Friday, February 17, 2012

SLAVERY & INVOLUNTARY SERVITUDE in America's 19th to 21st Centuries (Black History Month PT. 3) & (Incarcerated American PT.10)

This is another posting that will serve 2 series of this journal ... the "Incarcerated American" and "Black History Month" series both. The video and read below is not so pleasant in much, and can be a tad disturbing or graphic perhap's, but it is a reality ... and there is ton's of documentation to this, although it hasnt been mainstream too much until the last few year's. But I look at it simply as a part of African American History as well ... is it not? The positive part to this is looking at the strength and determination of some of these folk's, considering what they had to endure and how far they have came.

You may wonder what in Hell does this have to do though with today and incarcerated American's of the 21st century? Everything actually ... as I posted here in "Part One" of the "Incarcerated American" series. You see 'Slavery' still exist's ... now it just caught up with the new civilized time's, and now incoporate's all race's at the bottom of the class level's of society (classes that are purposely created to stay in that class), and went global. In ancient Egypt for instance, you slaved and got a roof and meal's, in 19th/ 20th century America, like in other countries around the globe over centuries, they targeted a particular culture/ race and enslaved them much through criminalizing them, and this was with force and harsher condition's, when slave's were freed in America ... what did they do? Simply find another way to enslave those they targeted, etc ... but slavery in some form still exist's any way you slice it, today it's just more elaborately sugar- coated.

The big bank's that control for instance the education extension loan's especially today have "slave's" for life, believe me (guide your children and grand children well) ... if your a student and go into nearly $100K of debt before your 30 and cant even file bankruptcy, your going to be paying your wage's to them for maybe the largest portion of your life, like a dog running in circle's trying to catch it's tail, etc. Yet the way it's designed is that many are also raped/ robbed of their accomplishment's and not rewarded in a balanced way on merit, you have to get the formal education to get into the system and accepted, yet you learned nothing in many cases but how to talk in support of it, and how to make those who dictate money, instead of how to make money for yourself, get my drift? So whether it's a slave master of old, or a new corporate/ banking master, their flunky pre- paid political representation ... you shouldnt give any respect to that which has no respect for you. Their "elite"? ... shit ... dont kid yourself, most of them could never endure what these folk's do and wouldnt last a week in real society, or could even give a halfway decent dayz work for that matter ... basically their not shit, and simply have alot of money they stole and made off the back's of other's ... so who is the real "criminal's" ask yourself? Look at true strength and not based on what someone else tell's you.

I will continue to hammer these issue's as well, although they may not be that attractive or popular, because it's sort of a personal commitment thing for me. This phoney manipulated mindset we live in will change in time ... trust me.

'Slavery By Another Name' Relays the forgotten stories of post- Civil War Slavery ... Thanx to PBSNEWSHOUR

This is link below is the full video "Slavery By Another Name" and I recommend viewing it, it's about 1hr/ 25 min long, but if it's too long, you can alwayz do like I do and watch it in part's ... you can also purchase the DVD here.

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Modern Day Slavery: Racism and the Drug War ... Thanx to AMERICANDRUGWAR



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Beach Bum said...

Another angle on this slavery issue is how migrant workers are often treated. Back in the 1970's federal law enforcement agents busted farms where migrants were being held against their will until completion of the harvest.

I have all idea it still occurs even now.

Ranch Chimp said...

Indeed Bum ...another big issue and of course a mega money maker. Alot today is where folk's are brought in and then locked into endless labour as payment for bringing them here, unofficial phoney contract's and such ... long story how it work's. I have a neighbor and friend (Pedro) who is a tradesman (electrical, HVAC, plumbing, etc) and has his own small business, he came from Hondurus about 5 year's back and accidently because he replaced his brother who was supposed to be smuggled in ... but it's complex too, I will try to post on it in the near future. Today, he even paid to have built a new home for his mom back there, and now own's a small apartment complex of a dozen unit's back in Hondurus (spelling?) that he get's rent from. Many are not as lucky as Pedro though.

Thanx for your input here Bum ....