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This was just a must for PT. 7 of the "Above & Below" series ... I mean, if we thought we seen tornadoes across the country, here in the midwest, southern plains "Tornado Alley", etc ... this "Sun Valley" shit take's the cake : )

***** DISCOVERY NEWS: Monster Solar Tornadoes Discovered

Giant Solar Tornado makes a film debut ... Thanx to SLATESTER

Giant Solar Tornado is 5 times the size of Earth ... Thanx to WEATHERDISASTERSTV



GLOCK 17 ... A Looksy for Home Defense (SELF DEFENSE PT.10)

Part 10 of the "Self Defense" series is to basically focus on the Glock 17/ 9mm as far as home defense weapons of choice, and partly because 3 guy's I've known over the year's ... Tracy, Billy, and Joe Christ have alwayz argued that they wouldnt have any other choice for home/ self defense, and Tracy worked also doing nightclub security as well (not carrying in the club though), so he carried on the street as well as home as his primary defense weapon of choice, period.

Other's have said (more than most) that a shotgun is the best in the home, and no doubt that the shotgun such as the 12 guage is a popular choice and almost a sure shot for that matter, economical, etc. But I never liked much myself the idea of moving around with a rifle as far as home defense, to each their own. If you live in the city like an apartment/ condo, it can be ideal to make sure you hit and to not have much other damage as bullet's going through wall's and possibly ending up where they shouldnt or a neighboring occupant/ tenant. I like revolvers too ...  I find that the Ruger .357 magnum is a real nice handgun and can use .38 reload ammo on the range ( to save a few buck's), a lil large for street concealed for me, but nice to have around the house ... but also when you have only a half dozen shot's, you may like to have a couple speed loader's too ... this standard Glock has a 17 magazine, which is nice.

You can easily find 1001 opinion's as far as choice. I chose this gentleman's (Nic Taylor) video below for his "reason" of choice though. These Glock's are simple, basic, easy handling, nice grip, smooth, and very reliable. Having the rail for light/ laser is also a plus at home or just out and about, and if you want to also look for a holster or other accessories, you can try this place .


Home Defense Guns ... Thanx to NICTAYLOR00

***** BUDSGUNSHOP.COM (just a worthwhile site I wanted to add)



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Related image

Alan Northrop

Part 12 of the "Incarcerated American" series is to highlight the case of wrongful conviction and the man fell victim to this ... Mr. Alan Northrop. And this case and what Mr. Northrop has faced is about as unjustified and wrong as it get's in our democracy. No doubt that this happen's all over the nation, Texas and Dallas County probably being about the worst in the country ... but what make's this Washington case so disgusting, is what the man had to face, once he was exonerated! 17 year's incarcerated, and a father ... get's exonerated and found inncocent, doesnt even get an apology ... enter's the freeworld with nothing basically, beside's what he earned for his slave labour so many state's take advantage of (bout a half dollar an hour), then slapped with a back child support bill of $111, 000, with a job a lil over $10 buck's an hour to try to pay it and make end's meet. But ... the man isnt whining over spilt milk, being so busy just trying to catch up with what was taken from the man, doing the right thing and getting his life and familia together.

I didnt even know that the State of Washington though had NO compensation at ALL for this type of what I consider a crime against him and not a dime for his wrongfully imposed time. I just cant even understand this any way I try to twist my thinking to. Even in the State of Texas ... the compensation is as far as I know, the best in the nation ... in Texas, you get about $80K per year incarcerated, an additional $25K per year for any probation and/ or parole (community supervision) time served in the freeworld, child support compensation, as well as higher education/ college tuition. What I see here in the State of Washington is incredible. Just as disgusting is that folk's are actually debating and so forth whether Mr. Northrop should even get compensated for wrongful conviction? ... are they goddamn kidding? is there really any question in anyone's mind with even half a brain?!

***** KNKX: 17 years in prison for a crime he didn't commit- should state pay? ... (newsread)

Innocent Man spent 17 years in Prison ... Thanx to CNN



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FACEBOOK for FACE CROOK's Scam's ... The Time's and The Crime's ... To Keep in MIND (MO OF YO MONEY PART 7)

Part 7 here of "Mo of Yo Money" is no biggie, but big enough to at least have in this journal/ series for reference ... I mean ... only $100 million got scammed last year on this bite, so it wasnt in the billion's such as with the big rip- off's, but still significant enough to where it had an impact on many American's. Again ... it's just good to be aware, because so many are out to get your money. I just had a young couple over at the house for instance earlier, that brought me some paperwork to look at, with the usual threat's of an account they didnt pay off a few year's back (3rd party type shit, so nothing can get connected to one source basically), and offer's that were made to them to settle (with someone else), etc ... bottom line ... I pointed out some thing's to them to show that they were being "had" ... I mean, this poor couple was worried about it out the ass, the poor guy's wife all nervous and freaking out, etc ... basically they were being hustled and illegally at that ... yes, as professional/ official as the letter's looked, it was all a scam ... storefront address and mailbox not with a typical U.S. Mail PO Box, they use private mail center's and buy boxes so that when the heat come's down (law) they cant be connected to federal charge's ... too complex to write about here though in short.

Lesson number one when it come's to scam's and such (whether it's a Wall St hustle or a basic street hustle, spanish prisoner, pigeon drop, lotto ticket share scam etc, etc) ... understand that they feed off fear and emotion's (emotion's including "excitement", thinking there is such a thing as getting something for nothing, etc) and there are more scam's out there than you can shake a stick at, I mean ... I dont think a month or two goes by, before someone around town is telling me something that they are being milked for and a slightly different angle as they explain to me what's happening ... but just stick to the objective, understand the motive, and you can stay a step ahead ... because understand, they who are out to screw you, are ALWAYZ one step up on you. Never let your emotion's, fear's, excitement, greed,etc ... get in the way of your reasoning or questioning, that is where you fuck up, discipline is importante, bottom line. Know when to walk. Below is just another one.

***** ABC NEWS (VIDEO): Facebook Scammers Con Families ... this is the video to highlight this posting

***** CIMIP (Center For Identity Management and Information Protection): Identity Theft News

***** FACEBOOK: Scam Alert Advisory



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JOAN JETT: "I Hate Myself For Loving You", " Bad Reputation", "I Love Rock N Roll", "Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap" (BEAUTIFUL GIRLZ PT.4)

Image result for joan jett guitar

Joan Jett

This induction into the "RCJ MUSIC/ ART'S HONOUR ROLL SOCIETY" will be to honour surely one of   the great's in rock and roll music history, Ms. Joan Jett ! This will also serve for Part 4 of the "Beautiful Girlz" series for this journal ... she is truely one beautiful woman, and not just in video, but up close in person as well ... great no bullshit personality, hard working, and really kick's ass as far as her live performance's! And what a history this woman has ... she is across the board in talent ... whether it's composing, stage, guitar, vocal's, production, etc ... been writing since she was in her early teen year's ... and still in the thick of it ... she like's to have control of her own production as well, a woman who get's the job done and know's what she want's! Her crew the Blackhearts are really a nice tight bunch of talent as well ... what a mix live ... nothing too fancy or too over- produced, but explosive as far as "live" show's whether it's small or large venue's (I seen her in both) ... and she can really drive a show. She will knock you out with her beauty and surely kick your ass with her music! ... Enjoy! : )

***** RCJ: "BEAUTIFUL GIRLZ" PART'S 3, 2, & 1

Joan Jett, The Blackhearts- I Hate Myself for Loving You ... Thanx to JOAN JETT VEVO

Joan Jett- Bad Reputation (uncensored) ... Thanx to JETTIGRE1

Joan Jett- I Love Rock N Roll ... Thanx to 16HEARTBEATS

Joan Jett- Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap ... Thanx to JOAN JETT VEVO


Image result for joan jett vintage concert poster     Image result for JOAN JETT: "I Hate Myself For Loving You", " Bad Reputation", "I Love Rock N Roll", "Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap" ranch chimp journal


ONTARIO COURT to "Ban the Ban" on "Madam & Adam" (AMERICA'S PROSTITUTE'S PT.3)

This Part 3 of "America's Prostitute's" will look at what's an importante move in providing safer condition's for worker's in the sex industry in our neighboring North American/ Canadian State/ Province(s) of Ontario and Canada. This isnt as far as many would like this to go, but it is a step in the right direction ... and will face of course opposition ... but it put's at least a break in the ban chain. And many in the trade are at least pleased with this move and direction ... it's a start.

Back when I worked and stayed in a Montreal brothel (as in Part 1) it was all illegal any way you slice it, and also there was pay- off's that had to be made under the table and it didnt guarantee you a thing as far as safety or anything else ... you basically paid to get tipped off if you were going to be targeted for a raid, the inde gal's and those who had a Mack (man/ pimp) working the street were totally on their own, or at the mercy and order's of their man, period ... if you went solo and didnt have a man ... you were vulnerable to getting raped usually once a month at least in some fashion and/ or getting robbed for your money having client's forcefully take it back, after they had their pleasure session filled ... and you couldnt complain to no one, period. And it's fact that working an indoor is far better and safer than the street, especially in these time's!

Also let me add that this hysteria that it will make all of the sudden folk's want to become sex worker's is nonsense ... like any other "trade" ... everyone doesnt want to jump on the same wagon in any trade and/ or profession ... and just because it may sound like it's a cake walk trade ... like any other business, it has it's up's and down's and bad dayz, period. I'll just leave it at that and spare the reader any detail's in this post, but it's not a "cake walk" or slacker trade by any stretch either!

You didnt have HIV/ AIDS back then, but there was still plenty of more common type STD's and usually most who were solo alwayz got one or the other. Even those brothel's like I was in had to worry about banking the revenue's too, such as how account's were set up and through who or you could use safety deposit boxes or rathole in your privacy ... so even your money wasnt secure alwayz. I think that many worker's would like to have a ligit business, where you pay taxes like anyone else in business, you get treated as your are supposed to be as a citizen and one with a trade, be able to get that legal protection, and medical atencion when needed and on a regular basis ... it's all around good for the entire community. I myself am more in favour of system's like The Netherlands or Germany ... but anything at this point is a decent step toward's better system ... especially in North America.

***** CTV NEWS: Ontario Appeal Court Decriminalizes Brothels

Canada Court Decriminalises Sex Work ... Thanx to ALJAZEERAENGLISH



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AMERICAN ATHEIST'S & STATE under Attack in 21st Century America (HUMAN MORALITY PT.6)

This Part 6 of the "Human Morality" series is to highlight a growing American group of folk's that are basically tired of hearing that their insignificant in our society and want some equal ground's on their own choice of belief's I reckon ... after all ... they also have "value's" like anyone else. I cant blame them either ... I mean ... there has been a total disrespect for this group of people and almost no one has been reckonizing it, and Mr. Silverman below make's some great point's, especially when it come's to these stupid political campaign's, that at time's almost entirely ignore grave issue's and focus on the candidate's belief's or value's.

We have this almost endless relentless asskissing and support for even religious value's of some religion's that is just supporting irrational behaviour and degrading to people as well based on gender, sex, culture, other religious affiliation's, etc ... basically nowhere bitching and endless conflict's. This is importante now, because over the last few year's I have seen way too much of this being incorporated into our govenment and politic's ... and THAT is NOT American Value's at all. These people are NOT trying to tell ANYONE what they should believe ... they are just a lil sick and tired of being put down because they dont follow someone else's code who is larger, more powerful and has more money than they need to waste on their agenda's and force feeding American's their value's of what ever cult they may belong to. Enough from me on this ... Mr. Silverman point's out enough.

Atheists in US demanding religious equality ... Thanx to RTAMERICA



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TRAYVON MARTIN Homicide Case (PT.1): ... A Look at "Self Defense" gone FOUL ... & Update's (SELF DEFENSE PT.9)

Trayvon Martin

Part 9 of the "Self Defense" series will look at the murder/ homicide of Trayvon Martin. This case is a total mess across the board and I have read and viewed quite a bit on this over the last few dayz. The misery of Mr. Martin's parent's I cant even imagine as a parent, it also fuel's an old fire of fear that has ran rampant in black american communities, where so many kid's fear they are not only target's, but again reinforcing the old timer's stories of the rotten past race relation's of this country that their parent's had to experience, and again ... being targeted based on common teen fashion wear/ hoodies, just like the baggie pant's witch hunt , added the timing being of a time of excessive police brutality and use of force , it show's the incompetence of police investigation's, and make's self defense and standing your ground look awful, amongst other issue's that will stem from this ... and whatever the outcome of this case is now ... it will serve as precedent for so many cases in the future. This is also not a solo incident either ... these type's of situation's and death's happen across the nation. Some read and video below, then some word's I will add.

***** CNN/ JUSTICE (Update): Zimmerman told police teen punched him before fatal shooting ... this is new just added today Monday 26 March 2012 ... if there is any validity to this first reported statement and crime scene evidence gathered after the incident ... being "thoroughly" checked and proven through investigative and forensic crew's ... this is almost certainly a justified self defense homicide also anyway you slice it according to law. If you disagree that it was based on this finding ... then your saying that a person should wind up dead or completely physically unable, before even questioning if their life is in danger, period ... and you cant have it both wayz. The thing is ... I dont have proof that this is yet solid, and Martin dont seem to have any kind of history whatsoever that would make you suspect he done this. This is why this whole thing is a confusing mess! I am saying that if this was happening to me and I was having my head repeatedly smashed into the ground/ pavement, a broken nose bleeding, and from my head as another injury, and seen that I was physically overpowered, I have no doubt in my mind, that my "life" is in "danger", and would have most likely shot the person doing this to me if I had a weapon for defense, or even a knife ... I would have tried to stab him to kill or at least stop it.

***** ABCNEWS/ NATION: Trayvon Martin Case: Timeline of Events

***** NEW YORK DAILY NEWS: Trayvon Martin Case: Friends come to George Zimmerman's defense, saying he's not racist, 'fear's for his life': Report

***** CHRISTIAN SCIENCE MONITOR: Trayvon Martin case: US could bring hate crime charge against George Zimmerman

*****WASHINGTON POST/ LIFESTYLE: Who is George Zimmerman?




First of all I question just how thorough the initial investigation was, and how much influence did the "self defense" law's have on the lack thereof of such? Also, even if the firearm Mr. Zimmerman was using was ligit and legal? I'm not sure either if he had a concealed carry permit, or how the Florida law work's on that ... in Texas for instance you have a law that enable's even a person without a concealed carry permit have a firearm in their car if they are travelling, but there is also limitation's to how it can be carried too. I mean ... from what I gather, these community watch dog type's are not supposed to even carry firearm's, also it is constantly taught that you are not suppose to chase down a suspect like such, especially when you have police on the phone and they remind you not to. Also, being in self defense of yourself say at home or on your property is alot different too, when you are on the street like such, and you are not representing defensively yourself only, but the community as a whole, with the position/ duty you took. He was self appointed captain? ... I dont quite understand that.

Looking at what history of the suspect (Zimmerman) ... I have no reason to even think he was a racist ... however ... I also reckonize that there are more than one type of racist ... example being that you have the typical racist who just hate's folk's of color outright and would act in violence against a person of color, then you have those who may not condone violence, but sure as Hell will limit their contact with anyone of color, then you have the type's that are isolated from people of color as far as socializing and the communties they live in, that jump in suspicion or fear everytime they may see a teen of color dressed a certain way, without knowing a thing about the person. So I cant say if age, sex, race may have played a factor. I also feel that maybe "both" the victim and the suspect may have felt intimidated by each other meeting like this, being that if the broken nose and head wound is ligit on the suspect ... the victim Mr. Martin may have also felt he was acting in self defense, and not knowing that Mr. Zimmerman was packing a piece/ gun ... I mean, if Mr. Martin would have seen a firearm, it is unlikely that he would have struck Zimmerman, even if he was taller than Zimmerman. Much has to also be questioned of the initial investigation on this, is because the victim Martin is a squeaky clean kid, no prior history of action or violence, so I have to question as well, if the wound's on Zimmerman may have been self inflicted after the fact, basic medical analysis could have determined that in a heartbeat ... so "how" thorough was the intitial investigation?

This incident was just sudden and spontaneous, so it's possible both acted like such being defensive on each other ... Martin was on the phone with his girlfriend who told him to run ... that's a no- no in a private community when being questioned, but both Martin and his girlfriend are too young to even think like that, they are both reacting as well ... like inexperienced kid's only. On the other hand some question what the kid was doing in the community? BUT, from what I gather, it is also public street's, so the victim Martin was in no violation I can see of even citatable trespassing law's, and "criminal trespassing" can only be citated "if" the suspect has been previously "warned" by citation or verbally from either property owner and/ or law enforcement to "not" be on the property, being the second time after "that" warning able to be citated for such. It's also common as example for us as kid's to take shortcut's , I remember myself as a kid even jumping folk's fences constantly on private individual properties just taking shortcut's and even jumping from one roof to another and using fire- escape's, etc ... in inner city area's like New York. On another hand from what I read on the suspect Zimmerman ... there is not a snowball's chance in Hell that I would want his type to represent my community as a watch dog captain, if I knew the man. It doesnt matter if he hasnt been arrested ... all his trait's and past action's show that he was a gung- ho type ... and one that may have also been anxious for action, period. I seen his type so many time's ... also trying too much to be a Dick Tracy or hero ... just the 40+ call's in one year on this duty from a community like such tell's you that his suspicion ran a lil high and also probably his adrenaline, the call's were made to a 911 emergency line, not the watch commander/ instructor who train's/ brief's those in the programme ... thus meaning this gated community must have exceptional high crime or that Zimmerman jump's the gun too quick. It's one thing to question a person of interest, and maybe even get verbally cocky or angry, it's another thing to pull a firearm and start shooting ... therefore exhibiting a lack of discipline and tolerance. And if the victim Martin did actually assault him ... he just automatically thought that deadly force was justified, I mean, the law is written as so. The fact also that Zimmerman after the incident didnt think much about it being questionable, or else he would have fled or tried to cover something else.

I had a job for a few year's not long back doing security work, which gave me a lil experience/ insight, I was offered the job and wasnt self appointed or had previous experience and I also had a criminal background/ record, but city street's and related were something that I knew too, as why I was offered it. We had so many inde security, undercover police as well as contract moonlighting police working there, commissioned and non- commissioned security as well. The kind of incident Mr. Zimmerman faced was common almost nightly where I worked though, I worked a nightclub/ entertainment and restaraunte neighborhood in the inner city (Uptown Dallas/ West Village) ... the alert/ awareness, crime, and size made this community look like kiddie play and slow, hundred's of young intoxicated people and other's blanketed it, especially on friday and saturday night's, lover's quarrel's, suicide's, assault's, car break in's, purse snatching's, street and club drug dealing, etc, were a typical busy night ... a guy like Zimmerman wouldnt last a weekend in an enviroment like I was in ... and should have easily been "made" in such a small close knit community, and been rejected to be watch dog captain. I have no doubt looking at his profile/ history ... he would have shot someone too quick ... all his trait's are there. As far as "profiling" is concerned ... everyone has to "profile" ... even especially if your on the wrong side of the law ... profiling on race, sex, or even dressing wont cut it ... you cant survive without profiling or be efficient though, thing's on the street move quick ... Zimmerman's action's in such a laid back community are overboard. Example of profiling and a night on the job here (see last 4 paragraph's) .

Regardless of how nice, multicultural and loving Mr. Zimmerman was ... he sure as Hell was elected, approved, or self appointed to do the wrong job, it's clear as day even if he wouldnt have been in the news for this, I could meet this guy face to face based on what I read/ see and know that he lacked the needed discipline and tolerance, experience and knowledge to act efficiently ... and know that he would fuck up somewhere in time, I mean the guy also tried to be a cop from what I read ... why was he declined? I'm not trying to say he's an evil racist or anything ... I'm saying that he is just a fuck up for a position like he was in, and unfortunately no one made that until this kid Martin ended up dead ... and the local police tolerating this 911 suspicion call's over and over tell's me that someone in the department aint doing their job or getting the point across of what 911 is for.

Enough for now ....

***** POST NOTE (Monday 26 March 2012): Basically what the victim's familia and citizen's want here is simply the arrest of Zimmerman and a thorough investigative process, law enforcement said based on the law of "standing your ground" or whatever, that that's not possible ... however, my point here is simply that if there isnt yet solid evidence that the investigation was thorough and/ or proper grand jury proceedure's rejected to prosecute Zimmerman ... there should be enough on ground's for an arrest of Zimmerman to be made at least, until this can be hashed out with conclusive evidence to present or related. It is also in Zimmerman's defense that arresting him would jeopardize his safety because of the threat's he received and bounty placed on him, but he can also on these ground's be detained in "protective custody" ... I dont know much about the "New" Black Panther Party, beside's I heard year's back that they were not connected to the original Black Panther Party and was basically a well armed citizen's militia group headquartered out of Dallas (TX) ... the Southern Poverty Law Center call's them a "racist" and "anti- semetic" group as well ... that is basis itself for protective custody, and the fact that the "hate crime" motive is still in an investigative state whether it's state or federal, should be sufficient ground's at least for detainment of Zimmerman.



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TAX REFUND ROBBERY in America 2012: Sign's of The Time's and Change of The Crime's ... To KEEP IN MIND (MO of YO MONEY PT.6)

This Part 6 of the "Mo of Yo Money" series will look at one of the lowest type's of crime against the American People, and doesnt come from Wall St or even corruption in politic's ... and actually both of them are victim's here as well. We have become so loose with our information, especially financial info and not secured enough yet with our growing advanced technologies and liberties to even safeguard yet against so much in our new info technology era. This is why I also have pointed out in this journal especially a need for more cyber crime investigating as well ... which will come in just a matter of time ... but in the meantime, it is so importante to do everything possible and think twice or even 3X time's with every transaction online and everytime you just casually give out your social security number's, bank info, etc. I myself actually hand write out my income tax for instance and use the U.S. Mail (snailmail) to mail it, as example ... I avoid doing anything I can online, including using my email for ANYTHING personal, and when I have purchased online, I used money order's only to do any business. I only been online for 4 year's now, and dont know much about computer's for that matter ... so I know how vulnerable I am.

But it's not just online you can get robbed ... even those industries we use have insider's connected to these identity theft crime's, etc ... basically, you have to be on guard now especially more, wherever you do any business, even your own doctor's office for that matter. I chose a couple piece's below to take a look at this, and Thanx to these media's for covering this for us. Some of this is about as low as one who strongarm's some senior citizen on the street and robb's them of their social security check ... or those financial inde establishment predator's that take advantage of our troop's familia's/ spouses while they are overseas on active duty ... this is just the lowest end of thievery ... this is America's hard earned tax dollar's and because of our easy going government/ IRS.

***** CNN/ U.S.: IRS policies help fuel Tax Refund Fraud, officials say

***** THE MORNING CALL: Woman looking for drugs robbed of Income Tax Refund money, Allentown Police say

***** CBS/ KATHY KRISTOF: Tax refund theft is nation's fastest- growing fraud




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This "Love Is In The Air" PT.5 will look at a recent mating and dating service set up in San Diego's Zoo to hook up an endangered species of Panda Bear's to reproduce ... this video is "cute" ... it's definitely "pro- life", definitely suitable for children since their not human, and a perfect picture of how human's love to be into everyone else's sex affair's and mating. Simply put the Bear's in bondage/ captivity, caged and encouraged to sniff each other's asses, then turn the male loose on the female sex ... we do a great service to nature, while we gaze and peek at them in action for our "clean adult entertainment". There isnt nothing more lovable than our Teddy Bear's ... so I wanted to also dedicate the classic Teddy Bear song by Elvis Presley to the critter's.

***** TRUE STORY: I have also as a child set up dating/ mating situation's, but for actual Teddy Bear's. Once with another kid I knew, we went into the toy department of a department store, we were probably 11/ 12 year's old, we went over to the Teddy Bear's and put a whole line of them in a sexual position (one between the other one's leg's face to face) ... a woman was walking by with her children, looked at what we were doing and said "That's Disgusting!" ... I reckon we were ahead of our time, eh? : )

***** CNN: Zoo sets up panda date- and- mate ... (newsvideo)

Elvis Presley- Teddy Bear- 1957 ... Thanx to ELVISTHEKING1956 ... this will also be included in the "RCJ MUSIC/ ARTS HONOUR ROLL SOCIETY"



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TEXAS SONOGRAM LAW, Contraceptive's & The "Resurrection of Idiocy" in The "LONE BAR STATE" (HUMAN MORALITY PT.5)

This Part 5 of the "Human Morality" series will be to highlight the new Texas Sonogram Law, which is past due since just about every media has been all over this, but this sudden posting is because of this posting at Infidel753 blog that I was viewing yesterday that led me to another blog and article (article below in the "Texas Observer" piece) that is importante for not just Texan's to read, but also for other American's, because this type of law is a slippery slope thing basically that is even being tried I heard in other state's as well. There has already been quite a bit of bitching in Texas over this law ... and to compound the bitching this new battle over contraceptive's funding , which I mainly ignored because it was just so complex trying to understand who is who and what purpose/ reason are all these new morality inspired code's being driven so hard serve? ... I mean, dont even begin to tell me this is all about saving lives, women's health, tight budget's, or other nonsense.

And I can understand alot of guy's not getting attracted to these subject's concerning basic women's issue's, but we guy's have wives, girlfriend's, daughter's etc in our lives and these basic necessities are part of 21st century America/ Texas. Dallas County Hospital's budget alone is belt busting with the highest baby delivery count in the nation, and so many are even children with no father, that werent planned, some with defect's that stem from the mother being severely addicted to drug's in some cases I seen where babies are premature, and barely holding on, hooked up to medical equipment to survive the suffering the new born is going through, etc ... and from research I done year's back when witnessing this first hand led me to find out that in some cases, the cost was like a half million dollar's for a year to keep the new born alive, you have teen/ child pregnancies, rape, incest, broken home's, father's that cant be accounted for or just run away, etc, etc ... this is 21st century America, and some of the challenge's it face's. As far as I'm concerned, there should also be government funding in Texas for abortion service's as well, and all contraceptive's across the board to those in need of such, who cannot afford it.

But Yes ... fella's need to also support our women in this nation from this social, political cult virus that plague's our women and children. I mean, I'm not a "feminist" or anything, but there is actually a kind of war going on in this state as well as America on women's right's and issue's that is specifically targeted at their "sex" alone, as I wrote here as well in this Part 5 of the "Sexploitation Nation" series , in this case even victim's of "rape" being trampled on by Texas court's ... and a child at that! I mean, instead of being the traditional "Lone Star State", we are becoming the "Lone Bar State" on some of this. I never had any issue with a woman's choice to do what is in everyone's interest when it come's to her body, familia, etc ... I live and let live ... being a man and having lived a free life as much as anyone could want and having a consistently active sex life for so many year's, I myself have depended on these contraceptive's and health service's, I mean without them, I would be into such a mess today financially and otherwise because of my activity. I have even depended on simple condom's as a teenager, this is part of my life and liberty as an American.

The video below with Yoest and Keenan is almost unbelievable, as far as even having to debate such a thing, especially with the sugar- coating about health and protecting women that Ms. Yoest is putting on it, geeezz ... these method's and practice's arent even used by surgeon's with their patient's ... Hell ... it would put medical professional's out of business, and have a ripple effect that would be more detrimental to the patient's mental and physical health for that matter. So this that Yoest is talking about is entirely bullshit, this is all politically motivated and mostly today moved in a slithering way by this new conservative movement ... I use the word "new", because I too am conservative on several thing's like economic's, defense and so forth, and this conservatism today is not true conservativism ... it is strongly only dictated by big money and corporation's who use religion's and social media's in politic's to drive these issue's and proposal's, more basically what I would also call a type of neo communism of sort. The hypocrisy is unbelievable alone ... these are folk's that constantly say that they want government to stay out of folk's personal lives and business ... what in Hell would you call this?

I also have by todayz standard's a fairly large familia and one that I came from too, most of my familia/ kin folk are Catholic's too, they have value's, faith and the rest ... yet many depend also on these basic service's and necessities ... so this posting is not to attack anyone's value's or belief's ... this is to be aware of what is happening and to protect what liberties we have as tax paying American's. This is nothing but a waste of our time and politic's, damaging to our democracy, damaging to the medical industry and professional's businesses, degrading to our women, and just a resurrection of idiocies. And rest assured this rubbish WILL be challenged in the court's, left and right, from BOTH the left and right and any American and Texan with half a brain ... who value's and embrace's what freedom, liberty, choice, they do have. This new neo conservative cult sub culture that has infected this great state will also get challenged in the long run ... you can bank on it!

***** TEXAS OBSERVER: 'We have No Choice': One Woman's ordeal with Texas' New Sonogram Law ...

***** HOUSTON CHRONICLE: Texas Sonogram Law Goes Into Effect Today

Charmaine Yoest debates Nancy Keenan on Texas Sonogram Law ... Thanx to AULVIDS

"Ream Raper" (to "Dream Weaver") re: Texas Law requiring "wand" insertion pre abortion ... Thanx to BKERR3 ... a parody piece for humour, but true



Wednesday, March 21, 2012

OWS- MARCH 2012: 6 Month Anniversary & Exposing the "Enemies of Progress" ... "DONT GET FOOLED AGAIN" ... (THE AWAKENING PT. 15)

This Part 15 of "THE AWAKENING" series will be to highlight the 6 month anniversary of the OWS Movement and other American offshoot's/ allies, which was St. Patricks Day (last saturday March 17th). First about 19 minute's of video below from a few American heroes/ heroines in the trenches ... Michael Moore, Goldie and Sara Mason, then some word's I'll toss in after. And again ... a Big Special Thanx to RTAMERICA for their constant hard work and keeping American's informed! : )

Michael Moore: 'This is just the Beginning of OWS' ... Thanx to RTAMERICA

Police mark OWS Anniversary by beating up Protestors ... Thanx to RTAMERICA


Like Michael above ... I have been just thrilled with the progress that has been made as far as bringing awareness to this condition in America, I know it's far from over, such as my Part 11 posting where I called it "The End of the Beginning". The added treat to all this, is how all these inde social media's have been able to successfully move this all over the globe, making a new wave of international solidarity as well. I been ranting about this shit since the start of this journal now ... and of course have wrote plenty about the change in atmosphere to come in the near future and awareness, but I am especially thrilled that so much has moved in such little time ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh .... now THAT'S "getting the job done" : ) Believe me ... so many splinter affiliate's are working currently so many different avenue's, investigating, gathering info, and pushing change/ reform issue's all over the place ... you can thank these folk's who put their neck's all on the line from the start in America and these global spring's, austerity fighter's, etc, for bringing this out.

And also ... let me be fair here like Michael point's out and give credit where it's due to Wall St, and all their affiliate's like Goldman Sachs, Fannie, Freddie, Bank of America and the globe's largest investment banker's, the list goes on ... for all their effort's to try to collectively ramrod the nation, driving America's youth and our future professional's into life long debt on student loan's, foreclosing on people's home's, and ripping off every which way they can, our government's, our most hard working and productive people, etc ... and global effort's they made in their last moment desperation and quest for ultimate wealth and power ... which without Ya'll's excessive greed and sloppiness ... we wouldnt have had this much progress : ) Special Thanx also to department's like NYPD and other's across the nation for making us more pissed off at Ya'll than ever before and for exposing ya'll's true colour's too ... which is also why I call it not just the "Awakening" in this series ... but a "healthy time for America and the Globe".

For those naysayer's who say it's finished and we constantly clear out these occupy territories like Zuccotti Park over and over and over ... we have new law's to suppress protesting, etc, etc ... that's a fairy tale ... the seed's have already been planted and the first crop's have sprouted, just in time for the Spring Equinox : ) For those who say this is a communist movement strictly aimed at destroying America, and extreme group's that are out to kill cop's, rob the rich, etc, etc ... nonsense ... and as Goldie point's out above as far as the tweeter's and related that send out these message's talking about not being a success until cop's are killed ... they either are taken out of context to what they said, or the comment's were made by the enemy themselves as propaganda media, or it's just another anonymous voice hiding that want's to simply stir trouble ... this is not occupy people. And when violence is talked about against any law enforcement or such ... it is "self- defense", it's only a matter of time before some of these protestor's end up paralyzed for life or other severe injuries, trauma and death multiply ... look at who start's the violence and are doing the most of it ... video's and testimonies speak for themselves.

Word Out .... and a "Twinkle" to Ya'll! : )

The WHO- Won't Get Fooled Again (Pontiac Silverdome, 6th Dec 1975) *Remastered* ... Thanx to LZ JOKER ... and a classic favourite here from one of the UK's greatest that speak's for itself {: )


Monday, March 19, 2012

DR. JACK KEVORKIAN: Right To LIFE Mean's a Right To DIE!! & Doctor Assisted Suicide (HUMAN MORALITY PT.4) In Memory of Mom & Richard

This PART 4 of the "Human Morality" series, will be to honour Dr. Jack Kevorkian , and a dedicated posting to 2 that I loved ... my friend Richard (Dick) and my mother (Mary). This for many is a tough subject, but it is also one of those that many dont like to think about either, another issue heavily influenced by our morality written code's. When you are the one facing the misery, pain, suffering and face to face with the Grim Reaper, there isnt much to debate as far as legalities and law book moralities, your natural right's and natural self morality and instinct's kick in for most. Even though this is another past due posting, it was inspired suddenly the other night, while I relived in a dream the last dayz with my mother in her despair and suffering and pain, I woke crying again. An interview and some read on the doctor below, then some word's I want to add after.

***** NYTIMES/ U.S.: Dr. Jack Kevorkian Dies at 83; A Doctor who helped end lives

Anderson Cooper 360: 2010 Kevorkian Admits Helping Dozens Die ... Thanx to CNN

***** RCJ: "HUMAN MORALITY" PART'S 3, 2, &, 1

Dr. Kevorkian was criminalized and imprisoned like many other's throughout history for helping people and doing what is naturally right, and also has had his share of criticism. Those he helped end their lives and the families who supported him and had to experience this horrid misery of suffering have their own reason's, regardless of what is popular or not ... for me he would be a hero for what he done.

Out of several close to me that have died, nothing stand's out more probably than my Mom and Richard ... both had horrid ending's caught in red tape and morality, legalities, right/ wrong, etc, etc. I myself never even thought of suicide for myself for any reason, even once when I had an accident and was bleeding internally and told my chance's were not good ... I still had my animalistic will to survive/ live and struggle to do so. But I never was in a situation of this kind of misery these two faced either.

My Mom was in the hospital for an infection that entered her bloodstream through a wound, she was not old, just neglected doing what doctor's advised though, she didnt like seeing the doctor's much either : ) This infection went viral throughout her system through her blood and into her organ's quickly, she was hospitalized for a couple week's and in ICU, I was going back and forth to see her over 1000 miles away. The last week of her life she asked me to stay by her side as much as possible, she asked me because she never got to spend much time with me in my young year's since I was alwayz moving around ... unlike my younger brother who was more of a stationary type guy, as far as home, school, depending on parent's, etc,  where I was very hard to keep home, inside, or even in school for that matter, my brother even told me that my mom used to worry so much about me, because no one could find me most of the time. I promised her I would stay by her side as much as needed through this, even if I have to spend a night in the chair by her bedside, period ... I loved my mom, but was a very restless kid and young man, which kept me sort of mobile and away.

My mom was the last person to even think of anything like suicide and wanting to die, she was a suvivor type all the way, but during her last dayz, she increasingly was asking for it to be over, the misery and pain, etc, etc was that bad, and her health and physical being was deteriorating rapidly from the infection and multiple thing's it caused, the sight is difficult to describe here for me, because it's a part that I dont like to remember. When I did talk to a doctor about her talking like this, he said that she was thinking irrational of course because of the drug's being IV fed into her or whatever, etc ... you know what I mean ... basically any time when someone think's and talk's out of the mainstream pop culture, they have a "disorder", another popular term of our bullshit societal value's and thinking. But they looked at this also technically as people thinking of death and suicide, and of course a doctor's main ethic's rely on the idea of living no matter what, and of course saving patient's ... in some cases this become's more of a burden and/ or punishment to the patient as well, so this is a difficult situation.

I found myself in a difficult situation myself, I tried to stay strong for my mom, but couldnt be that strong, leaving her side to go in the bathroom to cry so she wouldnt see me and lose hope ... I tried to do and say all the "right" thing's, despite her misery. So that's why when it come's also to mainstream thought and doing the "right" thing, or political correctness, etc ... it's another reason why I dont give a shit much about it or the mass response of how to act.

Finally after this slow long struggle, my mom's life and body just gave out and died and then all the "living" medical provider's feel relief who's been working doing their part ... and of course everybody patting each other on the back for their effort's, etc, etc ... we call this "human compassion" in our twisted mindset and self centered way of thought, one of the most shocking part's was the huge medical bill that my dad received after, for various part's and thing's that insurance didnt cover, and we all know how fucked up insurance is and the whole systematic process in this nation for million's.

My friend Richard (Dick) was a different situation ... his wife left him because of his drinking and that just made him drink more, then he isolated himself staying in the house drinking himself till he passed out over his grand piano (he was also a musician and played jazz and classical piano, as well as tutored it). Every couple dayz I started to drop in on him now worrying about his drinking and self neglect ... the doctor told him he had liver damage, and refused to go back to his appointment's, etc. I had to talk to his doctor on the side, because Dick didnt want to talk about it. One day I went by week's later, he was slouched over his piano key's and barely breathing ... I made him get up by force, he refused and resisted me to go to the hospital, I had to force him and actually put him on my back despite him with what little strength he had trying to resist me. I didnt like going against his will, but my instinct's just made me take him by force, because I was worried he would die.

Well after a few dayz in ICU ... his organ's, not just the liver started failing, he was suffering just trying to even keep breathing, and was really in misery despite the drug's being injected into him, psychologically ... he pulled me toward's his face, when we were alone squeezing my hand and whispered that he want's it to end (to die) ... looking in my eye's, he said "Please Tommy ... Help Me" ... again, I became weak and not having anything of my usual boost of confidence to say ... I felt hurt, helpless, and was lost for word's and a solution ... telling his brother and sister what he said ... they of course wanted to only hope and pray, and were otherwise speechless, the doctor's went through the usual routine and injected everything they could and hooked up such to keep him going as long as they could ... eventually his body just shut down.

I for this and other reason's support those medical professional's like Dr. Kevorkian who are able to help a person end their life with the least amount of misery or pain, because there is no other option but misery, suffering and death. I feel like a person's right to die is as much as a right to live ... and feel these professional's are needed, since there is no other professional help.

That's about it ....


Sunday, March 18, 2012

$2.50 Gallon GAS !! ... HURRY While SUPPLIES LAST!! ... Sponsored by: N.G. Petroleum Company N.A. (Gas Price's At The Pump 2012 PT.4)

This Part 4 of "Gas Price's At The Pump 2012" is basically done in humour, so not to be taken seriously and especially NOT TO BE VIEWED BY ANYONE UNDER AGE 18 ... because it is so nonsensical, that it can lead to brain damage in children.

Again of course ... I just had to post this one, because of the sillyness of this political desperation ... this candidate below Gingrich, was actually pulling this year basically the same campaign vote- sales pitch, that Sarah Palin was selling in her pitch a couple year's back (Palin Petroleum aka "Pee-Pee Oil N.A.", was a tad cheaper at $2 buck's a gallon, so I reckon it's because of inflation now for N.G. Petroleum's price) ... all the evidence of what drive's the market's is in plain view right now ... I am shocked that anyone would even donate to this campaign drive ... Yes ... this man has a donation site set up, to ask for donation's to make this happen ... and even claim's he can do this as job one his first year in office. I dont need to say anything more ... this speak's for itself.

***** RCJ: "GAS PRICE'S AT THE PUMP 2012" PART'S 3, 2, & 1

$2.50 Gas Join Us To Make It Happen ... NGINGRICH

***** CNN: The President's power over gas prices ... (newsvideo)


Saturday, March 17, 2012

CHARLESTON with Django Reinhardt ... also featuring: Paul Whiteman and His Orchestra ... (For Thora & Millie)

This induction into the "RCJ MUSIC/ ART'S HONOUR ROLL SOCIETY" will be to take a look at the great music and dance of the "Roaring 20's" era. Of course Django Reinhardt is a favourite as well, so I also wanted to highlight his cover version of that great classic piece of music, the "Charleston" ! ... as well in the first video starting with Paul Whiteman and his Orchestra. Also I want to add, Black Sabbath's Tony Iommi was heavily influenced by Django Reinhardt, as well as Led Zeppelin's Jimmy Page . Even though as I have posted my first record's (45 RPM's) that I ever owned as a kid and music inspiration were "James Brown" record's ... my actual first hunger for music had to come from as a kid hearing music like this, and what outstanding jazz came out of the era! ... I think the dancing really kept them in shape physically no doubt in them dayz. I also wanted to dedicate this to Thora my grandma and her sister Millie, who I was pretty close to as a kid, and this was their music for dance and party type stuff.

It must have been a really great era in American history too! I also inherited a personal hard cover diary from their young year's I still have and read to this day, that was wrote back when they were young (way before I was even born) ... and reading about life for these gal's back then was really something ... especially their fun filled lives, boyfriend's/ date's ... the parties, speakeasy's, poker game's, fashion's, etc ... I mean a person today may wonder how much fun could a world be without the tele's/ satellite radio/ I-tunes, computer's, and digitally enhanced music and visual's, etc? But obviously from their writing's/ diaries ... they had a blast! One thing that really surprised me was how liberated women of that era were ... I mean, I hear of the feminist's movement of today ... but women like Thora and Millie were really liberated young ladies in their day and their girlfriend's ... some of the thing's I read about in their diaries made me realize just how liberated in thought women of that era were too.


Paul Whiteman and His Orchestra- Charleston 1925 ... Thanx to Mikurio

Charleston- Django Reinhardt ... Thanx to IRRRIS1I3NT


Friday, March 16, 2012

H.R.347 ... "Declaring ALL the Sacred Ground's & Heaven's" ... The MARTIAL LAW Edition {: O ... (THE AWAKENING PT. 14)

This posting to look at the recent H.R. 347 piece that was passed ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh : ) ... as soon as this damn thing was even proposed, million's were all over it like a cheap suit, from the left to the right and everything in- between ... that's why this "awakening" we are having now is so healthy of a time for our nation and the globe ... it show's/ display's the "true colour's" of many in our government, while also keeping us vigilant, eh? Does it violate our first amendment right? ... "Yes" and "No" both ... read any law closely and understand how to utilize it and court's. I mean, in "law" there are more complexities, and loophole's, avenue's for defense and challenge than there are tax loophole's for millionaire's! : ) Example: "Intent" to impede and/ or "disrupt" ... establish "intent"! and/ or what precedent, heh, heh, heh, heh, heh : ) All this is about is making sacred ground haven's ... think they can do this to the entire country and population? They're dreaming :-)

This well should concern folk's ... again, because everything can slide the slippery slope, and some of these folk's that write and propose these bill's are just slithering piece's of shit to begin with, with a law degree ... everything is in "law". At the same time ... other's rush these thing's through because of their "fear", then you have of course the indirect/ direct lobbying and corporate interest's to privatize, suppress, and govern the entire nation and globe, while holding even most of our representation hostage ... again ... stop the $$buck$$ and this worn out way of campaigning and funding, and this shit will cease to gain any ground, bottom line. And rest assured, plenty are working on that.

But one of the main reason's I wanted to post this, is because over the last few dayz, the panic response has been enormous ... I mean ... heading's like "Obama Signed Martial Law", "It's the End for America", etc, etc ... mostly from the left and right both blaming the entire thing on the President because he signed it. I mean ... what the fuck did we expect the President to do, on a cleverly legislated piece, that want's to make Capitalism Hill and ground's sacred and off limit's to folk's who may take pop shot's (gun- fire) at politician's? The issue should only be, that this make's any restricted area or government area anywhere's vulnerable to suppressing protest's/ free speech ... and what is "peaceful or violent" (assembly) by todayz politically correct wimpy definition's too? The law is written to where a burger joint frequented by any of these diplomat's/ dignitaries, or any politically protected politician's, corporate figure's, or Secret Service personel may be at.

But still ... no biggie, that it's being blown up to be ... it hasnt been much in mainstream news only because they are also dictated to do what their told to a degree, especially in major election year's ... and right now the hot plate to feed the masses is these goofball's they have campaigning to run against the President in November 2012. First place this will be challenged to the max from every avenue when push come's to shove, in every damn court from the top on down coast to coast, and every other way it can. They gonna felonize and lock down million's of people? Who's gonna pay for it? How much economic and political disruption will it cause? Sure ... some journalist's are saying they are scared to cover thing's under these condition's or will have to go anonymous, folk's saying they will be afraid to hold up sign's and voice loudly in public, etc, etc ... if this scare's you, or sitting in a jail cell for a few dayz ... dont cover/ do it, plain and simple. But million's are going to and their not going to hide either, or be afraid ... you can also find plenty of solidarity and support behind bar's too : )

But this talk about "martial law" ... again as I previously said time and again ... you would never need to declare martial law, unless of course your politically suicidal, heh, heh, heh, heh, heh : ) ... they just put lil law's in place here and there to criminalize everything, the same way they make a buck doing it . No, I cant blame this on the President! ... nonsense ... he didnt write the bloody bill, any more than "God" wrote the Holy Bible : ) ... and what was he supposed to do? tell his colleague's and his own familia that he wont sign a bill to give them protection on their turf? ... this was passed so quick and almost unanimously in Congress, it was bipartisan with everyone jumping all over it ... they usually cant get a goddamn thing done, but they can get this shit done in a jiffy ... show's you how thing's work up there, eh? This WILL be challenged ... enough said.

***** "First Amendment to the United States Constitution"

***** ACLU: How BIG a Deal is H.R. 347, That "Criminalizing Protest" Bill?

***** FACTCHECK.ORG: Obama Criminalize Free Speech?

US Tightens up on Protesting ... Thanx to RTAMERICA

H.R. 347 Explained ... Thanx to LEAKSOURCEARCHIVE



Thursday, March 15, 2012


A couple recent video's below for Part 13 of this series. And for anyone who stumble's across this post that never read a thing I wrote otherwise ... I am very pro- business, energies, free market, conservative on economic's, etc, etc. I call it still Global Warming, because that's what it is, I dont snowball myself with politipop bullshit ... but it is also Climate Change ... you see ... again ... the climate change is natural over 100's of million's of year's ... but our species contribute's to the "acceleration" of it, which defies natural order as well as common sense. No doubt we are so advanced that we can control much alot of the time, but we cannot control all of the time. Part of understanding and dealing with these issue's, is being able to look in the mirror at ourselves and realizing what we do.

I sure as Hell am not trying to put petro/ energy giant's out of business, just asking for folk's to simply spend a lil more money and stop being so tight- fisted, it's very pro- business and a sure winner any way you slice it, you CANNOT lose ... only gain. The new excuse is that now we cant stop it, after year's/ decade's of denying it existed ... what will be the new pro- pollution marketing slogan? When will we realize and use common sense that we are excessively greedy and filthy as a species? and start to act in a balanced way? ... you can bet your ass nature is balanced, and what doesnt balance in nature, will get balanced in time. We can play game's all we want and rathole everything manmade we want and learn through experience's that will drive us deeper into a hole with miseries ... or we can invest, pay the proper fee, get off our asses to change with it.



Cost of Climate Change ... Thanx to SENATORSANDERS

REPORT: NYC, Southern Calif, Among Big Target's of Accelerating Sea Level Rise ... Thanx to PBSNEWSHOUR

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

TEXAPLEX: 21st Century TEXAS' "Golden Triangle" (Taste of Texas PT.11)

Part 11 of "Taste of Texas" will be a short marketing video of what is called here in the Lone Star State, the "Texaplex", or what some local's look at as a metro triangle of sort. Out of the 25.7 million resident's in Texas, over 20 million live in this area of Texas, so much is concentrated as far as business in this area. This is one of the few reason's why the recession hasnt really hit here very hard. Wherever you go in this triangle ... the business and construction is booming, period. Some think that it's to credit strictly to no state income tax, mega oil and banking, however, I am confident with more regulation and even downsizing and more competition, this place will sustain a constant. When I first came here in the early part of the 1970's living in Houston first, I actually expected this, some local Texas native folks I told back then ... kind of chuckled, but they didnt see what I seen on how the Southern California area went through this before, just like when I told folk's that Dallas- Fort Worth will merge as one town, today it is. I could just sense it, and I'm confident it's a sure mega market of the future as well, I know a good bet when I see it usually.

Business in 21st century Texas is very diversified, with a sprawl of other smaller cities and region's throughout the state with plenty to offer as well. But this triangular section is responsible for the majority of economic growth overall. Of course you have issue's/ problem's, but that's just to deal with like anywhere's else, it's just a matter of not talking and taking action ... I am confident that there will be much change here sooner than folk's here expect.

TEXAPLEX 2- by David Winans (31 October 2011) ... Thanx to TEXAPLEX


***** RCJ (related posting) "TEXAS WIND FARM'S" ... A look at 21st Century Texas Wildcatting


Tuesday, March 13, 2012

SUZE ORMAN (PT.3) ... "THINK!!" ... "Getting BONED with your Student LOAN" (Some Morning Breakfast For Thought PT.4)

Despite all the criticism and joke's about Suze Orman ... I still think she make's alot of sense, so for year's I have listened to her ... and most of the time she has been on target. Beside's ... coming from a $400 a month waitress job living in her vehicle, to being worth now $25 million from "actually working", she's got my vote!

Some morning breakfast for thought below because we are beginning to spend more and getting in debt more ... once again on the merry- go- round. I know that job's/ employment have increased/ risen ... but you also have to look carefully at "what" kind of job's, payscale's, longevity, and how much and what way you want to invest in the education or what level ... basically a key word here ... THINK!!

Suze Orman discusses student debt and the predatory lending practices of Sallie Mae ... Thanx to BCBSIL12 ... video recorded from "Remaking America Panel" 12 January 2012

College Graduates: Smart, Broke, and Unemployed ... Thanx to ThinkTank

***** RCJ: "SUZE ORMAN" PART'S 2 & 1

***** (Related Posting) RCJ: "STUDENT DEBT CRISIS ... The NEXT GENERATION: A look at Frustration nad Fear ... Solution and Strategy"


Blues Brothers- THINK (Aretha Franklin) ... Thanx to DHEGGO ... and to go along with breakfast and fitting, a lil wake up music from the Queen of Soul : ) ... this will also be included in the "RCJ MUSIC/ ARTS HONOUR ROLL SOCIETY"


Monday, March 12, 2012

KONY 2012: People DEMANDING JUSTICE & Empowering People or Humanitarian Rhetoric for Occupation?

This posting is an issue that I knew nothing about, yet have talked in this journal time and again about thing's like people empowering people, benefit's of this so called social media's in the people's interest's, these new austerity measure's going in wave's across the globe, and thing's related to OWS and "THE AWAKENING" series, etc. I'm not a humanitarian, but I'm also not anti- humanitarian either, in other word's ... I just dont believe that I should unconditionally "love" just anyone, including those who are against me, and I understand in a pop culture type mindset whether your left or right, that may be difficult to understand. I am compassionate though, I have recently took interest's in Syria, simply because I think that the slaughter has been a tad too much, more like an ethnic cleansing ordeal of sort ... yet at the same time ... some Syrian's may just want folk's like myself to stay out of their business too. Yet on another avenue in order to keep a fair and balanced perspective, I have to look at all side's, motive's, etc. I am one as you can see, that even's question's our own government, I have alwayz felt like that is a healthy part of the democracy end, and not just go on blind faith regardless of what side of the two polarizing evil's that I vote for ... I vote Democrat for instance ... but am not "married" as many to one party, or just one way of thinking, if that make's any sense.

But this video that has gotten so much atencion I had to post about, because the YouTube and media is saturated with it, and the 2012 election's are up, etc. The video alone (which is the last one here) is a real tear- jerker, but at the same time we know from experience that not everything is alwayz as it appear's, eh? So questioning is essential. 75 million or so has jumped on this video and the buck's are rolling in bigtime from the concerned masses ... it is also importante to seek accountability for every single dollar as well as questioning all political motive's and have a clear view of how the world really function's, for our own awareness, prosperity and defense. I dont know enough about the Ugandan issue here, beside's what I hear in media's, I havent even been to Uganda or Africa. But at the same time I could rattle on about government, religious, and social propaganda tool's and machine's endlessly, because that is how twisted and non straight forward this era is. This awareness and people empowering other's is a plus, but you still want to keep sharp, okay? Otherwise, you will be abused ... that's just the nature of the species currently.

So I chose to post first two video's from a couple guy's who do have many question's before the tear- jerker to be able to look at the film in a way looking at the other side of it as well ... and special Thanx to again RT AMERICA for covering this like such. As far as the bigtime support from the Hollywood star's ... it's great, but also I am more concerned with those in the trenches too ... I mean ... what Hollywood folk's do and how they live is a world of it's own ... if you been to Hollywood or Beverly Hills, you know what I mean ... so I cant just bank on the testimony of star celebrities either, without questioning. I am all for also helping allies who need help ... but at the same time question those in our government as you can see throughout this journal and looking at the motive's, incentive's etc ... and I also question how much we ignore with allies and why? No doubt that this Kony is pretty hardcore, I dont doubt some of the thing's he's been accused of, it's pretty typical of those type's.

The President has already sent in a military crew of approximately 100 to hunt this Kony character ... is and will he be that difficult to find? ... perhap's a new Boogeyman like Bin Laden to search for, for a decade, who is so clever to avoid capture? Seem's odd how we can get thing's done when our interest's and investor's are in on it ... but otherwise were on our own, eh? I also wonder if this man can be brought to justice or whatever folk's are demanding, simply by putting a bounty on him? The donation's coming from the people could be also used for such a bounty fee maybe, or even say some of them contract rent- a- mercenaries that we constantly buy/ rent to occupy countries after we withdraw, such as we done in Iraq, or have a covert Navy Seal's, CIA or other operation, perhap's the people with the donation's can hire some of these military and strategic covert plan's, eh? ... Oh ... I'm sorry, I forgot, only mega corporate entities that want to be "people" for election's reason's, yet dont want to be people when it come's to accountability and lawsuit's, and campaign funding, war/ occupation lobby money can only be spent in that manner by them, eh? Supposedly he isnt in Uganda anymore, so that's another guessing game as to where. The people put up alot of money and support, there shouldnt be too much problemo trying to capture him and his crew. But this should be interesting how this turn's out, especially any possible political impact as well here.

***** CNN: Joseph Kony Victim Demands Justice

***** CNN: Group behind anti- Kony video rebuts criticism, urges public pressure

KONY? What About America's War Criminal's? ... Thanx to RT AMERICA

Is Kony a Propaganda Campaign? ... Thanx to RTAMERICA



BLACK SABBATH PT.1: "War Pigs", "Sabbath Bloody Sabbath", & " Paranoid"

(left to right) Ozzy Osbourne, Geezer Butler, Tony Iommi & Bill Ward

This posting/ induction into the "RCJ MUSIC/ ART'S HONOUR ROLL SOCIETY" is another that's way past due, to honour "Black Sabbath" , and I have searched for some of the best footage audio and visual- wise I could of some of their root's/ foundation of the company, with the original line- up of Geezer Butler (bass), Tony Iommi (guitar's), Ozzy Osbourne (vocal's) and Bill Ward (drum's/ percussion's) over month's of cruisin YouTube, yet trying to keep it raw and not the huge production, just to kind of present a storyline if you will, of the theme's behind the composition's, and there are so many great's beside's these 3 that are even in the archive's of classic's of all time in this metal genre. And what a sound they created as well, and mega inspiration to metal from classic to black/ death, to speed metal across the board, even punk group's that have covered their worx to mainstream commercial pop music artist's.

The base foundation and composition that drove this to such a long success and existence, I have to credit alot to Mr. Iommi, although Ozzy as well had so much input on it ... my wife Rosalie is a fan especially of Tony's guitar work too. But to shorten some of what I have to say here, and let Wikipedia above cover much ... Sabbath, another blue's/ rock group out of the Birmingham (UK) area, didnt even have surely a direction or name for that matter in the late 1960's ... and it was a horror movie showing in a nearby theatre called "Black Sabbath" (early 1960's I believe) that inspired the group's deciding name, I know that they went for a tad by the name "Earth", and were impressed by the line's of people going to see this horror movie ... wanting to try something a lil different as well, they tuned down their guitar's, to give it more of a deep and darker tone/ sound ... and started incorporating everything into the lyric's from horror to the occult to politic's and war ... so their lyric's are importante here, setting a strong foundation and legacy. Even after Ozzy left the crew in the late 1970's, Iommi kept the theme strong, and even Ozzy solo with his own project achieved a Hell of alot of success! Well, the original line- up appear's to be re- united in late 2011. Even though they maintained such greatness after Ozzy with iconic vocalist's such as Ronnie James Dio (DIO) and folk's like Ian Gillan (Deep Purple), on classic fav album's such as "Dehumanizer" or other's.

The influence this crew had in music of this genre is incredible, in the rank's of Led Zeppelin and Hendrix even ... I mean like ... who out there hasnt covered Sabbath tune's playing this genre of music? How many great's have created cover's? (one excellent example here) How many bill's and jamm's have they been on with other great's over 4 decade's? An ex- girlfriend of mine who was an outstanding metal bassist "Margarita Salazar" (Margie) down Mexico way was mainly inspired by "Geezer Butler" . So many young artist's as well are inspired to this day by the early root's of this crew. Just a few month's ago I was browsing a music store, a kid (19 I found out later) was sitting on a amp cabinet trying out a new Gibson SG (guitar) ... belting out all these classic guitar lick's/ pattern's of Iommi/ Sabbath ... he absolutely blew me away, I just had to talk to him ... telling him, he really brought back some memories and I thought his work was great (sadly I cant remember the young man's name to post here). While I was blown away by his playing, he was blown away by the fact that I have actually seen Sabbath "live" back in the dayz of Ozzy and the original crew (I'm no chicken at 56 : ), all of the sudden this kid was questioning me on everything from distortion boxes, tube amp's, monitor's, wah- wah pedal's, etc ... I equally blown away by his knowledge of music! But yes, I have seen them back in the dayz as well as late, and even Ozzy's solo project ... probably one of the most memorable show's I attended had to be the "Sabbath Bloody Sabbath" tour back in the mid 1970's at the San Antonio Convention Center ... just a show that was to perfection, as well as seeing Ozzy's project in huge outdoor stadium's like the Cotton Bowl/ Dallas with crowd's peaking over 90,000 and huge stage tech's/ prop's/ production's.

But enough out of me here, and below from the early dayz to sampling the new live reunited sound of today ... Enjoy!

Black Sabbath- War Pigs - Live 1970 ... Thanx to BLACK SABBATH

Sabbath Bloody Sabbath FULL! ... Thanx to THEREVEREND748

Black Sabbath- Paranoid- Live 1970- (Subtitulada) ... Thanx to JUAMPE MARTINEZ S.


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