Wednesday, July 7, 2010

NEW SOCIAL ORDER: .... the 2 Faces of the "Current Condition" and the "Balance Factor" ....

This will be posted as well as sort of a reference posting, to get a picture of the current condition. Thank You to Mr.Tim Waters and his partner Ms.Melissa Waters, of the blogsite "Scared Stiff" for posting this first video called "Crisis of Capitalism" posted by , on YouTube, and Mr. David Harvey, who is known as an extreme radical social theorist, which brought these to my atencion. But I also wanted to post in addition the flip side perspective of this, called "The Critique" from HowTheWorldWorks , which is the 2nd video, by Mr. Lee Doran, who claim's that Mr.Harvey's statement's are flawed, and has some pointer's of his own. Combined time of the video's is just under 25 minute's, but I strongly encourage them to get a clear entire picture of the current condition. Then of course .... a few word's of my own on this.

Also this first video had me laughing up a storm, just the animation's of this is a work of art in itself, and listening to Mr.Harvey explain is hilarious, even though I agree with him almost 100% here, or at least understand the frustration, because it is true, and truth is alway's the most hilarious! Several year's back a buddy told me that I sounded like a Marxist, at the time I didnt know much about Marxism, but I can understand now/ today, why my buddy said that .... because I actually do! :)

RSA ANIMATE: Crises of Capitalism ... Thanx to THE RSA

Now .... this 2nd video from a right wing conservative capitalist perspective also is full of accurate fact's by Mr. Doren , set aside how confusing that may sound and look at both for what they have to contribute, to be able to find a new workable solution, take the best of both .... work them in together, and create a balance ... you have your new social order, unlike of the past, but the best of all the past, if that make's any sense.

Crisis of Capitalism, The Critique- Lee Doren ... Thanx to HOWTHEWORLDWORKS

The reason for posting these two extremely different view's here, is because this is how we function overall. The catch to this is .... both of these polarizing opinion's are one in the same ... you see .... they have more in common than they actually realize .... and are both accurate on many thing's .... because this is the state of the current condition. This journal for instance from the start to the finish , will all intersect .... socially, philosophically, politically, etc. When system's start to deteriorate, decline, and fall apart, and go into real change, which change's the course of history, they reach their maximum potential is all, you will see this throughout recorded human history as I have stated in past, whether it is from the Roman's, to the Mayan's, Egyptian's, etc, etc. What happen's is eventually the high point loses balance, and the imbalance and divide widen. Then we create and learn to adapt to the new.

Sure ... you can repair and repair the old, and fantasize and reminisce about what it was like at a past point, or maintaining the same ole same, holding on to what the American Dream was at a time, etc. Kind of like a sociopolitical "love affair" of sort .... and being obsessed and holding onto a relationship you know wont continue to work, but keep chasing your tail trying to make it work .... when the best thing to do .... is simply walk away. Dont think that our political structure and representative's have the answer's and can lead us to some Utopia and restore what once was ... they cannot. I vote for instance one party and that is democrat these day's, just simply because what is needed, and to make the ride through the storm a little smoother during this transition that will come. Not because I am liberal, or conservative, or any of the other .... I am beyond that type of thinking for instance. The same with our current President Obama .... he is not truely left or right, and beyond that .... which is why I had so much to say about him and this before he was even the democrat party candidate ... about folk's not understanding him, because most will not.

There are no answer's here .... only solution's ... and the only way to go into a more beneficial direction is to actually change, and feel the effect's of our flaw's and imperfection's. Regardless of how much I may criticize many politician's for instance ... the fact is ... they simply dont know or understand anything else, and it is difficult in this point of history to teach an old dog new trick's ... this will all change in time though. It is now also more of a master/ slave mentality as well. I am not condemning folk's for this ... it's simply all they understand, true balance is not understood, and like anything else in life ... we learn and evolve. Our potential and will is greater than we even realize at this point. And much is needed to actually change .... much of which will be very psychologically unpleasant and difficult to grasp, but it will pass in time.

Finally ... to understand the difficulties we are experiencing, you must put aside the common way of thought, and look at everything ... not just left or right, understanding what is truely your enemy is how to defeat. You have to utilize the best of everything and balance it all. All that is happening now and soon, is only setting the stage to understand how destructive and constructive we can be, and where we need to change. You alway's hear what it will take to get back to "normal" .... but that is the last thing you want to focus on ... is getting back to normal, this only rehash's the same problem's as well as the benefit's, basically the same shit in different packaging is all. All we are seeing is human nature, it isnt right or wrong, any more than good or evil, regardless of what end you are at, or social status, it is simply the condition, of the reality we created ourselves, and what we create, we can also destroy. The new social order of thing's will arrive in time.



Tim said...

It's good to fair and show both sides of an issue..


Ranch Chimp said...

Good Morning Mr. Tim!

Yes ... it's a matter of being fair for me, but also it's important to look at all angle's when solving any problem. I've alway's looked at it like working to find a problem on your car.

Thanx for your input here Guy, and thanx again for the video ....

Tim said...

I really should start to wear my glasses when I type..
I just hate to though..

Ranch Chimp said...

Mr.Tim: I never had to wear glasses, but if I ever needed to I damn sure would. I knew quite a few folk's that did, as well as folk's that wear contact's. I have a nice pair of "Ray-Ban" sunglasses I wear outdoor's, on them bright day's at time's.