Thursday, February 2, 2012

PRO DEMOCRACY DICTATORSHIP GAME'S: "Intoxicating Ourselves with Bullshit instead of Booze" (Mo of Yo Money PT.3)

For Part 3 of "Mo of Yo Money", is another issue that I have brought up time and again throughout this journal about my questioning our agenda in so many countries around the world, and our budding into everyone else's business, so again I can compile some of this in this one posting. First of all, it create's opposition to U.S. policy, undermines and degrade's the meaning of "democracy", which in turn lead's to terrorism, sabotage, kidnapping, resentment, etc on us and our allies, and social unrest in their countries ... and those who dictate this (our representation and those who dictate them) never feel any of these backlashes period, only us, and those people in them countries, to create this new- wave non democratic form of democracy, period. Bottom line ... a large portion of our tax money is used to enslave and imprison other's abroad, and now even us. And we ask ourselves "What can we do about it?" ... yet the majority of us dont even vote or try to do anything.

Instead, every time we invade one of these nation's in some fashion, we American's are jumping for joy, slamming drinx and partying, talking shit like "we freed the people" ... simply because we toppled and killed one shitty leader and now replaced it with another one who does whatever we tell them. The point is ... you can put in all the leadership you want and manipulate thought, etc ... but you cant create actual change and peace unless it's in the people's heart and interest, and where they "choose" to go and do. Same as creating Palestinian and Israeli peace for example I have used before ... the leader's meet, shake hand's, talk about their love for each other, etc, etc .... but the question is ... "the people"? ... do they feel the same way as those in the palace's making these agreement's?, eh? ... simple. It can be done, but it has to be in the people's interest's and will to do so ... that's what we dont get. The people we have engineering this, dont get it, and use strategies that are clearly deceptive and then cheat the people, and create more conflict's than those nation's initially had. It's easy to place a group of millionaire's or whatever in a conference room where they have a few drinx and become friend's and chat ... I mean ... we do it ourselves all the time in bar's/ social club's/ gathering's ... yet we and they forget in the process, the reality of the rest of the world around us and the nature and need's of the people, basically intoxicating ourselves with bullshit instead of booze (alcohol).

I'm certainly not against helping any nation who want's to be allies with us and in some way "share" and/ or return the favour, but I am against going into countries/ territories and telling folk's what to do in their own territory. Take Afghanistan for instance ... we have a puppet leader in place, that many question, and all these atrocities that go on, just like the other day when a man murdered his wife for giving birth to a girl instead of a boy, we whined in our media's, yet that same leader we support, goes along with it ... and we spent billion's and 10 year's in that nation, thinking were there to free folk's from these thing's, yet they still run rampant, and we "keep" feeding the fire. Look at Iraq 2012 ... is it really better than when Saddam ruled it? there's constant conflict and bloodshed, there's thousand's of Iraqi's lining the street's for day labour, because foreign corporation's/ interest's came in and brought worker's in from countries where the worker's will work for lesser wage's than Iraqi's, and even stay in labour type camp's/ compound's away from their families while they do nothing but slave for these entities ... and we call this "free" or even "democratic" ... even when people voice and rebel of this in the street's ... our newly trained Iraqi force's kill the people right on the street's and brutalize them ... and our representation in Washington actually support's this, yet on camera tell us they are against tyranny, oppression, and inhumane treatment etc, etc ... I mean ... which is it?

We also use the claim of much being in "defense" ... again ... I have never felt a threat unless we are "under attack" (physical attack, not 'woof ticket's' of shit talking), and I am positive that we have the defensive capability to challenge and counter any attack drawn on us ... so to me, that is more nonsensical talk. Yet ... at the same time, we keep supporting those in our political representation that do and support this, and accept that they spend so much of our money to continue this without trying to stop it. While we accept simultaneously that we are in a financial rut ... then accept thing's like cut's to our entitlement social programmes, institution's, infrastructure repair, education, health, etc, etc. We bitch about these too big to fail institution's yet stand in line to do business with them ... even everyone in Washington from the President on down the line allow this, yet speak against it. And I'm not being unfair here, we have gave these folk's year's and year's to change ... we ourselves have neglected to change.

A few link's for read and video below I chose to add ....

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***** COLOR REVOLUTIONS AND GEOPOLITICS: Regime Change Inc. : Peter Ackerman's Quest to topple Tyranny (2005)

The Changing Face of U.S. Regime Change ... Thanx to RTAMERICA




Demeur said...

It's very easy to see the underlying causes of what's going on in the world today RC. Look no farther than where the money is going to know. We install dictators so we can rob a country of it's assets. When that dictator has finished his usefulness we cast him out for a replacement. In that process is yet more theft because war is big business. Eisenhower warned us about this over 50 years ago.

Also I hope you'll drop the term "entitlement". Of course I'm entitled to things I paid for. This was a republican thing to make our social programs sound as if we were stealing money from other taxpayers.

BBC said...

I'm past giving a shit.

Ranch Chimp said...

Demeur ... Yeah, as far as dictator's, following money, war as big business, etc ... that's percisely my point in this journal of getting rid of the deadwood and moving to the next level.

As far as dropping the term "entitlement" ... everything that "we" pay for domestically is an entitlement, and since were paying we should take back what's our's ... everything from those programme's, to the libraries, to our post office's, and everything else they are trying to take and privatize ... but "no" I wont stop using the term, it doesnt matter to me who created it, I'm not left or right ... anymore than I'll change using the term "global warming" either, period.

Thank's for your input Demeur ....

Ranch Chimp said...

I already know you dont give a shit Billy : )