Tuesday, July 6, 2010

"ABOVE and BELOW" PT.1: .... Image's in TIME and EVOLUTION ....

For this posting, just a tad of window dressing in these image's captured above and below, and/ or a brief read and view from below here , and another link here to Hubblesite for a few from above.

I feel fortunate and grateful to live in an era where I can enjoy these view's, and am alway's fascinated with such.

The first full- sky image from Europe's Planck telescope ... Thanx to FRANCIS VILLATORO

SAVE OUR PLANET- Stunning sea life under melting Artic ice ... Thanx to NOTEWORTHYNEWS'S CHANNEL



Tim said...

AWESOME...I love shit like that..

What a world Huh..

Ranch Chimp said...

Indeed it is Mr.Tim .... Indeed it is!