Sunday, March 3, 2013

FOOD STAMP/ SNAP FRAUD: The Intrusive TRUTH about the Abusive URBAN MYTH ... 47 Million Point's of LIGHT (STIMULUS PACKAGE PT.7)- (SNAP Challenge PT.2)

Part 7 of the "Stimulus Package" series will be to look at the importance of the SNAP/ Food Stamp programme and to dissolve some of the popular urban myth or comedy concerning food stamp's, which is just in humour or small rant talk in alot of cases, such as comedian's like Cheech & Chong making skit's about the welfare office or so, etc. And I want to credit former President George HW Bush for inspiring this posting's title in part with his "Thousand Points of Light" ... which made me think of these 47 million people that get SNAP/ FS's ... for they are 47 million point's of light to our economy and a sort of stimulus to every state in this country coast to coast. Thanx to RT America and these folk's on the street in the below video in midtown Manhattan (NYC) who express how they feel about it also. Also ... Texas stopped "stamp's/ coupon's year's ago, I think some state's still use them, because it was so easy to sell and trade them on the street, so in Texas they issue what look's like a credit/ debit card, that you simply swipe at the store like any card, and it also give's you a print out of "remaining balance" on your receipt, or you can go online or by phone at anytime to check your balance ... it worx alot better than the issuing of stamp's/ coupon's, and of course is a lil more private when using in public and paying with them.

The truth is ... you DO NOT want to cut any portion of SNAP/ FS especially in these time's regardless of some isolated cases here and there of actual fraud in it ... this is another importante part of stimulating our economy coast to coast, it create's job's too ... and keep's at least some peace and social stability, reduce's crime, etc, etc The most common type abuse you may hear on the street in your neighbourhood or whatever ... is when folk's get strapped for needed cash (because their so poor and broke only, who may have to resort to crime other- wise, just to survive in this toughening society) that they may sell some of them at a lower price or the good's from them to get a temporary help for themselves or need's ... but that is mainly about it ... and that is just a small fraction of those who get them at that, and not even on a regular basis, or some isolated cases like Ms. Amanda Clayton here. You may not hear talk right now about any cut's to this programme and/ or those who qualify and receive them etc ... but rest assured, this would also be on the so called "table" in soon time in some twist of bullshit we would get fed over it ... anything and everything is on the table "beside's" their OWN job's, income's, taxes, and interest's ... okay?

It is also a rant of many conservative type's ... but this programme is one of the greatest thing's to being pro- business and capitalism this country has in these time's of extreme corporate and banking greed, who put not much of anything into the economies and just take so much from it, get my drift? They dont even pay for them, we the taxpayer's do ... and they are fed back into the economy coast to coast ... so Wall Street type's need to shut the Hell up a minute and listen and learn ... ya'll are part of that benefit with your mega businesses especially like WalMart, okay? Worry about ya'll's own goddamn fraud ... and Washington .... leave our food stamp's alone, for a piece of smart economic advice ... Word Out ....

**** POST NOTE: I say "Wall Street" above and you may wonder what would they have to do with SNAP/ FS? ... understand that EVERYTHING that has to do with our economy in Washington is advised on and pre- drafted for legislation, not by the people, small businesses, etc, etc ... but the major bank's/ finance, and the major corporate sector's for the most part. IT IS THOSE who dictate to Washington where and what cut's should be proposed or what should be challenged and bucked.

The Resident-- Are Americans abusing food stamps? ... Thanx to RTAMERICA

***** FEEDING AMERICA: SNAP (Food Stamps): Facts, Myths, and Realities






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