Monday, December 24, 2012


A Christmas Salute to all those who serve(d) ... from America and The Ranch ... and Merry Christmas to all!

***** PD/ RCJ: "VETERAN'S SPOTLIGHT" PART'S 28 THRU 1 *** there are also 10 additional veteran's posting's linked at the bottom of Part One of this series that I done before this series was officially set up.

Veterans Christmas lights ... Thanx to UPPERMICHIGANSSOURCE

Holiday Music Video for Our Troops: Hurlburt Field ... Thanx to HURLBURTFIELDYP

Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders Entertain Troops: All I Want For Christmas Is You ... Thanx to WEEKLYDCC09



Demeur said...

I think the greatest gift we can give them is the hope that when they return home they will not be forgotten.

Ranch Chimp said...

Absolutely Demeur ... and since it's "Christmas" ... let me point something else out here. One of the most disgusting fucken thing's that I have seen in this nation and stood out most when I worked street security, knowing all the homeless folk's by name out there ... was when veteran's who were HOMELESS ... were turned down to stay at the Hines Blvd Salvation Army shelter here in central Dallas, because they didnt have $7/ $10 to pay them, as well as the hundred's that I have seen even in downtown Los Angeles over the year's. It's fucken SHAMEFUL of this nation ... and ESPECIASLLY a fucken organization like the Salvation Army. I'd take some of them goddamn pay- off's from Wall Street to Washington, and use ONLY a FRACTION of it, which is ONLY what it would take to have a national shelter chain set up exclusively for veteran's only. You have too many low- life's in this nation, who are quick to use them for their manufactured battle's, and for political showcasing and IGNORING too much other. But enough said from me on that, I dont want to get started on Christmas morning with this human trash that permeate's our society and politic's.

And Thank You for your voice here Demeur ....