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SOCIAL SECURITIES CUTS ... Looking for Slithering SCAM'S to SLASH OUR STASH & American's NEED to SLASH and/ or REFORM Washington's ENTITLEMENT'S (YALL STREET/ RC'S SPENDING & BUDGET CUT'S PT.8) *** & 12/ 23/ 2012 POST NOTE

Thomas Hudson Pickering aka "Ranch Chimp" & "Commie Tommie" (the car is a 2013 ZL1 Chevy Camaro convertible, with a LSA 6.2 liter supercharged V8 and 580 horsepower engine ... it dont fuck around, and neither do I : )

Slowly but surely over the last couple week's or so, mainstream media's across America has been allowed to throw in snip's and bit's of this, yet today, it is in full brew, and many in Washington of course are brewing this batch up around the clock harder than a backwood's moonshine still, yet we all knew deep down inside if you paid any atencion to this over the last few year's, after the last administration milked us dry (Bush/ Cheney) ... that they were coming for MO OF YO MONEY. And I'm NOT going to fault the President here, because I know damn well how this was all engineered long ago (which is why I been writing about it so long) but the Republican's are really taking advantage too, of the President's unique bipartisan qualities, and trying to corner him every which way they can ... and Mr. President Sir ... frankly on this one your screwed (again) any way you slice it ... you will come out angering someone ... trust me. Alot of this is also the usual party partisan bitch fight's, jealousy and other related nonsense, and of course the stubborness of the GOP and folk's like Speaker Boehner (and I actually like Boehner as a man ... but disagree totally with just about everything he does on the job, heh, heh, heh, heh, heh : ) As I wrote in previous posting's, they just been basically kicking this can for a few year's now down the road, and every time a new round come's, it's the usual blues tunes/ song's over and over "Were All Broke" and other familiar Top 40 tune's of their's. There is also alot that the President can do, if he is WILLING and DISCIPLINED enough to challenge this bullying ... the GOP is certainly defiant and stand's their ground 110%, and frankly as honest as you can get about their agenda, and that is to cut every social thing they can in this nation, privatize every government agency that they can, and leave the majority of the social service's in this nation to faith based charity type group's and churches, etc, etc ... they have made this perfectly clear, and DO NOT try to cover it up at all. Democrat's and Mr.President need's to also be straight and defiant, determined and tough, and DO WHAT the majority of American's in this nation want.

The scare tactic's slithering their way in this round is of course the usual ... if we go over the cliff, unemployment benefit's will halt, taxes will go up, only like 2% on the payroll tax actually, which aint shit, and I would be willing to pay even an extra 5% tax just to see the President call them on this one and TAKE THEM DOWN! ... you can bet your ass I would if they were playing hardball with me on economic's/ money ... I'm one willing to go down just to take them down, and once I start, I will never stop until I'm dead. As far as damaging our credit rating and all the other shit ... who care's ... what's the credit for, eh? for more funding invasion's for China to mine Afghanistan or other crap? ... cuz we can cut that shit out of the budget real quick! Go ahead ... fuck our credit up, cause frankly we shouldnt give a shit one way or another ... it would only lead to less bullshit spending waste abroad which has ran rampant especially with all these corporate engineered defense project's, occupation's, and so forth ... ya'll pay for ya'll's own shit, eh? As far as taxing the rich ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh ... dont even waste time letting that concern you if your wise ... anyone should know who write's all the tax legislation to begin with eh? ... their attorney's : ) How in Hell do you propose to get any significant tax revenues or any other kind of money out of people that have their money all over the globe, eh? ... stop being silly ... sure it's nice to get a lil more out of them, but good luck with any of which we can get, and be happy with that ... what is REALLY IMPORTANTE ... is that we STOP THEM from continueing to get any more of OUR MONEY ... get my drift? ... then worry bout the small change later. As far as the wealth in this nation and buying so much of our government and such ... ya'll just keep spending ya'll's money and be grateful you have a homebase nation as powerful as our's where you can play these game's ... do ya'll's job's ... and stay out of our business( and especially our social programme's that WE FULLY PAY FOR and FUND), collect your fee's, be grateful for it, and otherwise, shut the fuck up, or take your ass to some other country to live and do the bulk of your business with, eh? ... paying for your own security and protection especially.

Mr. President and fellow Democrat's in Washington ... do this an acceptable way ... there is no NEED to cut ANY of the social programme's of our's, reforming the corrupt element's, does not warrant cutting the benefit's to those who rightfully paid for them, it mean's to reform through oversight, everything from medical billing practice's and cost's of pharma drug's, etc, etc, etc ... for those who make big buck's off of it, and do not put nothing into it, get my drift? ... there is plenty elsewhere's that can and need's to be cut and alot of folk's needing reform beside's us. It's simple ... do what the people of the nation want you to do ... and you wont regret it ... otherwise, ya'll will be losing your entitlement's ... in time, eh? In the word's of Spike Lee ... "Do the Right Thing".

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***** POST NOTE: Just a lil something to add here, to especially anyone that read's this who never read anything else in this journal. It would be understandable to look at this and think that I must be some extreme left wing anti business/ corporate person who would love to see America as strictly a socialist dictated nation. You may also think that simply using this CPI deal to re- adjust entitlement's or such is strictly to tighten the belt, which would be FINE, but it isnt, we are being deceived big time on this, and by the very MONEY that want's our social securities of ANY kind we have to FAIL. This strategy was kicked in like these austerity measure's globally, but here in America, it was done because of the CURRENT resistance to privatization of social security by the people's majority both left and right. This way by lil cut's slowly but surely here and there, it allow's for people to lose faith in the workability of the system and NEED for reform, fearing that it is a doomed to fail system, suffering from the inflation, lack of bang for your buck, etc, etc ... by doing so and engineering it like this, it allow's for the next generation to see failure and demand that it is changed to be more secure or let's say profitable to us as working American's, that is WHEN they come in with the expert's mouth piece like Paul Ryan, and of course convince us that the only way to save this is NOT let government continue to handle business (even though government isnt really handling the business, and are only an employee of our's to manage), BUT they will say to let "business handle business", and who know's business better than business? ... which make's sense, so we look then to new wayz, which of course is Wall Street who will be standing in line waiting and willing to help us out and get us more bang for our buck. What we wouldnt see coming, is the way the market's of today can wipe it all out in a heartbeat, having us one day jumping for joy over the spike in profit's/ gain's ... then BOOM ... taking a hit so fucken hard in the market's over some global issue that wipe's it all out ... and fast. Then your money such as any other crash is gone, but understand that MONEY DOES NOT DISAPPEAR ... it ONLY CHANGE'S HAND'S ... meaning no one is broke except those who got drained at the bottom of the totem pole. You may think that that's far fetched to say ... and find it hard to believe that they would engineer something like such that can only pay off down the road for them (these type investor's think "long" not "short", that's another thing we miss) ... but understand that $2.7 trillion reserve's (which would increase over several year's as well) will make alot of those in the 1% that much more happy to get their paw's on. And ONCE they control it, like anything else, you NO LONGER have ANY voice, they become the NEW regulatory/ oversight panel ... and NOW LAW. Bottom line, it's stupid for us to buy this idea, as much as it would be to take our entire life saving's and take it for a weekend in Las Vegas at the table's.

I am NOT anti corporate either, and this is something I want to stress because locally some conservative's in conversation's have looked at me like such ... again, they ARE NOT thinking out of the BOX and realistically, and ONLY thinking how the system want's them to think ... which is partisan, meaning they (conservative's) ... like folk's that are only left thinking, are impatient and quick to embrace anything or idea that may come out of their parties mouth. I truely admire alot of corporation's and the contribution's that they made along with their investment's to society and it's advancement/ progress. Understand it is not the establishment/ institution that is flawed, but a small percentage of individual's who hold the majority of shares/ interest's ... just like in government, there isnt a thing wrong with the structure of it, only certain element's/ individual's that corrupt it and damage it. Tightening up on oil/ petrol companies is NOT driving anyone out of business either, any more than by setting certain standard's of proceedure's for doctor's to take when they have you on the operating table, or certain rule's to NOT throw lit cigarette butt's out your car window when driving through the wooded mountain's or whatever. We as worker's, professional's, consumer's, citizen's are held accountable for our action's ... these entities as well should be ... asking them to dip a lil into their profit's to clean their act/ business up, is NOT BEING TOO HARD on them!! ... Jesus Christ! the fucken whining out of some of them, like were trying to force them into bankruptcy or something! ... we ALL got to live here, regardless of what class we fall into to. Trying to downsize some of these too big to fail entities is also not just healthy for the overall economy, but also healthy for them, and EXPAND'S competition and loosen's price/ cost's, flexibility, efficiency, etc, etc ... which is economically healthy in capitalism and balanced. Because those big player's are only human like the rest of us, and need to excercise some control and discipline as well ... they lose control and get intoxicated, and take down too many when they fuck up ... same as a drunk driver will take down other's when they fall ... again, you dont put a pound of dope(heroin/ cocaine) in a fucken room with dope addict's and tell them you'll come back next week to see how their doing, and to just control their usage either, eh? ... it's called self- destruction.

Being "grateful" worx both wayz as well, sure ... were grateful for the advance's in energies or any other technologies, medicine's, finance, or whatever ... but many of these entities that are so huge should also be grateful like I said above, that they have a place like America to also call a homebase ... at least for now, because many plan on abandoning this nation and trying to set a stronger camp up in the future in these new mega market nation's like China and India. The bottom line is you are HERE NOW, we bailed ya'll out in more wayz than one when you went overboard, we keep this engine working and keep your profit's raking in, we also protect and support you defensively, etc, etc Go set up shop in some of these region's on the globe where you do so much drilling, mining, etc, etc ... and try to get what the Hell you get from us, eh? ... some of these countries they will chew your asses up and spit you out, quarter or decapitate you in the name of religious fundamoralism, a political movement or whatever ... even sabotaging your investment's/ businesses, terrorizing your familia's and associate's ... which in turn will have an impact on your wealth too. Most importantely understand the importance of balance, when it come's to business.

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