Friday, June 4, 2010

JERRY LEE LEWIS (The KILLER) : .... "Whole Lotta Shakin Goin On" .... and .... "Great Balls of Fire" ....

It is way past due that this journal post's a couple childhood favourite's of rock and roll's most unpopular King .... the great "Jerry Lee Lewis" aka "The Killer". I remember when folk's were calling Elvis the King ... in my head I would say the Killer is the King (nothing against Elvis, he is a great as well), there was nothing like the Killer "live". I havent seen him live in almost 30 year's I reckon (early 1980's last) .... but man oh man .... I remember being less than 10 ft from him on stage .... and just watching the flurry of his hand's and feet as well zapping that piano, and the extended set's he would do, pumped up on speed/ upper's, and whiskey, kicking his stool out, tossing chair's, stomping the key's, this guy was rock and roll's wild man before any of them! Even pulling out a can of lighter fluid and setting his piano on fire! Just watching the blur of his ultra fast hand's working the keyboard was like an optical illusion .... what a goddamn show!

Because of all the "bad boy" controversy over him, he was banned from some places such as England for awhile, for morality reason's after he married his 13 or 14 year old cousin, amongst other thing's including his open drug use, even kicked out of school/ church as a kid for playing what some folk's then considered as the "Devil's music" in church .... a certain segment of the population hated him as well as loving this great artist .... let me just say "Jerry Sir .... brother ... you were Hell when you were well" ... Love ya Guy!

Anywayz a couple favourite's as a kid that made me shout then! First called "Whole Lotta Shakin Going On" .... then "Great Ball's of Fire" .... Enjoy!

Jaerry Lee Lewis- Whole Lotta Shakin Goin On ... Thanx to THOMAS NOGARETTI

Jerry Lee Lewis- Great Balls Of Fire ... Thanx to ERIC CAJUNDELYOU



tnlib said...

I featured him on one of my 1960s posts. I've always liked this guy - because of his energy, rhythm and outrageousness.

One time I was staying at the Peabody in Memphis. They had a guy playing in the bar who looked, acted and sang just like Lewis. I had to ask someone if he really was Lewis - that's how good he was. I couldn't sit still.

Ranch Chimp said...

Ms.Leslie(TNlib): The "Peabody" (?) sure sounded familar, if I'm not mistaken, that's a very nice hotel in Memphis. But sound's like a great show, even if it wasnt Jerry Lee himself, alot of fun! I once seen a group that imitated the Beatles ... what an excellent set they done as well! Thanx for sharing Ms.Leslie! :)

tnlib said...

I was married to Mr. Got Rocks at the time. It's the hotel where the ducks are paraded through the lobby to the fountain twice a day.

Ranch Chimp said...

Ms.Leslie .... Well obviously at least you had alot of fun and that's what count's! I knew that place was familar though. Memphis year's ago had a few dive type blues place's in downtown, kind of low profile joint's, but the best blue's music you could find anywhere's, I would visit when I passed through Memphis for a few drink's and some R&R.