Monday, February 13, 2012

USPS PT. 2: Sen. Claire McCaskill pushes to delay Post Office closing's (How To Privatize America PT.8)

This PT.8 of "How to Privatize America" and PT.2 of "USPS" is an update on what is happening with this USPS "Death Spiral", as Sen. McCaskill put's it. The Senator is another one stepping out of the box like Sen. Sanders and trying to stop this, or at least get a time delay for a couple year's to try to give the USPS time to restructure ... but understand that most of the representation in Washington will avoid this like a plague ... yet ... this will be one Hell of a big issue when it's brought to the table. Right now we are distracted with these political campaign's, debate's and related "go nowhere's" political entertainment, most of the major media is not covering this hardly, and for good reason ... no one want's to dig too much into this, it screw's with the political bullshit were being fed. McCaskill like Sanders, is stepping up to the plate on this, and this is a big one. This also show's you who is working and who is playing.

In Washington you have basically two type's ... "leader's" and "follower's", folk's like McCaskill chose to lead and do what is in the peoples interest's basically. The Republican's will turn on her, being paid basically to do so, and many Democrat's in her own party will simply ignore the issue till it come's to light when post office's start closing their door's coast to coast. But both these parties will politically play this if it start's becoming big talk this summer ... Why? because of strictly the election's, they will just lay back silent and watch the poll's and how the vote's go in the house, and whichever get's the most popularity, they will use it as a political wedge basically ... "wedge" being a line of bullshit and gimmick's to shove up the voter's asses. But also especially expect for Republican's to flip- flop and start to indirectly support delaying this, because of political desperation, if and when it start's to get showcased alot in media's and demand from the people. But most of their mouth's are like a broken record, repeating the same shit they hear off each other, and not really standing up to the plate, taking a stand and leading.

"IF" McCaskill can influence enough to delay these closure's, that's a plus, we can only vote and sign petition's and thankfully we have movement's like OWS and affiliate's who are also going to jump on this. This is being showcased right now because of Sanders and McCaskill in Missouri and Vermont ... but believe me ... it will hit the nation coast to coast if they pull this off, and start the death spiral in full gear. The USPS as you may know is basically being held hostage, being forced to cover benefit's and so forth for 75 year's down the road ... only to try to make it fail, the objective is of course "privatization" and the 10's of billion's annually to be made off it. There are even alot more other service's that I could list off beside's what the Senator's spoke of that can revitalize it and make it competitive, Washington has NOT allowed them to.

***** KMBC.COM: McCaskill: Rural Post Offices Need Reprieve

***** LABOR NOTES: What's Behind Postal Crisis? Privatization


McCaskill Pushes For Rural Post Offices ... Thanx to NBCACTIONNEWS



BBC said...

The party is over, nothing is going to get fixed, the human experiment is on it's last days, we're just dragging it out as long as we can.

So try to find interesting things to do and post about them, while you still can.

Let your daughter worry about the future and fixing it, it's her future.

Ranch Chimp said...

Maybe it's all over to you Billy, and that's fine and your choice, it's not for me though. I write what I write, period. What you write is your business, period. As far as what I do with my time or what I choose ... that isnt your decision, or what I do with my time ... I do what I want, period ... if you dont like the long post's that you alwayz say for me to stop writing, dont waste your time reading it, there's a million other thing's to read. If you have any comment's about my familia whatsoever ... you call the phone number and talk to me that is posted, that's my home number, or if you were closer, you tell me face to face, period ... you get my drift, eh Bud?

You leave comment's here constantly either complaining and/ or worrying about how I'm wasting my time, worry about your own time and interest's Guy.

lime said...

wanted to say thanks for stopping by my place. hope you have a nice valentine's day as well.

it really is sad how the folks tasked with leading this country seem perfectly content to run it into the ground, isn't it?

Ranch Chimp said...

Hey Lime ... I just got a good laugh out of the Valentines day posting you had up. As far as the politcal mess ... well, it should get some sweeping change's in a lil more time and alot more transparent as well, what we have right now, is not very much useful in any way.

Thanx for your input and visit here Lime ....