Thursday, June 17, 2010

Seattle "Jaywalking" confrontation .... Poor Judgement or Excessive Force? (CITATION VIOLATION NATION PT.3)

This posting will take a look at a confrontation in Seattle in the last couple day's between a jaywalker and a police officer . From what I also gathered, there has been quite a few citation's written in this particular sector specifically for this. Below is video of the confrontation and ... then a few of my own comment's after.

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Girl Punched in Face by Seattle Cop- Jaywalking Stop 6- 15- 10 ... Thanx to HOWTOBEASERIALKILLER

First place .... this whole incident was kind of a shock to me. Is it poor judgement and excessive force on the officer's part? Well for me .... it's a tad of stupidity on all parties .... I mean ...WASSUP!!!! How do you get from a jaywalking incident to assault? I mean .... if I was a juror in court .... my response would be .... to the officer as well as the two young ladies ...."All ya'll are stupid!" Geeez ... I didnt even know that jaywalking is actually enforced .... but it appear's in this particular sector (what I read) ... it's a school zone of type and student's just had a history of mozy-ing into traffic, and the school asked to beef up enforcement. But for Pete's sake .... is there not a better way to deal with this? Is a citation that importante for the officer?, and is risking a 3rd degree assault charge that importante to the ladies? Whenever you obstruct an officer enforcing the law, even just to touch an officer, it is considered "assault", across the nation, but this is absolutely ridiculous, I mean, this is "jaywalking". Well .... this will certainly make a good training video for officer's at least.

For one .... if I was that officer .... there would have been no confrontation ... period, Why? ... because I'll be damned if I am going to get into a wrestling match working a beat alone against a group of folk's, because what I seen here was too many people having easy access to your gun/ weapon getting that close and physical. Another reason is because I believe in this type situation confronting someone for jaywalking, that it can be addressed talking it out, not even writing a citation or threatening too, just in a friendly one on one approach ... explaining to these young folk's wassup, and why folk's are wanting this to be enforced, and to try to use better judgement ... and "have a nice day" is all, no reason to get all authorative .... there's a dozen different way's you can figure to address these situation's on the street. I had a security job for a couple year's on the street in a nightclub district (Uptown Dallas' West Village)a few year's back that some friend's got me into, despite having a record myself .... one of the most interesting job's I ever had as well, and it was way more active than anything in this video. Friday and saturday night's were the bomb man .... I mean .... with hundred's of intoxicated young folk's partying and noisy as Hell from the band's playing in the venue's .... but yeah .... I had to deal with alot of party goer's and alot of street folk's from the homeless to those who jack parked car's to the crack/ rock ladies (called "rock star's" on the street) that turn trick's,etc. But one of the thing's I learned out there, is you cant play cowboy, okay? I went out of my way to know everyone, what their vice was even or whatever .... and I wasnt out to jack with anyone over petty stuff, just to help make the night smooth is all, and alot of folk's were cool with me too, that's the only way you can hope for a good night.

But alot of these confrontation's or problem's simply come from ill communication skill's in my opinion ... a lil small chat and conversation never hurt's .... I had to talk nightly to folk's shitfaced, break up fight's from time to time ... but most whether they were drunk or high ... would give you a listen, without needing to get all authorative with them and up in their face .... simply just approaching them in a calm manner and talking one on one. This officer in this video is just green in my opinion, and if he played from a different angle .... not one of these kid's would have got upset, and probably would have shaked his hand at that .... the cop started to freak out, and naturally the offender's then started to freak out, so come's the escalation and assault's. But especially over jaywalking? .... c'mon now .... I dont see any reason why he had to punch this gal in the face ... I understand that he just freaked and wanted to defend himself .... if I had to ... I would have just verbally brought it to their atencion ... and tell them to "walk" .... just go ahead ... I may not have wrote the citation .... but still done my job ... just in a different manner is all.

That's about it .... I just had to add this to this journal because it seemed unusual is all.



Tim said...

don't taz me bro....
Holy crap...what if she did something horrendous like played music to loud.
I guess we should be glad he didn't shoot her...

Ranch Chimp said...

Mr.Tim: I actually dont ever even recall seeing a jaywalking law enforced anywhere's, so I thought it rather odd. In certain area's now of downtown Dallas where rail/ transit is ground level before it elevate's or goes underground, if you walk across the track's without waiting for cross signal's, the transit police will citate/ ticket you I think about $50 .... I havent actually seen it enforced, but have heard they can. Jaywalking is something that is common though everywhere's ... I mean I jaywalk daily. I reckon Seattle is strict on it, especially considering the number's of citation's that reporter read off per year in just that one sector ... like a couple thousand .... geeeez, they even called it a "criminal offense", kind of strict on that.

Thanx for droppin in ... later Guy ....