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Kasandra Perkins

Part 16 of the "Self Defense" series will take a look at this last week's murder of Ms. Kasandra Perkins so widely publicized of course because the murderer was her boyfriend/ fiancee Mr. Jovan Belcher, a NFL athelete working with the Kansas City Chiefs. I wanted to highlight Ms. Perkins here, because too much of the media has been focused on Mr. Belcher ... who according to all ... was the perfect guy, loving, fun, and enjoyed by every creature he meet's, they were the perfect couple and had basically a relationship made in Heaven, etc. I'm sure all I heard that he was a Hell of a nice guy, but it doesnt dismiss the fact that he also murdered this woman, okay? Unfortunately this has turned into the usual left/ right political correctness battle between the pro 2nd amendment folk's and the gun control crowd as usual. This was most evident this last sunday night here in Dallas at the NBC Sunday Night Football game, of all place's to make this statement, in the heart of Texas, gun country, at "half- time" at that? ... I mean ... would this not have been more appreciated in a town like San Francisco or perhap's Boston? ... when journalist Bob Costas pointed out and quoting another as well, who both say along with many other's ... that if there wasnt a handgun, this tragedy wouldnt have happened. NBC and Mr. Costas say it's about support for the victim and to only highten awareness on domestic violence ... I see it a lil different and look at it as strictly political and not enough highlighted concerning the victim here. Mr. Costas below in the video and some newread on this case, then my input after.

Bob Costas Rants about Gun Control on Sunday Night Football ... Thanx to CONCEALEDWISCONSIN

***** USA TODAY: Player's murder- suicide unprecedented for NFL


For me, the saddest part is that Ms. Perkins didnt have anyone to protect her from this or even a firearm to perhaps make the draw on him or at least return fire as she was hit ... and you may think that is not the answer or that is advocating violence, etc, etc ... or perhap's that 2 wrong's dont make it right which is also popular ... but in a case like this ... 2 wrong's DOES make it RIGHT. I can understand the murderer's friend's and co- worker's being so saddened over Mr. Belcher and his suicide ... but also understand that for whatever reason which I have no idea what it was ... he is the one who commited this "murder" as well of this young lady ... and I see no reason to be saddened too much by his loss. I mean, if it were my daughter he done this to, I would personally want to see him dead ... and do it myself if needed, sticking a gun straight up his ass.

As far as this nonsense that if there wasnt any handgun's this wouldnt have happened, etc, etc ... this is so far from reality, and the death of the victim may have even been MORE violent ... I'd rather catch a bullet and get taken out than dismembered or decapitated, set on fire, have a screwdriver drove through my eardrum or temple or a number of other wayz to die ... get my drift? Again ... the gun did not cause this or cause all this domestic violence, those who are determined to kill will do so, period, one way or another. A friend of mine Nabil was telling me of his hometown of Casablanca, Morocco, where the violence against gay's in particular  for example was strong, yet ... there was no gun's allowed in the country ... those commiting these violent act's were using specially designed knives with twisted blade's sold on the street black market's, designed specifically for killing or gutting the victim. Nabil at 33 year's old never even touched or fired a handgun before he met me, and was actually reluctant at first to even touch it, because he grew up with a fear of gun's since childhood ... I helped him overcome his fear of course and he does not regret it now, especially what he went through being bullied by religious fundamoralist's as a college student using knives on him and fist's back in Casablanca.

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Demeur said...

There seems to be two schools of thought on this matter. Either we make everybody own a gun or we get rid of them all together. Neither I believe is the solution. The problem as you point out is not with the guns but with the owners. It's a matter of attitudes that have developed in this country over the past many decades. Like it or not we have the most gun deaths here in the U.S. than anywhere else in the world. Now I realize that there are some cases where the use of such force is justified like when armed intruders break into your place. But for the most part there's really no need to pack a weapon 24/7.
As to Ms. Perkins murder it was a fact that they had a gun collection and she was I'm sure proficient at using one. It's just that she was not expecting someone that close (they did have a 3 month old baby together) to shoot her. There in lies part of the problem. It's said that there are more gun deaths in this country among family members and friends than any home invasions. That tells me that we as a society have not grown up enough to handle such weapons. But the biggest problem of late are those with mental issues who should get no where near a gun. Until we can address that issue then little will change. They do require a driving test to drive a car. Why not something similar to own a gun? Last I looked a gun doesn't come with an operators manual.
I am very good with a gun but choose not to own one. I might be tempted to use it.

Ranch Chimp said...

Demeur ... she didnt expect someone that close to harm her or whatever? They been having alot of problem's according to report's. When you purchase new gun's they have "instruction's" in them as far as "operator's manual's" ... in Texas and several other state's I know of ... you are required so much range time/ training to get a concealed permit, it's only in the street/ black market's where tyhere are no requirement's, rules, training, etc ... ban gun's ... and all goes to the street market's bottom line ... so there are some requirement's. If you dont "choose", that's your choice, and everyone else has a "choice" as well ... many owner's of gun's feel stable mentally and dont feel that they will be tempted to use it for instance unless it is in self defense or otherwise, they basically are pretty much in control of themselves, emotion's, etc, balanced and most importantely ... disciplined. These cases are a small percentage compared to amount of gun's and owner's in this nation.

Thank You for your input Sir ....