Thursday, January 6, 2011

FOETUS/ J. G. THIRLWELL: " I Hate You ", " Wash It All Off" & " Descent into the Inferno "

J.G Thirlwell

This music/ art's posting will be to take a look at the great work of Mr. J.G. Thirlwell ( aka Clint Ruin ) of the group/ project called "Foetus" (also known as several other title's with the name "Foetus" incorporated). Another artist way past due for this journal and an exception to the standard of popular music as well ... and enormous versatility and longevity, production studio wise as well as "live" ... just all around great work's. Probably more known in the circle's of post modern industrial ... though at time's the music for me is difficult to categorize, as well as Thirlwell's unique flavour and vocal abilities. But I have quite a bit of their music in my home collection, and had the opportunity to catch them "live" twice back in the late 1980's ... first in Dallas and later in London. They also had to be one of the loudest "live" group's I have ever seen as well ... but great venue engineering! And Thanx ya'll for all the great piece's. Enjoy!

1) Foetus- I Hate You All- Damp (2006) ... Thanx to PEERINGTHROUGH

2) "WASH IT ALL OFF" ( from "Wash & Slog" 1985) ... Thanx to VINKWICK

3) "DESCENT INTO THE INFERNO" (1985) ... Thanx to L3DTUBE


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Tim said...

I'm more into Perry
Hey it makes the world go round

Ranch Chimp said...

Actually Tim ... Perry Como was one of my dad's favourite's too!

Thanx for your voice here Tim :)