Friday, July 18, 2008

"We the People" and the "Tool's" of the "American Dream"...

Again...what we are being plastered with is more nonsense,one sidedness (from both sides),sillyism,pipedreams,stupidity...and more stupidity...etc. And these dork's have most of American's worried because of the new situations that we find ourselves in as far as economic's are concerned.Eventually...we the people are going to see the light...when? I sure as hell dont know...but it's's got to be,how long can we stay blind to the reality. It's complex? Our(the people's) situation is only made complex by those who are too complex in their own brain's deciding what is "right" or "wrong" for us.We...the people...ARE...America.

THE WAR:How damn long is this going to go on for? We are "frightened" of terrorism? Whether we are frightened or not isnt going to stop those who hate us from trying to attack us...period. How many more billions...and possibly if we dont just cap this...trillions are we going to have to borrow from folks like the communist's of China to keep these wars going? The people doing all of this dont care...they dont have to stayed glued down in one continent as most of Americans do...they can just relocate from country to country and dictate to us as they are relocating.Things get tough in one place...they pack up and move to another.What are we doing about Pakistan? What are we doing about the terror cells that are growing all over the globe...because they now see our weak spots? NOTHING this country is doing is in the BEST interest of the country as a whole.We arent fighting wars for our peoples..we are fighting wars for our corporations.Do you ever wonder why there is so much hate and resentment for America? Do you think its because of our people? Absolutely not! Time upon time again when I talk with muslims for instance that have grievances with American thing I cant help to notice...they dont even hate the people. Our prime problem with foreign relations is NOT us...but those who we choose to represent us.And we are being fed partisan crap by the media on all avenue's..whether it's independents on the internet...or the major media's,all doing so to promote their candidate and what they think is ideal.NO ONE is listening to the people...period...think about it.

BALANCING OUR BUDGET: What does a balanced budget actually mean...when we still owe billions upon billions to a communist government? What good is our mortgages our personal accounts...or even our retirement securities..especially if we go to this so called "privatization",if the ones controlling the assets are those who also control the output of our petro like the Arabs...who also not only have to pump oil overtime now...but have to constantly bail out our financial institutions because they run incompetent ships? So what does a balanced budget actually mean,when we the people will have less and less control of our own financial goals and achievements? Yet...we constantly keep playing over and over the same loosing hands. Technically we are not officially in a recession...but when we as Americans feel the pressure it is a recession...we cant go on what the experts say...none of them have to feel the tightness at the pumps or feel any of the pressures that strong Americans have to endure and work out on their own time and time again...all of our lives.And believe me...when and if we feel we hurt...they will know it in due time. Of coarse more and more corporations have that I dont care attitude...major airlines for instance. What will they they clearly stated...I dont know if most folks listen to them..since we are so busy worrying...but they said they cut back...lay off's etc...and most importantly...they get more "global". In other words...wherever the money where they will go. This tells you right there...that their patriotism is only "showcased"...and is just plastic. We the people are the true"elite". Because it is WE that actually have to make things work and face the real challenges..with minimal tools and finances to do so...we are much stronger then we realize or they could ever be.

THE TOOL'S OF THE TRADE: The American Dream is not is alive and assured...we have the tool's...being things like Constitution/Rights and that is all that WE need ...let these corporate global American icon's go abroad...and good riddens...give them a foot in their asses on the way out the door as well...just as a bonus. Screw their mega tax breaks on our broke back taxes. You want to be a part of America...then we should yes...give support. But what we have here is people that are no different then moochers or welfare recipients and just sponge and milk us to death...and show no respect or patriotic values for the land and the peoples that helped build their empires they florish in currently. The Dream has just changed...but it is NOT lost...and we will prevail and this all will make us stronger and more unified then ever before...this in itself is a revolution...that we will win. Why will we win? Because ...we are much stronger then these dorks give us credit for...and have a cause and reason to make things better here...why? Because this is our land and our peoples.We the people have the "tool's" for our American Dreams.

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