Friday, July 16, 2010

RAMONES .... "Live" New Year's Eve 1977 at London's Rainbow ....

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This art/ music posting is way past due, to take a look at some of America's founding father's of Punk Rock music, The Ramones .... and in memory as well of frontman, vocalist, songwriter, Mr. Joey Ramone (1951-2001), as well as Mr. Johnny Ramone (1948-2004) , Mr. Dee Dee Ramone (1951-2002). While visiting the blogsite of blogger Ms.WinsomeDove and a couple of her recent punk posting's .... it reminded me of wondering what Ramones piece's I wanted to post?

But this group of gentlemen out of NYC's Queens .... were a class of their own. I seen them once, when they played a Dallas landmark small venue, originally known as a country/ western dance hall, called the "Longhorn Ballroom" , back on their 1982 American Tour .... and what a show they done! I dont think I ever seen a group do so many song's in just an opening 45 minute or so set. Their song's and composition is as basic as you can get, they are short, with a few repetitive chord riff's, in your face vocal's, with a big back beat, more of a party band for basic rock and roll, and an explosive "live" performance. Below a taste of that explosive live performance @ London's Rainbow ... Enjoy!!

Ramones- Live At The Rainbow- December 31, 1977 ... Thanx to The Ramones




Tim said...

They certainly were ahead of their time.
My wife hung out with them years ago.
I forgave her..Ha!!!

Ranch Chimp said...

Mr. Tim: Your wife Melissa, hung out with them year's ago? She has my sympathy ... just kiddin Guy! :) That's cool though, I know that their homebased up in NY though.

Funny Story: An old buddy who passed away not long back, named Joe Christ (Linhart)I done a memorial posting for, was a underground musician, artist, and filmaker, but had a really odd reputation for his work's, even filmmaker John Waters, a mentor of Joe's was disgusted with the idea that Joe used real blood in his snuff film lampoon's/ satire. While at a social gathering one night, a gal pulled me off to the side and whispered to me ...."How can you hang around with some sicko like Joe Christ?" well, just for fun I told Joe later .... and he said he alway's wondered how he could even hang out with someone like me? :)

Later Dude .... thanx fer the drop in Guy ... and tell Melissa "Rock On!" :)

winsomedove said...

excellent choice as usual sir,
i knew you would have no trouble finding the ramones at their best; i watched all three parts. i was never a huge fan but saw them in a little bar in a beach town near here because my friend wanted to go. older was definately better with these guys - and joey was a dick (no disrespect intended)by the time i met them... or maybe he always was...

Ranch Chimp said...

Ms.WinsomeDove: So you met these guy's too, heh? Tim's wife above hung out with them sometime, he said. Joey was a "dick"? Heh, heh, heh, heh, heh, :) ... I seen a couple underground video interview's with him, and I think he would appear to come off like that anywayz. I figure the small venue like the bar you seen them really would be the most kick ass type venue for a group like them, I seen them in a western dance hall myself, and they really had my adrenaline pumping, I loved it, although like yourself I wasnt a "huge" fan, but liked so many of their tune's. I was supposed to go see them another time when I was in London several year's later .... but came down sick that day with some kind of stomach sickness or something (never forget it) I think eating all the time at them arabic street corner kabob stand's ... and I had to blow it off, I felt so bad, I was so pissed too!

Later WinsomeDove ... and take care that broken wing Girl!