Monday, June 28, 2010


Part 7 of this series is only because I have new question's and thought's since my other posting's/ video's of this series (Part's 6 thru 1) . I actually have a total of 25 posting's in this journal that talk about "Global Warming" in some part surrounding many other issue's, from politic's to the economy to our religious belief's and culture's, but I wont link to all of them here of course. One may think I am some kind of nutcase running around in panic screaming that the sky is falling, that I hug tree's, refuse to wear leather, ride a bicycle to work or other of such ... just viewing some of these perhap's. But all of this would be so far from the truth ... and despite all my comment's on corporate manipulation and neo monopolies of such ... I am not even anti corporation, I am very pro business even .... just a lil more balanced than this one sided show we have now .... I actually see green tech as the next biggest market of the future, and even have some admiration for those who have at least some vision like that. But frankly I still dont think we address this issue enough, despite all these meeting's of the mind's and political global power's, and the projected emission's decreases over the next 25/ 30 year's etc, etc.

ABCNEWS: Raging Waters in Australia and Brazil Product of Global Warming ... A brief newsread and video first here on this.

I will also say here that even if 99% of scientist's unanimously agreed next month, that there is no evidence of warming caused by human's ... I would still rant about this .... Why? Because no one has brought up any reason why it is so importante to pollute the world the way we do .... as if we dont, we will perish. We take bath's and havent perished over it either ... or perished over any of the law's and regulation's we have put in place to clean our act up, whether it's litter, drilling regulation's, burning trash outdoor's, or a number of other regulatory interest's ... were still alive and doing well, despite all the horrid regulation's that we whine over. I mean ... is it that essential to even just throw ton's and ton's daily of carbon emission's that we see into the atmosphere? If we dont, and just try to clean up some more, is it the end of all life? One thing off the top of my head we could eliminate tomorrow is drive- thru's .... are they really necessary? .... is it too difficult to get up off our asses and walk inside? Or at least during summer month's in this town (Dallas/ Fort Worth) when ozone level's are at their worse ... this metro area alone of nearly 7 million is saturated with them, long line's of car's just burning fuel away waiting while we could even get faster service walking inside as well as save fuel and money. There are a whole list of small item's that even make a difference.

I am not even scientifically knowledgeable enough to where I could sit in a debate on these issue's, but it dont take a genius IQ either to see we have some issue's that need more atencion. But no .... were so caught up in all the other stuff, from all the war's that we are getting pulled into, to which politician is most fashionable this month, our sexuality, or how to talk without upsetting anyone and being more full of shit than we already are, etc, etc. And frankly most of these folk's especially those who fuel these war's from the corporate icon's to the fanatic's of religion's who dwell on death and destruction, and recruit whoever is available from the oppressed to the poverty stricken to the religious nut cases, or anyone with a chip on their shoulder, with the more chaos and anger .... the larger the pool to select and recruit. Sometime's I think that humanities motto is "kill baby kill". I feel like most of humanity is out of control despite how civilised it fantasizes it is ... I really do ... and all classes across the board, something is definitely out of sync with how we think.

I am NOT against offshore drilling, let me make clear .... or petro exploration, not one bit, I have to question though and draw some line's .... and recently I have more question's and concern's, especially after this BP incident ... which now after 2 month's appear's to me to still be gushing out a storm. I hear BP is already focused on new drill sight's as well up in the artic area .... I also see the booming economy of place's like Brazil, who also uses ethanol .... yet are focused on extracting right now more offshore oil in area's that are two to three time's deeper than this drill accident in the Gulf of Mexico. And even if the USA started to stop altogether this type of drilling, so many countries are in line to let it continue and increase, even so called enviromentally sensitive countries .... I mean .... wassup? We seem more concerned on the rush to drill more offshore and even in more risky water's ... and I reckon just because it seem's like we are consuming more than the drilling can even keep up with. And if we halted the drilling it will effect economies worldwide as well. Then we have this group of folk's calling most of this global warming a hoax, who seem to be "pro- pollution" , because why else would you spend so much time and money trying to make a point that trashing up the atmosphere, earth and water's is healthy and positive? I see now also China and India who have massive population's just putting petro burning vehicle's so fast on the road's that we cant even keep track ... the infrastructure work in China is alot of highway's as well, with even sign's now going up left and right where "No Bicycle's Allowed" on roadway's in cities where there was a majority of bike's less than a decade ago. One would think that they would build more bike lane's. Yet we hear how green they are going .... and they already have contract's to mine the Hell out of Afghanistan for copper, and rail's being set up to only go from those mining area's into China. I am wondering exactly who is going green now?, and to what extent?

More and more I am seeing articles and documentaries, studies that are focused it seem's like to saying that what we are seeing as far as warming is all what the planet has been through before .... the talk about the Super Greenhouse era and the Jurassic era, we even went as far as to sugar coat the term "global warming" to "climate change" to change the psychological effect on humanity of what we are experiencing etc, etc. Frankly none of the past era's matter's much as the present era, all the life that died in those era's I hear about from these ignoring or trying to pass off this reality, with beaches smelling of death, or all the oil it all turned into over the last 10's of million's of year's .... looking at it that way is just like saying that we and other life and mammal's are the future oil reserve's million's of year's to come! I even heard some now blaming the volcanic activity for the real CO2 emission's issue, geeeezzz. None of this though tell's me why it is so important to relentlessly focus on polluting more as if were in a competition to see who can be the filthiest on earth. Even the talk about what CO2 in the atmosphere may have been in any of those era's of past being much higher than now .... we should know that by putting more and more in now especially during this change and event .... is going to accelerate warming if anything, between our output .... and much more than just petro in vehicle's ... from the new coal plant's and everything else were extracting and mining, add the increased melting of ice, and fresh water deposit's into the ocean's etc, just can only acellerate this warming even quicker I would think looking at various data, meaning that even if we were going through an event that happened time and again before, our action's make it move swifter than this globe has ever seen before.

I am now concerned with alot of this offshore drilling as well more than before, after this incident in the Gulf of Mexico ... my concern's now are about crack's in ocean's floor's, quake's and other's issue's especially because of the oceanic change's that also come with this warming .... I mean ... we havent been able to deal with this one incident yet as it is .... is it not wise to just put a halt on this particular type of drilling until we can settle this? I realize how delicate and fragile the economy can be .... and I also realize as well .... that the masses of the earth can only buy and use what is sold to us and what we can afford, so I understand how business is importante as well as our mega reserve's we rathole . This has to be a joint as well as bipartisan effort .... I actually admire folk's/ group's like former VP Al Gore in this video piece , regardless of how fanatical they are made out to be by some of these corporate icon's with their mega propaganda and political puppet's of the globe for at least acting concerned and giving a damn more than the average person. I mean, looking at all the current info out there of who is doing what, and all the proposed and already in progress as far as drilling, mining and all the rest ... I frankly wonder how set we are on actually going green at all? The masses driving a few electric golf cart style vehicle's is sure a step .... but we need to take it a lil further. These pop culture phases are NOT going to tackle the problem's to come, and our continuation to act slowly on this can only be even more detrimental to the economies to come. All these religious fanatic's across the board fighting these war's dont give a rat's ass .... they would love to see the destruction of the earth period, so they can simply say .... God is punishing us. Even the Catholic Vatican is not much different, and they just seem to be gung ho on making sure were even more fruitful and multipying as if the human race is close to extinction from lack of population ... it's actually all insane. But rest assured, dont expect the spirit's to come to our rescue as we decline from our own action's, they never did, and there is no reason to think they ever will. I'll shut the Hell up now.


Tim said...

Kind of reminds me of Palin who recently called for everyone in the Gulf to pray and that there would be divine intervention on the oil gusher.
I wouldn't hold my breath on that one.
We've been screwing this planet for so long I think we went past the point of no return. Did you know in the Pacific there's this enormous plastic float. Seems all the shit we've been dumping has somehow grouped together. I think I read it's the size of Rhoade Island.
Of course they don't know what to do with it. All kinds of animals are being killed by it. Yet we ignore it. Hell we keep dumping more. We are an ignorant bunch...

Ranch Chimp said...

No Mr.Tim .... I havent heard a thing about a plastic float. I will certainly look up that one though just out of curiosity. You know brother ... the bottom line is alway's the same ... we dont truely do what we say.

Thanx for your insight and comment's here Guy!

Ranch Chimp said...

Thanx Mr.Tim .... that's interesting about the huge plastic float, because I know nothing of it, and will just look it up for curiosity. You know brother .... the bottom line is we dont really do what we say is how I see it.

Later Guy .....