Wednesday, January 5, 2011

OWEN HONORS (US NAVY) ... Honour's to Honors ... " I'm asking ... Please tell " : ) (VETERAN'S SPOTLIGHT PT 3)

"Veteran's Spotlight" series is not just for Vet's/ Retiree's as I mentioned in past posting, it will also include active military personel, reservist's, Vet's of any of the war's, etc. This Part 3 of the series will focus on Capt Owen Honors US Navy, who has recently been all over MSM for his video's he was making/ showing on some show that was for Navy personel only ... and this was back a few year's ago ... but their coming to public atencion and criticism today ... and of course many folk's are really upset over this. But my posting on this talented gentleman and Navy hero in my opinion will be to give Honour's to Capt. Honors only. A video compilation below of his, which I thought was great work for a amature/ rookie, so this Vet's posting will also be sort of an "art's" posting combined. Then some comment's of my own.



The first video here I posted was really censored as far as language,etc ... like heavily ... but it was what was available I found on YouTube. Also I thought it was pretty good work here in the opening where he has 3 of himself sitting side by side interacting.

Captain Owen P. Honors Jr. Relieved of Command due to Leftist Subversion ... Thanx to Hayes Thomas

This is just one that I knew nothing of ... found all this out in MSM a few day's ago and been reading up on it, and viewing some video's, because many folk's panties are in a bind over this. And I realize that some may think this is not proper to post this man in "Veteran's Spotlight", because some look at him as shameful to our Navy. But after reviewing in depth this man ... I found him as a sort of hero in an odd way, especially in time of war's. And I found his entertainment and art very tasteful and hilarious.

There has been alot of talk also about so called "anti gay" remark's ... he of course used the "F- Word" both No# 1 and #2 ... which today would be "Fuck" and "Fag". But some are painting Honors to be anti- gay or whatever ... I reckon the kind's in the video he tell's to "Go hug yourselves ... cause you'll be offended ..." (similar wording). What I dont think some of these folk's looked closely at was all the content ... just jumping into a state of pop culture rage hearing the term "Fag". But if you look at the video's ... he is calling himself a fag too, as well as even dressing in drag ... which in a funny way inspired the title of this posting ... "I'm asking, Please tell" ... after hearing month's of the fight's over the decade and a half "Dont Ask, Dont Tell" policy that took so long to eliminate. I wonder when's the last time some of these folk's been in a gay bar/ social club?, where even there, gay men are alway's joking around calling themselves fag's and queer's, even in Dallas gay club's, as well as other's in the country ... playing and doing Karaoke of the classic from composer/ songwriter/ producer Al Jourgensen's (founder and composer, lead vocalist for the Ministry and 13th Planet Production's, El Paso, TX) creation with the Revolting Cock's, "Beer's, Steer's, and Queer's" (focusing on Texas being just that of course). I'm not saying Mr. Honors is gay either, I am just pointing out fact's here concerning the video's.

But I understand how being a commanding officer, this is unacceptable, and does not reflect the higher command's, nor every member, and especially our over- hair sprayed, over- dressed, pop culture corporate owned government representative's who will also jump all over this if they need to ... to get your vote of course. :) But I dont see Owen Honors as being out of order myself ... but bringing high spirit's to those who may spend long duration's out at sea, and who are alway's on alert because of the war's going on. It's like getting some unofficial R&R in a sense ... and many of our military personel could use some, in these time's. Also I hope "if" Capt Honors is dealt with too harshly, and his career is ended ... I wish him the best in civilian life and think he can get a contract somehow to maybe continue his entertainment. But Thank You Sir ... for entertaining those who needed it most ... and you put together some great stuff!



Infidel753 said...

A military officer needs to be free of prejudice -- visibly free of prejudice. If Honors had directed similarly bigoted infantile "humor" against blacks, Jews, or for that matter Texans, there would be no questioning the fact that he had shown himself unfit to serve in command of a large crew of subordinates which included members of those groups. The same principle applies here, even if prejudice against gays remains more acceptable in some backward parts of society than prejudice against blacks does.

There are better ways of boosting morale, especially since a spectacle like this would actually have drastically harmed morale among those members of the crew who are members of the group being ridiculed (or who have relatives or friends who are, or who are simply non-prejudiced).

Remember, too, that Honors was already of high rank when he did this. He knew what the rules and policies are, and yet he did this anyway. That shows very poor judgment.

The same increasingly applies in civilian life, by the way. In most government agencies and many large corporations, a display of bigotry like this by a manager would be grounds for firing.

Ranch Chimp said...

Interesting view and opinion on this Infodel ... I reckon that's a way to see it I hadnt ... I just found it absolutely entertaining and loved it.

Thanx as alway's for your input Guy!

Ranch Chimp said...

Also I want to point out ... although I see your point here Infodel and realize that many will see this in a similar fashion ... I dont see a thing bigoted about Owen's ... but that's just me and my opinion. I actually found it hilarious ... and would be happy if I was on a ship for month's at a time ... to be entertained in this fashion or at least anything similar to get me to laughing. :)