Saturday, January 22, 2011

"PORTLANDIA" ... "Portland (PDX- OR) ... Last of the Great American Cities" PART 2

This Part 2 of "Portland (PDX- OR) ... Last of the Great American cities" will be to take a look at a new IFC cable tele series of comedy called "Portlandia". I dont keep up much with any mainstream tele or film's as I would like to, but had the opportunity last night to catch the debut of this new show on IFC ... since PDX is one of my favourite American town's. But it was really cool and tasteful, and well worth viewing, so I wanted to do this posting for a taste of it.



Portlandia: Dream of the 90s (HQ) ... Thanx to NIKITA ANTONOV



Infidel753 said...

Oh, that's hilarious -- I wish the part about young people retiring were true! But there's some truth in it. And as you know, we really do have a tram.

Ranch Chimp said...

Yep Infodel ... I rode the Tram too, and a beautiful view from on there, and the deck ontop where it goes.

Of course from my experience, there is alot more to PDX than just the subculture as well, but it's all around a great town, and they utilize their land well, have a very efficient transit system, lot's of tree's in the city, etc.

Another great point I noticed there, was plenty of place's to drop off item's for recycling (automated center's), and the system set up for it, make's it convenient. It was also remarkable as large of a town it was, how it appeared to be fairly clean, not just in the well off area's.

As for the USA though ... it's a one of a kind town.

Thanx for your voice here Guy!

Rita said...

I watched the 1st episode of Portlandia on Hulu the other night. I thought it was very clever & entertaining. :)

Beach Bum said...

Sounds great, I'll have to surf over to Hulu and watch it. Believe it or not Charleston here in South Carolina serves the same "alternate universe" function here. Down there the freer spirits are allowed to live and prosper and the mindless political crap is largely blunted.

Ranch Chimp said...

Thank You for your information here Rita and visit, I didnt know that this was on HULU. But I thought it was entertaining, and I love PDX's alternative scene.

Have a good un Rita ....

Ranch Chimp said...

Hey Bum .... Many people dont know that unless they have some contact with those into these scene's, as you were talking about Charleston. But YES ... I have heard plenty about Charleston too, but there has been a strong alternative scene for year's generally also in the Southeastern USA, in town's as well as Mobile(AL), Atlanta has a fairly good size one, Biloxi (MS) Macon (GA) etc ... and one of the reason's those area's has also been attractive at drawing this are because of the lower cost's of living and having easy access to properties, loose regulation's, etc ... I know quite a few folk's that were active in those area's. Many folk's though in mainstream America wouldnt even think this, because when they think of these area's, they think of the "south" in a traditional way of thought. Place's like Mississippi for instance are really cool place's in their small alternative scene's for year's back even. Kind of like when people think of Nashville(TN) they only think of Country music, but Nashville also is one on the best alternative music cities in the nation. In Portland (PDX) though ... it has become it's own mainstream and identifiable with the cities overall culture. The only other city that this is so prevalent in the USA is actually in Texas, the City of Austin, many folk's wouldnt think that either, simply because of the overall view of what Texas is. Chicago probably has about the best post modern industrial music scene in the country as well (just for the record's)... this is where all the WaxTrax legend's started out, and the underground of Chicago is really kick ass, although a really different flavour than PDX, because of style ... Chicago would be more like what the Vancouver (BC) scene hold's on. It is more mainstream in PDX than underground, and what make's PDX so unique as well. But the whole City of PDX is so cool too, because it's also about thing's that I write about, being alot of inde business .... so many large US cities are so corporate and commercial strictly these day's ... you see .... I believe that we can still thrive as a nation and well, with even smaller companies.

But thanx for your input here Bum, and mentioning Charleston too.