Friday, June 4, 2010

BP (BRITISH PETRO) Part 1 of 2 : .... History or Legacy? .... and Changing the "nature" of Business ....

For the record here .... I just wanted to post the track record of BP (British Petro) .... and an interesting posting here as well from a blog that I frequent called Infidel753 . This is only to take a look at the track record of BP, and not to place any judgement on them, after all .... I'm not a goddamn court, but I do have a few strong opinion's on this horseplay when I look at the damage this latest incident has caused. Also another posting here from another blog I frequent called Scared Stiff . Also there is another site/ blog called "Demeur" that I been visiting, because this guy seem's to know a lil more than the average bear when it come's to some of this, his profile say's he's into some type of "hazard material's" business .... but this posting I found interesting to say the least.

***** THE TELEGRAPH: A history of BP's US disasters ....

CNN: Plan for relief well in Gulf ... Thanx to CNN

I also wanted to say that I dont think the entire BP organization is alike as far as giving the runaround, I think there are many employee's that are sincere. The reason why I say this is because I know in many big companies that skim, cut corner's and other thing's to increase and maximize profitability, there is a handfull of this type within some of these large enterprises, that have certain group's in upper management who are given their incentive pay's and bonuses based on their ability to maximize profit, production, morale, etc .... this is simply business in many huge outfit's. In some cases the CEO's themselves dont even know what is entirely going on and being done by those who crack the whip's under them .... they simply report to the top and inform them that they got it all under control, and if the profit's and production look great on paper, there's a good chance that those at the very top may not ask any question's, and figure because of the great profit's and such .... their management and whipcracker's must be doing something right, and feel ... dont fix anything until it's broke, in other word's, stay out of alot of the actual operation's that some management are conducting, if you get my drift. I mean .... these place's like BP are enormous in size .... then ...when thing's do go south and something catastrophic or troublesome happen's .... only then maybe the actual CEO's will go down in the trenches .... and then find out alot that maybe they may not knew about as far as operation's. And there are board's that are supposed to review this all the time, and that is where the incompetence come's in when they fail to look deep .... everybody report's to somebody, and sometime's the very top dog is not as well informed as to what is actually going on within their organization till it's too late and their ball's are in a vise, then they have to start fabricating shit and all else, because their legal expert's are at their side advising them everything they "must" do, who actually are more involved than they are.

Why I am also pointing this out is because everything is "mega" in the 21st century, and as anyone may know that has ever read what I wrote since the beginning of this .... is that is why I support such thing's as letting icon's crash and burn and fail, because they have become too big, too complex and we have become too dependent on them as a whole. I like to picture a future much more flexible and many knew player's and less control by the few, and creating more competition at a faster rate, where no one is too big to fail, even thing's like all employee owned companies, much more oversight, etc. Now some tell me that I sound like a socialist, and maybe alot of my thought's may be a little social oriented, but I see a future that is different, with now the technologies to advance to a level different as what I am talking about, and feel that we will adjust differently to other way's of doing business, as we have throughout all civilisation .... adjusting to the time's .... not putting a political name or party on it, or a chief icon or few ... and much more universal than anything of the past. I actually see it as being very free market thinking, as well as very conservative actually, despite the conservative's who like to label me as a socialist, such as many I talk to here in Texas. I actually think they dont even truely no longer understand the meaning of free market or true conservatism .... and have instead been blindsided by mega corporate interest's along with religious institution's that are destroying the meaning of true conservatism .... that's just my opinion. Believe it or not, as liberal or socialist as some conservative's may label me .... I actually view myself as a very conservative thinking person in some way's. I have voted conservative mostly in my younger year's actually, but it is no longer truely conservative in my opinion also.

( BP Part 2 of 2 here )



Demeur said...

I agree I think we've gotten to the point where bigger is not better. Let's see there's the banks that imploded. That caused GM to go bankrupt. Housing became overpriced and failed. There was Enron that cheated people and now BP. All because some people wanted a whole lot of cash for very little work. And now it's gone global. It was all just selling worthless paper.
I'd like to see a decentralization of a lot of this. Why not produce your own electricity? Buy food locally instead of the junk they call food grown half way around the world. Why do we need to pay Jose in some South American country slave wages so that we can have cheap lousy produce? When he could sell it in his own country and make a living wage.

And you're right the conservatives aren't conservative anymore. They could care less if we weatherized our homes to save energy or switched to energy saving lights. I heard the head of Duke energy talk about carbon taxes. He was all for it in about 40 or 50 years. I'm thinking great what would you care you'll be dead by then?
So you're right they don't even talk a good game anymore.

Ranch Chimp said...

Mr.Demeur: Man oh Man .... what a mouthfull in your one comment, I feel that the mass programming somehow missed you ... you are not very politically correct you know. You could not imagine how much I agree!

Thank You Sir!

Tim said...

I'm an old hippie, some of the things suggested is how we wanted to live our lives back in the day. I still thinks it's a great idea.
I think the Government needs to take over energy. Only then will we be able to go forward with progressive ideas and conservative values. Every home could be able to PUT energy into the grid. Instead we depend on technology's that are ancient in today's standards.
Sorry for the delay in commenting, computer traumas...