Thursday, February 23, 2012

CHINA 2012: "Foxconn/ Apple" and The "Up's & Down's" of New Frontier's ... (CHINA THE SLEEPING GIANT PT.4)

This Part 4 of "China: the Sleeping Giant" will be not to look at China in particular, but a look at Foxconn and Apple more than anything, it is good to be aware of what corporation's support and do what. I of course have alot of faith in the country of China, I feel it will be a giant even more in the future and a great partner as well, and even be an attractive place for many American's to move and start a small business ... it's just a matter of time and working out difference's.

I also had familia (nephew) who recently moved to the City of Beijing , taking a job over there, and so far he absolutely love's it, the subwayz are easy to learn, very good service, and from the photo's he sent, it appear's to also have some awesome sculptural public art and architecture ... said that the people are actually more friendly than Texas even and very respectful. He also said that the price's/ cost of living is very moderate, much is cheaper than Dallas, but electronic's/ tech's are about the highest thing there. Dallas has a very low cost of living compared to the 3 larger metro area's in the U.S., New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago. I also hear that China is about the hottest place on the globe for new entrepreneur's and business start's ... Dallas is also one of the easiest and best U.S. cities for this too ... anyone who been in this town know's how business active it is, and it's constant changing face ... but town's like Beijing make Dallas look too regulated! imagine that, if your a Dallasite especially! : )

But also as I said, this posting is not to criticize China, understand that it's a new frontier in capitalism, trying alot of new thing's and idea's and havent worked out all the bug's yet ... it's fresh in this style of open market's, and even they have to be careful of western influence, and especially the corrupt neo- corporate communism of the west ... because today China is like the wild, wild west of business and boom! At the same time, China doesnt have the best history of human or even worker's right's, lousy at that ... but ... I believe that the Chinese people want to change this and be playing partner's, and in time as I pointed out in past posting's ... China may be even a more attractive place than America to live. What we see here below I exclusively credit to folk's like Foxconn and Apple ... they "chose" this and will continue as long as no one step's up to the plate, same as other corporate giant's. These unfortunate thing's will be worked out in time, I call it "corporate" is because this is what they want to do worldwide, the same with buying all our government, shutting down union's, and privatizing everything, as I have covered in other posting's ... China is in a way a victim to this new style mass market and outside corporate icon's as well.

I also recommend watching the full 17/ 18 minute Nightline video segment of this.

***** ABCNEWS: A Trip to The iFactory: 'Nightline' Get's an Unprecedented Glimpse Inside Apple's Chinese Core ... this is newsread and additional video's.


Foxconn: An exclusive inside look ... Thanx to ABCNEWS

A couple more video's worth the listen that I wanted to add below from RTAMERICA

China rebuilding America's infrastructure? ... Thanx to RTAMERICA

Paul Craig Roberts: China isnt to blame for a weak US economy ... Thanx to RTAMERICA

***** POST NOTE: Also to add here, is that I also was inspired for this update posting on China, not only because of the new news from above, like RTAmerica & ABC, but because time and again I seem to hear a tone of resentment toward's China. Just the other day in some small chat with a couple guy's (Brad & Dave) ... both great guy's and love America, was even crediting alot of job loss in this country to the outsourcing of job's/ manufacturing in China. I realize the hurt, I myself time and again have stressed we need investment's to be stronger here from someone, somehow, but also "our hurt" is mild considering what it could be right now ... I know what it's like to have to try to "find" product's "Made in USA" in a large retailer like WalMart, etc ... it's almost impossible, but getting better and hopefully will balance out a lil more in time. But is this the "fault" of China? ... No, it's the fault of the west, we made this reality we have, and those we elect over and over decade after decade, and the way we consume these slave labour wage product's in mass, and turn our head's.

And one fella/ neighbour (Wolf/ Wolfgang) the other day even mentioned about the growing tension's between our two countries and a military stand- off as well, so this is something I hear about first hand just in casual chat from average folk's too. Look ... like I told ole Wolf the other day ... if "we decide" to have military friction with this country, it will be the "choice" of our representation, not the Chinese or American people's. As far as I'm concerned ... Yes, if I was China I would have concern with all the western intervention and influence, and also look what Wall St alone done to us (America) ... would you be concerned? And if needed to flex some muscle for show, I feel it is justified on their part. Too many time's we are telling everyone else on the globe what they need and have to do ... and in the case with China, who made our economic woe's recently a tad better with dollar's they loaned us that they made off of us ... they have a "fair" right to question and even oppose some of our wayz and/ or proposal's ... it was us who made them in large what they are today, and they been returning the favour in business, investment's, trade. We have this attitude of us being No#1 forever and controlling the globe with our wayz and rule's, yet dont realize how good we have it when we can have allies that are great partner's for business too.

I dont want tension's to grow between us, but to keep good friend's and for both us to learn, grow, change, and improve our wayz is all. I dont care about being No# 2, 3, or 4, I care about living as comfortable as possible and doing well, not a number, or being the head hog, and having to babysit all the globe. Working together with a giant like China, can only benefit both our people's in the long run.


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