Wednesday, February 22, 2012

ICELAND: "Beauty IN The Beast" ... from Volcanic Fire & Ice to Flight of the Northern Light's (ABOVE & BELOW PT.6)

This Part 6 of "Above & Below" will just be some looksy at a place you may not hear too much about, but it's one of the most beautiful picturesque place's on the planet ... Iceland . While browsing so many of Iceland's volcanic, northern light's, and nature video's on YouTube, I couldnt help to choose a couple to post in this journal ... Enjoy! : )


Eyjafjallajokull Eruption Photo & Iceland Nature 2010 ... Thanx to MRPECHR

ICELAND. avi (Northern Light's) ... Thanx to ZALBAMARTIN



Sabrina said...

Weird that I saw this post today. I've been seeing packages to Iceland and it's not a place that I would normally consider but now it's near the top of my list.

Great job with your blog by the way! I really like it.

Ranch Chimp said...

Hi Sabrina! Thanx for dropping by and my apologies for the late response, I usually dont respond so late if I do, I was viewing your profile yesterday then got interrupted and tied up. You like the blog/ journal? ... that's great! I will stop by over there too. I really dont have anything planned on this blog, just a bunch of rambling's on differnt subject's and it dont get much traffic anywayz. See your in Pittsburgh ... I stayed there very shortly for a lil over a month year's back up on Mt. Washington with a friend, and absolutely loved Pittsburgh, just really had a great time in that town! (I went there from Montreal, and was destined for Houston, long story, but had a friend there) They still had street car's on Liberty St, and I would ride the incline up to the neighborhood at time's. Dont know about these dayz, but Pittsburgh was really tight back then, or I just had alot of luck : )

I havent been to Iceland, but just enjoying all the vid's on YouTube of it, wouldnt mind going myself at that.

Talk to ya later Sabrina, ad Thanx for your input here ....