Wednesday, June 30, 2010

OTIS McDONALD: .... Chicago's newest Champion for Self Defense ....

This posting is to congratulate who I call "Chicago's newest Champion for Self Defense" .... Mr. Otis McDonald (for the record .... no kin to Ronald McDonald). I realize how strict gun law's are for citizen's in many town's, and in particular Chi- Town. I also know how deadly of a city it is as far as gang related shooting's, I think at this time, probably the worst in the nation. Year's back I lived in Chicago for awhile (Uptown Sheridan/ Wilson, a low income brownstone) and back then it could be a rough town ... it is just alot rougher today .... and my heart gone out to those folk's that live in especially the more modest income area's of the city. But the Supreme Court made it a lil easier for those with this McDonald vs. Chicago ruling . Some video below with Mr.McDonald .... then a few cent's I'll add.

Otis McDonald- Everyday people can make a difference ... Thanx to GLENN HODAS

I also want to include this recent video below here on just how heavy some of the violent weekend's in Chicago can get these day's. Now one may wonder what does this have to do with gangbanging as far as one protecting their home and self? And another arguement is that loosening up gun's law's will increase these violent act's. But after ... I will try to explain both, and the reality of the condition.

Now I realize that some folk's will fight this .... and blame gun's to begin with on all this violence, and many parent's who had to lose a child to this violence are in an awful state of mind ... so many victim's are actually innocent, and have done nothing but being in the wrong place at the wrong time. I cant even imagine what some of these parent's must be going through psychologically who have lost a child to this, no matter how many I may have heard tell me stories .... I simply never had a child fall victim to this. But have seen quite a bit of it.

But this gang violence also contribute's to many other's that are not gangbanger's in the street to carry firepower, it become's a survival tool of sort, whether it is for commiting crime or just having your back covered and protecting yourself, and it just loses control ... it dies out from time to time, then revive's itself. If there are no gun's .... other weapon's are used .... or there will be someone to make weapon's ... or they will get imported in through the black market's. The gun doesnt kill .... the one using the gun does. I have seen too many time's where folk's are afraid to even look out their window .... afraid that they may see something, and if they do or are suspected of it, especially older citizen's .... they are confronted by those commiting these offenses ... and told basically .... "You talk, you die", and they are the judges and jury's as well .... they have the firepower, they rule the street/ neighborhood .... so even if you dont talk .... but they think you "may" .... they may take you out anywayz .... you dont get a hearing. You have to change the mindset to change the reality, and everything has a flip side and ripple effect.

Many folk's dont have money where they can just move to another neighborhood everytime crime rises, especially in tough economic time's. Many cant even get a decent response time from law enforcement due to the amount of call's that police have to respond to in metro area's that are large. Many of these folk's are scared at time's just to walk to the market, or sit out on a patio or porch in the evening, they are like prisoner's themselves, yet they pay their taxes, vote, work their asses off, just like anyone else. Those who commit crime's like storming home's with gun's, and rip and run home invasion style take- down's, which also happen to the vulnerable, like for the gun ban's to be in place ... it assure's them their next score will be successful, and their victim wont be able to defend themselves, or fear the law's and complexities. If they knew that folk's can have more protection, it slow's their "game" actually.

You know .... alot of these folk's that make all these law's and legislation really never have to live in some of these area's with higher crime rate's, or those even that talk about the evil of gun's. They can sit, talk, legislate from their comfortable and well secured communities and work enviroment's .... and say they know what is the best thing for everyone .... yet they go only on stat's that are fed to them .... I feel if some of these folk's only spent a couple week's living in some of these area's, riding the train's and bus to work daily, and actually had to experienece what many of these other citizen's have to ... they would talk less and think more about what is right for everybody as well. Who is there to protect if you cant depend on the law's or enforcement, if the majority of other's around you are frightened as well? I remember when folk's in DC (Washington) finally got a right to have gun's in their home's for protection a couple year's back .... which was a positive step in my opinion .... but the city also was too strict on that in my opinion, when they also included that .... you can have a gun, but it has to be a revolver, and other ridiculous thing's like trigger lock's or even unloaded .... I reckon ... by law ... the intruder knock's, and you have to tell the intruder to wait till you load your revolver, and if your lucky and dont get shot, then you can call 911 and file a report. My question is .... what are some of these legislator's thinking who make such insane self defense law's? .... also I wonder ... where in Hell do they live? And you can bet Chicago will dress this ruling up as well.

Anywayz .... Congratulation's to Mr.McDonald and his crew .... well done Sir!



Tim said...

I have to think on this, I can be persuaded. My wife hates guns so I have to deal with that. The thing is as I get older and can barely move,
now we think I have fiber ma-alga. Sorry I don't know how to spell it.
Point is I think I would like to be able to defend my family.
Back in the day I was considered in shape and rather strong. I used to curl 175lbs. those days I didn't worry. So we should talk more about this.

Ranch Chimp said...

Good Morning Mr.Tim!

I dont know really much about those ailment's unfortunately, so am unable to say much on that, but I think as we get older it is importante to keep as active as possible in some way .... just like being on the computer, reading and stuff is also positive, to keep the ole brain in action .... well at least from what I heard/ read. Even just any kind of exercise daily is a positive. If I am not working or at least the traditional type work, I will just work around the home, get out in the hood, not driving ... but walking instead and such, socializing some or whatever. But we live in different type enviroment's I think, I live in a very busy and commercialized neighborhood. You seem to have a more rural laid back setting from what it seem's.

As far as gun's and you and your's, Melissa, to each their own Guy, I know alot of folk's that dont like gun's. I simply got around them as a kid for sporting, like archery as well as throwing knive's, so because of the recreational or sporting factor, I reckon I just alway's felt comfortable with them. Some folk's may have had bad experiences also with them, or just hear and listen to the negative stories behind gun's only, and this bother's them, to each their own of course. But I do feel that they are a healthy asset to one's household as well for alot of folk's to have some defense, or at least some type of defense weapon's and/or plan. I especially stress this to the female gender also, who are more uncomfortable with them it seem's, I feel especially for single young ladies for instance in these time's .... it is an importante tool and asset, is all. I even support and have stressed that young ladies attending college and working odd hour's to carry self defense, because of the attack's on female student's there have been as an example. But I dont want to force folk's to carry gun's, nor am I a gun fanatic, I just think they should have that right, and law's to protect themselves is all.

Later Guy .... take care ....

Ranch Chimp said...

Also as I said Mr.Tim .... much of this for me was too, the "sporting factor" .... I have alway's loved target type game's since a child, my oldest kid picture's as a lil boy have me with toy gun's, at 6 year's old I raised Hell till my parent's bought me a "Rifleman" rifle from the tele show if you recall that (with Chuck Conners), I have several photo's with. But target shooting from knive's to archery to gun's had been such childhood fun, as far as trying for accuracy etc, like a sport, so it wasnt about trying to kill thing's at all. Even year's back when they had Nintendo video game's .... my favourite game was "duck hunt" shooting the video screen ( and no, not because I want to actually kill duck's either .... it was a game ) or at the state fair or carnival's, I love the shooting game's, I won a damn Teddy Bear once that probably was almost 5 'ft tall ... had to carry that sob around with me the rest of the day at the damn Fare too! (felt like shooting it after 8 hour's of carrying it around with me!). Just dont look at one side of anything my friend .... not even gun's, they are not only about killing either.

Tim said...

That's funny I bought my kids a nintendo duck hunt years ago. They had a blast with it. (I liked it too)
That same type gun Chuck Conners used John Wayne used in the movie Rio Bravo. One of my favs. Did you Conners used to be a pro baseball played for a short time.
Anyway I was just thinking because I'm no longer in prime health, a gun in the house would be good. My wife would be a hurdle though.
Yesterday The internet was acting up around here. Storms!!! Sorry about you not being able to comment, although I got some early this morning

Ranch Chimp said...

No I didnt know much of anything about Conners, just liked the show Rifleman as a lil boy I reckon. Thanx for the info though Mr.Tim. We have had rain and storm's the last 3 day's, and through July 4th from this tropical hurricane deal named Alex (your son). But the usual summer storm's in Dallas are alway's welcomed, because June, July and August here otherwise are usually hot and dry, with day high's of upper 90's on average, and the rain's make an auto temp drop of 20/25 degree's and the wind's are usually strong. Some of our biggest thunderstorm's (most) occur in summer month's here actually.

Later Guy ......

Ranch Chimp said...

Actually I am posting this again, something isnt working right on this ... but no I didnt know much of anything on Conners and only enjoyed the show Rifelman as a child, but thanx for the info Guy ....