Monday, June 21, 2010

RODNEY DANGERFIELD: .... the most "DISRESPECTED" man in America .... PT.1

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Rodney and wife Joan

For this posting .... it has to be one of the greatest stand up comedy routine's in America in my opinion .... Mr. Rodney Dangerfield . And dont get me wrong ... this isnt to give Mr. Dangerfield any respect, it simply isnt in order to do so, even he wouldnt have it! :)

There is just something about this guy since I was a kid .... that get's me to rolling in laugh's, along with another favourite of mine here Mr. Bernie Mac . But no matter what ole Rodney does .... he still cant get an ounce of respect when you listen to his stories. Rodney was in a class of his own .... maybe no respect, but certainly not forgotten .... I love ya Guy! Enjoy......


Vintage Rodney Dangerfield Comedy 1978 ... Thanx to ROBATSEA2009

This is an additional piece for this posting sent by "Infidel753" , a blogsite that I frequent ....

Rappin' Rodney ... Thanx to LARRY DAVIS



Tim said...

Take my wife please..
Actually that was Henny Youngman.
The rod Man was also a good actor.
Caddy Shack and shit I can't remember the other one I had in mind. I think the name was natural born Killers.
I used to Watch Rodney on Ed Sullivan,The Gary Moore show, The tonight show with Steve Allen,then Jack Parr. I know there were others but I can't confirm by my feeble memory.

Ranch Chimp said...

Mr. Tim: I just loved listening to his stand up .... he done the Vegas Strip of course and Atlantic City Boardwalk .... my dad of course worked Vegas and hipped me to him .... he took me to see Rodney later "live" when we met up to spend a few day's together in Atlantic City, which I cant never forget, cause I walked away with $800 more in my pocket than I did when I arrived from the BlackJack table's, which was decent buck's back in the early 1980's! But I only seen one movie he starred in, which was "Easy Money", which was absolutely hilarious!

Later Guy ..........

Infidel753 said...

Funny video -- and very politically-incorrect humor by today's standards. Ever seen this one?

Ranch Chimp said...

Mr. Infidel .... thanx for sending the video .... it has been so long since I seen that I almost forgot that .... I seen it on MTV I believe, so as you can see I posted it.

Oh man .... the "political correctness" of today is incredible, It seem's even worse than back in the 1980's to me for that matter, I mean ... it seem's so phoney ... ya know(?). You have been around long enough to see the change.

Thanx for coming by and your contribution Guy. :)

TRUTH 101 said...

Back to School Tim. Should have won the Oscar but as usual, Rodney got no respect.

Rita said...

Talk about no respect, I didn't even know he was dead! :O
Caddy Shack was a great movie.

Ranch Chimp said...

Mr.Truth 101: Thank You for your opinion here Sir!

Ranch Chimp said...

Ms.Rita: .... It is hard to try to keep up with who of notoriety is dead or not .... death's are so frequent these day's, and there are so many.

Thanx for your input here Ms.Rita!