Monday, June 30, 2008

"BIPARTISANSHIP and TOLERANCE" ... the time has come ....

We say we want "change"... and ... why? Well when things get tough ... that's our response. Again ... responding to what hits home ... heh, heh, heh ... it's simply our nature.Whether we want change or not ... we will get change ... it's just a matter of time ... and that element of "time" ... depends only on us. It's a matter of how soon we want it ... and how bad we want it.

The time has arrived hitting us like a lightning bolt where it really hurts. If we cant see it now ... it will only make the transition that much more difficult and lengthy to make it's stand. Bipartisanship and tolerance is needed more than ever at this point. Not that we are going to have an easy ride ... because the ride is only going to get more rough ... before it gets any better ... and when I say "better" I dont mean it like getting back to the good old days ... because that will never return ... what we once had and considered as "good" that is. The "good ole days" is ALWAY's the "here and now". Because what we call "good" is constantly changing as our species evolves.

But the longer it takes us to embrace true bipartisanship and tolerance ... the longer it will take to achieve any goals. It is not that we cant co- exist ... we can ... but our stubborness holds us back. Again ... we are far from the liberal folks that we think we are ... we have twisted the meaning of what is "liberal". We will have to stop the way we view things ... as black/ white ... red/ blue ... left/ right. The sooner we can get past this ... the easier it will be to move forward and at a quicker rate. So ... you have it all in a nutshell. We can bicker until were blue in the face ... and complain about who is right and who is wrong as well. None of it ... will get us anywheres, and that will not change. Look how damn long it took us to get where we are ... we should have evolved further than what we had ... considering the time "nature" allowed us. We will get change ... but not until we bend and give in a little more ... and stop pointing our fingers at each other so much ... that is one of a few reason's why Washington doesnt get anything done ... why our political structure/ representation is outdated and slowly deteriorating.

Revisions are needed ... so the time is not next year ... or 5 years from now. As former President JFK said ... "ask what you can do for your country ... ". We are the ones that need to act ... not just paying folks high salaries to act on our behalf ... now with the new technologies ... we are able to take our seats in Washington ourselves. And dont expect for ANY new administration to be able to fix our problems ... because they WONT be able to do as much as we hope for ... period ... no matter who is in office. Our challenges are simply different then the past challenges ... and the old school way of doing things ... does no longer apply. It's OUR choice ... on whether or not ... how long we need to suffer and at what level that suffering will be.

The "old" is over ... period. It's not "doom and gloom" either ... it's simply the end of a chapter is all ... and the end of an era. The new challenges to come ... will make some of these challenges look mild ... so adjust ... it will make the ride ... that much more easier.


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