Thursday, July 29, 2010


Ever since the beginning of this war in Iraq ... I have pointed out every possible scam that would be attempted, and since the beginning of this journal pointed out that these war's are manufactured only by the dictating power's of the globe, and that we cant win war's the way we play , but stay in war indefinitely, because we are not allowed to actually fight to win. These war's regardless of how much you may think are about helping fellow humankind, and freeing people from oppression, or to make the world equal and fair, just keep's us stupid and gullible, and more threatened with terror and retaliation, because even the people that we are fighting for are just as stupid and gullible as us, ... "freedom" ... your kiddin? ... a person only believe's these thing's because that was simply part of your programme ... none of those who create our moral standard's or dictate from the 3 entities of the major corporate/ finance/ banking, to religious indoctrination/ and public education institution's to the political icon's truely believe in half the nonsense that we are fed to believe, there is no such thing as fair, or even freedom, or even equality ... at this point in history that is, but of course, the future will be much different than what we have now. We now in recent centuries just entered into what is considered civilised thinking societies, but still have the basic foundation rooted in us of the master/ slave mentality, so therefore because of our lack of understanding, we cant create the utopian and heavenly fantasies that we talk and write about, and are forced now to act accordingly to the present, which is to be vigilant and retaliate those who would destroy us with similar action whether it is those who dictate the war's or participate in them, but the future species will be in a different reality and truely more of everything we dream of now, we just havent evolved to that level yet. Look at past history for a clearer picture of the direction we move.

But to this title of the posting .... American's are the biggest sucker's in the world ... period, whether we see it or not. While we are fussing over the most petty pop culture thing's from who said what about who or who's Mama, or some migrant worker's we are force fed to believe are responsible for falling employment figure's to worrying about who marries who, and other pop culture item's, we are being played, robbed and raped by those we look up to and their shill's/ player's, like a bunch of fresh mark's who never been played in a con game, yet some of us are so blind because this game has been played on us for decade's to the point where those who play us are going hog wild now, and basically robbing us right in front of our eye's, because we are so easy to play and gullible. Below some video and/ or read about this recent case here, then an additional word.

***** CNN: Billions for Iraq reconstruction unaccounted for, lax oversight blamed ... (newsread)

This recent news of missing money is actually an old story of time and again , being out right robbed for $12 billion or so, do we even realize the amount's of these? So if we ever missed any of these robberies, it's simply because we werent paying atencion. Several year's back if we also paid atencion, we would have seen that major companies who were player's in this reconstruction would relocate countries, use offshore international tax haven's, have new company subcontractor's come out of the woodwork, and have more military private contractor's come out than we ever knew exsisted such as Blackwater. I pointed out year's ago how even some companies would relocate, and this was the whole motivation for rush style globalization, not having anything to do with countries holding hand's, but major player's and thieves having a larger playing arena to hide themselves and asset's/ stolen money ... as you seen recently with Halliburton relocating from it's original and only home Houston to Dubai. Why? ... Why do you think? ... because of investigation's/ inquiry panel's from everyone from the IRS to Interpole to the UN to eventually the US Senate because sooner or later people are going to demand real action. This is why I was so thrilled the other day over former VP Cheney's successful heart operation ... because I want him alive ... not dead. I know he is very involved in alot more than we know, forget about W.Bush, he isnt sharp enough to even play this game ... it's too over his level of hustling, Cheney was the one with the brain's, Bush just was in position to finalize decision's. We have been being robbed left and right of all our surplus and now they even went into our future taxes and everything else we worked and fought so hard for, and they WILL NOT stop until we take more drastic action, there is no incentive to stop ... I mean ... why would they possibly stop? They are out to win ... we need to learn how to also win.

And below some news in this video that is more money to be dished out that we actually could be spending in our own country.

CNN: Clinton unveils Pakistan aid package ... Thanx to CNN

This is another nation that we supported for year's with their nuclear arsenal, who has shown to have a corrupt government, has had inside people support terror group's, and even in the final outcome of their inner war on terror want the Taliban to have a controlling voice in their new government. Even their neighbor's in Afghanistan has been involved in corruption, and supporting terror group's, and already made no bid contract's a few year's back for China to mine all the copper, and now other resources out of Afghanistan, yet it will be American ... not Chinese troop casualties and dollar's who will pay for all of this, now you understand who control's the war decision's and why it is so importante for this globalization, unfair unbalanced trade, and no corporate or international banking/ finance boundaries. We are also held hostage everytime by these countries and blackmailed basically into giving billion's or they will do this or that if we dont. We are bullied from one side and hustled and robbed by the other side ... and these poor Pakistani people will be no better off 5 year's from now than they are now, and most likely in worse shape, including now us.

The people who dictate us and all the people are actually a very spineless breed as well, especially our political puppet representation in our own country. Those who we constantly consider as evil, including the Taliban, al-Qaeda, and even Hitler himself have far more strength, determination and even integrity as far as fighting war's ... sad ... but true ... they go down to the death ... these folk's of our pop culture arena are like an inbred class of their own, and not capable of defeating anything except dummies like us using word's and gimmick's. We could actually achieve more stability and peace than we have seen in decade's with true strong leader's. Dealing with those like these who hold us hostage is simple ... you get out of their territories, you do not do business with them, and if or when they fire one missile at us or an allie, you retaliate with extreme prejudice and maximum force, with an only objective being to defeat, no game's, few word's and strict defensive action ... those who defy will then listen, because they will no longer exist if they continue to play these game's with us. When we retaliated to Japan and bombed them, they not only surrendered, but became great allies later, the same with Germany back around the same era ... paying off folk's to be your friend who backstab you is about as stupid as paying a school bully half of your lunch money every week to not pick on you ... and it is the most despicable act of cowardice. Our political representation are also about as low as you can get as far as any integrity even, they let the corporate entities dictate and pull their string's, and when their told to jump ... respond by saying "How high?".



Tim said...

It's some shit ain't it. We pay off Pakistan and they turn around and fund our enemy. So were paying to have our own people killed. Brilliant.
I have no proof, but I believe Cheney to be behind all the evil and money grabbing thus far. Even when he's gone,the lovely Liz will take his place.
Another thing,your right,many a bully that I crack their jaw,I became friends with in time.

Ranch Chimp said...

You know Tim ... back in 2000 I voted for Cheney ... I knew he was a hustler, I'm not a hardass who hate's money and rich folk's, or am against someone utilizing their tax break's, and even believe in giving incentive's to big business to invest, I'm alot like President Obama when it come's to that, and I can be as bipartisan as they come as well. What really turned my view's so much against him, and even their party (GOP), since I voted republican most of my life, is we were giving our end of incentive's, tax break's and such, which is fair, you scratch our back, we will scratch your's in return, in other word's. I'm even for a certain amount of freedom when it come's to regulatory factor's ... but when I seen what they were doing with profit's, and how all money was diverted to offshore industry, investment, employment, etc ... that is what really "got" me ... I mean ... I was saying ...."Hey! WASSUP!!" wait a fucken minute ... you are not paying your due's to those (us) who have helped make you what you are, we are the producer's, the buyer's/ consumer's, we allowed for incentive's and break's ... and you divert every dime of even our surplus to strictly foreign investment?" They owe us man!! it's a fucken two way street ... they of all know that better than the average street person ... THAT IS NOT THE WAY THE GAME WORK'S IN CAPITALISM!! YOU DO NOT FUCK THOSE WHO CONTRIBUTE TO YOUR WEALTH ESPECIALLY YOUR OWN COUNTRY!! This is outright as imbalanced business wise as you can get .... doing business with Al Capone was safer business than this line of crap. I could go on and on ... you get it brother. And yeah ... Cheney ... I want the Mother Fucker's ass ... and alive, so he can posibly savor when the heat come's down.

Thanx for your voice too Mr.Tim ....