Thursday, February 9, 2012


A lil out of the ordinary posting for this journal, but a very importante issue, so I wanted to post on this, even though it isnt popular with alot of folk's that I personally know. But there's million's of American's like myself, that depend on these label's and are concerned with this issue, so it's only fair to consumer's. The talk out of those in these food's industries, is that they of course are doing what regulation's and law's require, and of course I appreciate that as a consumer, but I also know about business, and how watchdog's are needed to constantly keep up with this. I also heard arguement's that consumer's should be sharper, more intelligent and aware, etc, etc ... not expecting for government to protect them from everything ... which is also fine ... but ya'll make goddamn sure to remember who payroll's our government and these agencies, as well as ya'll's industries with our consumption and spending. And also a reminder for all these folk's about "thinking of the kid's", since they are alwayz talking about it.

Also what inspire's this posting is, 2011 I hooked up with my doctor and started a health sort of diet, which include's examining of these labels on product's ... I mean, I was mid 50's, overweight, and ate good for year's, "good" here meaning the usual unhealthy, fattening, and processed shit, pig out buffet's and barbeque's, and ton's of Tex-Mex, that smother's American's and especially Texan's eating ... which I love, but it dont love me. As a result as well in just a matter of month's, I had such weight loss, that I actually asked my doctor if something was wrong? ... he kind of chuckled and said something like ... "No ... your doing fine Thomas, I wish alot of my patient's in your age range were as open to this and not so stubborn" ... having went back to the weight I was back in my 20's. Believe it or not ... just simply cutting all the food's, soda's, and junk that I taken in for year's with minimal excercise at that done this, and eating whole grain's, health type food's, etc. But what bring's me to this, is when I first started on this and visiting supermarket's (I ate out alot prior to this), I started reading label's and the advertising closely, which was recommended to me ... and as I suspected ... there was just too much bullshit in it all after taking that 2nd glance. And this was the worst part ... because I soon realized that every goddamn thing was saturated also with sodium, sugar's, fat's, calories out the ass, etc.

It's no goddamn wonder that obesity, diabetes, and all kind's of other shit plague our nation, and rapantly at that amongst our young people. I was somewhat shocked taking that closer look at what we eat, yet at the same time like many other's, I ignored these thing's for year's. I mean like almost everything had some "health" or "whole grain" labeling/ advertising shit on it ... like even kid's cereal's out of curiosity I looked at, that were obviously ill, were labeled as being a healthy source of this or that, fiber, etc ... and the chemical's was unbelievable ... I couldnt even understand what half the shit was in it as a consumer at time's without having some college education in these science's. It was like recipe's for weapon's of mass(es) destruction. Even fast food joint's advertise certain order's/ plate's, as being wholesome or a great source of fiber, whole grain bread's, or other bullshit.

I live right by the major intersection of Marsh Ln & Forest Ln in NW Dallas ... there are 3 major supermarket's at this intersection ... an Albertsons, Tom Thumb/ Safeway and a Sprouts, which is a farmers market like chain with alot of the whole food's stuff, etc ... then another half dozen or so within a couple mile radius of the major chain market's and Wal- Mart Market, etc. All of these market's have advertising out the ass inside of health food's, etc ... the most straight up out of all the market's and choice for me is Sprouts for instance. But to me, even though the FDA has a so called grasp on everything, it aint good enough. I want to be fair here, because over this piece that ABC News covered, there is alot of bitching out of big business ... and I'm not trying to accuse anyone here of out to be harming folk's/ consumer's ... but when I hear these folk's constantly bitching about regulation's in food's labeling, especially to our representation in Washington, it's a bit much, with the endless complaint's that consumer's and government are trying to put them all out of business ... frankly ya'll are putting your customer's out of business, which in turn will affect ya'll's business/ profit's in time ... get the fuck over it!

I know alot of folk's as well that do not like to talk about these thing's, and I understand ... because we love what we eat, watch our own selves on what we eat, etc. Yes, we have our own responsibilities, and one of those is also being aware of this deceptive advertising and making aware through our government and agencies of such ... were saturated with so much bullshit to begin with, I see no shortage of it. It should be of concern what is being advertised ... and believe me ... it's only a matter of time as well before folk's start to wake up to these so called "energy drinx" as well, which are consumed almost as much as morning coffee by American's. Back a year ago or so I heard talk out of some politician's (GOP side) ... that was actually against these basic consumer protection's as well, even wanting to cut certain agencies from existing, to so call "tighten our spending" ... when we should be cutting their goddamn salaries and pet project's spending to "save" as well ... whining that it's all bad for business ... a rainy goddamn day is bad for the car wash business too ... bitch about that.

I'm trying to be as fair as possible as well, in the link's and such I posted below ... so the reader doesnt just automatically assume that I am some anti business health freak of sort ... understand that I have to be aware as a consumer of these thing's, especially at my age (56), and concerned with it for my grandchildren and their friend's as well. Also importante to know, that the whole food's market's like mentioned above are very competitive in price's with these mega chain market's, so it isnt like you have to make alot of money to eat better either, and they have really a great selection of food's as well, so it's not as bland as some may think either. And Thanx to ABC News/ Diane Sawyer for partly inspiring the title of this posting.

***** ABC NEWS/ MEDICAL UNIT: Companies Not Telling The Whole Truth About Whole Grains the read and other for above here.

***** WHOLE GRAINS COUNCIL: ABC News on Whole Grain labeling

***** FOOD CONSULTING COMPANY: Nutrition, Labeling, Regulatory ... Question's & Answer's

The video below is just for humour, a look at a McDonald's cheeseburger and french fries meal after 4 years .... now that's what I would call a "happy meal" {:-)

McDonald's 4 Year Old Cheeseburger Video ... Thanx to DIETHEALTH



Infidel753 said...

A valuable post, and congratulations on the dietary changes. Once you start looking into the calories and additives in popular foods, it can be shocking what's there.

And yes, it's terrible what's happening with a lot of young people these days. You just have to look at them.

If any food company lobbies against food labeling, be very suspicious -- food labeling is just information -- if they object to it, there must be something they don't want you to know.

BBC said...

I'm not trying to live healthy but am going to tap some Red Alder trees, lots of good things in the sap for ya.

Gonna tap some maple trees and make some good syrup also.

Other than that I get by just fine with Jack in The Box hamburgers and light beer. :-)

Ranch Chimp said...

I shit you not Infodell ... I have even heard political talk time and again out of the right/ republican programming, especially in the Metroplex (Dallas/ Fort Worth), that not only complained about food labeling, but also the new guideline's for fast food place's like Micky D's as far as having info of concern on their public menu's that are displayed. It's simple for me Guy ... if you sell a product to the public, you shouldnt have any problemo providing that product's info, ingredient's, track record, etc. And it's not only food, but anything or talk of some kind of transparency, accountability, etc ... you know the score. I just advocate simple basic straight business, and everyone benefit's in the long term.

The weight loss thing was a little suprising because I didnt expect such a drop in weight, just from simply cutting these type food's, soda's, snack's, etc ... so that there told me that something is up with the "food's" we eat. In other word's, if you lose 60 pound's over just several month's, without trying to, no strenuous excercise, no diet pill's, or gimmick's, but just stopping eating the usual ... you know it must be the "food", plain and simple.

Thanx for your input Infodell ....

Ranch Chimp said...

I hear ya Billy ... like I said, I know alot of folk's that dont like to hear this stuff and that's cool, many folk's that I know love their food's ... it's like tradition here in Texas, fried chicken, barbecue, TexMex, buffet's galore, etc. When I was at my daughter's house for Christmas to be Santa for the kid's, they had a shit load of food's, and I was pestered all night, how come I'm not eating, drinking, etc, etc? When I say that I have changed my diet, they pester me saying "It's Christmas Eve though Tom, you can splurge a lil, etc", I just didnt see no reason to pig out regardless of what holiday or whatever it was. But I did eat, I ate a few thing's, but nothing that was fat, sugar, sodium, fried, etc ... some folk's feel offended when their company dont pig out or overindulge in a way. And Yes ... I even drank a bottle of beer ... which was the last time I drank a beer, being Christmas Eve at my daughter's home. Yes, I like "Jack In The Box" too, so I'm not against them at all, their stuff taste's great, but I'm just getting a lil too old to be able to keep up with alot of stuff that I liked. To each their own Billy.

Thanx for your voice here ....

Ranch Chimp said...

Correction onthe weight loss number's, it would be 55 pound loss at last check, I only check when I visited the doctor, but it wasnt too sudden, the last check over a month ago was a 35 pound total from that check period, and 20 pound's prior when I first started losing. The reason why I questioned it with the doctor in concern, was only because my clothes started getting too big for me, and it seemed odd, not noticing I reckon cause I see myself daily and dont weigh myself at home.