Wednesday, January 12, 2011


This posting will be another political posting, but only to take a look at the reality that is increasingly more evident ... not posted to evoke sadness or misery, but to bring enlightenment actually through awareness. And credit to CNN and Anderson Cooper who get out these nitbit's here and there to so many million's of people too! And of course these type's of action's in recent political war's and desperation, especially from these neo right wing crowd's of current (and no ... these type's are not truely conservative either) , are so plentiful ... there are enough for the "Public to pick an Option" on, as per "what lube do you choose?" :) Another example of this "political virus" . And I dont take pleasure at all in writing about this political or even religious scene ... I would rather post art's/ music and other thing's more ... but do this as a personal commitment of this journal, and to give something back if I can to a society/ democracy that has done for me as well, and been more than fair to me, by exposing in my small way these thing's and/ or tip's is all ... not to gain a thing. I can honestly say that any miseries in life or hardship's of any kind were brought on by my own action's, not government, churches, or anyone else.

As far as any "change" were getting as President Obama tried so sincerely to do since he took office ... is great, but minimal compared to what we/ he could have accomplished if there were not so many people out to attack his proposal's and team. These puppet master politician's ... who are only mastered by the puppet master's of special interest's ... have been what so many folk's in America are beginning to get a clearer picture of, thank's to all the new communication's technologies too, which if were not careful, they will take further control of as well, such as our ability to make usage of internet the way we want as example ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh ... which they will disguise as another move for the "good" of all ... and they will probably even figure out a way knowing these tightwad bastard's, to try to charge us an additional fee for doing so at the same time! :)

But this kind of news is also enlightening to show us who is actually the enemy of progress in our nation as well ... many who may not be intentionally out to tear apart America, but thinking their actually saving it, whether they belong to a TeaBag group or whoever ... but simply been brainwashed by these master's, not just of the puppet's, but master's at propaganda. These small individual move's and action's let's you know through living proof who stand's on what and for what ... that they dont even realize how they are exposing themselves, and even damaging themselves as well, they are so desperate. But indeed as in this video below, this is shameful that those who represent us would resort to this lowest of the lowest. Frankly showing themselves as nothing more than a virus, than any representative of America or even agent's of so called change that they paint themselves as, and of course the various gift's and even pledge's you will receive for your vote . But it's importante to be aware of these move's, especially in time's as now ... I never even read much political stuff for year's, before I got a computer almost 3 year's ago, and didnt have much time anywayz for much ... I would just simply vote straight party, without much concern in the candidate's I was voting for. So it's not hard to let this blindside you, especially with all else your distracted with, and have to do.

***** CNN: KTH: Capitalizing on Tucson shooting tragedy? ... (newsvideo)

As a sort of theme song for this posting, it would have to be "Master Of Puppets", which of course partly inspired the title. "Metallica" , a great icon and truely unique as well as genius in the category of Heavy Metal, who have been true trendsetter's and influence to so many of today's musician's/ artist's even. I had the opportunity to meet and spend some time with over small chat, lead guitarist Kirk Hammett, and former bassist Cliff Burton (RIP) many year's ago when they were just a bunch of enthusiastic young men, who were thrilled in them day's, to just be a third in line bottom opening act for any major band ... they were full of talent, hungry, with not much money :) ... man oh man guy's ... look where ya'll are today, even in the "Hall of Fame" ... reckon all that hard work paid off ... and no one deserve's it more! Cliff by the way, unfortunately died in a tour bus accident.

Even though the music here is certainly a classic and masterpiece, more importante is the message to this in the lyric's (which are here if difficulty understanding in video) . The piece called "Master of Puppets" and this shoot/ video was in 1989 Seattle, I believe the song was first released in 1986 if I recall correctly. Enjoy!


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