Saturday, February 4, 2012

AMERICAN POLITIC'S/ VOTING 2012: ... The "Political Pot Pie" & "Politipop Paddy Wagon" (THE AWAKENING PT.13)

Part 13 of "The Awakening" will look at the vote and choice's in America currently, and the state of the state, due much to our political representation ... I mean, people in other democratic countries of the globe probably get a laugh out of our politic's, and I dont blame them. It is funny, but at the same time, increasingly frustrating, because again ... we just go in circle's. I supported so many of the President's proposal's as well, which are even truely bipartisan, but even the President, or any President obviously is not able to move forward because of the deep monetary corruption in our representation. And even more nauseating is the political media's, becoming harder the closer we get to these election's, to actually find something without a left/ right slant and just focusing on the issue's and reality, instead of the petty biased bullshit that smother's political talk.

I have been voting Democrat, only as a choice of the lesser of two evil's ... I dont exclusively agree with the left or the right, and never really did, I cant count how many time's I have been asked by folk's on both of these side's, which side am I on?, after they may listen to an opinion of mine, both suspecting that I am on whatever side their opponent is. The majority of folk's that vote and in the political media's who feed and attack each other simutaneously are mainly on Politipop Paddy Wagon's that are all driving themselves to jail basically, the way they think at time's and fight over this day old Political Pot Pie that's pretty much a waste. I dont even try to explain anymore how I think and/ or favour political side's ... it's downright pointless and a waste of time ... I mean, if someone cant even vision anything out of the box their in, you couldnt hit them in the head with a brick and make them understand. But yeah ... million's like myself are totally burned out on this.






(REPUBLICAN'S) GOP Race: Idiot for President ... Thanx to RTAMERICA

(DEMOCRAT'S) See No Evil, Hear No Evil ... Thanx to RTAMERICA

In the meantime while still caught in this rat- trap .... Below a short preview vid clip of an upcoming interview with Senator Sanders ... this is currently probably the most importante issue in this nation concerning politic's we have now dominating, that in turn will affect everything else damn near. Again ... clean this up to some degree, and we would actually have a much better system even while keeping a democrat/ republican majority. The Senator and many other's are working on this, even in individual state's this issue is being hammered. Activism, signing petition's, pressuring Washington and local government's can work, bottom line ... and will work in just a matter of time, bank on it.


(SOLUTION'S) Senator Bernie Sanders on Campaign Finance reform preview ... Thanx to SAMBELLAVANCE


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