Thursday, July 1, 2010

JIMMY PAGE/ LED ZEPPELIN: .... "a 1957 BBC appearance of young Mr.Page" .... Led Zeppelin 1973 "Since I've been loving you" .... (PT.1)

This posting is not only to honor the work and art of the great Led Zeppelin , but to focus on the outstanding work of string's master and composer, Mr. Jimmy Page .

This is a man that I could talk about credit's to him till I'm blue in the face, from all the outstanding work he has done in this industry, from soundtrack's/ studio work, composing masterpiece classic's, to construction of his own guitar's, to mastering pretty much any instrument of the string's category, technical engineering, and his unique trademark's of using violin bow's to play his guitar's live, and the added special effect's and altering of traditional sound, a genius, and a true elitist in his category unmatched!

Jimmy Page, Young Age! ... this is from a show called "Huw Wheldon Show" off the BBC 1957 Thanx to DJLIGHTBOLT .... enjoy!

This next piece below is with his band Led Zeppelin .... again ... basic blues work on the guitar, but what a fitting combo with his co- worker on vocal's Mr.Robert Plant! I have seen Mr.Page in full swing many year's ago "live", and he is outstanding "live" as well as his studio work's! I was fortunate to pick this up off YouTube of a 1979 performance in the small England Village of Knebworth, and I must say that the work here is unparalleled of especially Plant and Page, absolutely outstanding work here! THANX TO CHINES00



Tim said...

See drugs aren't all bad...;)

Ranch Chimp said...

Ranch Style Greeting's Mr.Tim!

Yes indeed .... Mr.Page for awhile did have a heavy addiction to heroin, he really looking physically awful once when I seen him "live" .... and for a few year's isolated himself over it. Glad to see he is strong and vibrant,clean in 2010 though! :)

Hope you have a decent 4th of July Guy .... I dont have any plan's, it has been raining on and off a week straight here in Dallas, and supposed to through the weekend as well, now because of storm Alex.

Later Mr. Tim

PS: Did you get that Gretsch after all? Is it a hallow body?