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This "Sexploitation Nation" series will be another mini series for this journal, to take a look at the issue's surrounding sexuality and how our society respond's to it. This posting here is not to attack the organization of NOW , nor the great State of California either, but to take a look at the condition of what is happening even all across America, and the fact that Hooters has been a target of NOW in this state for some time. But two week's ago when this first came up (Dec. 22, 2010), my daughter couldnt believe this ... and she had some word's to express of her own on this, because ... well ... she GOES to Hooters ... and describe's it as ... fair food, very familia type oriented, the place to take in a sport's game and a few drink's with friend's and/ or a place to bring business client's to for a more laid back and casual setting. I have never once been to Hooters ... but not because I'm against it ... I simply never got around to it, and Dallas is saturated with restaraunte place's, and sport's bar's/ eateries, etc. ... Yes ... including ... Hooters, which it is also known in the Dallas Area as a familia type place. A video below from CNN ... then some word's of my own on this.


And if you think this is really out there, you hadnt seen nothing ... just check out this "Sexploitation Nation PT.1" , where kiddie doll's are attacked ... YES, DOLL'S.

HLN: Should children be allowed in Hooters? ... Thanx to HLN

I have never really followed the agenda's of NOW much ... but just thought of them for all the great thing's they done for women's right's ... such as backing women who had wage or harassment dispute's, etc. And we know how sex slavery, human trafficking, child porn, etc are really serious issue's. But at the same time, I actually credit alot of sexual crime's to how we simply treat sexuality. If we had legalized and regulated/ zoned prostitution for instance as just one example ... you could have controlled enviroment's, make taxes instead of spending taxes, clean up alot of the drug issue's, jail's, STD's, and get real protection for gal's and young men who are victim to these slave market's, as some I point out here . This nation especially has such a hang up with sex across the board ... I mean ... you get it from the left and the right both ... and everything is a lengthy issue, that get's hammered like to the max, over some of the most simplest shit ... like this. And this series will definitely focus on that.

As far as the kiddie shirt's or clothing ... for Pete's Sake ... my daughter describe's it as nothing more than simply a novelty item of sort, that you buy simply like a T-shirt saying that you been to a certain place and/ or some simple comical remark's on it. The list is actually endless of what you could attack if you really were compulsive, annoyed, and disturbed enough over sex to do so. Where does it end? What's next? For crying out loud ... the swimming pool 20'ft or so from my front door ... has ladies and girl's dressed in a Hell of alot less than this during the warmer month's ... including ... yes ... my own daughter who I live with. I can turn on the tele, and get more than that ... or walking through a public park ... should we attack the network's, the park board's, etc?

I'm sure NOW President Bellasalma is sincere here ... she seem's truely bothered over this ... and I can understand concern over children, being a father of daughter's, I mean she really sound's sincere and frankly look's quite miserable and disturbed talking about it. But I have to go with Vice Pres of Hooters Mktg here McNeil and agree with him. Also note that in the start, Pres. Bellasalma clearly state's that Hooters "definitely" sell's sex to children (accusation's that this enterprise has acted knowingly/ willingly in/ and/ or crime's of pedophilia, and not in compliance of state law's also as far as selling in the adult entertainment industry) ... now mind you ... this is national tele/ news accusing this business enterprise of just that ... I mean ... that statement alone is solid ground's for a serious lawsuit against NOW, from a legal perspective of course. As the lady who called in pointed out, about having beautiful women who may not all be covered to what folk's may find "proper" or whatever ... what do we do? Should we just make thing's like some Taliban requirement's in Afghanistan or elsewhere's and just throw a bloody tent over women head to toe? Yet the hypocritical part to all of this ... is how we also market to women the item's that they demand to enhance their beauty and dress as well .... which they obviously want ... or the companies wouldnt be in business. Look ... it's quite simple for me ... if you dont want to work at an establishment like this ... dont apply ... if you dont choose to dine there ... dont ... if you dont want your children around there ... keep them away. Nothing is forcing anyone to do business there. These folk's like Hooters are not trying to corrupt little girl's with a conspiracy of sort to do so. If you want to really do some good ... attack those who prefer to marry 8 year old girl's because of culture/ religion ... and torture them, beat/ assault them if they decline to go along, girl's who are even denied a basic education for not going along. Geeeezzz ...

Enough said ....



Demeur said...

Considering we have the internet and kids have more smarts in using it I'd say Nows' concerns are a little misplaced. When you can go into a local library and watch a young lad watch porn on a supposed filtered computer then you have a problem. But the real issue is how mom and dad treat the subject and teach their children.

Infidel753 said...

I actually credit alot of sexual crime's to how we simply treat sexuality. If we had legalized and regulated/ zoned prostitution for instance as just one example ...

The issue is similar to the drug problem, or at least the agitators in this case are trying to push it in that direction.

Hooters is a legal business which has a lot to lose if it were to act abusively (if it were to tolerate sexual harassment of children on its premises, for example). For that reason, we can be confident that it won't do that.

If the agitators succeed in driving businesses like Hooters out into the murky world of the semi-legal, there will be a lot less such assurance. Notice how liquor stores (which are legal) are very careful not to sell to underage customers, whereas with a drug pusher you wouldn't feel nearly as sure. He's already illegal and condemned as evil, so where's his incentive to follow the rules?

I agree totally with your last few lines. There's enough horror going on in the Islamic world to keep the feminist movement fully occupied without wasting its energies on something as harmless as Hooters.

Ranch Chimp said...

Good Evening/ Morning Demeur! (It's 1:41am here in Dallas)

But ... I was a tad suprised of the hard line gung ho work to go after Hooters from now .... geeez ... especially with all the shit currently going on, like the guy's all over tele today down in LA Area ... who are accused of sexually assaulting disabled women and filming it in a hospice care type rehab place ... then having crack head's sell the video's on the street at $20 buck's a pop ... you wont hear much attack on them.

But yeah ... your right Demeur as far as kid's being smart, etc, kid's are going to find wayz to see/ view what they want if they choose ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh ... just go on YouTube and see some of the shit kid's themselves post! :) When I was a kid you didnt have internet, or even video(1960's) ... but alot of kid's were swapping Penthouse/ Playboy book's in school ... and hiding under staircases to look at chick's walk up the stairs at school or this one dude we knew actually put a small mirror on his shoe, so when he was standing by a gal he could get a view up under her dress ... this didnt happen? or we didnt have this when we were kid's, we tell our kid's? Well ... where I went to school it certainly went on ... and adult's didnt have no influence on it or over it whatsoever.

Thanx Guy for your input here.

Ranch Chimp said...

Howdy Infodel!

Back around a decade or so ago ... a company I was with in printing/ graphic art's ... we had a tech come in from Germany to set up some new equipment we bought from a German company (expensive shit, like a million dollar piece of equipment), he was a mid 30's gent, and spoke fairly good english, from a small city of 50,000 population in Germany. I spent a week with him after work, showing him around Dallas ... which he totally freaked out, because to him it was so big, fast and alot of crime compared to where he was born and raised in Germany. He wanted to visit a strip club here, which also had a few gal's selling sex too. Which he thought was really big, swanky and cool ... he discribed the brothel's back home, but they didnt have the music and dancing or large as these. I told him ... "This is illegal here Guy" he freaked out ... but I told him dont worry, since he's from out of the country, because the cop's are paid off ... no hassle's, etc. But just the thought that he was in an "illegal" establishment freaked him out ... because all the sex establishment's from what he told me back in his small German town were legal. Yep ... back in his little city ... the crime was much less, the sex was all open and legal, and the tension was alot less, and he said very laid back compared to Dallas, and he even said it was alot cleaner ... hmmmm ... imagine that! he even told me that the gal's had retirement plan's and dental coverage too, back home. No worry about disease, or paying off cop's, etc, etc. We learned alot from each other that week, and it was alot of fun for us both.

As far as going after islamo- fascism type's or the street thug's in this business ... I think these folk's are scared to deal with them, either out of fear of physical harm, or because they are a culture/ religion that is politically correct to ignore. But that's just my opinion ... I mean ... alot of these folk's basically talk out of both side's of their mouth, they'll condemn and attack one group or whatever, then turn a blind eye to the other's as if they dont exist or what they do.

Thanx for your opinion and word's here Infodel ....

Ranch Chimp said...

A trippy thought for me Infodel ... was trying to imagine what sport's bar venue's must be like in a place like Afghanistan and/ or their equivalent to a Hooters type venue ... I mean ... like I'm picturing these chic's with them tent like or KKK like black covering's they wear handing out/ serving food and refreshment's ... that would be totally out there Guy!

Infidel753 said...

and he even said it was alot cleaner ... hmmmm ... imagine that!

I've been to Germany. Everything there is so clean it's unbelievable. It's the culture.

trying to imagine what sport's bar venue's must be like in a place like Afghanistan and/ or their equivalent to a Hooters type venue

If they even had places like that, there would be goats, not women.