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JODI ARIAS MURDER TRIAL PT.3: "Used ... NOT Abused" ... Desperation and the DOUBLE DOWN Defense (INCARCERATED AMERICAN PT.18)

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Ms. Jodi Arias

***** USA TODAY: Jodi Arias prosecutor's conduct questioned

***** ABC15/ PHOENIX: Allegations of prosecutorial misconduct sidetrack Jodi Arias murder trial

***** FOX NEWS/ ASSOCIATED PRESS: Domestic violence expert testifies in Jodi Arias murder trial

***** CBS NEWS: Jodi Arias trial to resume with expert testimony after "quiet" Wednesday


Thomas Hudson Pickering (aka "Ranch Chimp" & "Commie Tommie") with daughter

This Part 3 will be now included in the "Incarcerated American" series of this journal as Part 18. And this also will be in some support here for Ms. Arias ... who could really use it at this time ... and especially with the double down defense in desperation basically just pulling everything out of the hat that they have left to play, there's not much left. Prosecutor Martinez of course is now even a celebrity hero, Jodi of course a ruthless psycho murderer, who in my opinion must be all mixed up by now with the length of testimony that she engaged in, a jury that in my mind would be about too pooped to shoot at this point and probably cant wait to get this bloody thing over ... and it all appear's to get dragged into April ... which both the defense and the prosecution actually want ... even folk's like Dr. Drew of HLN has a hit tele series now daily with mock court, juror's, prosecution, defense and groupies lined to try and conclude a verdict for this case ... so ... I may as well do a Part 3 too and look at this from my perspective. Even a couple buddies of mine thought I was just plum nut's to support this evil killer. But, I still feel that this trial has become a distraction freak show of sort (the Casey Anthony trial was another flim- flam kangaroo court type recent case) ... too many irregularities and all screwed up any way you slice it, and cant really say that I'm thrilled over her defense, or even think the trial is fair ... but what else does she have at this point? You may think that I am "forgetting" the victim Mr. Alexander here ... but actually ... I never forgot the victim, and even have plenty of my own opinion on him, he's not a child, he's a grown man, and every sign was there as to how this relationship was going ... despite his so called virginity, perfection, high standard's, etc, etc.

I knew I was missing something here ... but just couldnt pinpoint what it was ... my instinct's let's say ... told me this from the start, so this is why I couldnt see this as it is portrayed as far as the actual offense, despite how brutal and bloody it look's ... this kind of physical damage in a homicide can just take a matter of second's, and end up a real awful sight to the eye after, especially in this postmortem stage with every drop of the victim's blood everywhere but in the victim's body. But no ... I dont even think that Mr. Alexander at this point was the physically abusive type that the defense has been painting him as over this last week ... or the sexual deviant that they have pushed as well, regardless of his actual voice recorded saying that he would tie her to a tree and do sexual thing's to her, anal or otherwise ... I mean ... it was clear to me, it was just foreplay talk, and even Jodi was indulging and playing along with it eagerly as well ... again ... one feed's the other and it take's two to tango, eh? Even my daughter in the above photo (who is 27 year's old) feel's like I do about this case, before she even knew anything about me writing about this or my assessment and opinion, which I asked her for her straight opinion without any input from me, since she has also looked at this trial ... and seen clearly what I am pointing out here.

However, I do feel that Jodi was used big time ... and because of her past, upbringing, and psychological strain's was geared to come to a point of retaliation at some point ... though it is clear as well, that this type of offense was way out of whack and far too brutal of a reaction to do if so ... when she should have just walked away and dropped this guy long ago ... believe me ... he was not worth your time Jodi. But I really dont see Jodi as a type that just wanted to go butcher this man, robbery or home invasive type, serial killer type mindset, or any of the related ... just a person that could not take it anymore, madly in love with this young gent and wanting to do anything and everything to please him only, and frankly Mr. Alexander should have not been so supportive of this long ago, and know when to keep his fly/ zipper up ... which he didnt ... I mean ... so many of us had a partner/ date who was like this at some point, and we knew by instinct that it may be time to walk, turn down the sex ... or lessen the intensity of our relationship. All the sexual stuff that has been highlighted throughout this trial has also been ALL consentual ... and the defense painting him as a pedophile just because he told her she sound's like a 12 year old girl that had her first orgasm, was also rather cheap and not really good defense ... however, what did this defense have to go on too? ... maybe ya'll (defense) jumped a lil too quick, eh?

One of the most puzzling part's of this also was the night/ day of this murder ... I mean ... they broke up, Travis was scared because he was being stalked of her, yet he had no defense and was calmly showering?, they were not going together at the time, why did he have her there at his home? Was he in a hypnotic state of mind, or under her spell or something? Could he have had her there to indulge in sex with no string's attached? I'm not saying being the devout man of God that he is, that he would indulge in such, however ... is this anal thing considered as sex as far as religion, if it isnt for pro- creation and vaginal? (I'm not a religious man, so forgive me for the question's) I mean he did admit without her saying a thing, that he absolutely loved the anal part, eh? I mean ... what in Hell put him in that position and why was she there that day? Surely I wouldnt want to speculate that he just had her there because she was the type who would jump and bend over in a heartbeat, indulge in some anal play on her, perhap's a lil bondage which he said he also enjoyed, then simply and calmly just take a shower after to clean his genital's up, perhap's take another shot or two (orgasm's) before he showed her the door and would tell her he is busy, eh? I mean ... he was scared of this stalker, eh? then how could she be in a position and him so physically vulnerable, unarmed ? (perhap's he was anti- gun, eh?), etc for this to happen? ... she didnt use forced entry. They werent seeing each other (going steady) and he sure as Hell didnt want to see her if he was so scared of her stalking, etc ... he wouldnt even let someone like that within a decent radius of his home I would figure, perhap's even reported it prior and have some type of restraint order against such ... I mean ... I would only conclude, if I myself was being stalked or anyone thinking at all straight, eh?

But here as far as for my final defense arguement to present at this point is what I see here. Ms. Arias was head over heel's about Mr. Alexander, and absolutely loved this guy more than anything, including herself at this point. She had done everything that she could think of to please the man, sexually and otherwise ... she would even crawl through one of them dog door's if she had to and sleep on his floor if she had to while he had another woman he was dating. She was about as devoted as they come .... to the point where she became psychologically obsessed and imbalanced just trying to win his love for her only. A couple ladies that I do some work with part time and I a couple week's back got into some conversation over this (Angela and Sharron), and this one gal Angela summed it up perfect I thought when she said something like ... Travis was one of these type guy's that thought he was all "this and that" and had her as a 2nd hand backup piece of ass basically on call, whenever he wanted to get laid or kinky, etc ... she wasnt trying even to justify the killing of him and looked at Jodi as a killer ... but she did point out a reality that has been overlooked in this as far as inspiring and motive, and coming to that psychological breaking point. Let's face it ... Travis couldnt do most of what he wanted to do with say one of his prime ladies as he could with Jodi and get away with it ... Jodi was his "side dish" entertainment. Jodi wasnt good enough to take on that cruise with him ... another girl was ... Jodi in turn trying to win Travis totally despite her competition actually even dyed her hair blonde, not because she wanted to be the blonde bombshell that she has been painted as ... but to only try to win that much more of Travis and not lose him ... she had a complex psychologically that she was 2nd place only because of her ethnicity, being half Mexicana ... how could she compete with these other anglo girl's, and perhap's be the one taken out the same way? ... she had alot of competition, and she knew that no one else would love Travis the way she could ... she wanted to give him everything she had. I mean Travis ... I dont see any issue with a single man playing around, shopping around or whatever either ... but the fact is ... that she wasnt good enough for those special time's or event's for you ... yet good enough behind closed door's when you had an erection, eh? (forgive me ... since Travis was a virgin they say) ... I'm a man who had several date's myself in my  past ... never one was not good enough for me to not have in public the way I would with any other, nor not the right hair colour or whatever ... if they werent what I wanted ... I wouldnt have dated them or had sex with them to start with.

No doubt that the offense Ms. Arias acted on is wrong and tragic ... she has spent the last 5 year's in a cell (jail, which is harder and longer than any prison life, because of the isolation of such with lack of mobility) where she is on a trial for her life now, and also without the one that she loved more than anyone in the world, that she has not just murdered but lost forever ... her mind as it is, is being traumatized daily with the vision's of that night over and over as she lay's in her bunk/ bed ... I know despite her appearance and show of strength, that this is eating her up as it is daily when no one is around and she lies alone in that bunk at night. No matter what, it's done and over ... and I couldnt be a juror and go with the want's of the prosecution on a case this sensitive and come back with a guilty verdict of being a capital pre- meditated murder one deserving of the death penalty without reasonable doubt ... I would have to be fair here, regardless of whatever my personal feeling's may be of the accused ... if I were not, I wouldnt being acting in the spirit of democracy or doing my job fairly. I would look at this as a 2nd degree murder in all fairness and feel okay with a punishment that suit's the offense as such. I also look at the jail time factor as going toward's her served time (in Texas for instance it get's 3 dayz served for everyday, meaning 5 year's come's out to 15 served) and not sure of how they do time in Arizona ... but also require that Ms. Arias get's psychiatric therapy when released after serving her sentence.

Word Out ....






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PUPPY PORN PHILLY STYLE: Canine Be MINE ... & The "Philly Cheesecake's" (THE OTHER TENANT'S PT.8)

two purebred jack russel terrier making love in a garden Stock Photo - 5575612

A couple Happy Campers !

Well ... just a lil mornin "clean porn" here for the whole familia ... that everyone can enjoy ... wifey, kiddies, hubby, and even your own pup's! ... live from Philly ... so whether your just a spit and polish fundamoralist, a puppy pervert, or just lookin fer a lil old fashioned sex education or fun and suitable for all age's ... it's all right here for ya'll! Enjoy {: )

Oops: Pooches caught humping during news coverage ... Thanx to RTAMERICA


The Flying Lizards- Sex Machine (1984) ... Thanx to FACEDEBOUC1 **** a lil piece here to dedicate of the James Brown classic covered by The Flying Lizards **** this will also be included in the "RCJ MUSIC/ ARTS HONOUR ROLL SOCIETY"




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LOBBY REFORM 2013: Washington's Political Career's & Lobby Hobbies (Some Morning Breakfast For Thought PT.9)

Thomas Hudson Pickering ... aka "Ranch Chimp" & "Commie Tommie"

Buenos Dias ... and so much for Groundhog Phil and his cult of liar's who claimed to expect an early spring, heh, heh, heh, heh, heh {: ) ... while half the nation is covered in snow with even plow's in some cities that cant even handle it ... even Dallas this morning in the upper 20's, while a week ago I was in my short's and t-shirt enjoying the upper 70's ... so it was half true, being that we did have above norm temp's for a few dayz ... then went back to the miserable cold, which I cant wait for summer ... give me 95 degree dayz and 75 degree night's over any of this shit {: ) Which bring's me to some of the liar's who we employ as well on Capitalism Hill and their ill prediction's over damn near everything, for this Part 9 of the "Some Morning Breakfast For Thought" series. You see ... one of the sillyest and most nonsensical thing's we "buy" is this talk that we and our entitlement's, school's, or any of the government service's that WE SOLELY PAY FOR, need's to be reformed, or that we receive too much for our dollar, we need to be cut, etc, etc ... the only thing that's need's cut's and reform, are those that tell us THAT WE NEED TO BE CUT AND REFORMED ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh {: ) I'll tell ya everything that need's reform that is importante ... just read some of the link's ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh {: )

This is the kind of thing that I hammered on since the start of this journal as well as in talk on the street's with so many over the last few year's ... and primarily because we actually have a good system foundation for democracy and government in this country ... and frankly, even many good decent politician's who are basically in a type of hostage situation, simply because of the almighty dollar that rulz Washington's politic's today. Like one of my favourite piece's from the classic storybook, the Holy Bible in Tim's part ... about the love of money being the root of evil's that pierce us through ... and frankly "excessiveness" in anything can have ill consequence's ... I love money myself, but I have my limit's, integrity, discipline and honour to keep as well ... so I have cap's and limit's on what I will do for such, eh?

Lobbying which was started with good intention's, need's attencion now more than ever and reform's to be made to tighten the belt on this clear as day corruption. This can and WILL change in time though through this new enlightenment ... so all these posting's and media's from million's of us are what will drive that change in time, just as like anything else does. We also need to TELL our representative's straight and clear of the kind of folk's we want and what they need to do ... or else ... start to get rid of them as hard as it may seem to, since many want to do their best, but simply are caught in this web ... what doesnt work right ... you get rid of and disassociate with it ... it's not personal ... it's just good business, eh? This is why I was so pessimistic that even a public option in health care reform wasnt going to get through ... and the President (Obama) WAS NOT opposed to it ... as a matter of FACT ... it was his initial proposal and project as President ... the power's of the dollarz destroyed it, not him. This of course being the fact that the pharma, medical and insurance giant's WERENT satisfied with their good profit's ... but extreme in greed to the point where, they wanted no competition, no outside or government influence, yet wanted to milk our government for every cent they can (**** I pointed out in the "HealthCare SNOWEjob" series linked below, their plan's, objective's and goal's, which came out entirely accurate) ... and even though they boasted of how great they were and being the top medical care giver's in the world with their system ... actually complained that even a small public option of a measley 20% that the President proposed and directed at the "working poor" only ... would put them out of business ... which is about the most lame and nonsensical excuse that I ever heard in my life ... which in turn, proved for ya'll that they were simply full of shit right there. Enough from me ... more below ....

The Resident-- Who are the dirtiest lobbyists? ... Thanx to RTAMERICA

Drug Firms Lobby Hard to Fight Health Care Reform ... Thanx to IM4WAR


***** US NEWS/ WASHINGTON WHISPERS: Jack Abramoff Proposes Reforms for Corrupt Lobbying 



***** PD/ RCJ: "PHARMACEUTICAL CASH COW'S" PART'S 4 THRU 1 ... related posting's

***** PD/ RCJ: "HEALTHCARE SNOWEJOB" PART'S 10 THRU 1 ... related posting's




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ISAAC & ISABELLA: "CANINE BLIND EYE & THE BLIND DATE" ... A Friend indeed ... is a Friend who can SEE (THE OTHER TENANT'S PT.7)

Isabella (left) and Isaac (right)

Part 7 of "The Other Tenant's" will be a look at Issac and Isabella ... and if there was a true look at the term "puppy love" ... I reckon this would be fitting {: ) This homeless couple were found roaming the street's of San Bernardino, Ca (L.A. area) together, are now at a shelter in Hermosa and seem to be inseperable still, and are up for adoption as a couple. This is a simple and clear look at what our nature is as far as bonding, friendship and devotion that we have for those who are of value and meaning to us ... Enjoy! {: )

***** MAIL ONLINE: Guide dog for a dog! Friendship so strong between two shelter pups one acts as guide for blind pal

Isaac and Isabella- Handsome Blind Husky and his little Pomeranian/ Spitz partner need home ... Thanx to PACIFIC COAST DOG RESCUE





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CHROMIUM- 6: ... America's HEAVY METAL(S) HINKLEY Reality and their RENT- A- SCIENTIST'S ... "Have A DRINK ON ME" (GLOBAL WAR'N'ING PT.22)

Part 22 of the "Global War'n'ing" series is posted in this series because it is an enviromental issue, and the series was originally started to focus on global warming, but is intended to cover all enviromental issue's as well, so therefore I also am changing the series title from "Global Warming" to "Global War'n'ing" to be a tad more fitting ... but yes ... I STILL believe global warming enhanced and accelerated by human's action's IS REAL ... so I'm not trying to sugar- coat the title of the series either, and part of this posting's title was inspired by the 1980 AC/DC classic "Have A Drink On Me". Again, these posting's are not to inspire paranoia and panic, but simply awareness and to enlighten is all.

One of the thing's I brought up time and again over the year's whether in this journal or face to face on the street in small chat, is this new issue of today of "rent- a- scientist's" ... why? ... because it's also a mucho problemo in our nation ... I have noticed it over the year's contaminating everything, especially with the new social media tool's they have utilized, to spread some of the clear bullshit and run around that we get, of course inspired by our recent contamination of mega corporate and banking communist's and friend's, again ... a worthless bunch of goddamn parasite's ... who keep us in financial desperation so they can buy us out and truth with a few $$ dog- biscuit's $$ they throw our way.

Like most ... I would have thought that the Hinkley incident by now would have been cleared up ... but nope ... it isnt even close it appear's, and I realize how complex this is and it cant be done overnight ... but what your telling us though while you do these thing's to our drinking water's and nation ... that it will take about a half century to get a good handle on, eh? ... the usual drag and snag that come's with so much of this and other related issue's to every damn thing that we buy/ pay for and consume from these folk's ... yet still feeding the fire while putting the rest of it out. But this just isnt an issue in Hinkley (CA) ... but all over the entire nation as shown below. Many of us these dayz drink mainly bottled water (I drink several bottle's per day for instance) you may say ... but this tap water thing impact's at least 70+ million according to these folk's ... which is not too skimpy of a number. Some link's and stuff below ... and a short video series from PBS NewsHour ... That's the REALITY ....

**** NOTE: When I use the term "rent- a- scientist's" throughout this journal or here, let me be clear that most scientist's are not bought and paid rent- a- scientist type's, but there is an increasing handful of them, usually some that are simply in some sort of financial strain or whatever, and can be swayed by the almighty dollar instead, who may be paid by some mega corporate interest to research ONLY to "their" benefit. Most scientist's would never want to even engage in this crap ... and not strictly because of ethic's or such ... but simply because of their lifelong quest for truth and discovery that started early in their childhood.


***** WORLD NEWS: There's still too much toxic hexavalent chromium 6 in Sacramento's tap water

***** PBS NEWSHOUR: How to Get Chromium- 6 Out of Your Water

***** CDPH/ CA.GOV: Chromium- 6 in Drinking Water: MCL Update


Science for Sale ... Thanx to PBSNEWSHOUR

Decision Delayed on Dangerous Chemical in Drinking Water ... Thanx to PBSNEWSHOUR




MY RUIN- Have A Drink On Me ... Thanx to MYRUIN **** I wanted to close this posting with the classic 1980 AC/DC tune ... but done here as a new cover from L.A's own "My Ruin" ... with the most dark and lovely Tairrie B on vocal's ... who really kick's ass as a singer and bundle of talent ... and her unmatched beauty to top it off! {: ) ... this will also be added to the "RCJ Music/ Art's Honour Roll Society"




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BUNNY RANCH'S BOOMY & BUSTY BUSINESS ... Getting a Bang for your B(f)uck ... "RECESSION CONCESSION'S" (America's Prostitute's PT.6) ... for Ms. Candie Cane

Image result for bunny ranch

Part 6 of the "America's Prostitute's" series will be to take a look at what is somewhat a recession- proof business ... at least to an extent that is ... which is the brothel/ sex industry ... interview's with Bunny Ranch owner and director Mr. Dennis Hoff, Ms. Caressa Kisses and other employees at the classic Nevada ranch "Moonlite Bunny Ranch" and their lives, business, etc. I also wanted to dedicate this posting to a young lady and entrepreneur that's fairly new to this trade, here in the neighbourhood that goes by the name of Ms. Candie Cane ... some video news below, then a few words to add here.

Brothels: the recession- proof business ... Thanx to RT AMERICA

Brandi Hitt- Bunny Ranch- KTLA (02- 16- 12) ... Thanx to DOLLS OF THE NEWS

The "Moonlite Bunny Ranch" has been around a long time, since 1955 (were the same age), so this certainly isnt something new in America, and because it survived financially in the good and the bad of financial time's and recession's, etc (and we havent had to bail them out, that's more than I can say for some, eh?) ... there is no doubt that this business is strong and somewhat secure for those who are the entrepreneurial type's ... a concession that should be damn well acknowledged  by now, but "NOPE" ... folk's still want to play game's, shuffle shit around and under the rug, just like they do with other issue's such as same sex marriage or whatever with their petty debate's and nonsensical bitch fight's that also for year's have proven themselves to get nowhere. And of course the left and the right are no different collectively on this ... even as you can see below in the link ... Sen. Harry Reid even want's to outlaw what brothel's are left, this remind you coming from a man who was raised around their industry and fed off the money that came from that industry as a child ... obviously the man forgot where he came from or something, and started on his new crusade of sort. This is one of the reason's why I also push this issue in this journal ... and I am one that never forgot where I came from ... I owe this to folk's who have been good to me ... and NO ... I AM NOT ASHAMED ... perhap's Mr. Reid is, I dont know.

Also wanted to do this posting for a young lady here in the neighbourhood that inspired it, who goes by the name of "Candie Cane" (not her real name though) ... and I also inspired the name she chose to take ... being she is fairly new to this type work, she is independent, and was using her real first name, she referred to herself as a popsicle for choosing a name, joking around ... and I asked her ... how about something like "Candie Cane"? ... she grabbed it basically. But Candie's story is typical Americana too ... she was late 20's, been married a few year's, really getting it together as far as their home and alot of credit, waiting to have kid's in a couple year's etc, etc. Her husband (I cant mention his name either) was a plumbing contractor, also in his late 20's and done pretty damn good in it on his own, who unfortuantely died at a young age accidentally. Candie was left with a shitload of expenses/ bill's ... and didnt want to give up anything they had accumulated and paid for ... and she also didnt want to go belly up on what credit they did have, or file bankruptcy, etc. She had a decent  job working at a nice restaraunte ... but the money didnt nearly cover what she needed to pay for what she/ they have, she basically decided to go solo and moonlight dating guy's, because she heard it was at least decent cash, and did so.

Candie was going about this all the wrong way too, and primarily because there IS NO established legal businesses for those who choose this business to go to, unless you go into working at the various men's club's/ cabaret's around town to dance, which is difficult to get into after 21/ 25 year's old, and even there you cannot work openly, because actual sex for money is still illegal in Texas, so it's all done on the sly, yet, a very busy industry as well here ... but all kept under the rug, cop's being paid off, etc, etc ... a racket in other word's, unlike Dennis and partner's business in Nevada, and that is the only safe and decent way here as far as business ... you cant go to the street's, and all that you find damn near on the street's these dayz are addicted to hard drug's, desperate, and it's become very dangerous out there, STD's running rampant, etc.

She is just one of many women who never worked this in a professional way, and also not knew people in this trade, etc ... which make's her vulnerable. She had only a few regular client's, so it wasnt a hustling type business ... she stood with them since the start about a year back, but wanted to explore other possibilities. One of her client's that she date's regularly for at least a year, got kind of attached, and kind of demanding of her ... and to me, is just showing sign's of possible danger ... and she need's to get away from a guy like this, because he can be unstable and possibly get angry, hurt her or whatever. She tried to make it clear that she didnt want that kind of relationship, etc ... but he has been watching her like a fox watches a henhouse ... and that is not good, he also didnt like her dating other guy's ... this built over a year of her seeing him. You see ... these folk's have nowhere to turn, when you keep this shit illegal and in the closet basically. So I have tried to give the lady some tip's to help her as far as keeping safe in this business, at least as long as she does it ... you MUST be alert. This is also the reason why you have so much drug addiction and women being hurt, beaten, robbed and raped who work the street's, as far as where this reporter for KTLA above talk's about the danger's, STD's, addiction etc, etc that it lead's to. The bottom line is ... you wouldnt have half these bloody danger's if you just acknowledged that this business need's to be legalized and have some oversight from our government's. You wouldnt even have this around children or school's if you just legalized it and made zoning and districts for this ... the "danger's" for the women/ men, children, and our communties across America, come's from "us" and our reluctance to deal with this issue.

Word Out ....

***** POST NOTE: I say above for government's (local, state, federal) to have a hold on it as far as rules, law's, regulation's, etc ... because you DONT want this to get into the hand's of the mega corporation's and bank's if it became legal nationwide ... you can see what they do as it is clearly, and how they just basically rob all the wealth in this country from the people. You see ... this is alwayz why I advocate strong government and oversight, because that is actually supposed to be the "voice and representation" of the people, not a few wealthy thieves that have monopolies on everything, they basically contaminate everything they get their hand's on and ruin it, commercialize it and destroy even the entrepreneurial spirit and just buy out everyone by keeping us desperate and at each other's throat's, politically, financially, and socially. And their so uncreative, that whatever they touch become's a bore, their almost without any actual skill's, they even fuck up the stock market's ... or a wet dream for that matter.



***** PD/ RCJ: DENNIS HOF and the "RANCH BUNNIES", Take On "NANNY OF THE MONTH" (Feb. 2011) SEN. HARRY REID (Sexploitation Nation PT.4) **** related posting with Dennis and Karmen interview


Rolling Stones & Sheryl Crow- Honky Tonk Women ... Thanx to ACHATSCHEIBE **** I wanted to dedicate this fitting video/ song to Dennis and company of the Stones classic "live" with special guest, the knock out beautiful and talented musician/ songwriter Sheryl Crow. Dennis inspired the Stones song in the video above where he said "Puerto Rican girls just dyin to meet you" which are Stones lyrics from the song "Miss You".





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KIMANI GRAY KILLING in East Flatbush/ Brooklyn ... Cop's are Brisk on the Stop & Frisk ... LOCKDOWN on BROOKLYN TOWN ... (POLICE BRUTALITY PT.12)

Kimani Gray

Part 12 of the "Police Brutality" series will be concerning the case of the NYPD killing/ shooting of Kimani Gray the other day in East Flatbush. Another area of our country that is rather sentimental to me, where as a kid myself I ran the street's and stayed last just a bit northwest of there near Prospect Park, where Washington and Flatbush Avenue's meet (I also lived in Buffalo). Brooklyn has alwayz been sort of an immigration melting pot too, today is more culturally different than back year's ago when I stayed there, which was then saturated with European immigrant's ... today much more immigration from place's like Haiti and Jamaica ... yet still a working class part of the New York area for the most part. I may sound kind of blunt to be calling it a "killing", when some say these were spit and polished, previously decorated police heroes acting in self defense ... but when you have bullet's that entered through the back confirmed ... I would have some question's too. And Thanx again to RT America for staying on top of this so well. Anywayz some video and newread first, then my 2 cent's on this ... and concerning the reaction of the community over this, which is why this will be in the "Police Brutality" series, not to say that it was police brutality of the victim though, cause I have no proof of that yet ... but the tactical method's of todayz NYPD.

Brooklyn protester news thrives on social media; ignored by mainstream ... Thanx to RTAMERICA

***** MAIL ONLINE: 'It sounds like a war zone': Chaos in Brooklyn as 100 teenagers 'riot' on the streets following vigil of 16- year- old who was shot to death by NYPD plainclothes cops

***** NY DAILY NEWS: Officers who shot and killed 16- year- old Kimani Gray in East Flatbush have been commended for acts of bravery on patrol

***** NY DAILY NEWS: Enraged protesters battle cops in Brookyn streets during third night of rioting after it's revealed that 16- year- old Kimani Gray was shot in the back

***** NEW YORK POST: Blame Kimani Gray ... The cops were doing their job

NYPD unleash their own laws on Brooklyn? ... Thanx to RTAMERICA

Actually I read several piece's on this already beside's what I chose to post above ... yet still there is not enough info being released as to what happened here. In fact report's contradicted each other ... getting in some that there were 7 shot's fired or 11 shot's fired as example. And NYPD of course is tight- lipped while it's in progress ... but it's confirmed from what I gather that there were back entry wound's to the young victim, and the only get around I can possibly see in that for the officer's defense would simply be, since 2 officer's were supposedly firing, when the victim was shot with a first hit, it could have made him turn to try to avoid the fireline he was in, meaning that in a spin (or even a nerve reaction spin from the first entry) could have made his body in a second or two turn to where his back was where the next slug's had impact ... I mean to fire that many round's from 2 gun's is just a few second's, but I sure as Hell wouldnt just blindly buy that either without some real investigative work done ... I'm just saying how bullet contact's and bodies/ victim's may react from a hit ... just like when a first shot is fired, the victim may naturally try to put their arm up as a reflectionary reaction which is natural, or even turn to try to take off and flee the line of fire ... this shit happen's so quick though.

As far as the pistol that the victim was alleged to had, that you see in the photo's ... I dont know nothing either without some print/ DNA confirmation, if he fired there would also be residue on him, etc, a simple photo of a .357 or .38 (?) (I had a .357 once that looked exactly like that though) ... dont tell me or anyone else jack, for all I know, it could have been a "throwdown" piece ... which is a firearm that some cop's have, not very traceable, that they keep stashed, in case of an accidental or intentionally foul kill, that they throw down or put in the victim's hand to claim the victim was armed, etc ... so again ... zilch/ nothing. It's easy to get a throwdown and not even try to go through confiscated properties to ... just randomly picking up illegal arm's here and there during raid's, searches, chases/ pursuit's where suspect's toss piece's, etc ... get it, and clean it enough to make the trace difficult ... no registration, etc.

The fact of the record track that the victim had, make's it not look good for the victim too, and if they confirm gang affiliation's which in any urban area like that isnt hard to do, they can tie that just to a one time casual association if anything, if they want to play hardball. However, if this is a street smart kid ... it isnt likely that he would have pointed a gun at a cop, especially in a neighbourhood like that ... not unless, he didnt know it was cop's and they didnt identify themselves, but usually a street kid can sense a cop, or there would have been some warning like somebody saying/ yelling "5-0", or some term that let's folk's know that there is heat/ cop's around. I just dont see this kid pulling a piece on the cop's, especially 2 of them side by side, and with people around, having a record on top of it ... just dont add up much. The "suspicious move" shit that the cop's say he made is weak ... believe me ... just breathing is a goddamn suspicious move if they want it to be. And cop's in this kind of working poor area, dont nearly use the same restraint and respect as they would in another precinct in a more well off neighbourhood ... right's are violated more than the goddamn breeze blow's on a daily basis in them neighbourhood's, because they know that most people cant afford attorney's to contest it. It's just fucked up man, if you have to live in that enviroment. The same reason why a kid 16 would be carrying a piece around, even if he wasnt with a gang ... he may have to protect himself ... and sure as Hell cant count on the cop's to protect you. This so called "stop and frisk" law to me is disastrous to have, these anti- gun folk's think that keep's the street's clean of illegal gun's and shit ... all it does is open a door to frisk anyone at anytime and get away with it ... it's bullshit and should be unconstitutional in my opinion, giving that kind of authority to a cop can just end up in abuse, because you can bet ... they will be brisk and frisk quick anybody who even dresses a certain way or style of clothes, it can contribute to too many incident's like this happening with cop's shooting first and investigating later. I mean ... alot of young urban kid's dress a certain way as a fashion statement of sort, or to express themselves and style or whatever ... so much of it could be easily mistaken for "gang related" style or whatever, and all a cop has to do if questioned about his stopping and frisking ... is say ... he "suspected" the attire was related to gang's or an anonymous complaint/ tip, etc ... it give's cop's a free ride to go beyond the limit's of legal authority of search.

Which also bring's me to the police brutality part ... which is too common these dayz, the tactical method's these dayz is like nothing from my day as a kid, and cop's in New York today shoot like they did in Texas back in the 1970's, and carry fire power today like 1970's Texas ... weird how Texas and New York has almost reversed their role's it seem's, having lived in both, California today the same almost, with such problem area's like Oakland up in the Bay Area. The restriction's, law's, searches, lockdown's, etc are really strict as well these dayz in place's like Brooklyn. I never connect these looter's with these protest's ... looter's is a small fraction that you alwayz have to expect when any area has a sort of uprise where there is such a lack of wealth ... most of the people are sincere though in protest's and want justice for the victim's and want to be heard simply. The sad fact is ... if you live in one of these lower income working class area's today, your more or less looked at as a menace to society instead of a citizen, and if you DONT raise Hell ... you will NEVER be heard ... or have to wait some ridiculous amount of time to get justice or a decent impartial and fair investigation. These folk's have to look out for themselves and their interest's, since no one else is likely to. I'm sure Mayor Bloomberg is busy with his nanny position restricting soft drinx and kissing ass downtown on Wall Street (Manhattan). On Wall Street cocaine exchange is as common as stock trading ... in East Flatbush ... cocaine will get you endless time behind bar's and targeted for life after, with much stricter penalties because of your low financial status ... again ... it's just fucked up.

And that's all these thing's are is lockdown's ... the same way they treat prisoner's when they want to restrict and isolate them ... so whether your on the street or in jail/ prison ... you still feel like a prisoner of sort, since your not free to move about or other's to come in freely. One thing feed's the other ... and despite all the decent cop's that dont take their authority overboard ... because of the pressure's these dayz, you have too many that abuse their authority. No one downtown give's a shit, just as long as their appointed goon squad type cop's keep the working poor and inferior's away from them and their district's. So in my opinion ... these protest's and anger are justified 110% ... otherwise ... no one will listen or give a shit and sweep it under a rug.

Enough from me ... Word Out ....






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SCAMMED BARGAIN 2013 ? ... The Progressive Caucus/ Ellison "Back To Work Budget" vs. The GOP/ Ryan "Path To Prosperity Budget" (TRUTH OR TREASON 2013 PT.20) & (From The FOXHOLE with BERNIE PT.14)

This posting will serve for the "Truth Or Treason" and "From The FOXHOLE with BERNIE" series both, and the reason I call it the scammed bargain with a "?" mark ... is because it is widely known as the "Grand Bargain" ... and I dont think anything grand about it, if it end's up like I been writing it may in my last posting's related to this ... but, I want to be optimistic here and be fair and give the benefit of doubt, that our President and so many Democrat's will stand their ground and NOT cut and dice up Social Security, slash benefit's to our disabled veteran's, slash our elderly, medicare/ medicaid, etc, etc, etc ... you know ... all the stuff that the President and fellow Democrat's "promised" they would not cut at "our" request for our support last year, eh? Were counting on ya'll ... dont welch on your promise, okay? ... it's simple. I mean, I know what the Republican's are going to do, and they damn sure are as honest as you can get about it, and have KEPT their promises to the 1% as promised 110% ... which is to cut us on everything, privatize our Social Security and turn over alot of it to Wall Street, shut down our USPS, no tax increases to the largest corporation's, bank's, and the wealthiest, and even still planning on turning Medicare into a voucher programme to shop from state to state with your lil ole $7000 a year or whatever to spend on their inferior care/ insurance ... the Republican's I must say here have been VERY HONEST. But so far ... too many key Democrat's from the President on down have been talking kind of shakey ... not nearly as firm, let's just say. Even Nancy Pelosi NOW talking about slashing our entitlement's and other's on  the left who just month's ago ... vowed THEY WILL NOT ... so this is why I said a year ago that 2013 will be the shaft and moment of truth. I mean, I dont know what kind of Willie Foo- Foo type mindset's and people they deal these package's to ... for me, I make it simple ... which is ... tell me anything you want ... but NEVER tell me what the fuck I'm/ your gonna do with my/ our own goddamn money ... hear what I'm sayin? This aint Wall Street's money, retirement, benefit's/ entitlement's, or a goddamn thing else ... THIS IS OUR'S ... so ya'll get that shit straight.

This is also why I focused so much on Congressman Paul Ryan last year, while many Democrat's were just busy entertaining themselves cracking joke's about Gov. Mitt Romney, dog's in cages or some similar related shit on his vehicle, etc ... and ignoring the REAL threat in their entertaining state of mind, I mean I'm all for fun and game's too ... but when it come's to money and the serious shit ... I dont fuck around. In fact, if Paul would have been the Presidential candidate as I have pointed out last year ... believe me, he would have given President Obama a tighter run ... Paul is a winner, a hustler ... a man who as you can see ... dont waste no goddamn time ... he lost the election, yet is on a hot rail to Hell now in 2013 in the limelight, making move's, designing plan's, and in your face ... and like I said, he would run thing's in a Romney Administration, because he is a major "asset" to Wall Street ... and sharp as a straight razor ... but also as deadly. Romney wasnt even worth me writing much about ... he is kind of weak, bland, etc ... nice guy and personality and all that shit, but not for real, and basically nothing but a mouthpiece and gofer ... all talk ... and no action in other word's ... you see who is running this budget negotiation's here in 2013, eh? ... not Romney, nor Boehner, etc ... but Ryan ... I rest my case and point. And look for Ryan as a future Presidential candidate as well.

I especially do these series to point out real winner's, and being a leftest sort of political guy here, I want to highlight Congressman Keith Ellison (MN) ... listen to the man ... there is nothing shakey about what his plan's are and his crew of Progressive's, he's straight on target and pushing a plan that is very competitive, which can really also run Ryan some competition if it came to a people's choice, Ellison is no lightweight in finance either. These posting's are to highlight just to show that ... "Truth or Treason". And to dismiss some of the bullshit and Democrat fear ... like because Congress has such a strong Republican hold, that everybody else in Congress must kiss up to them ... NO .. there are some BOLD progressive's that are going to stand up to you straight on! ... and dont mix us up with some of the popular pussies on the mainstream left ... were a different breed if you will ... and will NOT BUDGE or sell- out! ... no matter how hard you make it on us, and many like myself will walk in a heartbeat if ya'll fuck around and get too weak when push come's to shove ...  hear what I'm sayin? And those on the left who are ... you can bet I will highlight them here as well for their weakness and incompetence ... in trying time's like this, with so much on the table ... YOU DONT halfstep and start fucking around and display weakness, okay? any other time or on simpleton social issue's, etc, etc ... it's fine, but NOT in  situation like this. And of course, my man Bernie's input below as well .... Word Out ....

**** TIP: And dont pay much atencion to all this Willie Foo- Foo shit in the news about how great the Dow has been doing this week, 200,000 job's this month or that month, etc ... all that's tellin ya'll is that the wealthy are getting alot more wealthy, and their happy with all this austerity talk and such ... the minute that shit drop's a few month's down the road over some silly buzz phrase or international terror threat or whatever ... ya'll will feel it big time on ya'll 401K's and related. None of that shit create's any goddamn job's, it's all pipedream shit ... the people and small businesses are feeling the pinch in recession ... the big money dont feel shit ... okay? Nor should their jubilee's mean jack squat to us.

Rep. Keith Ellison's Budget is Driven by Facts! ... Thanx to THEBIGPICTURERT

Sanders on the Cycle ... Thanx to SENATORSANDERS









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NEUROENHANCEMENT of Children and the DE- ENHANCEMENT of Societies Stigmata Slave Psyche (PROBLEM PARENT'S PT.5) & (NOT COOL 4 SCHOOL PT.5) inspired partly by Gia, Mark & Stef

Part 5 of "Problem Parent's" & and Part 5 of also the "Not Cool 4 School" series for this journal is another to focus on one of the biggest problem's of America's future, because it concern's our children. And a look at the progress that is coming to light because of this societies creation over their selfishness and greed of what I see as a stigmata slave psyche, being psychologically and systematically scarred/ wounded for life. I also want to Thank Gia, Mark and Stef ... who are all local college student's who were so kind yesterday to share their thought's and experience's with me, for partly inspiring this posting as well ... and wishing ya'll as well a safe and kick ass spring break! {: ) First though, some importante video and newsread below ... then of course a lil input from me to elablorate on the condition of our children's conditioning.

***** CNN/ HEALTH: Paper: Doctors have 'moral obligation' to prevent misuse of study drugs ... newsread/ video's

***** NPR: Neurologists Warn Against ADHD Drugs To Help Kids Study

Doctors Take Stance Against ADHD as 'Study Drug' ... Thanx to NEWSYSCIENCE

RANCH SANTA (Thomas Hudson Pickering) & ELVES, XMAS 2012

One of the thing's probably alot of us get asked in job interview's, and of course I have been asked this myself various time's in them is ... "... what do you consider as your greatest accomplishment's/ achievement's and goal's in your life, etc (similar wording) ... " ... well for me, my answer to that has pretty much been the same, which is ... "raising children". A couple interviewer's actually told me that they never got that response from applicant's, instead mainly focusing on their accomplishment's on the job's they previously held ... but a couple of the interviewer's complimented me as well on that answer because of such. Because I sincerly mean that ... I mean ... THAT should be first and foremost our tightest job as adult's as far as I feel, because, they are the future of our species and our legacy, no matter what we accomplish ... it MUST include them, or else we failed. Also some of this is personal with me, since I myself was one of the problem children with my unconventional and short childhood, I was also like the lyric's to the song "Dirty White Boy" (by "Foreigner" ... a song I used to cover myself on vocal's with fellow musician's year's back) ... being a loner who was NEVER alone and daily stepping one step closer to the danger zone, to sum it in short. I focus on these thing's also with our kid's, because I feel what they are going through when I see and hear from them, the lack of freedom they have now and the pressure's and ridiculous restriction's to simply be themselves ... I mean ... we had it so much easier and better when my generation were kid's, I really mean that ... kid's today are shafted and raped in every respect across society, it's insane what we do sometime's to them, from the student loan's/ tuition's, driving them into enormous debt before their even established adult's, manipulating their brain's with politipop propaganda and religious extremism, to feeding them all these drug's so that they are what we want them to be instead of what they want to be themselves ... paying 10's of thousand's in and becoming in debt only to learn how to make us money instead of making themselves money in our rigged institutionalized system of so called education and prosperity.

All this started to help children focus, then of course the abuse then kicked in and spread like a wildfire to parent's across our nation, when they found out there was drug's designed to make their student's "super student's" or "brainiac's" or whatever ... one parent trying to show off to the other parent ... "my kid is smarter than your's ...", acting themselves like so many of these worthless parent's I used to encounter in these PTA meeting's I would attend, then after, I'm trying to apologize to the children on the sly for their parent's action's, rant's and self interest's, as if it's a competition game between parent's, leaving the kid's on the side silent with no input for themselves on themselves. Parent's being pressured to act like this, and play these game's, and teacher's given point's, bonus incentive's, etc, etc ... on how many children they can lure into this corporate maneuvered trap of sort, unknowingly not understanding what is being done to their own children in the process, because the higher power's have them enslaved as well. Then the chain reaction kick's in as the child develop's and evolve's ... the pressure's become more demanding to compete in this cycle game for cheesy credit from the establishment's, to getting locked in by their college year's to do these designer drug's just to simply gain entry/ acceptance into a college and career of their choice that will milk them more even financially and have them competing for less than decent competitive wage's/ salaries ... it's pathetic! And when these young people stop and think and share with each other ... they even see what is being done to them, then have to devise scheme's to even sometime's cheat in a system that they outright know is cheating them, out of fear of having everything from their credit to their reputation and academic credit's destroyed if they dont.

The pressure these dayz on especially high school and college student's is enormous and not nearly flexible or free enough to encourage individual approaches to learning and letting different student's excell and learn at THEIR OWN pace, instead of a pace and standard set by this institutionalized system of how to. Our kid's and young adult's pressured into taking these largely manufactured and publicized drug's just to stay afloat and alive in the game ... which is so damaging to everything across the board for society overall, even to creativity and the career efficiency ... you wouldnt want to have a doctor perform surgery on you who was pressured like this and rushed through the system who had no other way of becoming a good doctor/ surgeon, eh? And you hear about this all the time, whether it's from your kid's and/ or their student friend's in high school and especially in college ... they will tell you that they have no choice by college time, if they dont want to lose everything they have strived and worked hard for over the last few year's.

Yesterday in some small chat with 3 local college student's, who refreshed me on this reality and had something else to talk about here too ... Gia age 19, her boyfriend Mark age 20, and Gia's best friend Stef age 20 shared some of the horseshit they had been through and the pressure especially even during spring break, now in Texas and nationwide even setting up sobriety check point's this spring break season to randomly check student's to see if they had been drinking, or smoking some pot or whatever (I heard that California even has now a pot detector blow gadget Mark told me and I also heard before somewhere's, that they ask them to submit to, to see if they smoked any pot ... in a bloody state that has legalized it to an extent, imagine that!). Sadly then, Mark's girlfriend Gia started to share her recent experience, from simply a night out with her boyfriend not long ago, and she was arrested for DUI after only consuming less than 2 beer's (1.5), she WAS NOT drunk either, and the car was not running, but parked off the side of the street with her boyfriend, and he was citated for public intoxication himself, but the test level's of tolerance had gotten so low, because of these mad mother's lobbying and hounding everyone, that even a beer show's up that you are intoxicated these dayz. Of course they made Gia feel guilty because she is only 19 and it's illegal to drink (when I was their age it was 18 to drink). But I told them ... it's illegal to drink? ... ya'll are not mature enough to drink at your age? ... but they will tell you ya'll are old enough to fight and kill other's in other nation's at 17/ 18 (military) and make last minute life and death decision's while doing it, eh?. All the pressure's that are on kid's right now, and your even interfering with their R&R time during spring break? ... what kind of fucken break's are you giving these young people, eh? I told Gia she should have challenged this ... why? ... because the vehicle was NOT in motion or running when she was questioned behind it's wheel, when checked out by the law enforcement questioning her and Mark ... but it's too late ... some lawyer worked out a cop- out plea bargain for a lil probation, community service and a shitload of fine's and court cost's, plus drug/ alcohol counseling, etc.

Then of course I asked her to share her first class with the drug/ alcohol thing ... she said they make you feel so bad by the time their done drilling you, they show a video of a couple people that killed and maimed other's who were shitfaced drunk, show coffin's, funeral's, autopsy photo's, testimonies, and the whole 9 yard's and make you feel so guilty about what YOU MIGHT HAVE DONE to an innocent person or friend's ... which is sad and true ... but to an extent, Gia said after their done, you just feel so bad and have nightmare's over what they have you listen to. But of course ... if it's pharma drug's your teacher's, parent's and shrink's put you on ... their good drug's, from good people, eh? I told them they sure as Hell dont want to do what I did when I took classes year's ago and got kicked out of the class ... and they asked me to tell them what I did ... but I told them the consequence's that would come if they did what I did ... they asked me to tell them anywayz ... so I did. Well to make it short, my counselor told us to share and be honest, etc, etc ... I DID too, but obviously they didnt want my honesty when I honestly told them the truth. She (counselor) asked why I was in class if I didnt think I needed help? I told her because the court/ judge made me go to the class, that I wouldnt have went otherwise, not to mention, pay such an inflated fee to go through this humiliating shit. She (counselor) told me also what I could have done as far as killing people ... my answer was ... "but I killed or hurt no one, and cant speculate on something that never happened, cause it wont change the fact that I am where I'm at, etc" ... I then told her, that I was sorry when she asked, but was sorry I got busted/ arrested (the class kind of laughed) ... she grew outraged ... but I told her ... "you asked for us to be open and honest ... that is what I'm doing" (similar wording) ... she then basically kicked me out of the class, and sent an affidavit to my probation officer to violate me because I had no remorse for my action's, etc ... and she wouldnt tolerate working with someone like me. Well, Gia, Mark and  Stef started to laugh as I was telling them this, but it wasnt meant to be a joke, perhap's the way I said it made them laugh ... I told them .... I'm serious guyz ... what the fuck should I have done? ... speculate that I killed a bunch of innocent's when I was driving drunk after midnight through a desolate industrial park district with no one around? ... and start weeping in front of the rest of the class over fictional scenario's? That's when they "seen" my point ... and started to question the method's themselves ... Mark saying to me ... but that's what they wanted to hear ... and I told Mark ... and if I did tell them what they wanted to hear ... I wouldnt have been honest, now would I have been?

Try using enhancement drug's in cycling competition or any other major league sport and see the outcry from all the investor's and everyone ... pump them into kid's to manipulate their brain's, atencion and action's, and hardly no one give's a rat's ass at time's ... this is changing and folk's are starting to wake up ... to imagine, they are so driven and caught up in this game ... that no one even got to figure out yet and assess the damage's to come in the longrun, no idea whatsoever of the longterm effect of these drug's ... forgive me ... that would be asking them to create a fictional scenario, eh?

Enough for now ... Word Out ....





Ministry- Stigmata (HD) ... Thanx to MALFARIUSVEVO **** another oldie but goodie from back around 1988? I wanted to add here to close the posting ... This video will also be included in this journal's "RCJ Music/ Art's Honour Roll Society"




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RACHELLE BRAATEN/ TYLER LEE: Parent's ENTERTAIN their Guest's while video taping their Toddler child smoking Marijuana from a Bong Pipe (PROBLEM PARENT'S PT.4)

Rachelle Braaten (mom) and Tyler Lee (dad)

Part 4 of the "Problem Parent's" series will be to look at a recent case in Centralia, WA, of parent's who basically recorded their 22 month old toddler smoking marijuana from a bong pipe, which was entertaining for their guest's as well, who are both in custody and the child safe now with the state fortunately. Some newsread and video below, then my input on it.

Video Shows Mother Giving 1 Year Old Hits From A BONG Weed ... Thanx to MRWORLDNEWS2013

***** NY DAILY NEWS: Shocking cell phone video shows Washington state mom letting 2- year old son smoke marijuana bong (VIDEO)

This is something that is more frequent and common than folk's realize too ... so it's a must for this journal, as I said in past posting's, I'm very pro- birth control, gvmnt sponsored and paid abortion, including tax/ gvmnt funded contraceptive's supplied to teen student's in public school's, and even a step further than most who are pro- choice ... I am into selective breeding (as we commonly do with our pet's). I myself never reproduce with a woman who is defected, addicted to drug's/ alcohol, deficient in a basic intelligence level, critical health defect's, etc (not based on race or culture though, but actual medical science) ... I believe in doing such make's a better chance of producing the same ... plain and simple. Nor would I have a thing to do with a woman who does this kind of thing. In my opinion, these two above should not be able to reproduce, period (even though this hasnt a thing to do with defect's or breeding as such, but simply their parenting action's) ... and belong in jail to hopefully teach them something and get them away from that child. There were also a shitload of marijuana plant's in the home being cultivated, which a toddler at that age could eat if he tried ... and firearm's loosely around ... all ... a danger to the child's well being.

It is also common for these type parent's to say thing's like "well ... their gonna do it anywayz when they grow up ... etc", as far as smoking pot, which is also bullshit ... or they are twisted into believing that pot is alot safer than cigarettes, is natural of mother earth, etc, etc and similar bullshit myth's. I myself have smoked pot, cigarettes, opium, hashish ... ALL are bad for you period ... so let's cut the bullshit, okay? This is not some "teen" experimenting or having some recreational fun with friend's, this is a less than 2 year old "toddler", barely developed physically or mentally. I am also very much for the legalization across the board of marijuana, and have alwayz been, just like I am for prostitution and a number of other thing's. There is nothing positive about giving a child pot to smoke or eat or anything else, and can only damage the lung's and stunt development of the mind from learning and growing in it's natural way at such an early age, an age that is most essential as far as what the child will do, think, and embrace as it goes into adulthood ... you spend very little time as a child and a Hell of alot more time as an adult ... let the mind and body develop without your interference of it, including these fucked up drug's these pharma giant's push on our children to make them conform socially to their petty social programme's and society, institutionalized school system's that are outdated, etc. ... and those behind that with these pharma giant's and some of their practice's for profit's on todayz youth are the scum of the fucken earth to me, even worse than these parent's ... they have no idea of the long term effect's of these drug's on the children either ... just a bum rush to push them on hundred's of thousand's of kid's.

These parent's are top's as lousy problem parent's,  and NO, these people do not represent the majority of responsible adult or late teen marijuana smoker's and/ or those that use it for medical reason's. It's lousy enough that kid's are probably the most used and abused sector of our loving society as it is, as far as profiteering off them. So if they grow up and come at your throat's ... it's in order. That's about it from me ... Word Out ....


***** PD/ RCJ: "PROBLEM PARENT'S" PART'S 3, 2 & 1




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NORTH KOREA NUCLEAR THREAT 2013 ... Is a "Declaration of WAR" that JUSTIFIES Our "Declaration of DEFENSE" (SELF DEFENSE PT.20)

Part 20 of the "Self Defense" series will be a tad different than the usual self defense posting's which are usually about personal self defense at home, on the street's, etc ... but this is also defending ourselves when a country declare's war on us, and should be taken serious of course. I first heard about this through a fellow blogger Jim of the "An Average American Patriot" blog ... there is so much news going on, I cant catch everything. First a couple newsread and video piece's, then I will voice my opinion on this and explain in simple easy to understand term's.

North Korea Threatens US With Nuclear Attack ... Thanx to ABCNEWS

***** CNN: North Korea declares 1953 armistice invalid



***** PD/ RCJ: PEARL HARBOR MEMORIAL: ... "When WAR was WAR" ... NOT Corporate Welfare Sponsored Occupation's (Veteran's Spotlight PT.18) **** related posting


First of all, let me make myself clear that I was never against North Korea or even Iran exercising their natural right to build on their defense system's with nuclear weapon's ... I mean, in my opinion, it is only fair that they too, or anyone else should be able to do so, after all ... power's like us and other's have quite an arsenal and have for year's. I DONT like nuclear war, because of the environmental risk's, nor do I even care much for nuclear anything because of such ... however ... that is not the reality here in the 21st century unfortunately, and nuclear weapon's are needed because of the threat factor. I also need to be fair here toward's North Korea, despite my emotion's or personal feeling's when I am threatened ... and UNDERSTAND that they DO HAVE reason to declare war on us or their South Korean neighbours if anything ... I mean ... sanction's they say will even have them starving more than they already do, and so much these dayz on these thing's are corporate/ banking inspired as well (YES ... even especially with this so called United Nations, united of course with some of the same united entities like Citizens United who also spread's corruption in our government and our voting right's), which is also it's own form of communism too.

War these dayz has become too complicated and especially too much bullshit as far as what inspire's them ... I was opposed to both the Iraq war as well as our occupation in Afghanistan ... neither of these countries have declared war on us, and I view both of these war's as partly corporate inspired war's to go into nation's and exploit them for their resource's and cheap labour only (**** see above link for Pearl Harbor Memorial). Most of us dont like war and alwayz dream of world peace or at least embrace that vision, and the world is far less violent today of course than the past, which is a positive step in that direction ... but I dont ever recall a time when the human species was at "peace" looking at history and the pre- recorded history that anthropologist's give's us ... at this point in our evolution, war is still part of our reality for survival, and defending ourselves is necessary and in natural order to continue that survival. This unfortunately is one of those subjects that I talk about with my own grandchildren and other kid's, because it is so foreign to them, as to why we need war? ... it doesnt seem natural to a child ... because it probably isnt ... however ... this is the reality that our species overall created.

Many of us had/ have familia in the military too, many of who engaged in these war's ... I have familia myself that fought in WW2, Korea, Vietnam, the Gulf War, Iraq and Afghanistan all. This threat that North Korea made against our nation in my opinion IS A declaration of war ... I have NO CHOICE but to view it as such, and do not view these type statement's as selling "woof ticket's" when they do so ... you outright threatened to nuke our nation, have exercised practice's and rehearsal's to do so and gave all indication's that your intention's are to do so ... it is our responsibility to defend ourselves. I personally dont see any need to even talk this out, or other lolligagging bullshit to try to dissect what it mean's that they said, or a need to approach this situation with other politipop nonsense ... North Korea has MADE THEMSELVES clear as day ... including many of it's citizen's, that they want to have war, and their action's as I said speak very clearly as well. I expect our government/ military to take this for what it is, and act in a defensive manner to this threat as soon as any first strike by them happen's ... and to retaliate with extreme prejudice to eliminate that threat on our nation and people, which in my opinion justifies if needed a nuclear attack in return, so we make our stand clear as well, like we did in other real war's with Japan or Germany in the past ... and ANY politician's especially that do not act efficiently and promptly to this ... and try to sugar coat it with endless bullshit ... I consider you as well as my/ our enemy. This is a matter of self defense, period ... in order and fully justified ... Word Out.

FIGHT- War Of Words ... Thanx to Wade Eivins ... an ole classic and favourite of mine here from Rob Halford/ Fight that I wanted to close this posting with ....




Sunday, March 10, 2013

ROLANDO HERNANDEZ: Drunk as a Skunk ... & CRASHING his way into the BUNK'S ... of the Denton County Jail (DEFENSIVE DRIVING COURSE PT.8)

Mr. Rolando Hernandez

Part 8 of the "Defensive Driving Course" series will be a looksy at another local Dallas- Fort Worth Metroplex driving under the influence case, that didnt get much coverage, but certainly was unique enough to have in the Ranch Chimp Journal. Basically Mr. Hernandez ... was trying to visit his son the other day at the Denton County Jail, got turned away from visitation because he was shit faced basically (drunk) ... got upset, went out to his vehicle outside the jail, officer's asked him not to get in and drive ... I reckon he wasnt in a good mood ... decided to drive his vehicle through the detention facility fences and straight into the jail wall's of West Pod, knocking two inmate's out of their bunk's they were laying in while doing so, and all in front of sheriff's deputies and detention personel, who you know are going to testify like singing bird's ... and you got your pistol under the seat of your ride too, while doing this shit? Damn dude ... what the fuck?!! ... and now they are tighter than ever on DUI ... shit costing now just for a basic DUI in the thousand's in fee's, court cost's, classes, probation, etc, etc ... they will milk your ass big time now ... then you got all them mad (MADD) MF'n mother's ... homeboyz in jail mad as a MF and probably wanting to sue, plus additional charges for property damage, etc ... this just wasnt your day dude ... what can I say?

***** DENTON RECORD- CHRONICLE: Driver Crashes Into County Jail (newsread)

D.U.I (Let's Get High) OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO ... Thanx to FULLYFAMOUS1 **** a lil ole DUI video I wanted to add .... {: )






Friday, March 8, 2013

JIMI HENDRIX (PT.2) 2013/ PEOPLE, HELL, & ANGELS: "Foxey Lady", "Hear My Train A Comin", "Somewhere", & "Earth Blues"

***** BILLBOARD/ AP: Jimi Hendrix' 'People, Hell & Angels' Gives Final Taste of Unreleased Works .... after going over a few reviews, I chose to post this one here as well

Part 2 of Jimi Hendrix for this journal's music/ art's honour roll society, will be to highlight and explore the unreleased studio worx of Jimi, some of which was released in different version's before, with a refreshing taste on these, and some new work as well ... and what a sweet engineered piece of work this came out to be too! I been excited about this new release and couldnt wait to do a posting on it myself ... and let me add, that Jimi has been the most difficult artist to keep posted in this journal, I have had to replace video's sometime's at least once a month in Part One, due to copyright and being taken down off YouTube, I never had to experience this with any other artist ... so I expect this as well to be not much more easy. Due to these take downs for copyright or whatever, I had to replace the first video "Inside Out", because they were all removed from YouTube, so I just chose a favourite, not off the 2013 album, but a nice live performance of "Foxey Lady"

What is really nice about this selection on this new album/ cd, is that it was during a time (1968/ 1969) of a major transition between the two band's of Jimi's ... "Jimi Hendrix Experience" and "Band of Gypsys" ... an experimental stage if you will as far as what direction he was looking at ... and Hendrix was alwayz unconventional and experimenting in a way from the getgo, doing thing's and devising method's that no one else was touching at the time, he was just open around the clock it seemed, and constantly searching for something new. I only wish there could have been more interview's with him concerning his method's, research, etc during these time's, such as like todayz workshop's, etc. But then, he was still a young man and artist despite the load of music he already put out when he accidently passed away in his latter 20's. He was a genius and landmark artist and guitarist and a very crafty lyricist as well ... just a bundle of talent exploding at the time, and a left handed guitarist that strung his string's in reverse too.

Selecting song's here to post was difficult for me, and I didnt want to post the entire album here as one piece, yet everything here on it had it's own unique flavouring too. Some of this album seem's to embrace some of his early root's and influence as when he played with Little Richard for instance, and some of those smooth progressive rhythm pattern's he done so well, I also liked the sharp sax work from session buddy Lonnie Youngblood thrown in and outstanding percussion's, keyboard's, etc ... just an overall well done full orchestrated type worx, yet still raw enough to not be too watered down and overproduced, yet simultaneously, laying that foundation for the transitional guitar work that led to what today would be categorized as metal type lead's, etc. Then some other piece's that really stood out instrumentally and touching into some of the backing vocal blend's as well.

Enough from me ... cause I wont shut my goddamn mouth up ... Enjoy! {: )





The Jimi Hendrix Experience- Foxey Lady (Miami Pop 1968) ... Thanx to JIMI HENDRIX VEVO

Jimi Hendrix- Hear My Train A Comin (lyrics video) ... Thanx to JIMI HENDRIX VEVO

Jimi Hendrix- Somewhere (Audio) (2013 release) ... Thanx to JIMI HENDRIX VEVO

Jimi Hendrix/ Berkeley, CA 5- 30- 70 soundcheck "Earth Blues" (photo w/ music) ... Thanx to JORDAN LACOMBE


Jimi Hendrix guitar, Little Richard vocals (1965)




Thursday, March 7, 2013

IRAQ RECONSTRUCTION 2013: Constructing without Instructing ... a Free For ALL "FRAUD ZONE" (Funding & Stupidity are NOT Compatible PT.4) & (Jumping For Joy in America PT.6)

Pallet load's of shrinkwrapped $100 bill's (USD) enter Iraq after invasion ... billion's to this day still missing and unaccounted for

This posting will also serve both the "Funding and Stupidity are NOT Compatible" and "Jumping for Joy in America" series both ... showing what basically our reconstruction effort's in Iraq amounted to over time. Some video and read below, and Thank You to PBS for digging into this as well, then a few word's I wanted to add on this, since it IS AN issue that I have pounded since the first invasion of Iraq. I also have a nephew that served in Iraq with 3 tour's as a US Marine Sgt., who is home and well now with his familia.

Iraq Reconstruction Effort Fraught With 'Fraud, Waste, and Abuse' ... Thanx to MACHUBANJU

***** THE ATLANTIC: The Failed Reconstruction of Iraq ... (newsread)

A decade has passed, yet I can remember the invasion of Iraq as if only been a few month's. I was strongly opposed to this invasion from day one, questioning the "motive" behind it. I voted for Bush/ Cheney even back in 2000, because pretty much before 2000, I have been a straight voting Republican over the year's, and they and move's like this, was the key to me being such a strong opponent these dayz of the conservative parties ... because I am so pro- business actually ... meaning I am strongly opposed to too big to fail monopolies, restricted and manipulated trade, and what I consider as corporate communism ... all of which the conservative's were supporting and promoting in recent year's stronger than ever, yet disguising and cloaking it as being pro- business ... IT IS NOT.

So many folk's coast to coast were jumping for joy as the first strike's went down, feeling heroic, patriotic, feeling like we were extinguishing evil, freeing people, shedding tear's of joy, and much other nonsense ... I even met folk's that actually thought that the invasion was about retaliation to the 9/ 11 attack's in New York ... yet I havent a clue how that assessment could have been made, and to me is strictly again ... letting your emotion's get in the way and controlling your thought's and action's, which is not psychologically healthy. My first reaction was ... how much is this going to cost us, eh? ... is there not another way to dethrone this so called dictator? ... maybe at a better price, eh? after all, I'm a tad conservative when it come's to spending. Even if Saddam is the evil tyrant he is labeled as, and we have justified to take him down with reason, can we not do something a lil more covert?, after all ... our nation has done this time and again over the year's ... why this sudden attack and talk of WMD (weapon's of mass destruction), when so many nation's have WMD's to begin with? But I myself thought that Saddam had WMD, so much, that even when they didnt find any, I actually thought that they missed something in their search ... Why did I think this? ... simply because I knew that he had chemical weapon's expert's on the payroll for year's, and sure as Hell didnt think they were designing chemistry lab test's for school's ... he didnt trust his neighbour's either, friend or foe ... but later it appeared that he done that as a bluff of some sort. But you can see ... I had alot of question's.

My suspicion's also were up when recent technologies confirmed that Iraq was possibly sitting on 30% of some of the world's best oil, knew that Saddam was dealing much of his oil on the blackmarket, he wasnt a team player and the large oil giant's hated him with a passion because of such ... not sharing the pie in other word's ... it's business. I also knew that if we invade a country ... since were the saintly heroes we think we are ... yep ... were going to have to rebuild the SOB too (me personally ... if a nation attack's us and fuck's us over and bomb's us, then I/ we bomb them in "war" ... I sure as Hell WILL NOT PAY to rebuild your nation ... in other word's "fuck ya'll", you rebuild your own goddamn nation, you started conflict with us, etc ... this nation didnt attack us though). Which tell's me to take on such a reconstruction effort, you would have to have a huge company to lead the effort's ... Halliburton/ Brown & Root (Houston) of course is large enough, and to top that off, the only company that was (and guess who won government contracting for these type job's when they need getting done,back in 2001? ... yep ... you got it! {: ) ... see below link from BBC News), and the way that we do these thing's ... we alwayz let the main company/ corporation lead it, and they do all the contract's to get the sub- contractor's, etc ... meaning most of the leg and paper work ... it's just the way we alwayz done thing's, and I personally knew of many companies over the year's that dreamed of government contract's, because they pay the best, alwayz pay in full and on time ... you can charge any price, and they WILL PAY IT too. So I knew that this would be a contractor's haven galore to take this on ... and alot of folk's would milk this cow for every ounce it's worth, believe me, laying also a foundation for a rampant free for all fraud zone.

***** BBC NEWS (2003): Halliburton Iraq contract queried

 I also knew of the significant surplus this country had from the previous Clinton/ Gore administration, and folk's just dont like money to sit idle, when it can be invested and make money off good business, etc ... which make's sense ... and an effort like this would be an enormous expense, and generating a Hell of alot of business. Cheney had alot of interest as well in Halliburton too, regardless of the bullshit portrait he has painted of himself ... and he's slicker than owl's shit when it come's to business too, Bush was not nearly as business savvy as Cheney. Even billion's in shrinkwrapped US currency sent into Iraq when their bank's were inoperable ended up missing and till this day unaccounted for, this was so disorganized and just such a sudden jump ... now were broke as Hell, whining about who need's to be cut next of the very financial freedom we have built in our nation over decade's of hard work and investing, the entitlement's that we ourselves have built and sustained, for us, that we fully deserve. I basically smelled alot of illegal shit going down it got so heavy, and at the time told folk's that Halliburton would have to use their international flexibility if the heat started getting too heavy on them, and folk's start to investigate, because if I was figuring all this shit out with my 8th grade education level ... you know damn well, that real mind's in this would have this shit all figured out in a heartbeat! Sure enough, what happened a few year's later? ... you got it ... Halliburton relocated their company from their original and only homebase in Houston to Dubai ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh {: ) ... and I sure as Hell dont need to tell ya'll what that was about, eh? Which is why I was saying about a year after the invasion of Iraq, that alot of folk's were going to be investigated behind this, once folk's start putting two and two together, and see this was all a scam to make a buck ... and rightfully so ... this is what you see now.

But understand as well, that this sort of thing is so difficult to pursue as far as criminal or even civil liability, accountability, or even recovery of fund's ... this all has to do with this corporate manufactured "globalization" shit we get smothered with, and making us think we do this for love and humanitarian reason's, etc, etc ... and all the other nauseating mush- headed bullshit. This type of globalization we see, is manufactured so that no huge international company can get held accountable for what it does in another country ... which will come to an end in time, trust me as well there. They're internationally flexible and free ... but try for us to be ... and see the restriction's they have for our smaller independent companies, eh? The sad thing is ... despite the progress that has been made in Iraq ... you still have crime and new poverty level's rising out the ass ... many Iraqi's lining the street's begging ... and trying to just get "day labour", because of all the immigrant's from other countries for cheap labour and wage's, etc by contractor's that took Iraqi citizen's job's that would have otherwise went to them. A new democracy now in Iraq, that gun's down their own citizen's and kill's them in the street's for simply protesting, and all called westernized democracy and constructed solely by us and our allies ... imagine that!

That's the REALITY! .... Word Out ....




***** PD/ RCJ: "DEFENSE CONTRACTING FRAUD & SYSTEMIC FRAUDULENT BEHAVIOUR" **** related posting 02 december 2011