Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Techno Terror Tease: .... "What happen's when you DESTROY confidence?" .... forewarned is forearmed ....

The gentleman in the last part of this video, retired U.S. Navy Admiral Mike Mc Connell ask's .... "What happen's when you destroy confidence?" .... very thoughtworthy question .... and a bright man. We should listen to him and these other's and not let these folk's like as shown here below from the nation's electric utilities posse lie constantly to our inquiry panel's .... another reason why we need far better oversight of who's doing what?, and if anyone is even doing a damn thing they say they are? We are probably in one of the most profit driven mindset's in modern history, because of our new global market too, and sometime's that can paralyze your vision to look to the longhaul or the entire picture.

This is an issue that no one like's to think about, but is in need of our full atencion .... I have touched on this some in various past posting's as well, in particular see paragraph #4 for instance here . We have many enemies .... not just one or two terror group's here and there. And as I pointed out time and again .... what make's this war and enemy unique .... is they not only have our rule book and gameplan .... but they ARE NOT territorial .... we are up against a mindset and movement that is global instead of just one country or the other ... and as frustration's grow internationally .... and bank on it .... they will, we are going to be faced with new issue's of concern. I have wrote plenty about this already, so here is a look at the "60 Minutes" story below.

***** CBS 60 MINUTES: "Cyber War: Sabotaging The System" (transcript)

CBS 60 Minutes: Cyber War: Sabotaging the System 1 of 2 ... Thanx to hitechcompliance

CBS 60 Minutes: Cyber War: Sabotaging the System 2 of 2 ... Thanx to hitechcompliance


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