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MAYOR CORY BOOKER of Newark New Jersey: "SNAP Challenge (PT.1)" & Key figure's in America's Politic's Bringing AWARENESS & STIMULUS to AMERICA'S ISSUE'S (PUBLIC PATRIOT'S PT.10) (STIMULUS PACKAGE PT.6)

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Mayor Cory Booker of Newark, New Jersey

**** NOTE: First of all I want to say that my heart and thought's really go out to the folk's of Newtown Connecticut this morning sincerly, I cant write a thing about this at this time, because I simply dont know enough yet, but this has hit hard and I cant imagine what these parent's in Newtown are going through.

Cory Booker lives on Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) for a week ... Thanx to POLITIC365

***** YAHOO NEWS: Cory Booker's week on food stamps: Political ambition amid the burned sweet potatoes

This Part 10 of the "Public Patriot's" series will be to highlight Mayor Cory Booker of Newark. I wanted to point out a few thing's about him as a man and a public servant, because I been following some of his move's, and recently because of this SNAP (food stamp) challenge he took, and praise for it from many ... but most importantely for me to highlight here, because of the large amount of criticism he received too ... because for me ... he is a public patriot in these trying time's REGARDLESS of any political ambition's. We frankly need more of this awareness, because this is something that effect's every segment of society whether we realize it or not, and while most of Washington and many state's are just focusing on politic's as usual and even being forced to enter into these mud slinging challenges ... some of our real challenges as American's is concerning not the issue's and bitch fight's of Wall Street and Washington ... but our communities and citizen's who make this mega engine's (America) function possible.

First of all to address some of this criticism I read and heard ... as far as Mayor Booker doing this for political reason's as some think ... for me I really dont give a rat's ass what reason's he is doing it for ... I care that HE IS DOING IT only, because as I write this, there are several in Washington, and damn near the whole GOP/ Republican side that want to make cut's to this, not many of these people in Washington probably even know anyone personally that get's this supplemental help. I dont care about thing's when we have real issue's of politi- pop culture concern, such as does Mayor Booker wear a flagpin on his lapel?, does he have a birth certificate, driver's, hunting, or fishing liscense? what church or religion he belong's to? does he wear a sombrero or cowboy hat when he visit's a place like Texas, or eat barbeque or taco's when visiting (BTW for the record he's a vegetarian) or the other meaningless stuff ... this is a serious issue okay, so no time for funnies and laugh's, insult's etc, etc. Mayor Booker is hitting several bird's with one stone as well, as far as this awareness of how we waste so much food in this nation, the accessibility to healthy balanced food's, education, urban farming, diabetes and related health issue's, consumer protection's, etc, etc ... the man cover's alot.

For the reader who may not know what SNAP is, it's a supplemental food assistance programme to help folk's eat balanced and in need. Which bring's me to the whining that many seem to have, saying it is not the responsibility of tax payer's to supply/ support every calorie that 46+ million American's intake, or that they themselves alwayz made end's meet, or the way it was when they grew up and cutting it on your own, etc, etc. Understand that what we did for example like back in 1980 America, what our families done, or whatever, are in a different era, we currently have over 310 million people, we also have a society that a large portion of are against birth control, planned parenthood or such, more broken home's of children than ever in our nation's history, some of those same folk's bitching go through divorce court's like a revolving door these dayz, ignoring their own children because they want to sleep with new mate's or for whatever reason and making it all legal and so called moral ... our society as a whole ignores our children in large just by so many of our action's and political correctness, etc. these dayz. A large portion of these folk's that get this assistance also work their ass off, and many harder than most folk's, not only working say 2 job's as Mayor Booker describe's, but I've known folk's to work 3 part time job's at that! and can still just barely pay their rent and basic's, and with the madness and extreme greed that we see today ... it just get's worse for many, making the gap between wealth and poverty that much larger, along with the push to dismantle union's, or any right's of worker's, unfair payscale's, consumer protection's, check's and balance's, corporate racketeering that has so many of our government representation under lock and key with all the money they pump into it, this unofficial slush fund with no limit's of funding through actual welfare of these same bank's, corporation's and their affiliate entities that we so GENEROUSLY and stupidly give to as well with OUR TAX SUPPORT.

Another most importante thing here is that these programme's do so much for our economy and are an indirect stimulus of sort more needed than ever. This is money being put into OUR ECONOMY when these folk's go to the store and buy groceries, thus creating job's and keeping at least some stability economically domestically and business over thousand's of communities that we all live in across the nation ... NOT in some country that we invaded through corporate legislation so they can go in and mine it for all their natural resource's to start bidding on the world stock market's, and sacrificed our children doing so in combat to further line the pocket's of these mega global profiteer's ... look at it as an importante stimulus, because it truely is. It is socially healthy as well, because when folk's cant afford to eat, they will have to resort to other thing's to survive, and it add's to increased crime in our communities, the communities that none of these entities have to live in themselves, and most only visit when they are running for election's ... unlike most of us, who live work and socialize here, get my drift? The last thing we want to seriously do, is go along with this slithering slippery slope sales pitch that we need to cut this because were broke or other horseshit, were NOT BROKE ... we just been robbed basically of our own wealth and even more importantely our morale.

Mayor Booker regardless of his reason's is using his position and notoriety to get the message out and bring awareness, change and movement to something that we need to address and work on ... and he has my 110% support in what he's doing ... he IS A PUBLIC PATRIOT ... and Thank You Sir.





Demeur said...

A couple of thoughts here. When the economy tanked a whole bunch of educated people were tossed to the curb in the process of downsizing. When I went down to the unemployment office to sign up for their "get back to work" program (yeah right) about 3/4 the people in there were 55 or older and never thought once that they'd have to try and start over. These people like myself had paid their dues and are not a bunch of welfare queens as we have been made out to be. You don't know how agonizing it is to have to swallow your pride and apply for food stamps. You keep thinking that some job will come up and you won't have to but it doesn't.

There was a time many years ago that farmers left the crumbs of their harvest so that the poor could clean up and survive on the leftovers. They were called "gleaners". In modern times you could about survive on pop cans and cardboard thrown by the side of the road with recycle. Now nearly all of that is gone. That leaves few options. Food banks are crowded with more in need and their shelves are close to bare. The amount of money you get on food stamps would barely feed a cat much less a person and now they want to take part of that away?

My God I'd rather deal with Ebineezer Scrooge before his visits from the three ghosts. At least he might have a job offer. And I'd sure like to see anybody in the GOP do manual labor on a food stamp budget.

Ranch Chimp said...

I hear ya Demeur, I like anyone else has pride, however, my instinct to survive through nourishment overide's that ... being like any other animal ... if I cant eat one way ... I will another ... plain and simple.

Thanx for your input here Demeur ....

Ranch Chimp said...

As far as all these cocksucker's in Washington that want to take all of OUR'S away ... fuck them too ... to me ... their treasonist's!! All this shit about cutting what WE OURSELVES PAY FOR ... do we realize how INSANE that sound's??!! These peice's of shit legislatively robbed us!!