Saturday, July 26, 2008

On the issue of "Minimum Wage"...can it ever be enough?....

The Federal Minimum Wage increase has just went into it's 2nd of 3 stage increase as of 07/ 24/ 08 to $6.55 ... from $5.85 that was set in the summer of 2007, before that there has been no increase in it since 09/ 01/ 97 ... where it went in effect to be $5.15 an hour. It all started back in 10/ 24/ 38 and was set at 0.25 cents an hour.

Of course many on the Hill in Washington said it isnt enough ... and of course this is the response of Democrats ... and Lord knows that those who have to work for minimum wage ... damn well know that it isnt enough ... more than the Democrat seat warmers on the Hill do. The fact here ... is ... it can never be enough in a "free market" type setting such as what we currently have in America. I say "currently" because the future America will change quite a bit ... as far as what is considered "democracy" ... and what is in the best interest of the peoples ... we will actually learn from our european friends ... in time. For instance ... the working classes of many western european countries ... may have less opportunity of becoming really rich, however ... they also have less of a chance of becoming bottom of the barrel poverty stricken as we do. The mindset is slightly different as well ... them being satisfied living a comfortable life ... with less stress ... less worry ... less hours of working, more leisure, guaranteed further education ... guaranteed to actually be helped if in medical need ... without having their surgery cancelled as a result of an insurance provider calling at the last minute declining to pay for the surgery, etc. It is no doubt that europeans admire America as a democracy and culture ... and it should be no suprise in the near future that Americans will likewise learn that we will find things in europeans democracy that we will start to admire and implement here.

But back to the "Minimum Wage" part of this. A gal here in Dallas for instance the other day who makes $7.25 an hour at a local fast food restaraunte who is 21 years old ... has 2 kids, with no support coming in from the fathers of the kids, said she is even working overtime and finds it hard to make ends meet. And no ... she has no insurance ... which is offered by the company ... but she couldnt afford it. Understand that Texas only uses the Federal Minimum Wage as well ... unlike places like California or the City of San Francisco who has state and city/ county minimum wage standards ... but too ... even in them states and towns ... it still doesnt even do anything much because look at the standard deductions from payrolls and the cost of living verses places like Texas. Therefore as a result ... in both states ... neither employee can afford insurance with comparable jobs ... both needing to use the county hospitals for medical services ... I have talked with people in same wage categories in Los Angeles as well as Dallas to compare this. Of course if you have 2 kids and dont get any funding from the fathers of the kids and your not much older than a kid yourself at 21, and have to work overtime just to have macaroni and cheese to feed your kids and yourself ... you must understand that this too creates consequences of action ... which is why I strongly support the use of contraceptives in our current society. Understand your current reality before you act ... and do what is necessary for you to do, to survive at your best, moralities are interpreted different by folks depending on the era and conditions of such, in other words. What works for one ... might not work for another ... and it is not us to judge what is morally right for anothers life if it doesnt effect our own lives in a negative way. Just because you use contraceptives of some kind does NOT mean that you have abandoned God or that your faith is not sincere ... it means that the reality which exists requires you to use what God gave you which is your brain and do what is in the best interest of yourself and those around you. Your faith can never be questioned ... because it is part of you. Nor would any loving God want to punish you.

But even after the 3rd phase of this Federal Minimum Wage increase which will come next summer when it will go to $7.25 an hour as of 07/ 24/ 09 ... sure ... it will help ... a little at first ... at least for a month or so ... but not in no significant way ... even if it were to be raised to $12 an hour. Why? Because most of America is employed by small business ... when they have to increase what they pay their employees ... and it even effects those who make say ... $8.00 or $9.00 an hour ... because once the minimum wage employee has to get raised ... your other employees will have to be raised as well who make more to stay ahead and competitive. Thus also meaning that the prices of the services you provide and sell will have to increase to meet the new pay wages that you have to shell out. Once any wage or price increases ... all other prices/ costs must follow suit to compete. That is how "free market" works as what we have currently. Small business has to do this to survive and not go under ... big business just shed's a tear or two ... and politicians will run to their rescue to bail them out ... like the "Red Cross", with your taxes.

It is said too ... that this minimum wage is NOT a living wage. Which is exactly my point here ... it can never be a "living wage" in the type system/ society that we are currently in. It has worked better in the past ... but with the new wider global competitive economy ... it will become meaningless. What is made to look like regulation of the companies to best serve the peoples is exactly opposite, and can no way serve the peoples ... and actually regulates the peoples more ... get my drift? So therefore ... understand the reality of our current structure and how policies of old ... cannot work today ... it can never be enough.


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Anonymous said...

Thank you for putting this like you did. Yes, you are right. The prices for goods and services will surely increase with each minimum wage increase, and that's something I never truly considered before.

Sadly, it's not that the cost of goods would have to increase, but it definitely would.

Any possible way to have a lot less government meddling while at the same time having a few more things governed? Didn't think so. *sigh* It would be better to rely on the potential good graces of employers/business owners, in some cases, than to regulate every last little.