Sunday, June 6, 2010

17586063 : .... "Hot for Teacher" .... and .... "Crazy Train" (guitar cover's)

I happened to not long ago run across another talent on YouTube in the category of guitar work, doing cover's, such as an earlier posting I done on one that goes by the name "Cizzie888" of Holland, here, also outstanding work (I check out so many). This guitarist I can only tell you come's out of Japan, and is a classic type metal fan, that simply identifies numerically as "17586063", website here (no I dont know Japanese). But I check out a Hell of alot of folk's, and I must say your work stand's out, a natural, and if you are seeking "work" .... should have no problemo, that's for sure .... you certainly have my VOTE!

The first piece here is a cover of the "Van Halen" classic called "Hot for Teacher" (1984), then a cover of the classic "Ozzy Osbourne" piece called "Crazy Train" (1980), Yes .... I attended both tour's, and they were both excellent, can remember them as if it was a couple month's ago only, man time flies, heh? Enjoy!

Hot For Teacher ... Thanx to メタル姫

Crazy Train ... Thanx to メタル姫




Rita said...

Intense guitar for sure! Is that a woman under those skirts?

tnlib said...

Teehee, Rita - good question. The hands are a little broad for a woman.

RC - you really pay to listen to this kind of nightmare music? ;-)

Tim said...

One of these days I have to learn how to do the you tube thing. I would like to play a little guitar for my granddaughter to hear for when she gets older. I'll play lead you play rhythm. You of course heard of Muddy Waters...I'll be dirty waters.

Ranch Chimp said...

Mr.Tim: I dont know myself how to do the YouTube thing myself, and dont have a cam. I would love to do rhythm guitar work for ya Guy! You as "Dirty Waters" and I dont know what I could be, perhap's what some like to call me to begin with, which is "Commie Tommy". Maybe your son know's the YouTube gig thing? I'm better at verbally explaining what I'm trying to say than writing anywayz, so I thought about the YouTube thing anywayz, eventually I probably will.

Later Guy ...........

Tim said...

Commie Tommy I love it!!!!
Now we have to find a socialist Sam!!!