Friday, July 23, 2010

GORILLA'S PT.1: .... Almost Human? ... or is it ... Human almost Gorilla? .... and "Familia Value's" .... (THE OTHER TENANT'S PT.1)

This posting is to look at the Gorilla Familia, and their lives, some value's, emotion's, and related .... to look at the similarities we share. This link here is for an organization/ charity included. And some info here on Dian Fossey, known for her work with Gorilla's as well, and the Fossey Gorilla Fund .

This for me is a way past due posting because this thing about Gorilla's/ Ape's goes all the way back to my childhood, when I took a grade school field trip to a Zoo once. I was so fascinated watching these folk's ... and yet, naturally puzzled as to why they were in cage's? And as a result ... even though I attended Zoo's, I was opposed to them, or at least I feel they should be much different, and they have changed alot over the year's worldwide. I'm not an animal right's activist, but believe that there are certain right's by nature, that dont need human intervention or decision's. A type of natural law/ right's you can say, I reckon. And since they dont invade or interfere with our societies and such ... we shouldnt with their's is all.

Another issue that has puzzled me for year's .... is talking with folk's on a daily basis ... who seem to alway's view human's as non animal ... and alway's saying ... we are human/ people and not to be confused with animal's. The talk about our familia value's and how we react to death, birth, children, our emotion's and the list goes on ... I mean I even heard people that would say that animal's dont have these thing's and that is what make's us so different ... and even "special". Frankly to be honest ... I dont feel my existence is any more special than any of these folk's in the video below ... and my familia/ children mean as much to me, as well as my tribe/ nation, as their's do to them ... so we have much in common, as far as what we "value", and familia's and territories, even our social order of thing's.

These folk's in this video are considered by many human folk as wild animal's, uncivilised, etc. But watching these folk's will clearly show, that they even value... play, sloth, pride, gluttony, love, anger, even working as a team when needed, and basically like to remain calm and gentle most of the time and relax and enjoy life and their surrounding's just as we do. The basic's of their societies and familia's are similar to our's ... yet their value list didnt come from a book or written law ... because nature has it's own. Enjoy!

Reunion with the Gorillas ... Thanx to Wild Kingdom



Tim said...

I guess you can't sleep either.
I love animals. Truth is better than most people. I'm convinced animals think,have feelings,emotions and are the least among us. So sad really.
I have seen animals befriend other species, raise their young, and just want to live.
Cows coming over to play with their human captors. I hope we're held accountable some day not by a pretend God but by the ying yang of nature. Perhaps that's the course we're set on as proof of destroying our planet.
Good post Man

Ranch Chimp said...

Good Morning Mr. Tim!

Actually I have no problemo with sleep or trying to. It's just I have odd hour's I reckon of sleep, and do to what I am doing throughout the day, work, activities or such ... I dont have any fixed hour's I reckon.

But yeah ... I alway's was fascinated as well, because for me watching these folk's, give's me as close an idea of what our first human species were like, so it's a thrill to watch them for me ... like getting to go back in time.

Thanx for your comment's Guy!

TRUTH 101 said...

I could never be anything but just friends with a gorilla.

Call me shallow but they just don't excite me RC.

Ranch Chimp said...

Judge Truth: Well that certainly is understood Truth .... frankly, watching a day in the lives of Gorilla's can probably be one of the most boring thing's. My interest in these ape species is because, I like to look at it as an example of what out earliest ancestor's were probably like ... and it also give's me an idea of where and how thing's like tribalism, morality and familia started, of course because of our intellectual development and the more complex brain, along with our physical adaption and change to our created enviroment's, we have refined everything and moved on. Also I am for leaving their territories alone ... unless they threaten out tribe's and species, which they havent done .... those animal's that threaten us the most are of the human species, and are most deserving of receiving our wrath.

Thank You for your voice Sir ....