Tuesday, March 12, 2013

NORTH KOREA NUCLEAR THREAT 2013 ... Is a "Declaration of WAR" that JUSTIFIES Our "Declaration of DEFENSE" (SELF DEFENSE PT.20)

Part 20 of the "Self Defense" series will be a tad different than the usual self defense posting's which are usually about personal self defense at home, on the street's, etc ... but this is also defending ourselves when a country declare's war on us, and should be taken serious of course. I first heard about this through a fellow blogger Jim of the "An Average American Patriot" blog ... there is so much news going on, I cant catch everything. First a couple newsread and video piece's, then I will voice my opinion on this and explain in simple easy to understand term's.

North Korea Threatens US With Nuclear Attack ... Thanx to ABCNEWS

***** CNN: North Korea declares 1953 armistice invalid



***** PD/ RCJ: PEARL HARBOR MEMORIAL: ... "When WAR was WAR" ... NOT Corporate Welfare Sponsored Occupation's (Veteran's Spotlight PT.18) **** related posting


First of all, let me make myself clear that I was never against North Korea or even Iran exercising their natural right to build on their defense system's with nuclear weapon's ... I mean, in my opinion, it is only fair that they too, or anyone else should be able to do so, after all ... power's like us and other's have quite an arsenal and have for year's. I DONT like nuclear war, because of the environmental risk's, nor do I even care much for nuclear anything because of such ... however ... that is not the reality here in the 21st century unfortunately, and nuclear weapon's are needed because of the threat factor. I also need to be fair here toward's North Korea, despite my emotion's or personal feeling's when I am threatened ... and UNDERSTAND that they DO HAVE reason to declare war on us or their South Korean neighbours if anything ... I mean ... sanction's they say will even have them starving more than they already do, and so much these dayz on these thing's are corporate/ banking inspired as well (YES ... even especially with this so called United Nations, united of course with some of the same united entities like Citizens United who also spread's corruption in our government and our voting right's), which is also it's own form of communism too.

War these dayz has become too complicated and especially too much bullshit as far as what inspire's them ... I was opposed to both the Iraq war as well as our occupation in Afghanistan ... neither of these countries have declared war on us, and I view both of these war's as partly corporate inspired war's to go into nation's and exploit them for their resource's and cheap labour only (**** see above link for Pearl Harbor Memorial). Most of us dont like war and alwayz dream of world peace or at least embrace that vision, and the world is far less violent today of course than the past, which is a positive step in that direction ... but I dont ever recall a time when the human species was at "peace" looking at history and the pre- recorded history that anthropologist's give's us ... at this point in our evolution, war is still part of our reality for survival, and defending ourselves is necessary and in natural order to continue that survival. This unfortunately is one of those subjects that I talk about with my own grandchildren and other kid's, because it is so foreign to them, as to why we need war? ... it doesnt seem natural to a child ... because it probably isnt ... however ... this is the reality that our species overall created.

Many of us had/ have familia in the military too, many of who engaged in these war's ... I have familia myself that fought in WW2, Korea, Vietnam, the Gulf War, Iraq and Afghanistan all. This threat that North Korea made against our nation in my opinion IS A declaration of war ... I have NO CHOICE but to view it as such, and do not view these type statement's as selling "woof ticket's" when they do so ... you outright threatened to nuke our nation, have exercised practice's and rehearsal's to do so and gave all indication's that your intention's are to do so ... it is our responsibility to defend ourselves. I personally dont see any need to even talk this out, or other lolligagging bullshit to try to dissect what it mean's that they said, or a need to approach this situation with other politipop nonsense ... North Korea has MADE THEMSELVES clear as day ... including many of it's citizen's, that they want to have war, and their action's as I said speak very clearly as well. I expect our government/ military to take this for what it is, and act in a defensive manner to this threat as soon as any first strike by them happen's ... and to retaliate with extreme prejudice to eliminate that threat on our nation and people, which in my opinion justifies if needed a nuclear attack in return, so we make our stand clear as well, like we did in other real war's with Japan or Germany in the past ... and ANY politician's especially that do not act efficiently and promptly to this ... and try to sugar coat it with endless bullshit ... I consider you as well as my/ our enemy. This is a matter of self defense, period ... in order and fully justified ... Word Out.

FIGHT- War Of Words ... Thanx to Wade Eivins ... an ole classic and favourite of mine here from Rob Halford/ Fight that I wanted to close this posting with ....





James Joiner said...

You know, this is very concerning. I know they always go to the brink but usually with a seasoned mad man at the head not a wanabe boy leader controlled by an Uncle with a life lived in the shadows of power and a bunch of angry Generals. China better speak up, this is not good.

Ranch Chimp said...

Agrred Jim ... I feel Chian already made their stand clear, they have themselves asked their friend's "North Korea" to step down, and NK made their stand clear after asked by their allies (China)even. The talk is now, that NK dont have the nuke capability to hit the U.S. ... I dont necessarily buy that, plus, they have many other option's as far as how to strike to hurt us and/ or South Korea ... I just cant take it for face value that WE KNOW EVERYTHING as far as what they have and are capable of. Back in 2009 or so, we confirmed that they have a capability to hit perhap's Alaska or Hawaii as example ... I HAVE TO asumme in defense that they have capability to at least the western U.S. coast ... I have no choice unfortuantely, over the last few year's they have been hard at work and excercises we also confirmed. They also can launch rocket's that are not stationary from the bed's of pick- up's/ flatbed's or whatever, and keep them in motion ... with the capability of several quick hit's on neighbouring South Korea and our defenses there ... which is also an act against us.

Thanx Jim for your voice on this here too ....