Wednesday, June 16, 2010

MR. PRESIDENT: .... through all the "Wrenching Anxiety" .... well done and THANK YOU SIR ....

I was unable to catch the address from the President as it was going down "live", but able to catch it this morning .... there were several video snip's to choose from, I chose this .... and it was all I needed. But this is such an importante issue, and effecting million's in our nation, so I had to record this in this journal, regardless of how acceptable or unacceptable it may be. Right now, I feel like a large percentage of folk's would disagree with me overwhelmingly on how I view this address ... I certainly understand. I have read and heard so much this morning of the frustration with this speech already, but I feel this speech was absolutely right on the money and well done. I am sure many will think I am nut's, but due to the "wrenching anxiety" as the President labeled it .... I also understand why one may think I am nut's .... what I am simply doing is looking at the whole picture is all. The video below has expired, I replaced with CNN link.

***** CNN: Obama Says Gulf Cost will bounce back from oil disaster ... (newsread)

Since the beginning of this journal before the President was even the democrat party nominee .... I have said this man is the one for this job, in this particular era, because his "thinking" is needed to reshape this country in a new direction to keep up with a changing world. And stated time and again .... how both side's will NOT understand this man .... folk's were more excited about race/ ethnicity, age, his Blackberry, or his color of necktie, whether he wear's a flagpin or not, or what religion he follow's, and all other pop culture issue's, etc, when most voted for him. Most also only see thing's as left/ right, right/ wrong, good/ evil .... I DONT knock that ... at this point in history, this is all most understand .... we have created a reality that function's only through that way of thinking .... President Obama is .... let's just say .... a step ahead of his time .... so that's how I knew he would be misunderstood, plus the fact that I was looking at the various issue's that could materialize, due to a deteriorating system trying to move into a 21st century using ideal's and tool's of the 20th century. But let me get on to this address ....

What the President done so impressive to me in this .... was detailed the reality that we are up against .... reality is NOT alway's pleasant, and we have psychologically became numbed to just thinking how grand we are, and having a "quick fix" for everything that come's up, looking at the short term of everything, and only following our party, culture's,etc .... that we hardly ever step out of that mindset and actually do the math and look at the longterm. This man is about as straight up as you can get in this time of excessive story telling and cliche's, I see him as one who will not be reckonized for his work and thought until many year's to come. Although many said this morning that he didnt give what they wanted, what they dont see out of frustration and anxiety ... is that this man is telling it straight, and is working harder than they realize to fix this. This is such a complex situation, and we will have other's to come that will be as well.

In this address he laid out everything needed whether folk's see it or not in detail of the entire picture, from the effect's on the enviroment, the economy, our future energy need's and plan's on how we can deal with it all .... and he remained cool through it all .... which is absolutely importante. We want him to get angry .... to give us definite answer's, deadline's, confirmed fix all's, and other impossible thing's. Nothing is definite .... not even the relief well's, and he may have missed a thing or two here and there .... but he is determined .... and he will not toss in the towel or let his frustration get to him, or the talk .... he is focused on the longhaul, has a clear vision and is just what we need in a crisis like this. I dont agree with everything that the President does .... but I see reality for what it is. We all knew also how many issue's are on the table, and how rough some of these ride's will be, I have posted way too much about this myself, although it isnt pleasant. We cant compare him to any other President, because it's a different era, with different challenge's, and mindset. Everything this man is doing is needed to move ahead ... and it sure as Hell will not be a cakewalk.

As far as BP and other oil companies are concerned .... he is trying every approach he can to deal with a system that's legislation was written and designed to cater to the top crust, and is unbalanced, un American, and unfair as you can create .... but he firmly understand's what is needed and that is very importante. I have never seen a President with this many issue's to deal with, and this many odd's against him, and am impressed with how he has overall handled it. He didnt give anything that many folk's thought were definitive in his address ... because there is nothing definitive. As depressing as it may be to some ... it is the reality and we will deal with it .... piece by piece .... one step at a time.

That's the REALITY!



tnlib said...

Very perceptive. I agree with you 155 percent. I am bitterly disappointed at the reaction of Democrats and simply do not understand what the hell they expect. As I've mentioned on some other blogs, I took the time to read comments after articles in the MSM re the speech. I really couldn't tell the difference between the lefties and righties.

This doesn't mean we have to have blind loyalty or agree with everything the man says or does. But it does mean that we have to seek to understand what he can and cannot do given the limitations of the office. He ain't a magician. Last night the focus should have been on the oil spill and not a blueprint of alternative energy. That comes later.

Very well expressed sir.

Tim said...

Sorry my man, some things I liked and some I didn't..overall I was disappointed in his speech. Lot's of things have happened since as your aware of. He did the impossible the next day with his meeting with BP.
He did great!!!
When you can, check out John Stewart's take on his speech...

Ranch Chimp said...

Good Morning Ms.Leslie (TNlib)

Thank You for your opinion and word's here.

Ranch Chimp said...

Good Morning Mr. Tim .... I understand the frustration and thanx for your input.