Wednesday, July 9, 2008

The state of America and the Globe, and avoiding chaos and collapse...

One of the things I wanted to point out here ... is the importance of expecting the worst and hoping for the better. Because it simply makes the impact of the "fall" a little less harsh. But too ... understand what the current reality is ... and what we are expecting for our new administration to accomplish ... whoever is chosen by the people to hold that postion this november.

Any way you slice it ... we are plain and simply between a rock and a hard place. This is why I constantly stated this in my earlier posts. This is why I also stated that it MUST get worse before anything even remotely get's better. I say it is not "doom and gloom" ... but at the same time ... it is not very uplifting what is about to come, this being the hard part of the situation, however ... not doom ... because somehow ... humanity will prevail and evolve a step beyond the human race of today and the problems of today. But you also must understand that along with more harsh experience's also will increase frustration's and issue's such as suicide, in some cases, mass organized suicide's as well may increase, as well as suicide mission terror attack's, even on American soil, by ... yes ... American's even.

To actually solve our economic situation domestically is not likely to happen soon, because of the change in global economic's. It has nothing to do with what candidate gets into office ... it is just too complex to recover any time soon ... any recovery that does come will be so mild ... but will seem like alot after so much of the opposite, in the same way when I told folks 5 years ago that $3.00 a gallon gas prices will look good in the near future ... the same is applicable here.

Senator McCain for instance layed out his ecomomical plan's today to the public roughly. I am not an economist but any sound bipartisan economist can tell you the situation is bleak. Senator McCain say's he can balance the budget ... it's not impossible ... but very highly unlikely to become reality. As I mentioned earlier ... we WILL have to take blows ... it's a matter of how HARD ... and how LONG. Although Senator McCain is saying that the Bush administration failed and our government ... his current proposals will only make the punches that much harder ... it's a cowboy mentality that wont work very well in this particular situation ... in say 1960? ... perhap's ... but 2008? For McCain to make progress ... it would take things like cutting social security by over half ... perhaps medicaid by more than 70% Yet he says we will get tax relief ... how? With a military even getting spread as it is thinly and recruitment down low ... and a need to build up in Afghanistan now ... which even Obama wants to do ... again ... how? While we are fussing and fighting over these two candidates ... we are NOT looking at the actual reality.

What will make us indendent as far as energy and economics are concerned ... is not likely to happen ... how can it? This would possibly mean ... trying to pump/ drill more here, and who do we propose to do that? Understand that the oil arena is already bought and paid for ... the small investors ... are just playing the markets ... they dont have the power or resources to change any of the way we do anything on a global level right now. The governments and the corporations now own us ... period ... (which has alway's been somewhat true anyway's) economically speaking of course. We are in no position to cut off the world ... and become an independent society (even though more independence would be a positive, but the power's wont let us, regardless of what the people want) ... or even as independent as even Japan, who are able to make things work better than us on many avenue's where we suffer. McCain also proposes to privatize the social security ... what does this mean? To hand it all over to the same investment/ financial institutions that are currently failing across the board like folks like Bear Sterns ... who come whining to we the people for a bail out? Then you also have our failing financial institutions being bailed out left and right by folks like the Saudi's and communist China ... so ask yourself ... what possible good would this proposed privatization do ... if it will only make us more dependent on these other governments ... who will now have more power over our investments than even our own government or institutions? Dont take my word for it ... do the research and draw your own conclusions. But a close look makes it clearly evident.

If anything that Senator Obama say's has any truth to it and his proposals, it wont fix the problems soon to come ... but possibly lessen some of the blows. Dont get me wrong ... I supported Obama since day one ... and WILL vote for him ... but not because I think he can solve the current situation ... but because his talk is needed to hit the political and corporate sectors of the arena where it hurts. Even though his "talk" will in itself create divide ... and face harsh opposition if he attempts to enact any of it ... from the corporate arena. Trust me ... the corporations own more of us than we think ... and its economics of old being used in this modern time ... that is the cause for poverty, hunger, inflation, job losses, suicide, etc ... I could go on and on. Sure ... money is great ... and we all love it to an extent ... I mean ... what can you do without it? I am probably the biggest capitalist around ... because I am always thinking of money. But I also do because ... I see how it is the only thing that keeps our world and societies from total economic failure and chaos. This is why I say that the whole system will have to collapse at once or piece by piece, before the greener pastures materialize. And it is the people of our country and the world arena that will do this ... in time.

We are beginning to see the materialization on the horizon ... if you will. We have former terrorists now starting organizations promoting themselves as the hope of the peoples ... to these countries in Asia and Africa ... that are upcoming developing countries in the global marketplace. We have folks like Iran ... again today in the news selling more "woof tickets" by launching ballistic missle try- outs and stating they want us and our allie's to know ... they have their fingers on the trigger ... and yes ... the capability of reaching Israel too, and expect more out of them as well. Wheres their uranium enrichment programme going? Who in hell actually knows? We also have Iraq now ... pressuring us to give a specific timeline on withdrawal ... an Iraq I may add ... that not only wants to be independent ... but also wants to work with Iran. Can that happen? And ask yourself ... between the 2 countries ... how much oil reserves total do they sit on and how much clout does that give them in the global arena? And even if we choose NOT to do any business with them ... who is "WE"? ... certainly not our US oil giants, or even any of its foreign affiliates. Our enemies understand totally nowadays how our system of economics works and just how to hit us where it really hurts. These challenges from our new enemies will be more difficult than the challenges of our enemies post "World War 2" such as the "Cold War" with the former Soviets ... and our new enemies are far more less territorial. Meaning we will need new strategies if we want to at least ... keep our heads above water.

At the same time ... while governments and corporations and large religious institutions and movements (the 3 controlling entities that I will try to focus more on to come) are all at odd's, yet in bed together ... the peoples of the continents are starting to protest more than ever because of economics ... and its worsening of poverty, starvation, and social order. Even in the streets of France ... Germany ... and Great Britain, and other's to come, even across the EU ... everyone from cabbie's to truckers ... to the common unskilled labourer are up in arms more and more everyday. And America is quickly on the way. Meaning that at the current rate of the condition ... it is only a matter of time before even Americans will consider ... leaving the country to try a life elsewheres, rioting, forming new parties/ movement's, etc. some even thinking of trying to use other ways to get rid of our current political system ... using violence as well ... which would bring mandatory curfews and civil unrest like we never seen on American soil ... and policies that are close to "martial law". The governments and corporations see how the economics are playing out ... and are trying to resolve all the problems ... because once the peoples/ societies collapse from within themselves ... the empires of the ones in power will collapse. Look at how things work and other societies in history ... even close friends like France, Germany, Egypt ... the Mayan's ... I could go on and on. The powers that be ... want more than us to avoid chaos and collapse. I could go on and on ... understand the current state of the globe and America ... and the difficulties of avoiding chaos and collapse.

Is there answers and solutions and hope? There most certainly is ... and will come with the new leaders and systems ... in time. But understand ... for now ... the suffering will worsen some ... but the greener pastures are in the distance ... rest assured. You see ... we learn as we evolve .. and soon realize that the power is not in those icons that we for centuries let lead us and own us ... but the answers and power is us ... and it is we ... not them ... that will save ourselves and humanity ... to evolve to the next level. We actually will evolve naturally into a globalized society in the future, but it will mold itself through us ... not a title of "globalization" marketed by the entities of the current global arena ... in other words ... not because of governments, corporations and churches ... who all present themselves now and in the past as the answer and the light ... it will be at the hand of our future generations offspring. As for myself ... heh, heh, heh ... I'm just here for the ride ... besides ... I love those bumpy roads. :)

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