Tuesday, July 20, 2010

MAYOR JAYNE PETERS: (KILLER PARENT'S PART 1) .... Dallas Area Mayor murder's her daughter and self ....

This will be the starting post of another mini series for this journal called "KILLER PARENT'S" I will start, since these type incident's are more frequent than some may realize, and since our pop culture society talk's so much about "thinking of the kid's" .... or how disobedient today's kid's can be, or the Atencion Deficit Disorder's of so many that require kid's to be force fed more drug's than a dope dealer would sell them ... I will devote this to the flip side of this reality. And the heading/ title of each of these posting's of these "tough love" disturbed parent's will post the name's of each parent in bold type at each heading first.

My 24 year old daughter who I live with found this troubling the other day. This is almost right in our neighborhood ... which is a small NW Dallas suburban city of 39,000 population called Coppell, which is about 16 mile's NW of downtown Dallas (we live in the City of Dallas though) .... a fairly decent, middle/ upper middle income neighborhood ... certainly not an area of any poverty at all. But what was troubling to my daughter was the idea that your own parent would kill you, end your life, strictly because the parent is having a rough financial experience. I have wrote in this journal that we will see a rise in suicide's ... and more group suicide especially because of the time's and change's coming ... so I understand the reality clearly. Mayor Peter's decided to end financial difficulties by murdering herself and 19 year old daughter, Ms Corinne Peters . A video below here, then some word's that I will add.

***** CNN: Friend: Mayor involved in apparent murder- suicide 'never opened up' ... (newsread)

The primary reason I wanted to post this is because of the nausea of the community reaction here in the Dallas Area over this. I was listening to some local talk radio right after the funeral/ memorial service while driving around town, and was shocked at alot of the talk .... the whimpering, the compassion, the ceremony, flying flag's at their City Hall at half staff ... and the nauseating explaining and understanding of this woman's financial difficulties, pampering and pandering, etc, etc. Almost not a word about her 19 year old daughter that was just out of high school on her way to the University of Texas at Austin. But instead of Mayor Peters career as a contract software developer, and her work as Mayor, contribution's to the community, how strong and positive she has been, ceremonial talk of the afterlife or heaven, and such other trash, etc. It was just absolutely so ridiculous listening to these whining loving passionate mourner's, that I just had to do a posting on this.

To be frank here, ESPECIALLY FOR FELLOW DALLASITE'S .... I havent one decent thing to say about Mayor Peters ... I dont give a rat's ass, what she done in her software contracting business, or her community work, or as Mayor of Coppell. Her daughter Corinne was executed by her mom and not even given the chance to pursue her life and goal's and start at her University. The talk of how strong the Mayor was, especially after her husband's death and such, or pursueing her career and other talk .... let me be even more frank here ... she was a snobbish self centered weakling in my opinion. A product of today's two faced hypocritical pop culture society, along with all ya'll Dallas Area parasite's I heard locally that "feel her pain", and your pathetic talk of she is with God, YA'LL SICKEN ME AS WELL! Her note's for arriving investigator's was what to do with her pet's and such, who obviously meant more than her own daughter to her.

This crap about how hard time's are is more nausea and a display of weakness and incompetence that we have became so accustomed too. When time's get tough ... you simply budget, especially the million's of American's that live way beyond their mean's, endlessly upgrading their living standard's and going into more and more debt on item's that they dont even need, or car's that their not going to drive daily, and home's bigger than anything they need or such, just to impress the neighbor's or other's .... who wouldnt frankly give a rat's ass about you either way, or put food in your belly, and are just as weak and snobbish as you. And the nerve to look at this incompetence we do today as elite or successful. I will tell you who is elite and a success ... those who can face difficult time's, and balance their budget's, even on lower income's who work hard and are able to face obstacle's and defeat them and continue, without putting a gun to their head's and especially their own children. Dont get me wrong ... I have no problemo with one's choice to end their "own" life .... but I see nothing worth even sympathy for those like this former Mayor. This political correctness as well of our society is just as sickening.


Enough said on this ....



Tim said...

First of all I'm sorry for your daughters distress. Being the parent I know you are I'm sure she'll find what she's looking for.
For that woman like you I could care less. She was a murderer. The child that I'm sure loved and trusted her is dead. Sometimes I wish a hell really existed for parents who betray the trust of their children.

Ranch Chimp said...

Good Morning Mr.Tim!

Thank You Sir, as far as my daughter. She wasnt all that distressed I reckon ... but certainly didnt find it as softly as some folk's did, when talking over it, as for myself as well. This has also happened several time's in our area over several year's of mom's as well as a recent honor killing by a man of his daughter because she was acting too western and they were muslim immigrant's, and he is still on the run, of killing their kid's. One case a few year's back just a tad north of our neighborhood was a lady Schlosser, who took a kitchen knife, and killed her 18 month or so daughter by severing off both her arm's. Then of course you had Yate's in Houston who lined up her 5 kid's and drowned them in a bath tub one after another, and both these mother's (and one just east of us) got off, on mental and finance difficulties, along with hearing voice's from God .... I shit you not ... not one had to do even prison time. But talking with my own daughter on this along with all the local talk of making excuses for how tough this lady has it and she's now God's lil Teddy Bear in Heaven or whatever added enough nasea to do a posting on this. Much of the memorial servive was broadcasted on the radio ... there wasnt hardly anything about this young lady "Corinne", who was the victim hardly .... A top of the line student, who was on her way to UT Austin to start. Even if Mom just would kill herself only and let the daughter live ... there was enough asset's, insurance and such to let the girl be able to make it, along with plenty in the community to help the girl throgh any possible trauma. I remember having to also walk and talk my same daughter through an incident of her best friend when she was only about 12/13 who killed herself in suicide as well. Yeah ... that the tough thing in these cases ... Guy as far as the poor kid's trusting their parent's, which I could go on and on about as far as a subject, and tell stories that would make head's spin.

But thank you again Tim for your voice and understanding here.

Ranch Chimp said...

I also want to add that I feel so fortunate to have had actually such great parent's as a child. I actually ran away from home, and only because I was in so much trouble with the law as a kid, even trying to enlist in the Nam war, and getting locked up and turned doen by the Navy, and running from the law instaed of parent's .... I was very .... let's say ambitious as a child and a tad fast and overactive/ restless I reckon, and had probably the most understanding parent's a kid could ever want, it actually broke my heart seeing my mom show up in court's to defend me crying for the court to have mercy on me as a kid, at once, which I wrote about, I jumped the bench and went literally for the judge's head, just for making my mom cry in court I got so hot headed, of course I was restrained, chained, and locked up for month's immediately after. I loved my mom and dad so much, they were great parent's!

Ranch Chimp said...

Also the hearing open's today for another NW Dallas Suburban mom in the City of Irving, who rceently took a wire, and strangled her 5 and 2 year old, one was DOA at the hospital, the other was on life support, but heard just a half hour ago died as well. Her defense will also say that she is depressed, and heard some voice's .... the usual that get's most of them off capital murder, and even allow's them to walk after a couple year's in the psyche hospital .... to me .... that is "depressing". The mom's name is Ms. Saiqa Akhter, and the suburb city is called Irving, Texas.

tnlib said...

RC: I'm with you on this one. Man, do we have our priorities effed up!
As a mother it gives me the creeps.

And wasn't there a Texas case a few years back where a mother put a contract out on a cheerleader (or her mom) who was competing against her daughter?

Ranch Chimp said...

Ms.Leslie: Actually come to think of it .... yes ... I recall something of the cheerleader incident as well .... I will have to look into that one as well, thanx for the tip!

Have a good un Ms.Leslie

rita said...

If someone wants to off themselves fine, but why do they have to drag their innocent children into it? I just don't get it.

I was offended by the news clip!
It came off like they were making her out as a Martyr instead of the murderer she was.

Well, at least she did herself in. The cases I find the most repugnant are when the parents kill the kids then are too chicken to kill themselves.

Ranch Chimp said...

Ms.Rita: The CNN news clip is about the same as even the local clip's in Dallas, Dallas is worse in my opinion though. I sware ... the, what seemed like support for this Mayor was in my opinion incredible, everything discussed but her act of murder and her victim daughter.

Thanx for your comment's here Ms.Rita!