's? Everything is so complicated ... because those who run our ship made it all complicated. And if Obama dont watch out ... he will get all snowballed too away from the basics, which will eventually happen to him anyways if he got into the Oval Office after a couple years ... like the old saying goes ... "Misery loves company ..." He's already getting distracted just having 300 advisors around him! Although my support of him ... just has to do with him ... because he's new, fresh, speaks out of the box ... only been around a few years ... and hasnt been contaminated yet. He does have foreign experience ... how? As a kid he lived in many different places abroad ... and travelled ... he had hands on experience with peoples of the globe ... what you see and learn in your childhood has a big impact on what you will be as an adult. McCain is I believe a damn good man ... I know he loves his country ... how? Because when in captivity ... he was made the "classic" offer ... to talk down America ... and confess fault through testimony to the communist's ... and didnt bend or give in. He has plenty of experience as far as being around the block of Capitalism Hill(I know it's Capitol Hill) ... but who is guiding and supporting him? He say's "I know how to win war's" ... well ... I wish he would tell them all around him ... so we can win this and get it over with!

As far as this ..."terrorism" is concerned ... and our fight on it. Put it this way ... it's about as simple and successful as this war on "drug's" ... success being ... none ... and simple being we fail to look at the simplicity of things. We make everything complex (well ... at least those we hire to do these tasks) ... just as we are the ones that make ourselves "worry" which mentally distracts us. Terrorism is a reality ... period. Why? Because those who use it see that it works for their purpose. We actually breed new terrorists by the day ... compliments of our tax dollars. How? Look at how many are in our custody at places for instance like Guantanamo Bay ... and look at how many of them were not found to be guilty of anything ... according to those running those facilities ... many should be cut loose ... but we have made things so complicated ... they who are truely innocent ... still wait in captivity for release ... and without proper representation. Now after 5 years or so in our custody without access to representation..or even any type of democratic type hearing's ... what do you think their stories will be like to those back home ... when they do get released ... all their friend's and families for instance ... especially the young ... who will listen to the stories and make judgements of their own on what America is about? Do we think too that they will just forget and forgive what we done to them and they being innocent the whole time they were in our custody? Forgive those few soldiers that view this war as a war of religion ... and who intimidated them daily disrespecting them and their culture and beliefs? Because ... this is exactly what they had to experience ... and dont look for them to just say "oh well ... it was a mistake ... no hard feelings ...". Sure it might be easier if they had something to go back to ... but how many will go back to a home of war, poverty, despair and hatred? Think about it. And how many will vow to pay back those who done these things to them? Can you blame them? Would you not feel similar in their situation? I know I would. We are not fighting a territorial army such as in a traditional war ... we are fighting a movement of ideals and a mindset ... that can be found anywhere's ... not just Afghanistan and Iraq. We can borrow from commi's and spend until were flat broke ... we will not change that mindset doing so. It's quite simple.

Energy independence is so essential to not only economic independence ... but also as far as how much more conflict we have to go through. How? Because we will see more and more sabotage on foreign soils in the coming years ... strictly because ... it works for their purpose. Why does it work if they dont make money off of it? It works because their objective is to harm us ... they are already in a rut and have nothing to lose ... they only want to make our existence miserable. The sabotages will be of pipelines/ refineries, western investment/ infrastructure's, etc ... and possibly even nuclear power facilities if they get the opportunity to hit them. Anything they can do to hurt the evil icon's of the west and their capitalist ways. The ones who will hurt are those oil giants for instance ... and of course their losses will be passed over to their customers/ consumers. Which will create more social havoc ... and fuel the flames of the opponents by doing so. So ... you see my point here ... it's ... again ... fairly simple. So energy independence is much more important than just saving a few bucks to take a couple extra vacations to Disney-Orlando with the wife and kids. It will give us more social stability, we will have to tighten up our borders ... in a serious way though ... and not depend so much on those icons they have fault with ... and not give them tax break after tax break at our expense ... we want American based companies who do business in America ... for Americans. No name companies ... that just pop up over night with new fresh and innovative idea's. Americans competing with Americans ... and keeping more of the fun of competition right here in our own back yards. Dont worry about them over there ... those icon giants have enough money to defend themselves and other capitalists abroad to team up with ... if they have too much conflict in one of the countries they set up camp in and ask us for a military presence ... we can just tell them ... "maybe later ... were busy". And let them duke it out. After all ... is it not their" wars? It certainly isnt ours ... the people. Will it make us secure? Well ... we have a military that "we" pay for ... we have weapons with intercontinental capability. Screw with us and see what our response is.

Because of our new found interest in green tech's and energy independence, we will have many new plans coming out of the closet ... and many new fresh young talents coming out of the woodwork ... especially domestically ... in America ... with idea's to present to well ... America! Hybrids/ alternative engine compression, nuclear (although nuclear should be reduced and eradicated asap), solar, hydro, wind energies will become more and more abundant. Texas for instance is about to become the largest windmill energy state in the nation ... with mega windmills all over miles and miles of un developed land throughout West Texas ... which will as of 2009 start to be transported hundreds of miles across Texas into the eastern half of the state to be the new largest suppliers to urban Texas cities in the east. California is currently the largest ... but Texas will go a step beyond. In the years to come ... we will see that the answers to energy are actually more simple then we have been challenged with in this era. We will soon find out that all our energy needs can and will be met with the winds and waters of the earth ... our brains ... and last but not least ... that giant nuclear reactor in the sky ... the Sun ... with the new tech's that will come as far as how to convert and store solar energy. Our needs will be met ... because we have the will, and we have faith in each other! Rest assured.


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