Tuesday, January 18, 2011

MEGA MINING: ... It's all about JOB'S and putting FOOD on the table? (Global Gold Rush Part 2)

Part 2 here of "Global Gold Rush" will just take a look at the mining of gold being done now ... but just all part of what has become "Mega Mining", so this isnt just about gold either, but the massive mining all over the globe being done, including what's about to come once we stabilize Afghanistan (for the Chinese) ... and of course ... British Petro ... yep ... the same one that had that accident in the US Gulf of Mexico, because they were trying to maximize profit's (ended up rather losing profit's as a result) ... are in Russia as well with plan's to move on the Artic Region's next for new drilling. Even the former Tony Hayward CEO is at the top of their list to run thing's ... of course he's still hurting from the tongue lashing our representative's on the Hill gave him last year ... you know ... the same rep's that marched the other bunch of billionaire investment banker's to the Hill questioning bailout money, then using billion's of our tax dollar's to pay them off too ... look's like getting marched to the Hill for a tongue lashing is well worth the pay off, heh?

I am not with any enviromental group, I am very pro business even, nor have I ever owned one of these inefficient overpriced electric car's, which we are told will save the enviroment ... in fact the only folk's doing a bloody thing about enviromental concern's is the people at that, yet we pay still for everything, and those who yet do nothing keep reaping the reward's for the most well paid occupation's in today's world ... doing nothing. I brought up before about this gold rush thing over the last couple year's from time to time, because of all the effort's being done to get folk's gold now ... oh ... they will pay you cash. Cash is nice, but gold is nicer, rest assured, and no one can say what the dollar is going to be in the next few year's, as far as value or exchange rate's, etc ... and the dollar been for year's the world market's currency of choice, however ... you can bet China and even Russia want to change that, or where inflation is going because the economy is still not stable despite all the talk. A buddy the other day here in the neighborhood was looking at a new cash for gold joint down the street with all their advertising ... and said "Great! ... (he just got laid off) ... my wife has alot of familia gold we can sell". I told him I would wait and not be so thirsty right now (sell back some of the cheap electronic's from Asia he spent a fortune on over the last few year's, dont give them actual valuable's, but the same junk they sell to us in bulk), he asked why? So I explained the market show to him in detail, but of course, it's their gold and their choice. Speculator's in the market's are telling folk's also to invest in it (speculator's being the one's who are buying it all up, and taking the lowest grade's to market ... not all gold's are the same, do your homework if this is your thing) and some forecast that the price will even go up to $5000 (per ounce) in a couple year's ... I wouldnt buy that at face value either ... although I would expect $2K or $3K possibly, and then if and when it got to that I would consider maybe selling ... I'm not over greedy.

And this isnt to attack this mining company or any company, but the hope's that soon (which frankly couldnt be soon enough) we will be able to get rid of our way's, and those who run thing's now with their excessive greed, and new generation's of leadership and coalition's to put a stop to alot of this drilling and mining of an earth we have treated with so much disregard for too long with the filthy way's of our species and overall mindset. They will tell you it's about job's, which it's actually more about spending $300 per ounce in employment/ equipment to mine it, and getting $1400 per ounce payback and even a rise to come, so it's substantial profit considering investment ... usually getting their miner's/ worker's to make public announcement's how they couldnt afford the crap plan insurance they sell you for their familia's and put food on their table, send their children to school, etc, etc ... the list is endless of why we spend decade's debating over the same thing's, our excuses, etc. now you see why all the wealth is where it is, and we are where we are ... "motive". There are many new green technologies that are going to be sure winner's in the market's in year's to come ... you could invest in them market's as a future investment and still profit and create job's ... but they dont want to do this ... all they want to do is rape the earth inside out until there isnt a damn thing left to take. And to keep the masses in debt, worried, hungry and stuggling to catch up with their tail's, and be more and more dependent on them.

But the more we give, the more they will take ... that is why you have to draw the line and make new rule's to fit the time's and condition. And I feel we should be far more restrictive across the board on who can tear up/ apart what of our earth, forcing them indirectly to invest elsewhere's. The first video to me below is nauseating, because it is in our country (Nevada) ... since some other's ran them off. But also because this isnt even about energy need's or any need's beside's ratholing all the gold and mineral's on the globe at whatever cost of damage to the planet. Some believe there are enviromental hazzard's , and of course rent- a- scientist's of the corporation's will make up a term for you like "clean coal" or some other smokescreen technology that save's the enviroment by doing this, even have a dress down day for their employee's to wear their printed t- shirt's and jean's to work displaying how they are a "green" company ... when actually they are a "greed" company only. Whether your going 5 mile's into the ocean's or 2 mile's into the land ... there is nothing healthy about this for the enviroment any way you slice it or spin it. The 2nd video below that one is from 2009 (video updated because original video was deleted), in a small Argentine community, where some women with an enviromental statement and warning, blocked a road way for the mining company to enter to tear up their land ... only to have the men of the mining company with some government employee's, kick them around on the ground and manhandle them ... wow ... that's really brave, heh?

This posting is dedicated to my grandson's ... Jeremy, Jason, Jerome, Justin, my granddaughter Sharmaine, and their friend's.



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Beach Bum said...

Hey Ranch, sorry I haven't dropped by sooner.

...including what's about to come once we stabilize Afghanistan (for the Chinese)

Got to hand it to the Chinese, in the space of a couple of decades they have gone from a third-world country to an uncrowned Superpower with America looking more and more like a sick old man.

Their cornering the supplies of Rare Earth minerals is a master stroke that in my opinion has already gave them dominance over us.

The next twenty years will be devastating for the planet as all the big elite coporations move to secure resources. At some point though I believe Mother Earth will cull us humans down to a more managable size.

Ranch Chimp said...

Good Morning Bum!

Well ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh ... folk's wanted "change", and that's what were gonna get. But this China project and prospect has been being worked on for decade's ... alot had to do with former first Bush President George H.W. Bush ... back when he was unofficial ambassador to China. I say "unofficial" because at the time there was no ambassador officially there from the US ... and he held some other title position, but was getting very involved with business, connection's etc ... this of course handed down to his son (2nd Bush President) to continue working on, and a big plus factor was having Cheney as a big thinker, I mean .. little Bush is a player, but he loses alot too, Cheney is a great financial advisor for these type's of venture's. Anywayz ... it's all about market's/ business .. and China's technocrat's wanted a piece of the pie that other major western countries were getting, they just had a lousy economy and issue's, so there was a little something for everyone. But yes ... the most powerful region on earth in the near future will be that region with China, Russia, and India ... this is why also not just because of mining was Afghan territories importante, but to put that needed piece in the puzzle. I will do a posting more detailed on this, so thanx for bringing it up. Oddly we are in debt massively to China, because of borrowing, and China now is saturated with American dollar's, that we spent buying all their trade ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh ... we used them as a creditor basically to buy their shit. :) But all in all, bottom line ... is that China and US economies are "ONE" of the same, this is also why so much bailout money was needed from us the people ... because of promises and business as well in these market's. Long story though. A link below to a tad of it I posted back some time ago.


And yes ... that would be accurate .... mother nature will deal with human's, and other species also as a result of our action's basically.

Thanx for dropping in and adding here Bum! :)

Ranch Chimp said...

Also understand Bum ... that China wasnt the mastermind behind trying to corner mineral's ... it was the western investor's who are designing all this, China is just doing their part to be player's. They dont trust alot about us, and are also dependent on us, this is a country who's government owned over 80% of a their business, their taking gamble's as much as us, but the globe's major player's are the master's that hold all the card's, not any government or people. China like our government is basically doing what their told too. There's alot of this shit and it's long brother, believe me. At a time Guy .... EU countries (middle age's) were the power region's, then a couple centuries and after ... region's like US ... etc, etc ... this is just the next region is what I am saying. Not being No#1 Bum is actually a blessing in disguise, less responsibility and babysitting the rest of the world ... what's importante is to be a strong competitor. I dont play the No#1 game ... never did ... it's a "fool's game" actually that get's you nothing, and even more miseries. I say stay strong and competitive, because ... if we are not ... we could start on that path to becoming the largest new 3rd world country on the globe, and drop off point for unwanted migration from other nation's ... using us basically as a dumping ground .. and all our real talent from here being bought and shipped over to other nation's, long story as well ... but I will cover it. Thanx.

I was told/ advised to try to reduce the length of my comment's and use a little less profanity ... I am trying, but still need some work ... let's just say ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh ... I'm not No#1 at writing either. :)

Ranch Chimp said...

Sorry Bum and/ or whoever run's across this post and comment's. The comment I made to Bum ... the lick address I put there doesnt work, thought I knew why and tried something else, but "no go" ... however on my next China posting that will be incorporated.