Friday, July 4, 2008

OPPOSED TO GUN'S? ... the solution is simple then ....

I agree totally with the 5- 4 ruling of the Supreme Court that overturned the gun ban in Washington D.C ... Now I know that, I dont live in Washington ... so I should mind my own business. Which I cant argue with ... after all ... I'm a Texan ... and I am not saying that the local affairs of the City of Washington is ANY of my business ... because it isnt. But I am only happy for the citizens of that great American city is all. Happy to see that the average working class American who actually has to work their tail off to buy the necessities to survive on ... can actually legally defend themselves and what they own, without being charged as a "criminal" for doing so. So I see it as a victory for the average middle class, working, and poor of that town. And dont think for a minute that all those who are lower income in that cities high crime area's are opposed to gun's. I seen a woman interviewed after the ruling, a local of lower income working class in that town ... who just had a family member gunned down in a drive- by shooting, who was happy because of the ruling ... and said it will give her the legal right now ... to at least try to defend herself if the time comes to. She said she would rather have a gun ... if someone came busting into her house with one, because the police response to help those like her is poor, and crime runs rampant in her community. Is this not true?

Anyone who has spent much time in high crime urban area's anywheres in the USA, whether its in New Orleans, New York City, Pittsburgh, Davenport(Iowa), Sacramento or anywheres else ... and had to face a gun barrel eye to eye ... or been shot in a crime related incident ... knows what it feels like to be a victim. And there is not one urban area in this nation ... big or small that is exempt from these crimes. So it isnt just D.C., Detroit, Los Angeles, etc ... you are just as vulnerable in Wichita, KS or Orlando, FL, or even Portland, OR ... So those who are "liberals" and like taking a liberal stance ... remember ... you cant take that stance lying on a slab in the morgue.

Of course ... Senator Feinstein (D-CA) said ... "the people of this great country will be less safe because of it ..." which doesnt suprise me of the Senator's response to the Supreme Court ruling.But does the Senator live in Compton(LA)? Do you think that if a thug does not have a gun to use ... they might just drop their career in crime? And even if guns were outlawed totally ... do you think that guns still wouldnt be used in crime? Do those commiting crimes check to see if it is legal for them to use a gun before they commit their offense? Roughly 15 years ago or so here in Dallas for instance I ran across a man who was selling 9mm handguns by the boxload for $100 each on the street in Lower East Dallas,they had the little seal on the grip that was the seal of the Soviet Union...they got into Texas via Mexico but were from the fall of the Soviet Empire ... leftovers that Russians were peddling to folks around the globe. You could buy them 24/7 on the streets of Dallas as easy as crack cocaine...and at a cheaper price then any gun store or gun show. So what good would have any gun restriction laws would have done in that case? This guy had no problem selling them either.

Every once in awhile a tragedy comes up such as the Virginia Tech shootings or such where when it happens...anti- gun folks quickly blame the sales of guns in the USA to the reason for the crime ... while others including some of the victims of the actual shootings wish that they had a gun to defend themselves at the time of the incident. Gun sales were not the reason for the crime at Virginia Tech. You had some spoiled brat with too much time and money on his hands and a chip on his shoulder looking to vent anger ... he was determined to do what he done ... and would have used chemicals as a weapon if he needed to. You can use a chopping knife at home to prepare your food for the day ... or you can use that same item to kill your spouse that day ... should we outlaw them?

One night while working in Uptown Dallas' West Village ( nightlife disrict ) as security, I had a young lady that was standing on a outdoor club patio behind me ... on her cell (phone) drop to her knee's and break out in tears ... and getting hysterical ... (I dealt nightly with alot of intoxicated party goers ... so it was fairly common) I quickly embraced her and tried to calm her down to tell me what is wrong? ... she told me her boyfriend was on the other end (phone) and he just shot himself while he was talking to her. Yes ... he was in their parked car ... they argued in the bar ... he marched out on her ... went to their car (about 50'ft from where we were, yet we couldnt hear the shot, from all the music coming from the venue) ... called her ... and shot and killed himself while talking to her ... lovers quarrels were also common too ... but rarely end in suicide. A lady in the crowd was complaining afterwards about gun rights or whatever to others she was with, and loud enough to where everyone within 20'ft could hear it. He was determined to die or maybe even unbalanced enough to kill her, if there was no gun, he could have done something else ... like a few week's later ... another lover's quarrel ended with a guy across the street down in the CityPlace subway station, calling his gal on the phone who I was with when he called, and wanted to tell her he was about to jump in front of the next train.

If you are opposed to gun's ... the solution is simple then ... dont carry or own one.


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