Wednesday, November 30, 2011

SOPA/ PIPA: "Censorship and Corporate Governing Neo- Communism" or "Protecting Us"??

This is another past due posting, but still importante enough to post at anytime, and because I have been following this for at least a few week's now, trying to be fair and look at this closely ... and Special Thanx as well to Senator Wyden of the Great State of Oregon! for being very attached to this, because in my opinion the corruption in our goverment is way deep ... and in the link below the Senator's petition. This has concerned me as well, because of all the past posting's I done on this neo- corporate communism that we have been seeing over the past few year's growing at rate of concern for all American's.

Look, there are wide arguement's for and against this, I'm a big music industry fan for instance and understand piracy and such, even when everyone bitched out Metallica for trying to protect their music year's back. But this isnt a group/ artist, but those who manage to even dictate them, and the one's who decide who and what get's airtime as well ... Oh Yes ... ask any artist in the industry who has a major label contract how that worx, I could write endlessly on that cesspool issue as well! But the issue of concern is ... is this another slippery slope scam to just support more censorship?, being fed to the industries and Washington by those who would have enough money ratholed to censor anything they feel bother's their personal interest's ... and I've certainly wrote plenty about this shit throughout this journal as well, so you can see my concern.

You see already how they are breaking up and trying to break down movement's like "Occupy" ... and you know damn well they will try to shut up anything else they dont like ... they bought the majority of our Government representation as it is ... need I say anything else? ... the evidence is overwhelming by now and clear as day. With all due respect to folk's like NBC and their affiliate's (and other media's and entertainment avenue's that I even use and support), those in Hollywood, etc ... who pay's Ya'll What and Why? And is this TRUELY about just protection for us all? As far as I'm concerned, this lead's to more of this neo- corporate communism and privatization of this nation by those crook's who own just about everything else already. That's all the fuck it boil's down to regardless of what political slant or spin or other horseshit you may want to believe.

STOP CENSORSHIP: WWW.CENSORSHIP.ORG ... This site to oppose this censorship from Senator Wyden of Oregon.

TECHDIRT: Best selling author Barry Eisler on Copyright, Piracy and Why SOPA/ PIPA are 'Extremely Disturbing' ... This I chose, because it's an interesting piece for thought.

WEBPRONEWS: NBC Wants Partners to Support SOPA or Else ... A look at some of the huge media support that also come's with this.


RICK PERRY uses "Subliminal Messaging" in his speech, saying "Please DONT VOTE for Me" (GOV. RICK PERRY PT. 3)

I never even thought that Gov. Rick Perry would even get a 3rd/ Part 3 posting in this journal, but ole Rick has been mildly entertaining and deserving of another, especially from a fellow Texan. Now when I first seen this ... I was downright confused ... I didnt know whether to laugh, cry, take a shit, or wind my watch! : ) The Governor said for folk's over 21 year's old and up to vote for him on November 12th, 2012 ... trying to figure out what ole Rick was doing by making this statement, being that the voting age is 18 and the election's are actually 6 dayz before the date he wanted folk's to vote, brought me to the conclusion that Rick is using "subliminal message's" (aint that some of that "satanic cult" shit Rick?) ... and really want's to tell American's and Conservative's ... "Please DONT VOTE for me".

Other than that, where Rick talk's about the multi trillion dollar behind closed door's deal's between Washington and Wall Street, and related corrupt shit, cause that's mostly what this "do nothing" gvmnt does, is corrupt shit, legalized and made "good" by the legislator's, Rick ought to know about that, they done plenty of that in Texas after all under his Governorship ... or about firing and/ or cutting in half salaries, work etc on Washington/ Politician's ... I agree with Rick 110% ... some of the thing's that I been writing about since the beginning of this journal as well. So if Rick was inspired by what I already wrote about and been reading my journal ... I'm in shock and awe that he would be so influenced/ inspired by someone of my low caliber ... if I didnt inspire him ... I dont give a shit one way or the other Rick.

***** "Rick Perry messes up U.S. voting age" (CNN newsvideo)



Tuesday, November 29, 2011

ZAINAB BIBI: "NACHO MAMA'S RESTARAUNTE" ... "MY GIRL" ... A Tribute to those LADIES a Lil on the HOT & SPICY side PT.3

Zainab Bibi

This Part 3 of "My Girl" Hot and Spicy Ladies will take a look at what I call "Nacho Mama's Restaraunte" in Pakistan, Head Chef and Owner Zainab Bibi, a recent new recipe of her's, and some cooking tip's/ secret's straight from the kitchen. For those looking to sample the NEW "51 piece To- Go Bucket" extra crispy or spicy, I can tell you, you came to the right place! : )

MAIL/ ONLINE: Wife 'Killed, cut up and cooked her Husband into a Korma to stop him from abusing his Stepdaughter' ... Newsread and Video ....

RCJ: "MY GIRL" A Tribute to those LADIES a Lil on the HOT & SPICY side PART'S 2 & 1

Rockabilly Aces Wild- Wild Wild Woman ... Thanx to KUNGELVIS ... I wanted to dedicate this music video to "Zainab". "Aces Wild" BTW are a group out of Dublin (Ireland) ... great band too! This will also be included in the "RCJ MUSIC/ ART'S HONOUR ROLL SOCIETY"


Monday, November 28, 2011

MARS ROVER "CURIOSITY" PT.1: Launch and Mission (ABOVE & BELOW PT. 4)

This posting to take a looksy at "Curiosity", the latest Mars Rover in route to the Red Planet. I love how technology has enabled us to make these move's now with robotic's, and the fact that if successful as far as landing and else, their longevity and work detail's they can perform, gathering alot of info. Of course it's obvious that Mars is just a desolate dried up planet basically, but it alwayz is a plus if we can find out anything that we can use ... beside's, I would love to be able to get deep beneath the surface to see what "might" have been on this planet in it's earlier dayz, such as so much we found out about earth as we went deep below. I also alwayz thought that there is other form's of life in the Universe as well. Even if it's just a Jurassic/ Triassic type setting, plant's, sea's, or whatever, it's still "life", or any other kind there may be. The last video at bottom, I just loved the new landing system they came up with, compared to the older bubble bounce thing, really a nice animation production too! And so much Thanx to these folk's for all their work and study to make this happen, Ya'll are Great!

UNIVERSE TODAY: Ice Clouds on Mars creates Shade ... I just wanted to add this link/ piece in case any viewer of the last video may get confused as to why there may be cloud's over this planet? is all, you know, being so bone dry and all that, this should explain.

NASA: Curiosity Mars Science Laboratory

The Challenges of getting to Mars: Getting a Rover ready for Launch ... Thanx to JPLNEWS

CNN/ LIGHT YEARS: Giant Mars Rover Blasts Off ... news and video


Mars Science Laboratory Curiosity Rover Animation ... Thanx to JPLNEWS

Sunday, November 27, 2011

JERRY LEE LEWIS/ THE KILLER: "Chantilly Lace", "Me and Bobby McGee" (For BBC/ Billy)

Another posting into the "RCJ MUSIC/ ART'S HONOUR ROLL SOCIETY" from "The Killer" or "Jerry Lee Lewis" , whichever name you prefer. But this posting was inspired by a fellow blogger "BBC/ Billy" who commented on the last "Lunachicks" music posting ... when he commented that he liked singing the song "Chantilly Lace" ... a song originally wrote by Texas' J.P. "Big Bopper" Richardson in the 1950's, and redone back in the 1970's by the Killer. But it just so happened that I covered "Chantilly Lace" as well back in the 1980's (vocal's) because it is an old favourite of mine that the Killer covered, I am a big Killer fan, and I was fortunate to find this 1983 "live" Jerry Lee/ Killer in London below, I attended this tour as well, but on the American leg of it. The 2nd piece, another classic from "Janis Joplin" that Jerry cover's here (same concert set) called "Me and Bobby McGee" that I just had to toss in here, because it is one of my favourite's by Janis as well! Janis and Big Bopper are from the same area in Texas as well, which is the Port Arthur area. But Jerry in concert is just plain Hell! Watching his hand's on the piano close up is like a blur at time's because of just how smooth and fast he is ... really a great Rock- n- Roll icon! ... Enjoy : )




Friday, November 25, 2011

LUNACHICKS: "Heart Of Glass", "FDS (live)", "Dear Dotti"

Image result for LUNACHICKS on stage

Lunachicks are definitely a past due induction into this journal's "RCJ MUSIC/ ART'S HONOUR ROLL SOCIETY" , because they are one of the most under- rated punk genre group's I have ever known of ... and seen "live".

Back sometime in the early 1990's I was with a buddy, Tracy ... up at a local studio in Denton's Fry St. District getting a demo mix made for him ... a reel to reel type system that played just listening tune's in between session's was running, and this crew blurted out and frankly hit me like a Peterbilt broadsiding me at 65mph! I asked the sound guy ... who in Hell it was? He didnt even bloody know off hand, it was just a reel with probably 30/ 40 group's on it ... so ... I of course didnt leave it there and was determined to find out who in Hell they were ... because I was impressed, then of course it was in a studio, so the sound balance was excellent to begin with. After finding out who they were and doing a lil searching for their stuff, which was far and few between it seemed, I was able to indulge on some more of their worx. Sometime in the late 1990's while at a venue here in Dallas, I happened to see a 8.5 x 11 flyer by the door with them on it, saying they were playing a local venue in a couple weeks.

Went to see them, cant recall the venue off hand, but it was back on Canton St. down in Dallas' Deep Ellum District ... just into the 2nd song my adrenaline was in high voltage, I was really captivated as well in particular with the bass work in this crew, which was like a show of it's own, but the crew as a whole done excellent work, and this venue didnt even have a good acoustic's set up in my opinion, so I didnt expect perfection of course, which really was a treat! And really nice sharp fast breaking vocal's work done with a really sweet blend of sharp backing vocal's and harmonizing work, excellent percussion's, some nice lead guitar work, etc And I heard them compared to the Ramones before, but this crew was dictinctively different (I seen Ramones "live" as well, in their prime) ... the instrumental structure and riff's were different and a tad more complex at that ... so I really didnt know how to categorize the crew either, because of such a versatile mix/ arrangement as well.

Below I chose a few favourite's, and trying to find suitable "live" video's was a tad difficult, either the volume was too low or not right, too much distortion, visual quality, one thing or another. I did manage to find a fairly decent audio "live" piece of FDS, of course the visual's were somewhat fuzzy, but decent enough to give the viewer a "live" taste of their work and impact. Like the Ramones though, you have basic, no nonsense, no real stage show beside's some creative clothing/ costume, or pyros, lighting, etc ... just a basic explosive set of sound. Thank You to this crew for their worx as well ... Ya'll really kick ass! Enjoy! : )

HEART OF GLASS (Blondie cover) ... Thanx to WAREESEII2

FDS (Live) ... Thanx to RIOTQUEER666

DEAR DOTTI ... Thanx to 01SENNA1



Wednesday, November 23, 2011

"DEMOCRAT DISH" VS. THE "SATAN SANDWICH" ... What's a Happy "Meal Deal"? ... & GOP Debate highlight's (Truth or Treason 2012 PT. 4)

I didnt want to post politic's this Thanxgiving Eve ... but I made a commitment to cover the year before and up to the 2012 election's in this journal, so therefore I'm obligated. But also this "Truth or Treason" PT.4 is fitting this "eve", because again ... here we are caught in this endless cycle of after getting rammed up the ass politically ... giving Thanx, just because we got the lesser of two evil's, because of the total across the board incompetence, manipulation, corrupt policies, etc of our overall government representation. I mean like when I turn on the tele or online news daily, I loathe having to hear what the latest front runner of the GOP is saying in some bullshit politipop debate, and even just as nauseating, every 10 minute's or so in between having to hear how some oil giant is clean and green, commercial ... as well as listening to Dennis Haysbert (actor) talk about all the money Allstate Insurance saves us daily. Some newsread link's and video's below, then even my reason's why I am actually happy as well over this so called "failure", and trying to halfway understand and dissect this slippery bullshit.

HUFFPOST/ POLITICS: Barney Frank says Super Committee Failure is 'Good News' for Democrats

FOXNEWS: ... The Super Committee's Failure: The Buck stops with President Obama

RCJ: ... "TRUTH OR TREASON 2012" PART'S 3, 2, 1

***** CNN: 'Super Committee' fails to reach agreement ... (newsread/ video)

Yes, I am actually "Happy" over this recent failure for two reason's primarily ... First because as I said in previous posting's ... these deal's and move's will be the moment of truth to see who stand's where and on what, here clearly being that the Democrat's DID NOT cave in this once to the GOP again and kiss up to Grover Norquist's dictated "no taxes pledge" of the GOP platform, which is the GOP/ Republican's main job, since they have to pledge to never support any tax increase on corporation's to even get campaign support for their non limited term career's as political mouth piece's. And because the only thing that could have came about of this well orchestrated mess as far as the best for the overall of this nation would be more serious cut's to everything here if they did reach a compromise, and this is also why I cant figure out quite yet how deep this was and how long if this been pre- planned for poltical reason's? ... by a joint faction from both parties. Why? ... because both parties seen their approval rating's going down the drain month's ago with even the new Occupy movement, even Democrat's were scared that folk's are getting hip/ keen to the score, the GOP being frightened of the Tea Party to a degree as well. The poll's are what they follow, and they didnt like what they see from the American People as a whole on either side and fear the ultimate, which is people losing faith in the entire Washington crew on both side's and forming a new "in- between" which will ultimately happen in time, trust me ... the younger one's of the future are going to abandon this shit ... you can bank on it!

But I will give credit here to the Democrat Party being a registered Democrat voter in Texas. But the Democrat's were in more of a "do or die" situation, and they knew it, because they been going along with the GOP on damn near everything, and the party was getting more and more divided, potentially losing many, many voter's if they even budged to look like they would go with the GOP's tax propoasl's as far as not taxing the corporate end, etc. My issue with all of this is not so much what party does what, but to also figure out who was behind this sequester engineering, because it is that, that put us in this do or die situation alone, no sequester deal should have even been made ... all it does is guarantee cut's to everything, just less of. In other word's ... this tell's you that both side's planned on cutting period into everything and created various platform's and strategies of how to do it and break it to us gently. I know we have to cut, I have pointed out in this journal too many time's about over indulging, over charging/ borrowing, and learning a lesson to "tighten our belt's" time and again. However, at the same time ... DO NOT tell me this bullshit about how Social Security is bankrupt when I know it has a goddamn trillion plus surplus, is solid for at least over a quarter century more, and is paid into daily through payroll taxes of million's and million's of working American's ... so this part was all orchestrated by the world banking/ finance, because it is a global austerity sweep that I spoke of in earlier posting's that will go in wave's around the free globe and also meet strong resistance.

As far as the drop in the stock market yesterday folk's are whining about, over this failure ... so what! ... fuck the stock market, if you let that shit scare you as an American, you should take your money out of it and put it elsewhere ... you already know it's going to be a rollercoaster ride daily moreso now because of thing's like the new global arena, speed trading, etc ... so dont act like your shocked or hurt, if you lose money, it's partially your own fault, period. When your putting into a failing venture, common sense tell's you to stop feeding it, eh?

The reason why both side's do feel a breath of relief over this failure, is strictly political, because it buy's time for both side's and feed's the blame game card which will be forcefed over the next year at a fierce ratio at that. Basically they got a lil taste of cut's now, but will all want to let this slide onto 2013 so they can all use it for the 2012 election's show. It's like a political insurance policy if you will for both side's to continue this endless bickering and divide, just when American's were getting fed up with all of them, to insure at least some added time to their own career's, payroll, and benefit's. As far as taxing the rich talk etc ... this is also slippery talk politically ... ask yourself, how in Hell do you propose to actually make the super wealthy pay any significant amount more or any tax, when their attorney's write all the proposed legislation on this avenue? It's a global investment arena that is a free market for only those who run it and write all the law's to begin with. You can cut all the loophole's you want, what make's an investor(s) leave any investment/ money/ profit's in the perimeter's/ boundaries of our market's to get taxed, eh? Now if I can figure this shit out as a poor man, with little formal education ... you know damn well they can do it 100X times better!

And how much money could we raise from this wealthy ratholing plastic elite? I actually would GIVE them the loophole's and credit's, however, on much different condition's and playing field ... making sure to lock them into investing HERE in our own country. Again, it's just a matter of who cut's what kind of deal's and make's the plan's ... the one's in Washington dont make plan's, they write and do only what their told ... this tamper's with their creativity, because instead of thinking independently free from this corporate communist influence, they dont clear their mind's enough to play a different game and create new incentive's and idea's ... like so many of us ... they think like a "herd".

CNN: ... LATEST GOP/ REPUBLICAN DEBATE HIGHLIGHT'S ... I posted this video to only show a taste of one of the most importante issues to the GOP on debate's, beside's their worry over the Bush tax cut's expiration, of course to kiss up to their lobbying Super Godfather "Grover Norquist", who has had more control over this well orchestrated mess than any flunky player on this Super Committee. But below as usual in this debate video, due to possibly also over a half trillion in defense cut's, devoted so much atencion to the concern over the Middle East and/ or terrorism, which are also juicy fear topic's for their beloved right wing masses ... but the candidate's major concern here they dont dare talk about, is how many defense contract's may get trimmed of what's in my opinion ... a waste anywayz ... and remind you, I am very pro- defense at that ... it's just I would rather see my tax dollar's go to the military and Vet's than to rent- a- mercenaries that charge 2 to 3 X time's the cost! I would like to also see some more financial help from our Chinese friend's since the Afghan conflict is more about securing Afghanistan for the Chinese who will mine the country of it's resource's and rail them into China. Of course they will tell you that our mission in Afghanistan is all about saving the Afghan people from the Taliban and oppression, and replace it with our occupational detention instead. Funny thing is ... listening to all these millionaire American politician's all on the same stage when America is in the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression, talking about what they feel is best for other nation's like Afghanistan or Iran, yet they cant even do a half assed job in our own nation. Again ... all more full of shit than a sewage treatment center.

***** CNN: Troop levels, Iran prompt GOP sparring in CNN National Security Debate ... (newsread/ video)


Monday, November 21, 2011

SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS: Riverwalk, Culture, Fiesta & LowLow Car Show ... Viva la Vida! (Taste of Texas PT. 9) ... For Gil & Tess

Image result for SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS

This Taste of Texas Part 9 will be a peek at a Texas city that you may not hear about as much as cities like Dallas, Houston, or Austin, but is quite a city, one of the nation's 10 largest cities as well like Dallas and Houston, but also a unique flavour all it's own ... San Antonio . There was so many other video's as well that I could have posted here of even other attraction's such as Sea World Texas, or Fiesta Texas Amusement Park , but chose these 4 for vid's to get to the beauty, the serenity, the laid back atmosphere of the town ... just a really great town, that I been to so many time's I cant even count, stayed there about 4/ 5 month's back in the mid 70's, and till this day, in the downtown area, I still get confused on my sense of direction, because of some of the twisted winding street's in town! : ) ... local talk said that some were originally started from way back from horse and cattle path's, back around the dayz of the Battle of the Alamo (I really dont know).

However, this first video I chose just to take a cruise along the San Antonio Riverwalk ... which is a tad over 3 miles of restaraunte's, nightclub's, shop's with music and eat's for just about every taste ... and a really nice romantic place to take a lady/ date at the same time too, for a night out, some drinx and music, and a night time boat ride. The finale video is to look at a Low Rider Show, I chose this because there is nothing like the beauty of these car show's, I sware, the engine's are even so immaculate and polished clean that you could eat off of them, this is an art by itself, with just an excellent display of some of the most incredible show car's I have ever seen.

Also I wanted to dedicate this posting to a fellow musician that I played some music with 3 decade's back who was a heavy metal rock and blues guitarist, but also a Tejano music guitarist named Gil Cortez, who had a side project here in Dallas and local cable access tele show called "Tejano Productions", and turned me on to my first LowRider Show that he started up here in Dallas and went state wide in time. And a friend, Tess Bordeaux, who I've known now at least 25 years ... these dayz, she currently has a little side gig where she does custom design art for cars, tattoos, etc ... she has made me some great personalized art pieces as well, a few on cloth even, as gifts on occasions, that I cherish to this day. Anywayz, enough from me ... Enjoy!





LOWLOW CAR SHOW 2011 SAN ANTONIO, TX ... Thanx to Arath Juarez


Saturday, November 19, 2011

OCCUPY & EMBRACE AMERICA ... "Listen to the Majority of the People" A Message to WASHINGTON (Truth or Treason 2012 PT.3) & Failure/ Sequester UPDATE

For this "Truth or Treason 2012" PT. 3 will be another very importante issue that should be watched very closely, and even moreso if your an American voter, for reason's I have pointed out in the other two posting's, Part's 2 & 1 (linked after the video's below). This will have a big impact on the future of million's in this nation, much more than we may realize even. Just 3 short video's below with some point's of concern, then some word's on it I will add after.

As far as Sen. Bernie Sanders ... I cant even begin to Thank this man enough for all he has done as far as his hard work and staying all over these issue's ... this man is sharp and gotz it goin on!

This posting will also be included in "DEBT CRISIS PT.1/ THE PAPER DOLL SHOW"

***** CNN/ POLITICS UPDATE (Sunday 20 November 2011) AIDES: 'Super Committee' to announce failure to reach Debt Deal ... now alot of folk's are going to wonder if this thing was planned back in August and September vacation or whatever, simply to get a "remedy" front scam screen set up, to make it look liked they all tried so hard, yet because of gridlock were forced to "fail" so that it automatically goes into "Auto Spending Cut's- Sequester Mode"? Now, if this was the case and it was all a scam, this also mean's that both parties HAD to be involved with this, but it also mean's that the GOP are "in- charge" as well, and only have a handful of Dem's on the take. I dont know much about it, however, from what I gathered, there is also an appeal shot that can be taken toward's the cut's in the timeframe before they are about to take effect.

Also, I never knew of a thing about this Sen. Patty Murray of Colorado, but watching her and listening to her in the first video of the update link above, my jaw was actually hanging and I was in a state of shock, asking myself "How in Hell did she get chosen for this Committee? it must have been Republican's that chose her ..." I mean her approach to how to handle this is so incredible, she act's so frightened ... of what!!? It's no wonder the Republican's are walking all over everyone, just look at some of these pussified attitude's on the Democratic side ... what in Hell do we expect!!? One thing you must also think about here and question ... Exactly "WHO" are the one's who designed this so called "sequester plan" ... find those who engineered AND supported it, and those are the ENEMIES of America! I sware, even if I was in a position like the President, I would do everything in my power to veto every goodamn thing the GOP ask's for, I would even veto them using the toilet if I had to, and use my "pen" on everything I could ... If they threaten me to take it to court, frankly I wouldnt give a shit ... go to court! That in itself will take a couple year's to get even a hearing!

As far as Sen. Murray talking about what we (Dem's) are willing to "put on the table" ... are you kidding!!? Dem's and the President so far have been putting EVERYTHING on the table ... the GOP hasnt put a goddamn thing on the bloody table! ... When in Hell are you going to ask them to "put up"? Some advice to Sen. Murray ... listen to Sen. Sanders and learn a thing or two.


NO DEAL OVER A BAD DEAL ... Thanx to SENATORSANDERS ... this is actually pure lunacy if you look at it and think about it ... basically, what your representative's are telling American people is ... they are going to cut the entitlement's that you pay for, will continue to pay for, and even start to pay more for ... now if that isnt about the most outright form of robbery by trickery, I dont know what is ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh ... who in any kind of sanity or a balanced mind could buy something like this? I mean ... politically speaking, anyone who would buy this nonsense, would have to be either politically a masochist, a sap, downright stupid, or paranoid/ scared.


***** RCJ: "TRUTH OR TREASON 2012" PART'S 2 & 1

The reason this is so importante and will have such a strong effect on American society is because of the the issue's of poverty and medical need's, which will in the long run, if handled and rushed recklessly will create more social unrest to come, even more than we see currently, maybe not immediately, but in time. And frankly anyone who know's me or read any of these related posting's that I do in this journal/ blog, know's that I havent been very optimistic about those decision maker's/ legislator's doing thing's in any balanced way, and VERY unbalanced and unfair, period. But I will be fair here, and once again, give them the benefit of the doubt, regardless of what my past or current assessment's may be.

I am still basically like I been for year's and year's, even back when I voted straight Republican ... I never kept up with politic's back then though, didnt even know who I was voting for, or frankly with such a busy schedule and life back then, had time for any of it either, I have much more free time these dayz, to actually look at and study these issue's and move's. But basic value's I still hold dearly are thing's like even entrepreneurialism, strong business ethic's, pro free market, rugged individualism, stong efficient defense, etc, etc.

Some may look at this as just support for poor folk's that draw welfare or social service's of some kind, and even some unproductive member's in that group of society. However, especially if your a conservative ... this is more deep and complex than that ... and you must have a clearer understanding on poverty, what feed's it, and what economic condition's and circumstance's causes it, and the idea that you have to have this to show diversity, competition, reward, etc, in the free market world and arena is another urban myth that is held by many conservative's, you cant begin to understand this clearly, unless you been in the trenches and actually seen and/ or lived that ... you could have a great education in this, and listened to the best of the best expert's in lecture's, etc ... but experience make's it's own point's.

When it come's to those in poverty in America these dayz, it's a little more and diverse than just lazy folk's and/ or folk's that dont want to work and just freeload. I cant even count how many I known or met over the year's and even moreso these dayz especially that have a decent education, they have busted ass, worked hard, are very competent on the job and managing what very little money they have, do all the right thing's, are at least semi patriotic, etc, etc ... yet no matter what they do or how hard they work, they just cant get out of the cycle and even be fairly compensated for their work and their commitment. Many of these folk's are the working poor, and low end middle class of the country, these are the same folk's in mass that are the engine that keep's this whole system running and feed it and slave for it, the consumer's, the first decision maker's on the line's, the manufacturer's and production folk's, the one's who spark the new idea's, the one's who know making a tight budget work better than any of the expert's in Washington even, etc.

This recently was especially apparent to me as well when a buddy and I attended the Occupy Dallas gathering's here at City Hall in Dallas as well as the big bank district area's in downtown and the Dallas Federal Reserve one in Uptown Dallas, where I met so many folk's on small chat, I even handed out so many card's to folk's, which are like a business card I have with my journal's web address, email, PO Box, and home phone number on it, just like in my profile here, and picked up some card's from other's they had, and some literature as well. The diversity of the crowd's was incredible ... I met folk's that had degree's, and came from a variety of background's, not just poor folk's, some were from decent upper middle background's and certainly had much more formal education than I ever did. Yet ... what these folk's had in common with some of the poorest, was they had been a victim in some way of a corrupt system gone too far, and not only greed ... but a greed that is so extreme, that it can only result in failure, because it is so out of whack and unbalanced, even millionaire's are joining in these dayz, saying straight out that they WANT to pay more taxes even, is how unbalanced it is, yet many of our politician's dont seem to want to listen to any of them, regardless of their background's even.

I call this series "Truth or Treason" because failure to listen to the country as a whole and work on it's behalf is a form of treason in my opinion, I am not accusing any of these folk's of commiting criminally federal act's of such, so it's just a title, just like when I talk about the corruption, the legislator's make sure that the law's are written to make everything they do legal of course. Whether or not we take cut's to anything and whatever level, we of course will still have to pay in more to all of them, period, and continue to even more. It's also a matter of who them tax revenue's and related go to ... a government that work's in the best interest's of the entire country, or sell's out to only this sickness of extreme greed and robbery by trickery basically, and these so called "deadline date's" and condition's, timeframe's, trigger's, etc, to handle these issue's and manner look's like a scam in itself frankly, as I pointed out before. However, when all is said and done, it is all of us that vote who will have to make a serious decision more than ever now when we go to the poll's next November 2012, in these trying time's ... the action's of this Super Group or whatever you choose to call them should be very much considered in this, who support's what and does what, and they all should be held accountable, regardless of what political side you may embrace, it's a matter of America. The best balanced thing for the longrun for our representation to do is Occupy and Embrace America and listen to the People ... more than just Ya'll's career's may count on it.

Word out ....


Friday, November 18, 2011

NEWT GINGRICH, FANNIE MAE, FREDDIE MAC/ "The Pimp & Ho Squad": Their "Commonality" & "Calamity" ... (POLITICAL CORRUPTION and ETHIC'S PT. 3)

This Part 3 of "Political Corruption and Ethic's" will be to take a peek at the newest twisted mess in Washington as far as this Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac issue, their insider connection in Washington politic's, executive payscale's/ bonuses, big time lobbying payout's to folk's like ole Newt Gingrich and other's, and what all these folk's as a whole collectively done and accomplished over the last few year's concerning the mortgage/ housing crisis that still hasnt even bottomed out yet, after a few year's of restructuring, nearly a couple hundred billion in bailout fund's and backing from the U.S. Government across the board ... what these folk's all have in common is that they all made money and we lost money, they all gained and we all lost ... and that's the "calamity" of it, bottom line. Anywayz, some link's and video's below, then some word's I will add.

***** A "POST NOTE" was also added to this for any reader to make clear the conclusion of what this is about only.

***** This posting will also be added to "DEBT CRISIS PT. 1/ THE PAPER DOLL SHOW" for reference.

JUST IN: ... And everytime we have this shit nowadayz, it is alwayz conveniently timed and linked to this latest bullshit, where we are on these new "final deadline" deal's, from folk's on what's called the "Deficit Committee", kin to the known "6 or 12 Pack Gang" ('Gang of Six' is technically a seperate group from the Deficit/ Super Committee, a joint committee, but I phrased this for the humour, as far as I'm concerned their all part of the same gang in control, since they sleep together and one appoint's and brief's the other) a new gang title with a politically sensitive name, as if their a saviour, to save us from another mess that they themselves are the only ones who created as dictated by those who pay them million's beside's the salaries and great benefit's package's we give them, like here ... CNN/ POLITICS: On this, Deficit Committee Members Agree: "Time is Running Out" ... which basically mean's before this wednesday, it's time to put on our "frightened mask's" again and worry about what we are going to be cut off from next ... many of these folk's just need to be fired ... nothing else, just for their action's, creating this mess, the scare tactic's, and taking us into more of a mess, which mark my word, this way their doing it, will be EXACTLY that.

BTW ... The "Pimp & Ho Squad" title/ heading, is just done in humour, because a few year's back when this issue came up, I laughed hearing the name's Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae ... thinking that Freddie sounded like the name of a Mack/ Pimp and Fannie as his Lady/ Ho ... even CNN had a parody video like such on it back then, which I cant seem to find these dayz, probably was politically incorrect I would imagine also, and has been deleted from YouTube ... considering how sensitive we are to the reality of what we are, eh? What I'm trying to say with a tad of humour here ... is we the People are the Ho's, and our politicial Rep's and Freddie/ Fannie are the Pimp's, looking at how thing's are done and how we "suck" up to such incompetence, more than a gal turning trick's for her man. So this posting is NOT to offend any Mack's or Ho's, I want to say.

REUTERS: Fannie, Freddie Tentacles embraced many in Washington

NYTIMES/ BUSINESS DAY: Federal National Mortgage Association Fannie Mae

BLOOMBERG: U.S. Congress Votes to raise Top Limit for Government- Insured Mortagages

***** CNN/ MONEY: Fannie, Freddie execs score $100 million payday ... (newsread)

The Democrats Responsible for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac ... Thanx to IDIOT4TEHLULZ ... I chose this brief video which is obviously from the right, however, it compiled video snip's of some Democrat's and their responses to this Freddie and Fannie issue back in late 2008, in their own word's even ... to show how deep this issue is and why we are knee deep in this stagnated bullshit.

Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac Executive' bonuses draw rebuke from Lawmakers ... Thanx to PBSNEWSHOUR

RCJ: POLITICAL CORRUPTION and ETHIC'S ... Questioning our Representation Part's 2 & 1

But you have to wonder if your at least half awake this early in the morning, what the Hell is going on looking at this other mess? I mean, Ya'll had 3 bloody year's already, you hired the cream of the crop to get some thing's done obviously if your handing out multi million dollar bonuses still annually, we gave ya'll nearly a couple hundred billion to so call "save us" (mild I may add compared to religious institution's like the Vatican for example, another politically corrupt entity, who we probably gave a trillion to over a couple centuries to ALSO "save us" : ) ... I mean are we just that fucken stupid as a whole, or reluctant to stop incompetence in it's track's, or just so controlled and brainwashed that we cant even see what we approved of to be done, just aint cutting the mustard? And why in Hell are we just now doing this political cake- walk showcasing shit ... marching these CEO's and so forth to the Capitol on camera to question any of this 3 year's after the fact? I understand the workload that our political representation has, but dont we have enough of Ya'll on the payroll to at least get a tad more result's? Again ... we pay for premium service and get an inferior product simply.

Well ... the answer is simple and exactly why million's in our nation and abroad even, are waking up to this over and over scenario where we just rehash everything to get back to where we were, or what's called back to "normal", trying to milk a dead cow ... and repeating the same thing that initially got us into this mess. The President vowed even to try to dissolve this "too big to fail" entity system that take's down half the world with it everytime it fall's, and so many other's on his side even, you know that the Republican's wont do it, and those Democrat's who outright explain this problem and what we even need to do, cant seem to "do it". And the problem is everyone want's to have their cake and eat it, and no one want's to sacrifice or take any chance on a thing, all trying to figure out how to save their career's without trying to sacrifice a thing of their's, and spending more time taking pay- off's and doing poltical grandstanding, meaning less time on getting any result's.

You know ... as I have posted way back in the start of this journal, I dont have much issue with bailing out and protecting essential entities and folk's like GM for their petty $25/ $30 billion dollar need's here and there, their manufacturing, making alot of job's exist in that sector, and needed in trade with our allies ... but these too big to fail institution's with their need for several hundred billion, and the occupation's of nation's for the same amount's is a tad too much, after all ... these entities product are just stock market's, hedge fund set- up's, speculation's/ betting, and building monopolies bigger than anything we need to be truely progressive and successful as a whole society wise, and insuring all that on top, with other failure's like AIG ... yet everyone in Washington know's exactly what the problemo is, and been talking about it since day one even.

Enough said ... for now

***** POST NOTE: Concerning this posting, a person can view this and wonder what I or other's that protest this may want or be asking for? The answer is just having accountability, and less of these scam's with our Representative's ... I have pointed out too much throughout this journal about how our government is working, and as far as Fannie/ Freddie being still private entities, now supported by government, the fact is that it is our support as consumer's and our tax dollar's that keep them afloat only. If you are any decent business and have a product or anything to sell that are/ is halfway decent or efficient, there shouldnt be no need for these massive pay- out's/ bail- out's, subsidies, corporate welfare, or whatever else from taxpayer's/ government you choose to call it ... the fact remain's that this above in this last week was simply about asking for "MORE" money, then the march to the Hill shit, tongue lashing (once again) from our politician's, while we are being cut, cut, and cut, as citizen's on everything of service to those in this nation, cause that's all the Hell this is about regardless of what kind of spin you hear, it's BULLSHIT in the first degree.

The "slippery slope" end of this bullshit is simple ... the more we buy into these obviously failing entities, it's damn near pointless and if anything a temporary quick fix that CANNOT last, and everyone of our politician's know this, it can only keep on a rollercoaster ride with market's the way it is designed/ maintained, unless something internally change's ... and the deeper we get into it by playing these game's, the more we will get hurt as a result for our support of a failure, the more we have vested and the more we will need to feed it, bottom line. These entities say that the large payscale's/ bonuses are due to "hiring the best of the best" to get the job done ... the question you should ask though ... "Then why isnt it getting done, and why is this entity still in failure mode?" ... Again, it has been 3 bloody year's, what the fuck do they need from us?, we have been more than generous ... these politician's who keep taking these pay- out's to support this failure also are not getting the job done, and I realize that this is to try to save what mortgage's and home's they can, and a "task" since our politician's have such a large workload ... but after 3 year's, something clearly is not working, and this entity or those like such should be allowed to fail, without the nonsensical threat about all it's going to take down with it ... it can fail, divi up and downsize and be bought out as several individual entities with money from private investor's and/ or even if government wanted to do it ... this is nothing but a snowejob and a game, period.


Wednesday, November 16, 2011

HERO VINCENT/ OWS: A Look at November 2011 ... "The AWAKENING" ... A HEALTHY TIME for AMERICA & The GLOBE PT. 5

This posting for Part 5 of "The Awakening" will be to take a looksy and listen to Mr. Hero Vincent, who has been very active as far as the OWS movement is concerned in New York City. But to also honour this man for his work and leadership ... I almost was tempted to put him in the "Veteran's Spotlight" series, simply because to me, he's sharp, right on the money, disciplined, leadership quality, and a great soldier in my opinion! Some read link and video below first ...

IN THESE TIMES/ UPRISING: (15 November 2011) NYPD Destroys Occupy Wall Street Camp

***** CNN: 'Occupy' protesters, police clash during 'day of action' ... (newread/ video)

Hero Vincent, Occupy Wall Street "Stories From The Front" Thanx to URBANDISASTERRECORDS (04 October 2011)


Of course since I been writing about this uprising before it ever actually materialized, I am keeping up with this closely as well, even though I dont post on it everyday. But all this shit is past due in my opinion, and I am thrilled that it has arrived so soon! The first video above Mr. Vincent put's it so simple and too the point, what, why, where, etc. As far as the interviewer asking him about making a political platform to present or whatever to the current run of the mill bunch we have in Washington of the left and right ... fuck all that ... you seen Mr. Vincent's response, and that IS the best way to do it ... folk's are sick of this old shit, taking their talk to politician's who are bought and paid for ... and argueing over the same shit with them term after term, the shit just get's old ... period. You have the right idea Mr. Vincent ... folk's want something NEW!

As far as Mayor Bloomberg ... fuck him too ... and all these other local political leadership inspiring all this head cracking and rough housing, from Dallas to Chicago to LA, Oakland, Portland/ PDX, Washington, Seattle, Miami, etc, etc. With their arguement's that this clearing out Occupier's is because their concerned with rape's, or sanitation, or health ... do ya'll really think these folk's are that dumb to where they will buy that?, they know damn well ya'll's endless merry- go- round game, your political bullshit and their sick of it, whether their organized or not, or whether you make them voice on time shift's, or make them do whatever ... like the man sayz ... you wont stop the idea ... and especially busting head's or the other crap that ya'll pull, as a matter of fact, ya'll are doing a great job at showing many of these young especially your true bullshit colour's and what ya'll are really about, and making these folk's and other's hate you more than they already do. So to all these folk's bucking and whining about the Occupier's ... fuck ya'll too ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh : )

Word Out ....


SANDUSKY: The "Shower LIFE" & "Horseplay TIME'S" of Jerry "Musty- Husky" Sandusky ... (SEXPLOITATION NATION PT. 12)

This Part 12 of "Sexploitation Nation" will be to look at the case so far of the ex- coach Jerry Sandusky (the name in the title was just in humour and ALL on my part only ... so if you just happened to read this Jerry, no offense ... it's only horseplay). I didnt plan on doing a posting on this until later, but this has just saturated every media across the country and so many blog's, which is my first reason to post now, and because this came up in some chat with a neighbor Janice yesterday, is the 2nd reason. There was a whole buffet of article's, video's on this to link here, but I chose this one to try to take a look at the other side from the defense perspective, which I will explain "why" after the video, and add some thought's.

***** CNN/ U.S.: Jerry Sandusky's 'make- believe world' ... (newsread/video)


First of all, I havent been blind to this case at all ... I have read and viewed so much about this on various media's and blog's, and the coverage and outrage has been tremendous, mostly all against of course the defendant. When I first started indulging in this case probably a week ago or more, several piece's were speaking of what the punishment should be, and of course how evil he is, etc, etc. Then in some small chat yesterday with Janice ... she asked me a question I right first didnt know how to answer, since we never discussed this case yet at all, so it hit me in a blindsided way ... simply asking me ... "What do you think they should do to this Guy Tom? ..." ... I said ... "for what?" ... then she said, for what he did(?). But I told her that I havent heard or seen anything yet that was solid enough to me to assume what he did ... because frankly despite all I read on how this Guy should be dealt with and how horrible the act's he done are, I havent seen actual detailed account's of sodomy and/ or testimony at all yet, so it's difficult for me to just assume a thing ... yet. Basically what I heard is there is a whole list of dozen's of accuser's, I heard that he showered with boyz, I heard that he touched a kid's leg I believe, and one I think assistant coach saying that he witnessed an act of sodomy, yet no specific detail's, not having heard enough testimony from these victim's, which I also hear alot so far are "anonymous" it seem's ... beside's that, of a case where year's ago he apologized for showering with a kid I believe to the mother. Take the case of Stacy Schuler for instance, the testimony and worx were all out in the open, which was entirely different, and not with really young children either.

But the thing is (to Jerry) ... Geeeezzz Guy ... even if your truely just horseplaying and/ or inncocent as your claim's ... you must know, just living in this society and being a mentor and parent that such a thing as simple as even a shower with no touching even, or even towel snapping or whatever with a kid that young and especially in a public type place out in the open like that with people walking/ working around and such would raise some suspicion of some kind ... I mean, what the fuck are you thinking Guy? And some of these kid's probably were not like us, or street kid's from detention home's or such, and may just feel uncomfortable with that type of play, being so young and not having lived in a life like that, you cant expect everyone to take it the same way. Take a kid like myself (or the way I was) ... I have no doubt I might have reacted different and maybe even tried to bite your dick off for that matter, playing back ... cause as a kid, I played ... let's just say ... "unusual" at time's ... then they would have probably locked me up for psyche evaluation to see why I "act" like that or some other institutionalized bullshit!

But too, I have really heard some twisted stories in the last couple dayz, like his home's backyard connect's to a playground, or/ and that Jerry has claimed his innocence, and how damaging it is to him, yet if he didnt say a thing, they would twist that into something too ... and how since he was out on bail, been walking around town, "normal" and bought a treadmill ... which I cant figure out what that has to do with it, or what he is supposed to do while out on bond ... stay in the house and not shop? ... would that change the pop culture view/ opinion? ... NOT.

Other than that ... I really have no idea yet what Mr. Sandusky actually done or his intention's ... and even if he was found later to be innocent ... I still would think your one stupid SOB just for pulling this shit whether it's horseplay or not, and if you are guilty ... well ... I'm sure you know what to expect.

Enough said ....


Tuesday, November 15, 2011

SCOTT JOPLIN: "Stoptime Rag", "Sugar Cane", "The Entertainer", "Heliotrope Bouquet"

Image result for SCOTT JOPLIN photo

Scott Joplin

This induction into the "RCJ MUSIC/ ART'S HONOUR ROLL SOCIETY" will be to honour a classic and legend Mr. Scott Joplin ... and what an influence this composer had on popular American music across the board! A native Texan, born outside Texarkana, Texas ... and played all type venue's from saloon's, to churches, brothel's, the World's Fair, to Opera Hall's ... yet at the same time, a textbook type composer writing the sheet music as well! When I first heard his music, I had to be roughly 6/ 7 year's old, and it was through my Mother (my Mother also sang opera as a child in school) who loved Mr. Joplin's ragtime piece's ... It just really hit me listening to his piano worx as a kid though, inspiring my love of this genre at an early age.

Choosing was a tad difficult, since I have so many other's I had to debate on choosing from for this posting ... and a BIG Special Thanx especially to Dorian Henri for making this available on YouTube ... and what an outstanding collection of music that Dorian has ... incredible! But so much Thanx to Mr. Joplin for all the great composition's and all the inspiration he gave to so many musician's to today! Scott Joplin was also a major influence to this young lady Larisa Migachyov , and what outstanding work she does as well! ... But enough from me ... Enjoy!




Image result for scott joplin heliotrope bouquet


THE ENTERTAINER (1902) ... Thanx to karenkek2kek

Scott Joplin- Heliotrope Bouquet (1907) ... Thanx to Brooklynskipper87


Image result for scott joplin show poster


Monday, November 14, 2011

POLITICAL CORRUPTION and ETHIC'S ... Questioning our Representation PT. 2: "CONGRESSIONAL INSIDER CORRUPTION" & Pelosi Response

This PT.2 of "Political Corruption and Ethic's" is inspired by this news segment that was on "CBS/ 60 Minutes" last night, conveniently a slot between 6-7pm (CST) between NFL football game's, so you can catch it all by itself, without having to DVR it or using multi- in screen shit (Sunday's are sacred to me this time of the year, because I'm a dedicated NFL fan). But another excellent piece by "60 Minutes" that was a must for this journal. Anywayz ... the read and video below, then some input on this from the Ranch Chimp.

CNN/ POLITICS: Pelosi fires back at '60 Minutes' report on 'Soft Corruption' ... this is the response from Congresswoman Pelosi also just in, which I have to post here to be fair. Whether any of these folk's think that any of this is unethical or not isnt the issue, the issue is, that these rule's should be made to apply the same as they would for Judge's or other's ... I see no reason for Congressional member's or Senate member's to have special rule's. Speaking only for myself here, I wont even call any of this "soft corruption" ... to me, it is and has been in recent year's anything but "soft" and full blown out of whack interest's and representation across the board, regardless of what political spin from the left or right that this get's twisted into. And continueing to let these folk's write their own rules year after year is more stupidity on our part. And for these folk's that are on "our" payroll who refuse to answer question's or whatever ... you can alwayz find another job, eh? Ya'll know all about that shit, eh? ... you know ... career choice's and all the rest of the talk ... maybe Ya'll can "create" some other job's for yourselves, so you can stop polluting our system. It's almost funny how so many representaive's of our's cant seem to get hardly a bloody goddamn thing done on the job as far as the country's best interest's, or get along, but they have all this time to gossip and share on business behind closed door's, yet never miss a step on what to invest and trade in ... perhap's some of their trading/ financial advisor's they can get to work part time on trying to work on some of our goddamn domestic issue's!

CBS/ 60 MINUTES: ... CONGRESS: Trading Stock on Inside Information? ... (news video and transcript)


RCJ: POLITICAL CORRUPTION and ETHIC'S ... Questioning our Representation PT.1: Congresswoman E. B. Johnson ... (NATION of BS PT.4)

The reason I have focused so much on this in this journal is because this is one of the biggest obstacle's that face this nation, and also why I was so baffled on how they presented and indicted a woman like Martha Stewart on "insider trading" when they did (folk's like her are used as political puppet scapegoat's of sort to make it look like folk's in government are cracking down on rich folk's) ... because of the reality of how trading is in this nation and globe, especially this "speed trading" shit that has been going on for several year's now. Any one of us know what would happen to any of us if we were to indulge in these shady act's ... and they are "shady" no matter what spin you try to put on this shit, political or otherwise. None of these fine folk's of course been charged with a thing, and none even know how they been investing if you ask them, after all ... it's their advisor's who do it all, eh? ... again ... more full of shit than a sewage treatment center. What was of suprise to me in this piece was Congresswoman Pelosi, and I think that may have been influenced by her husband if anyone ... Democrat folk's like Sen. Baucus or Sen. Reid wouldnt even make me blink if they pulled anything of sort (you can be blind and spot them their so obvious), I have pointed out before in this journal how contaminating them two are, especially to the Democrat Party, which I been a voter and supporter of.

My issue never been with folk's betting, playing the market's, making money, or do I have any problem with millionaire's or such. My issue has alwayz been with just how thing's are ran in our government and by who, the structure and Constitution, etc are fine ... it's those we employ and vote for and what they do when they are in office, and as I pointed out time and again ... what is the incentive for most of these to want actual "change" or to ever even leave office and have term limit's? ... this again is simply like putting crack addict's in a room with a pound of crack and telling them they're on their own and to limit their usage, and the way we are at each other's throat's in this polarizing leftee/ rightee battle just stall's progress even more and no different than putting sock puppet's on your left and right hand to have at it with each other, another distracting moot point that get's nowhere's, where you are fighting for and about the same shit that you were 5 year's ago. We need action and for these folk's that are paid to do a job, to do their job's which are to serve the interest's of the country as a whole, not their private endeavor's, businesses and so forth. The pay and excellent benefit's they receive are more than decent, most have other small businesses on the side and investment's, this reckless pay- off shit doesnt cut it in governing either, eliminate's anything that resemble's any ethic's, integrity, or even having a thing halfway balanced, when the whole thing is corrupt inside out with no accountability expected.

Even the voting system is way out of balance in this nation, the campaign funding, etc on down the line ... this is why I alwayz supported government campaign financing, without interference from outside source's, the trick is, is getting folk's that you can trust in place, but they're out there. And this IS FAIR ... all these special interest's folk's who say their being picked on need's to be ignored, everyone from a billionaire to the average working class citizen should have an equal say is all I'm saying, everyone can have the opportunity to voice by going to the poll's and simply voting ... you want to voice? ... stand in line like everyone else and vote, otherwise, shut the fuck up and stop your whining! Again, this is only about "balance" ... which we lack ... and it's become a pop- cultural norm of sort unfortuantely. Even our President who I was so disappointed on some of his political move's, cant be bipartisan, or even try many of the great idea's he's had since his dayz as a Senator, because they manipulate and politically strongarm him as well, these are those in his own party!

Another issue severe in this country is the endless political grandstanding, especially from so many media's and blog's ... some of these blog's that I read are way too biased, you have liberal's that are not anything close to the definition of being liberal and even just as bigoted as their opposition, conservative's who are so out of whack that their no way even fiscally conservative on a thing, letting also religious cult's/ institutions try to dictate and supporting corporate dictation. In part one for instance on Congresswoman Johnson, before any serious questioning could even get off here in Texas for instance, race and gender became a factor, liberal's backing off and hiding because she was a woman and of colour, especially in our own state, because they fear more here, because whenever anything come's up against a person that is of colour, female gender, and on the left side, many leftee's run and hide, because it's only popular to attack white male conservative's mostly ... again, like Chris Rock state's about this "gang mentality" in our nation ... and the right will back off because they are in fear of being called nazi's, racist's, bigot's ... so shit just get's swept to the side and passed over too much.

But this is all great that this is being exposed and soon enough before election's in a year. I pointed out in the start of this journal how a need is for this and mucho investigation's and how long it will take, so this is really coming along faster than I anticipated on so many issue's ... Thanx to these media's that do get into this and all these group's that are jumping in like the Progressive's, Occupy Wall Street, and a number of other's that are finally getting down to business and trying to clean house, because this is way past due as well. And forget all this wuss shit about ... well if we dont vote for this person or that person were doomed and this and that will happen, "boo- hoo, woe is me" talk, or which Satan Sandwich is worse ?, etc ... that's just pansy nonsense talk ... fuck all that fear shit, politically biased slanted shit, cult blogging, etc ... the fact is, were going to take another 2" to 4" inches up our asses as it is, any goddamn way you slice it ... stay on their asses.

Word Out ....


Sunday, November 13, 2011

PRESIDENT OBAMA'S VETERAN'S DAY Weekend Address & Purple Heart Award to CPL. JUSTIN CRABBE (USMC) Veteran's Spotlight PT. 17

Over the last few year's, this President has really been focused on our military and Vet's more than any President I can recall, as well as pushing for so much needed improvement's for them, constant visit's and interaction as well ... and even a recent visit to a wounded Marine Cpl. Crabbe, to personally present him with the Purple Heart, which is almost unheard of. And this has been a continuous action by the President since Day One in the Oval Office, despite the extreme workload of every other issue that has piled his desk. Thank You to the President and to Cpl. Crabbe!


***** ABC NEWS: Obama Seen Awarding Purple Heart to Wounded Marine

Corporal Justin Crabbe getting his Purple Heart from the President ... Special Thanx to JCRABBE13 (Cpl. Crabbe) for sharing this!


Saturday, November 12, 2011

BIG BANK'S VS. VETERAN'S & AMERICAN'S : "Battle in America PT. 2" (Veteran's Spotlight PT. 16)

This "Battle in America PT. 2" will just be a lil follow up on this issue that I posted on in PT. 1 concerning the case of Capt. Rowles (USMC) ... but it's also importante for every American to know whether their a Veteran or not, as long as you bank, borrow, and trust these institution's for whatever reason. Some newsread and video below, then a few word's I will add.

***** Washington Post: Suit alleges banks and mortgage companies cheated veterans and U.S. taxpayers ...

RCJ: CAPT. J. ROWLES (USMC) ... "Battle in America PT. 1" ... A Homefront Battle for our Veteran's and American's (VETERAN'S SPOTLIGHT PT. 6)

***** CNN: Lawsuit claims banks defrauded veterans ... (video)


First understand that the arguement that will be made here, is that it's all "ligit", that why the bank's are saying without "merit" ... I mean ... you know their not going to acknowledge a thing. The reason so many optional fine print addition's and avenue's are made in the documentation (and "legally" I may add) is because it is attorney's writing them. It's almost like for example, all this nonsense talk out of this Super Committee we have now, who technically doesnt have a say- so over thing's like SSI, but will indirectly have a say- so on what the Congress "get's to vote on", if that make's any sense ... saying it is a big strike to defense instead as far as cut's, but what you dont see, is all the wayz and division's, account's, etc that defense spending is paid for, if they dont get it out of one specific department/ account/ avenue, they get it through other channel's of spending that ARE NOT touched/ cut/ trimmed. That's why that for instance will end up as nothing more than a ramrod before the Christmas/ New Years Holiday at that ... if you think it wont ... watch. You have to make rule's/ law's on what can be used and done and in what manner, and who can accept what (as far as lobbying dollar's and campaign financial support) ... we have none of this in place currently, meaning that we have a wild- wild west way that is more free for them to do basically anything they want. The only "fool's" in this country who are hammered with rule's, law's, do's and dont's, are us basically, and were dumb enough or feel helpless enough to buy it ... thinking were voting on choice's we have ... we are only voting through our mouth piece's who honour those and are on the payroll of those who tell them what to do and write it all.

Again ... let me stress here ... we are at war in our own country whether we realize it or not ... and this isnt over cultural/ ethnicity difference's or even really over Democrat's and Republican's as much as it against this entity of power that even has our political representation on the payroll and servant's to them as well. Forget the so called drug cartel's as crook's, or organized crime loansharking, or other worries that we have as far as criminal activities ... this make's all of those look like low budget rookies ... these actually have the power and resource's to make legal anything they choose, regardless of how bluntly and openly crooked it is. These manipulator's are the cream of the crop when it come's to these money making endeavor's, nothing trump's them, even globally for that matter. And this is exactly why I talk constantly about how importante it is to decline any kind of business with these folk's that you can ... whether it's a mortgage, any kind of loan, deposit's, investment's, bond's/ stock's, you name it. Our measley holding's alone are not enough to make too huge an impact on these entities ... However ... by keeping feeding them in any way, only intensifies their strength and the damage they can and will do in the long run, and weaken's our smaller companies and more independent institution's at the same time. Again, they keep us at each other's throat's on petty issue's (petty to them) so that we dont have time to wonder what they are doing ... it's the oldest hustle in the book actually, it's not like their super brain's ... Hell ... you dont need to be as long as you have million's of folk's feeding you ... and buying your bullshit over and over and over, just in different packaging.

But the fact that they do this to our Veteran's and especially active service member's, to their spouses and children while one or the other is in combat of war's that are even partially dictated by them trump's over anything in past history of just how low and the scum of the earth that these type's really are ... that alone should make anyone with even a rock bottom IQ abandon them on any level that they can. You may be wondering why the Department of Justice has been so silent on this and the "wait and see" approach is in act ... again, it all has to do with simply political grandstanding ... as well as the case(s) not looking too solid. But there's a reason as well why cases of such may look a tad weak ... and that's because they are also the entities that review and put together the legislation to get voted on ... their lobby in our government is enormous, the mega bank's as well as the insurer's, energies giant's, are all in bed together. And how in Hell can you make a significant dent in their game when you have this ? That is one of our biggest problemo's right now, both side's of our representation "owe" ... YOU MUST STOP THIS. This is also why I stress throughout this journal of the importance of getting rid of what we have in Washington as far as representation, the sooner, the better, at least a large portion of it. And believe me, it will happen sooner or later. If by November 2012 for instance we have a strong enough alternative and more progressive choice ... my vote IS going to them.

In the meantime, this isnt much progress as far as the allegation's, lawsuit's, etc ... but at least it's something and being hammered continuously, cause most in Washington frankly are not going to touch anything they dont have to, many are coward's even, that have a total lack of integrity, honesty, or anything of any value to offer period. I have never in my 55 year's seen such weak and spineless, worthless, and incompetent leader's as I see today in Washington ... really. I'm almost in shame to be American at time's these dayz ... yet, there are also many that are strong ... they just need support to strengthen them is all ... Sen. Bernie Sanders is definitely one of those.

Enough said ... for now that is


Friday, November 11, 2011

VETERANS DAY 2011: "Tribute from a Veteran, Jeff Snow" ... "Young Soldier's Come of Age in War" & Sen. Sanders (Veteran's Spotlight PT. 15)

In honour of those who served and active across the board this Veterans Day 2011, and also PT.15 of this journal's "Veteran's Spotlight" series ... I reviewed so many video's on YouTube that were really great tribute's over the last few dayz. I was looking in particular for one current and as well by a veteran ... came across this one below, that simply had compiled a really great selection of photo shot's along with a couple song's from legendary music icon's John Lennon and The Moody Blues ... straight to the point and well put together ... done by veteran Jeff Snow. Thank You to our Veteran's ... and special Thanx to Mr. Jeff Snow for his work here and sharing ... as well as the email you wrote me.

I also wanted to add this piece/ video from PBS NewsHour below of young soldier's that are coming of age during wartime. As well as a last minute update and closing word from Sen. Sanders of Vermont.




A Veterans Day word from Sen. Sanders ... Thanx to SENATORSANDERS