Sunday, February 5, 2012

VOLCANO HOUSE/ SPACESHIP HOUSE/ EVIL LAIR? ... Whatever! ... A Look & Shout Out for the House in the House }: )

Anyone familiar with this area of the Mojave Desert know's of the awesome beauty in this area ... not only familiar with the area, I also had done some hunting out here when I was younger, even bow hunting, and it's one of my favourite area's of the country as well. Although it may seem desolate as Hell for mile's and mile's, it's only a lil over a half hour drive to Barstow (CA), which is a decent size town, and 2 hour's from Vegas or L.A., take your pick! But remote enough at the same time to give you that unique peaceful feeling, and nice little layout for an artist, or even a small home sound studio.

I just had to have this home in this journal after seeing/ reading about it, I never even reckonized it myself in the past, and used I- 40. I was somewhat shocked that this home hasnt been able to sell for like over 2 year's now ... I must be missing something here(?). The price being $750K frankly is a steal of a deal in my opinion, and I know damn well if I had the money, I would be out here giving this property a serious lookover. This place is totally kick ass in my opinion!

With 2 bedroom and 2 bath, not too big, but the space and floorplan with split level make's it very comfy and spacious looking, and not so confining. A carport for a few vehicle's, has a patio that entirely surround's it, beautiful fireplace in the center and bar, with glass transparent wall's surrounding it, great for small social gathering's, a solid structural awning as well all around to provide shade, a nice sized outdoor sundeck ... and the glass wall's also give it a romantic touch and erotic as well for those special time's with your partner! The roof is an observation deck and if you know this area, you know how awesome the star gazing is out here at night, and spectacular for the telescope! Also beside's 60+ acre's of property, a 2 level 1 bathroom, 1 bedroom guest house at the bottom of the hill with an outdoor patio, and your own lake/ reservoir. I'm not sure about the energy source, but this would also be ideal to invest in solar panel's too.

CURBED NATIONAL: Buy a House at the Very Top of a Volcano for less than $1M

Spaceship house on a volcano ... Thanx to CNN MONEY



BBC said...

I've been in that area many times and never heard of it, would be okay if you want to get away from it all I guess, and like the worst part of that dessert.

Barstow, Ca, is the asshole of Ca.

I lived in Kingman, Az. for a year and it was much nicer there, my son lived in Lost Wages so we would run 66 on my murder cycles and tear through the desert in my old Olds, good days.

And beating the shit out of rattle snakes with a tire iron was fun also. :-)

Ranch Chimp said...

Geeeezzz Billy! You sure as Hell brought back some ole memories there! I lived in Vegas too, and my Dad alwayz called it "Lost Wages" (dad worked the casino's is why) I happen to like Barstow Billy : ( BTW ... that's not the worst part of the desert, remember, it's in the east Mojave (San Bernardino County), the west Mojave is different and a tad harsher, I've covered the Mojave.

Thanx for your input Billy ....

Ranch Chimp said...

Swap "East & West" Billy on my above comment response to you (I'm on lunch and just happened to read this again) ... being the "East" Mojave is harsher. I mixed them up looking at the continental geo's instead of regional.

Ranch Chimp said...

Also, you must be very fast and good with a tire iron if you can get up on rattle snake's and beat the shit out of them, I think that would be difficult to do ... and I wouldnt consider it fun, or any animal ... but that's just me. I hunted and killed animal's, but never for entertainment, I kill and eat basically.

BBC said...

I killed them because they are assholes that would bite us or one of Marie's horses.