Wednesday, January 19, 2011

CHINA: the "Sleeping Giant" (PART 3) "Trick's of the Trade's" ... CONGRATULATION'S PRESIDENT'S Barack Obama and Hu Jintao

First of all ... this Part 3 of "China: the "Sleeping Giant" ..." will be also a commemorative posting and something I was commenting on doing in the last posting to a fellow blogger "Beach Bum" . But this is something I been waiting for, for awhile as you can see in part's 1 & 2 below, and it is really importante for the next step of our transition. So to me it call's for a lil celebration in these trying time's ... and a BIG CONGRATULATION'S to President Barrack Obama and also President Hu Jintao! And to President Obama ... this is your moment to shine Sir! (play your hand well Sir) ... like former President Reagan did with the former USSR! Especially with all the souring relation's there has been between us rising in recent year's, and President Obama's last visit to China, not going so well ... but this show's that China want's to at least try, and is at least a decent first step. And bottom line, whether we like it or not ... China has been positioning itself and has the clout to do so, we will either play together as a team with China accepting us as so, or China will turn on us completely, we need them as well, and at the same time, we are their biggest client/ customer. I just would like this to work out better than past dealing's is all, and this is "opportunity". A couple link's and video below, then a few word's I will toss in.

POST NOTE ADDITION: China is one of 3 countries that I am concerned with, regardless that they are a "communist regime", we dont like it, but we didnt choose and create it, it was other's who invested for long into China, so all these especially Republican politician's bellyaching about human right's issue's all of the sudden is silly, and strictly political, it was their supporter's too that were your primary investor's, so dont lay this mess on President Obama either. Those 3 countries that I am concerned with is for the same reason's. Your 3 countries that are the largest holder's of U.S. debt as of Oct. 2010 are China with over $906 billion, 2nd is Japan with over $877 billion, 3rd is UK with over $477 billion. What's next that the GOP will whine about ... China's emission's? ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh ... your 3 highest carbon dioxide emission's output countries are China, USA, and Russia ... so put the political nonsense to the side and let's talk real business ... especially who supported and done what over the last decade alone.



**** A FEW UPDATE'S/ VIDEO'S ... PRES. OBAMA ... NICE JOB SIR! **** (There's alot of opposition here as well to this in our political circle's already you can see) ... IT'S REMARKABLE HOW MANY REPUBLICAN'S SUDDENLY TURNED INTO "HUMANITARIAN'S" OVERNIGHT, IT SEEM'S. :)

I know, I know .... why would I be so happy over the rise of China in this ... well as you know ... there is a "flip side" to every coin ... and even other angle's to look at that coin as well ... there is never one absolute side in these type issue's, and frankly despite all the talk that will come from many, especially those American's that dont like this President Obama and worry about the Chinese taking over the world, but understand, China will play a major part in the world any way we slice it ... they should be especially having a sigh of relief on this one. Look ... America right now is in a very tight situation, and we have took a major hit financially, what's done is done, our country was sold out year's ago by our rep's and the special interest's, we are in a lower position than what we were at a point in our history ... if we continue to hold grudge's on what's been already done and what we cant change ... we will fall more (economically speaking). Right now looking at the world market's and all the math, I want relation's between our two countries especially to be better, so we can address issue's at the same table without grudge's, and since they have so much clout and investment's here, which we cant change. I mean ... all us working and middle classes as it is cant even go in a mainsteam store in this nation without having to buy China good's, our bloody loan's, mortgage's, investment portfolio's, and so much else is backed by their interest's and trust. We put ourselves in the position we are, like it or not. And President Obama know's this, and is why he is trying so hard as well, because of the importance of this, to yes ... even us in the long haul.

I am very concerned over China more than any of these countries were in battle at ... Iraq or Afghanistan ... because it's too late to turn back the clock ... China is a big player ... they are also one's who will not take a shaft, or back seat on the bus ... and they own alot of us as it is. I could care less about being enemies with Iraq or Afghanistan ... I do care about being enemies with China, to make our global economic transition more easy on us ... they have alot of power in this. Yes ... human right's is a very importante issue, and China frankly dont have the same ... let's say ... moral standard's on those thing's, but we all knew this year's ago when we kept voting over and over for the same deadwood politician's that was letting special interest's control it ... so our position/ situation isnt because of China ... it's because we ignored taking care of business different in the past, and this is a result ... we were asleep at the wheel, while China was positioning themselves to move ahead in "their" interest's, we are the one's who supported all those who represented us in the past. No ... I dont want to do business with a country that has horrid human right's issue's of past, but this country basically "own's" so much of us as it is, so maybe we can reach some common ground and change this by working our two culture's of younger generation's side by side.

Let me explain here ... Yes ... it has been very frustrating in these time's and for year's, all the unfair, and unbalanced trade practice's with folk's such as especially China. It has also been depressing that so much of our country was up for sale to even folk's like China, the human right's issue's that have plagued China for decade's that we didnt like, the list goes on, but you cant change the past ... you can change the future, and it's best to let the past stay in the past. At the same time ... these major corporation's also played a helping hand in making this possible, because this has been in the work's for a couple of decade's, so it's been a long and sometime's frustrating wait. This is just the start, so there's still alot to iron out ... but a GREAT start ... and as I posted in the earlier part one, I also admire President Hu Jintao and his "technocrat's" for the new direction's/ horizon's they seek to explore, which will change the face of this "sleeping giant" for the next generation, from the old way's of China ... but ... there will be some distrust at first as well ... and I dont blame China one bit if they distrust more than we do, they have a Hell of alot at stake as well. As I've said earlier ... they may still be a communist regime, but this will certainly change the face and especially the direction. Yes ... there are some serious trade and currency issue's as well ... since the "dollar" has been the currency of choice for year's in the global market's arena, and China want's to change that and make their currency a stronger player, their currency hasnt had fair value, which is fine, as long as we can get by the trick's of the trade's.

The importante thing for America as odd as this sound's ... is not about walking around with this sign on our back about being No.#1 ... but taking a vacation from babysitting the entire globe and letting some other mega power's take a more active role. The next step of importance to America ... is to make sure in these transition's ... we are competitive player's in the arena and strong ... these hard time's we are having are mild compared to what it could be ... so dont worry about being 2nd, 3rd, or 4th place, and have more concern on doing for America and holding our own, so that we just dont become a new 3rd world country and dumping ground just for immigrant's that are sent here to get rid of elsewhere's. China want's to make sure their way's are respected ... and we also need this. Also another step is to be more interactive amongst our culture's ... and when China benefit's ... we will if we play this hand right. When the new huge middle class of China start's to emerge ... they will also challenge and question their own government's domestic policies more, and slowly this government and our's will have different view's than of past toward's each other and the people's. Another thing I'm grateful for, is that this government isnt controlled by bloody fanaticism religious element's (geeez ... what a blessing!) ... they are "technocrat's" ... and I frankly think most of them could give a rat's ass less about religion ... or worried if their politician's attend church or if their muslim or christian.

One of the best thing's about this ... is that ... both side's want to see a little more downsizing of this "too big to fail" corporate icon's that have jeopardized both our economies, which can also play as reason to be more regulative of these institution's now being one of the same economic coalition and entity "officially", and encourage downsizing some, more oversight's and such, to collapse this old system and change it, and making it so there are more incentive's and reason's to do so. India will also be a big player to come, and this is also good news, especially getting just China and India to agree to sit at the same table in this ... believe me ... this will all change the old way of doing economic's and will be a huge help to us as well ... we have been taking on more than our fair share of work and responsibilities in the world for long ... they will have to be more active ... and they will have too much vested interest's here to ignore our experience and participation and/ or advice where needed ... and this is also a blow to terror group's across the world! Now also we will have to make sure Russia will play ball as well, and not start to instigate conflict's with China too ... because Russia is more concerned in their role as well than we may realize, which if both these side's dont compromise with each other and share common ground's and goal's ... it can be a large conflict to come between these two (Russia and China) ... so there is alot of work ahead for all too.

Yes, China has been sponsoring enormous mining project's, including Afghanistan, and domestically in new coal plant's ... BUT ... they were actually pushed into this as well ... as their part to offer, but they are also investing big time in green tech's, infrastructure, etc. One of the other major importante factor's in this ... is this threat worldwide of fundamoralist's in religion's, because they hate capitalism, democracy, etc ... and we have been target's more and more of terrorism ... so this is also going to obstruct plan's for these group's ... they hate unity of any kind of their enemies. This also will make China have to change some of their position's on issue's dealing with some folk's such as North Korea, and other's ... after all ... it's new business measure's that need to be in place for all parties best interest's. We also had problem's, because China had so many US dollar's ... and oddly we were getting credit from China to loan to us, so that we can spend it on a mass of their product's and their own investment's ... kind of like an in- house credit line to a store to buy their good's ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh ... their loaning money to us, to spend on them and getting their loan's back in "dollar's" ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh ... so of course their (China) worried about the "dollar" and how much they have and what value it will sustain, and worried that they may get screwed in this new game their engaging in ... in a way ... even though it was frustrating and complicated ... it was also hilarious of the idea we been operating this way! :)

But enough said for now ....

POST NOTE: Look ... I know how some American's feel on this ... I mean, we get the shaft for year's as far as trade and such, then this happen's and were having to "kiss up" ... I dont like it myself. But this isnt some po- dunk country we drop a couple billion on a year to have some strategic/ defensive advantage regionally on. This is a country that has over a billion population more than us, that was probably our largest trade source for year's ... they have so much tied into our financial sector's, manufacturing, etc. They were targeted year's ago by big business for investment reason's ... as a big future business client, they had cheap labour galore, too much poverty and problem's, lot's of potential consumer's if they took the more popular capitalism trail, as far as potential progress, investor's wanted them as much as they wanted India, plus it help's defense situation's as far as alliance's. Unfortunately they are too big to fail in a way. The last thing I want, is to be enemies with a country that hold's so much interest's with our investment's/ finance/ trade ... and being on such a positive growth path after year's of deteriorating infrastructure, poverty, and a real mess. I'm a salesman type, I want you to have progress and be a partner so we can do as President Obama said ... work and compete together. Nor do I want this country to especially fail in these time's and fall back on the decline, because they are too financially woven into our system ... they start to go back downhill instead of uphill with a population like that, we cant do nothing but feel a financial and trade ripple effect on us some how. And right now is not the best time to get hammered with more financial misery ... I'm concerned as it is that we dont take another hit in 2011, if some of the municipal bond's and other investment's take a hit, so many of middle American's has money in and their portfolio's and retirement's depend on ... some already took a hit and lost up to 50% of their investment's back in "08" as it is, then having to pay additional management fee's out the ass to those managing their portfolio's and investment's, because they didnt have time to, we sure dont need any more.

I dont even like having to try to figure this out ... I had a bloody mess all week alone trying to race the clock and figure out who to put money on for the Super Bowl as it is!



Beach Bum said...

We put ourselves in the position we are, like it or not.

I agree completely, and it shows us to be the short sighted and selfish people many say we have become.

I do care about being enemies with China, to make our global economic transition more easy on us ... they have alot of power...

Absolutely right again and I find it funny ass Hell that many of the people whining about the coming Chinese boogeyman still support the excessive free trade policies that got us in this mess. Joe Scarborough is one of the people I am talking about.

The importante thing for America as odd as this sound's ... is not about walking around with this sign on our back about being No.#1 ... but taking a vacation from babysitting the entire globe and letting some other mega power's take a more active role.

America simply can't afford to be the world cop anymore and its another thing that pisses me off about the republicans who talk about deficits one minute then talk about winning the war in Afghanistan the next. It simply isn't possible.

Personally I do not want to see America retreat from the world scene for several reasons. Not to sound like a warmonger but a big one is that while I have no problem with the rise of China all countries ultimately act in their own self interest and China could and is acting in many way as selfish and power hungry as any rising world power before them.

Got to run, want to say more but got to make dinner.

Ranch Chimp said...

Hey Bum!

I just got done with some lasagna myself and it was killer too!

As far as China acting power hungry as other's before them, you are absolutely right on that Bum, these folk's play hard ball everytime too, and YES ... I do believe that the root of the regime want's world dominance personally speaking. How could I possibly support a Pres. at that like Hu Jintao? ... Jintao I actually see as somewhat of a moderate, a different breed let's say from those in the bedrock, I am looking for a open door is all, because I realize what kind of country this can be and the mess that they could create, I am looking just to plant a few seed's and relax some of the tension's, and hope to sow a more better crop later. I also feel that the young generation's of China because of past oppression's want real change ... I believe if they just get a taste of more progress, and a sliver of more freedom, that this country will change drastically within the next couple decade's. They are a very old school solid country for longer than most on the globe. It's a touchy move indeed, but I feel a certain amount of confidence due to the investment/ holding's factor's, plus I am one who solidly believe's like the President (Obama) ... that action need's to be taken on a global level about the banking investment system of the globe, and downsizing these "too big to fail" establishment's that have too much control, they wont go to the poor house by tightening up on them, and everyone else will become winner's. We cant do this without all the major government structure's of the globe in some type of unity. China already has experienced some of the hazzard's of western capitalism recently when all these western investor's started buying up too much of their real estate, there is a flip side there too ... on one hand they learn they have to make stricter regulation's in order to survive and get dealt a fair hand, on the other side it open's them up to other investment possibilities as world player's looking for associate's and team player's. I do realize the crap shoot and gamble ... but it's one I would take a shot at and put some money on.

I can rattle about this for hour's Guy ... thanx for your voice here Bum.

Ranch Chimp said...

That's also another great point you make Bum as far as being the cop's of the world, this is something that has sickened me for year's, and one of the reason's I dont care about having some title as "No.#1" ... I'm more like the EU mind ... BTW ...EU is actually very economically powerful, last I heard they were the strongest, despite some countries there that have been taking hit's. But back to the cop thing ... geeezzz ... we have been cop's, guardian angel's, welcome wagon's and food/ monitary hand out center's for every bloody uncontributing nation of the globe! I am so sick and tired of supporting a few po dunk nation's that are not in our regional area's, totally against our wayz, unproductive in almost every avenue of business without us putting up all the front money and management, with government's that seem to never be able to get their act together, we have been holding everyone's hand's for year's. I mean ... how long does sit take folk's to get the act together?

Prash said...

hey what are the other two countries you are concerned about apart China ?

I remember attending a talk show by a former Ambassador of China to Paris... and this happened in Hong Kong last year. He was clearly telling the position of China to chinese students in the Baptist University of Hong Kong... how China never wants to be a front runner of the world and never wants to be a leader and never confronts a country for war and how it deals with bi-lateral win win deals with every country instead of forming a regional group or whatever... of course there are loads of contradictory facts of what the former Ambassador said... but it really depicts the official version of the Chinese govt. to their citizens... he also said "look how west looked at China two decades ago and look how they are looking at us... be proud my chinese young fellow students"...

Ranch Chimp said...

Good Morning Evening Prash, and thanx for droppin in .... Uh ... countries that concern me? ... Well, mainly as I posted ... being UK and Japan .... because of how much of our debt's all these 3 countries hold. Look ... I just see potential in China Guy ... I realize their past histories and alot of folk's are angry about them, I feel we can have a great furure together basically, but nothing come's easy .... and I really feel that China is on a path that want's to see change.

A few other favourite countries of mine (although I havent been to them) would be France, Germany, Denmark, Brazil, Canada (I been to) to name a few. Plus I alway's been a big fan of the Japanese culture and technological advancement's.

Later Guy ....

Ranch Chimp said...

Also I want to add Prash, that I feel Russia and India a very imprtante player's here, and both bof those countries have been a focus as well. As far as those who in America just want to walk around with a sign that sez were No#1, that's fine too, to each their own ... but for me I never cared much about being No#1 at much of anything, but more at being competitive and strong, influencial, unique if anything ... but the No#1 stuff ... nope ... dont care. :)